Hot Take: McCarthy Offered Speaker’s Gavel on the First Round (ft. Congresswoman Lauren Boebert)

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This is it. The one MUST SEE video to understand what actually happened during Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s struggle to become Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. If you were glued to your digital device following CNN and other mainstream media then the narrative went something like this: Intransigent, hard-right Republican members of the House put up a futile fight against McCarthy before relenting. The problem is: That’s all wrong.

You’ll need to watch Elaine Beck’s gem of an interview to hear Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) in her own words give this hot take: Just two days before the House vote, she, Congressman Matt Gaetz, and Freedom Caucus leader Congressman Scott Perry offered McCarthy the speakership with all of their votes in the first round of voting if he committed to certain concessions. McCarthy’s curt response? “We’ll talk about it later.” Followed by them being hastily ushered out of his office. “We sure did talk about it later,” Rep. Boebert said with a laugh. Far from futile, Boebert and the 19 other patriots who held the line line during 15 rounds of voting got everything they initially asked for from McCarthy — and then some. And far from radical, they secured for all Americans key concessions that restored common sense politics that has been a part of the American tradition since our founding.

For starters:

1. Single Subject Legislation: An end to Nancy Pelosi’s Frankenstein omnibus spending bills which are great for special interests, but whose budget allocations often have little to do with the initial intent of the bill. Boebert gave the infrastructure bill as an example: Only 10% of that $1.2 trillion plan is actually going to infrastructure.

2. A full 72 hours to read a bill: Gone are the days of voting for a bill just so a House member can see what is in it.

3. Single Member Motion to Vacate: Any member of the House can call for the Speaker’s removal.

Boebert gives McCarthy credit for strong leadership thus far, but if that ever were to change, he doesn’t have limitless power to run roughshod over the will of the people. Even if these things are not popular in D.C., Boebert is standing firm and draining the swamp. “I did not come to D.C. for a career. I came to bring change,” Boebert said.

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