The Power of Prayer in Politics (ft. Mercedes Schlapp)

226 years ago, on May 9 of 1798, President George Washington called for a national day of prayer and fasting. WOW! What will it take to get back to that level of commitment to God in the United States? No matter what some bitter people may claim, the “separation between church and state” was never […]

Support Our Shields (ft. Hollywood Morris)

How often do our police officers receive a simple “thank you”? Certainly not often enough – in fact, they are often the objects of abuse! Sometimes from their own mayors, governors, and even presidents! So, my new friend Hollywood Morris set out to use his video production genius to correct the problem. Support Our Shields […]

Fighting Child Trafficking Around The World (ft. Pastor Troy Brewer)

Powerful! Pastor Troy Brewer has assisted in rescuing THOUSANDS of children from the horrible fate of human trafficking, placing them in homes where they can be RAISED and PROSPER under loving and godly care. Now he is dedicating himself to the task of “rescuing the rescuers” and building up bigger networks to meet the huge […]

My Mission Trip To China (via NFSC)

This week we have another incredible cross-post, this time from Nicole Tsai our friends at the NFSC! I share the story of the two-week trip I took in 2006 to do covert missions work in the communist nation of China. Truly God loves the Chinese people, and He desires to see them ministered to and […]

When God Talks (via Ignite Voices)

This week I’m in the interviewee seat! Ignite Voices brought me on their show and gave me the opportunity to explain the vision God gave me, the words He spoke, and ways He has blessed me to do His work. I would so love if you would watch and then go check out the great […]

Jesus Melts Hearts of Stone (ft. Roger Stone)

Praise God for His mercy! I STRONGLY encourage you all to watch this short testimony from Roger Stone, former political advisor to President Trump. When his entire world seemed like it was crashing down and he had nowhere left to turn, the Spirit of God moved in a powerful way for Roger and now he […]

Lost Souls Are Not Our Enemies (ft. Barry Meguiar)

God has appointed YOU to tell others about Him! No matter what they have done or how they have wronged you, you are still God’s tool for reaching lost souls. That’s why Barry Meguiar wears his faith on his sleeve, and it’s why even when times get hard (and they have been HARD for him!) […]

The Cabrini Movie Is A Hit! (ft. Leo Severino & Jordan Harmon)

If you loved Sound of Freedom and The Chosen, then you’ll also love Angel Studios’ next big film, ‘Cabrini,’ the TRUE story of a real woman whose love for others changed America and the world. I am joined this week by the film’s producer, Leo Severino, and also the president of Angel Studios, Jordan Harmon. […]

Vaccine Aftermath (ft. Drew Lee James)

We excited to welcome a returning guest back to the show, the warrior for truth, Drew Lee James. He joined me at Americafest for an update on what the lay of the land looks like going into another election year, the likelihood of another scamdemic, and how his faith is carrying him through even after […]

Is America A Christian Nation? (Part II)

Christians could make a HUGE difference in America starting TODAY! All we have to do is stop being afraid. Join us for Part II of our panel on the role of Christians in America, our votes, and the power of the Holy Spirit to work a nation-wide miracle.