Our Kids, Our Nation, Our World (ft. Matt Schlapp)

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I am so excited to present a FABULOUS episode that I recorded with my dear friend Matt Schlapp during CPAC this year.

Matt is warrior for truth, an incredible leader, and a great husband and father. And he’s not slowing down, either.

If you are EXCITED about saving America, this episode is for you!



Elaine Beck 0:11
Hey everyone, Elaine Beck here. And of course, this is my show. It’s Not About Us. We are thrilled to the max today. You know, that’s my word is excitement and thrilled. And we have Matt Schlapp. With us today we are here at CPAC in Washington. And actually we’re in Maryland. And we are so happy to be here, Matt, another year at the wonderful CPAC organization’s greatest huge conservative gathering, where yesterday, we had an international summit. The first one ever is that right?

Matt Schlapp 0:51
Yeah, the first one ever, we have all these countries here to do CPAC, you know, because you’ve taken these trips with us, right? And they were all coming here, all of them. And and then we had these international, you know, leaders from other countries coming And Mercy said, If everyone’s coming, we gotta get them together. And that’s what we did. Yes, you were there. What was your reaction? Oh, my

Elaine Beck 1:10
goodness, let me tell you, when you are in a room full of people from around the world that are on the same page, in that just like we say about CPAC, if you want to come to a place that you have like minded conservative Christians, people that love God, first family, their nation is going to support it, you come to CPAC? That’s right. Okay. It’s worth every penny, it’s worth every minute, you will be so happy. I mean, I’m sitting here, I look around at the audience here. And it’s all people that love God and love this nation. That’s what we’re here for. Right?

Matt Schlapp 1:49
Yeah, you know, these are not just people here to like, see a show or hear speech. They want to take this country back. They want to send a message to the world, that we love our country the way it is and don’t want to wreck it, and they wanted to tell the Biden administration, quit using your foreign policy to try to corrupt these other country, oh, my goodness, with the ills that we have, you can just look at our big cities, we’re the only country that has these big broken blue bankrupt cities. I mean, it’s an American problem. America used to show the other world, the people around the world where they wanted to be remember, everybody wanted to come to America, everybody’s looking at these pictures out of our major cities because of our open border. And that’s drugs on the street. And America is in a bad place. And it’s going to be the people of CPAC. And the people who agree with the people at CPAC that win this war.

Elaine Beck 2:33
Right. And you know, they’re dealing with the same thing around the world, in many, many countries. And that’s why what they do they call the United States they called CPAC. They called the president they called Matt Schlapp. So they were like, you know, how do we do this? We see you do this, we want to do it. We don’t want to be socialists, either. We want to have, you know, instead of socialism, we want to have the freedoms that you have had all these years. That’s right. Well, we’re trying to get them back because they’ve been stolen from us. Yeah. And you know what, we’re not gonna stand still for it our are we?

Matt Schlapp 3:07
Yeah, no, we’re not gonna stand still for it. I mean, I think for too many decades, too many of us weren’t aware of what was happening in the schools. We weren’t aware of what was happening with this weaponized bureaucracy in Washington, DC. To many of us, we’re a little sleepy, oh, colleges liberal, but then the kids graduate, and we get them back when they get jobs and get married. And this has seeped into, unfortunately, a couple generations of Americans to the point where they just don’t like the things that make America special and unique. They want us to be a duchy of France, or Belgium or something or Scandinavia, and we do not want that we want to be America.

Elaine Beck 3:46
Yes, we want freedom of religion. Yeah, even that is being questioned. It is on the chopping block. Everything that we pride ourselves in our freedoms of in every way, and also our love of each other. You know, the Bible says that we’re to love one another. And we are to love our neighbors. We love ourselves. And you know, that’s why we have this prayer going now, the WANE project, We Are Not Enemies.

Matt Schlapp 4:17
love it

Elaine Beck 4:18
from November 26 of 23 till November 26 of this year, and what does that encompass all of these things that we’re going through, we need to pray for the people that are against us, because that’s the only way their eyes will be open, the bail will be sworn, and Jesus can ask them into heaven. We need to pray for them. It is our job. And I just I think it’s so powerful and so wonderful. And I get so excited over what CPAC is doing and helping us to further these things. And there’s so many wonderful things that you do. The speakers tell the people when you come to this, you learn what’s really happening in the nation. You learn what’s really the things that you need to get involved in? That’s right, please people get involved. Tell them that.

Matt Schlapp 5:07
Yeah, that’s exactly right. So, you know, CPAC for a lot of years was speeches on the stage. And good speeches that are firing get you pumped up? Yeah, are very important. But we’re beyond that. I think we’re Yeah, I think people need to understand how bad it is and what they can do to immediately start to help, which is why yesterday when we had this international summit, we are calling on the people of the world to push back on these global institutions that are trying to wreck them. They just stand up against election interference. They’re trying to put Donald Trump in prison, they’re trying to put Jair Bolsonaro, in Brazil in prison, you know, Vladimir Putin takes steps against his enemies. And then they act like we’re colluding with Putin. They’re the ones using Putin tactics . They’re using Chinese tactics to put their enemies political enemies in our opponents in jail, right. And so what we’re seeing in this country is disgraceful. CPAC had a resolution to stand with Israel, they want us to go tripping into a war in Europe, right between Russia and Ukraine. And they’re no call for a ceasefire, but yet they every day they tell the Israeli people we should have a ceasefire in Israel, and that they shouldn’t take out the Hamas terrorists who are trying to destroy them. CPAC stands with Israel. And finally, we had a resolution saying the WHO is an abomination that our national sovereignty and the people of the world should demand their countries stop paying dues and pull out and the Biden administration, it’s yet another thing, I can’t think of anything they’ve done well, but that one’s really, really, really a dangerous thing.

