Holding the Line when Speaker McCarthy Goes Wobbly (ft. Congressman Matt Rosendale | Patriot 20 Series

In this exclusive interview with Elaine Beck, Congressman Matt Rosendale (R-MT) makes the case for why hard-working Americans need representation in Congress now more than ever. He also reminds Kevin McCarthy — the Speaker of the House — to not get sucked into the swamp of special interests and lose sight of their primary mission: serving the American people.

“We gave hope and encouragement to people across the country that someone was in Congress fighting for them. Not for their own interests but for the American people.” Rosedale said about the hard-won concessions they exacted before voting McCarthy in.

The conversation focuses on the speakership fight — and how the Patriot 20 won that battle, but with a showdown over the debt limit brewing this week in Washington, Congressman Rosendale’s interview is a timeless reminder that solid principles trump questionable backroom deals any day. “People in this country know we’ve gone way too far in the wrong direction,” Elaine Beck said. “But this is not over. This is the beginning of something amazing. Be part of it. Reach out to these congresspeople and thank them for keep going on and forward.”

To find out what Congressman Rosendale is saying right now about the debt limit fight, follow him on Social Media:

Twitter – https://twitter.com/RepRosendale



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