The Power of Prayer in Politics (ft. Mercedes Schlapp)

226 years ago, on May 9 of 1798, President George Washington called for a national day of prayer and fasting. WOW! What will it take to get back to that level of commitment to God in the United States? No matter what some bitter people may claim, the “separation between church and state” was never […]

Real MAGA Men (ft. Saurabh Sharma)

We usually try to focus on the good and positive things happening in our country, but for this episode, I wanted to discuss with my good friend, Saurabh Sharma from American Moment, what SOLUTIONS to our problems might be like. He says we need MEN of courage! Who else is going to drive these crazy […]

Arizona’s Broken Border (ft. Kari Lake)

One of my favorite guests is back! The great Kari Lake joined my friend Andrew and I for a hard-hitting Q&A on the fraudulent elections of the past few years, AND the badly broken border which is sadly coming to define our great state of Arizona. Kari is as eloquent and gracious as always, but […]

Trump’s Day One Team (ft. Marc Lotter)

Good help is so hard to find! No one knows that better than President Trump, but fortunately some members of his old team have been busy over the last few years gathering up the talent that was missing during his first administration. Marc Lotter is the CCO of the America First Policy Institute and he […]

Jews And America (ft. Alexandra Levine)

If we’re going to make a change, it will take PASSION. It will take BOLDNESS! Our guest today is Alexandra Levine, and she has both of those qualities (and many more!), and she’s using her voice to advocate for goodness and truth! Enemies of Israel and the Jews have been emboldened by the attacks of […]

Jesus Melts Hearts of Stone (ft. Roger Stone)

Praise God for His mercy! I STRONGLY encourage you all to watch this short testimony from Roger Stone, former political advisor to President Trump. When his entire world seemed like it was crashing down and he had nowhere left to turn, the Spirit of God moved in a powerful way for Roger and now he […]

True Stories of Jan 6ers (ft. Jeff Zink)

From praying grandmothers to pastors’ sons, the Deep State has made it clear that they will CRUSH anyone who opposes them. For the crime of supporting President Trump, Jeff Zink’s son is now facing over 30 years of prison time just for being OUTSIDE the Capitol on January 6. Tyranny is on our doorsteps. Hear […]

Vaccine Aftermath (ft. Drew Lee James)

We excited to welcome a returning guest back to the show, the warrior for truth, Drew Lee James. He joined me at Americafest for an update on what the lay of the land looks like going into another election year, the likelihood of another scamdemic, and how his faith is carrying him through even after […]

Seeking Peace In The Arizona Senate (ft. Justine Wadsack)

When everything is on the line, when your whole world is at stake, THAT is when you know what you are truly made of. State senator Justine Wadsack has been a warrior for godly values here in Arizona, but it has come at a price! By leaning on God, she found that she was capable […]

Is America A Christian Nation? (Part II)

Christians could make a HUGE difference in America starting TODAY! All we have to do is stop being afraid. Join us for Part II of our panel on the role of Christians in America, our votes, and the power of the Holy Spirit to work a nation-wide miracle.