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Representing Florida’s 13th District, Congresswoman Luna’s patriotic decision to take a stand against the swift passage of Rep. Kevin McCarthy as Speaker placed her in what felt like “pressure cooker” conditions. Despite the back-to-back days of arriving in the early morning and working until midnight for a straight week, Luna never cracked. In fact, Rep. Luna, an Air Force veteran and military spouse, extols the benefits of “crossing the Rubicon” and “burning the boats.” People know she means business.

In this Exclusive Interview with Elaine Beck, she tells how there is nothing but upside to how she voted: It brought her closer to her constituents, who now know that she wasn’t all talk on the campaign trail; she credits the drawn out voting process with making Speaker McCarthy “a changed man” — a much better leader than if he was just handed his title; and it also helped her build friendships with congressional patriots who are passing the torch to her. In particular, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) went so far as to say if they — Rep. Luna and the 19 others who held the line — succeeded in bringing back power from the House Speaker to the rank-and-file congressmen representing America; that would mean they would have achieved what he has been trying to do for a decade. And succeed they did. In addition to giving a shoutout to Congressman Massie, she saved her highest praise for President Donald J. Trump who “made some phone calls” to ensure that conservatives would finally get what’s been absent for a very longtime in Congress: Fair representation. “If there were a 21st person it would have been him (President Donald J. Trump),” Luna said with a smile.

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