Take Chance and Have Courage (ft. Congressman Bob Good) | Patriot 20

What you believe doesn’t matter much if you don’t have the courage to take risk and fight for it. That’s the message of Congressman Bob Good (R-VA) to his colleagues in Congress. In this exclusive interview with Elaine Beck, he shares how, for too long, many Republicans have chosen their careers and self-interest over sound […]

I Came Here to Disrupt the Swamp (ft. Congressman Eli Crane) | Patriot 20 Series

In this exclusive interview with Elaine Beck, former Navy Seal and freshman congressman Eli Crane (R-AZ), said that his decision to vote against Kevin McCarthy’s speakership bid was not easy, but it was simple. Echoing the moniker of Elaine’s show, he said that when it came down to the wire, it just wasn’t about him, […]