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For someone who has been a Senator, an Ambassador, and the President of the United States, why run for the House? But in Congressman Andy Ogles (R-TN) telling, that’s exactly what John Quincy Adams did after his term ended as President. Adams hailed “The People’s House” — the U.S. House of Representatives — as his “most beloved chamber” and the “most raucous chamber in the U.S. government.”

As a freshman representative, Congressman Ogles takes pride in the fact that he is counted among the 20 patriots who “brought back that House” to the people. He did so by initially opposing Kevin McCarthy’s speakership bid until concessions were made, especially in the budget making process. In this exclusive interview with Elaine Beck, you’ll witness his great example; his humility and clear-eyed but optimistic view that despite grave challenges, America — the freest nation on earth — shall prevail. Beck asked him to expand on what it was like to become the bullseye of the mainstream media and those opposed to him. Ogles demurred, acknowledging that a more harrowing battle was fought when, as Mayor of Maury County, Tennessee in the pandemic years, he encouraged each person to pray and consult family, physicians, and pastors as to how they want to respond to Covid. That sensible and Christian response earned him death threats, the posting of his home address online, and the endangerment of his three children’s lives. In the speakership vote, he found courage as well, standing with 19 other patriots who had no motive other than what was best for our country.

Asked to name the greatest victory from the hard-won rules package, unhesitating, he said the ability to investigate the FBI or any other agency that “goes rogue” and is used against average Americans instead of for them. He also said that the biggest threat to America is out of control spending. And that it is a “math game” from here on out. Yes, to supporting our seniors and military, but that for everything else — the discretionary spending — hard choices await him and everyone else who wants to end the D.C. debt making machine that is endangering our great nation.

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