Arizona’s Broken Border (ft. Kari Lake)

One of my favorite guests is back! The great Kari Lake joined my friend Andrew and I for a hard-hitting Q&A on the fraudulent elections of the past few years, AND the badly broken border which is sadly coming to define our great state of Arizona. Kari is as eloquent and gracious as always, but […]

Our Kids, Our Nation, Our World (ft. Matt Schlapp)

I am so excited to present a FABULOUS episode that I recorded with my dear friend Matt Schlapp during CPAC this year. Matt is warrior for truth, an incredible leader, and a great husband and father. And he’s not slowing down, either. If you are EXCITED about saving America, this episode is for you!

The Common Good Makes Common Sense (ft. Dr. Ben Carson)

One of our favorite guests is back! Dr. Ben Carson has a new book coming out, and he joined me at CPAC to talk about both the problems AND the hope that lays before this great country. Near the end, he also gave us a challenge – do you have the grace to meet it? […]

The World Is Looking to America (ft. Matt Schlapp)

One of my dearest friends, Matt Schlapp, joined me to talk about the change he’s seeing around the world. From Brazil to Japan, people are WAKING UP and beginning to push back against tyranny and overreach. The lockdowns hit many countries hard, and now they’re open and ready for some new ideas about how to […]

Combatting Human Trafficking (ft. Mercedes Schlapp & Nancy Ross)

After the SMASHING success of “Sound of Freedom,” eyes and ears across the country have been opened to the hidden crisis of human trafficking that has spread deep inside America. My beautiful friends Mercedes and Nancy sat down with me right before CPAC’s Center for Combating Human Trafficking testimony in front of Congress. This is […]