Re-Introducing Christian News Journal (ft. Danielle Dolin)

After nearly a year hiatus, Proverbs Media Group has relaunched our very popular digital newspaper, Christian News Journal! With a bigger staff, more diverse topics, and new editorial team, I am so pleased we are relighting this candle to shine God’s truth in an increasingly dark world. Christians need a website they can trust – […]

“Forgiveness Heals You” – We Are Not Enemies

Hatred. Resentment. Jealousy. Anger. Pain. These weights will pull you down and never let you up. They will trap us and twist us around until we become totally lost. But God promises hope! When we turn our faces to Him and follow in His example on the cross, He offers us healing. He offers us […]

National Season of Forgiveness – We Are Not Enemies

Then Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.” – Luke 23:34. Every single one of us has sinned. We all have fallen short of God’s perfect and wonderful standard, and yet He pursued reconciliation for us so passionately that He sent Himself to die in order to bring us […]

Learning to Forgive – We Are Not Enemies

In this life, we WILL be mistreated. We WILL be wronged. We WILL suffer misfortune. So why does God call us to such difficult things as The Golden Rule? It would be much easier for us to go the easier way, hanging on to our hate and our anger towards others. But He has a […]

Thanksgiving is a Holy Day (ft. Bonnie Johnson Fite)

Most Americans know the story of Thanksgiving – the Pilgrims, the Natives, and their feast. They know the character of Squanto and they might even know of William Bradford and Chief Massasoit. But there is another character in the story, and He’s the most IMPORTANT character. Bonnie Johnson Fite joined me again to look at […]

The 12 NEW Days of Christmas (ft. Bonnie Johnson Fite)

Christmas is about JESUS! Our God and savior came to earth as a man – as a little baby! It’s joyous news, and we could do to be reminded of that every day. Bonnie Johnson Fite put her God-given musical talents to work doing exactly that when she created the incredibly successful “The 12 New […]

Americans Need Courage (ft. Dr. Ben Carson)

My esteemed friend Dr. Ben Carson has visited nearly every corner of this great country, and in speaking with the men and women who love this land so much, he has arrived at a simple prescription to cure what ails us: brothers and sisters, we need COURAGE. God has not given us a spirit of […]

“Spreading God’s Call” – We Are Not Enemies

We’re quickly approaching the official launch of We Are Not Enemies, so it’s time to starting looking at this grassroots call more closely. What exactly is God asking us to do? How can we spread the word? Melinda Schepemaker has been key to fulfilling the vision for W.A.N.E, and she joined us today to dig […]

“It Starts with Prayer” – We Are Not Enemies

What would it take to HEAL AMERICA? It is actually very simple – we need God to do it. God says clearly in the Bible that when the people of a nation repent, He hears them. And when He hears them, He acts. As Christians, we are God’s children. He LOVES to listen to us. […]

Dr. Ben Carson & American Cornerstone Institute Presents: Founders Dinner

The incredible American Cornerstone Institute hosted a beautiful evening celebrating of faith, liberty, community, and life! We were joined by some of the nation’s strongest patriots for an evening focused on our nation’s founding principles and the Christian faith, featuring several speakers, including Dr. Ben Carson, myself, Newt Gringrich, and even a SPECIAL endorsement by […]