Elaine Beck 6:34
Yes. And no more dangerous, though, however, then what’s happening at the border, because they’re not just to have an open border, what we are being is invaded. We’re being invaded every day, minute by minute, second by second. I was we were down to the border with you. A couple of weeks ago. I have people down there doing investigative reporting every day, practically. And we are learning more and more of the truths, we have uncovered some stories that nobody else has true because we live right there. Yeah, we live there we see it. We see our neighbors struggle. We see the police officers and the Border Patrol pulling people over seeing people with runaway cars and trucks trying to hide it is just- You can’t imagine until you’re actually there, what it’s like, and I’m just so grateful that CPAC has taken on so many wonderful organizations, including you started the centers for…

Matt Schlapp 7:39
to combat human trafficking

Elaine Beck 7:42
Yeah, to combat human trafficking. And that’s what one of the big parts of it.

Matt Schlapp 7:47
Yeah, that’s exactly right. No, it’s a, that is a very important thing. It was Mercy’s belief that we needed to do something to stand up and, and make a real difference in this area. And we first discovered the complexity of the problem. We had CPAC in Mexico City. And, you know, we got to meet the victims. And I think once you meet the victims of human trafficking, I think you can never go back to this idea that this is someone else’s problem, or what I’ve been told in this country, by a lot of people is yeah, they make a little too much of that human trafficking, there’s not a lot of proof of it. Well, if there’s not proof of it, it’s because it’s being covered up. And because people don’t want to get real, if you have 15 million people come to this country, and they advertise that they come with kids, because these kids, through our laws, right can be taken in, we don’t even know if that’s an aunt or an uncle, a father, a father or mother. So the kid comes into our country, and then even to the wonderful Biden administration, they’ve lost 1000s of kids who have come over the border during the last several years. And that’s unacceptable. That means those kids- you don’t lose a kid. That means these kids have a high propensity to be abused, to be slaves in one form or another, including sex slaves. And we’re very proud that we’re going to have a couple of panels and CPAC with the heroes like Tim Ballard and others to talk about how serious this problem is. And you know, folks, if you think your kids are immune from this, I mean, the when these cities get this dangerous, I just say, keep your precious ones close, because a lot of bad elements out there

Elaine Beck 9:21
And keep those cell phones out of their hands. As my pastor says, if they’re under 15, or 16 years old and not mature enough, they shouldn’t even have a cell that is not a phone that is a small computer that can bring any kind of evil and attention and get kids attention and make them think that it’s all good. And then pull them away from their family

Matt Schlapp 9:46
Or go back to flip phones, go back to the phone where you could simply make a call to your mom or dad and say, Hey, I’m in trouble. Or I’m safe. They don’t need to be on all these social media platforms. Oh, by the way, these platforms are intentionally set sending images to people sending videos to people to try to get them to want more, they’re luring them in. And you know what human nature is such that sometimes we shouldn’t be looking at more stuff that, you know, we might on a whim say, Hey, I like that. I want to see more of that. And certainly kids don’t understand all that yet. They’re precious and the over sexualization of our children is actually one of the just the most diabolical parts of what we’re facing.

Elaine Beck 10:26
Absolutely. There is so many things that are being indoctrinated into at school that you don’t know about, and that are subliminal, and that they think is okay, because their friends do it. Or their friends mother says it’s okay. Or the phone says it’s okay. Or anything that they do. And so, you know, all of a sudden, that child that you know, was mad at you last night, because you said they had to do the dishes.

Matt Schlapp 10:56
Yeah we have some of those.

Elaine Beck 10:58
Yeah. So they get in this bad mood, and then they run to their room. And then they get on, you know, and some guys on there saying, you know, you’re so cute. Yeah, we’d love to meet you. It’s diabolical.

Matt Schlapp 11:11
Think about all this whole AI thing that’s coming into our society, oh, man is to kind of almost use our subconscious, right, and trick it into, you know, wanting to do things that we shouldn’t do and watch things we shouldn’t watch and spend time on things that are useless. I mean, really, I think you should have a, we all like to relax and have r&r and kind of turn our brains off. But when you turn on that TV or open up your phone, I really have gotten to the point where I asked myself, am I getting smarter If I watch this? Am I getting better? If I watched this? If you can answer some basic questions like that, then it’s rot, and don’t do it, because it has an effect. And if nothing else, you’re wasting a lot of time, you know, we don’t have that much time laying. We have these lives now. And people like you and I can understand they go faster than you want. Sometimes at the bad times, they go slower than you want. And in the good times, they go much faster than you want. And let’s cherish this time we have and maybe if we put our phones down and turned off our TVs and got back to just talking to our kids and to our neighbors and to our community it would go a long way.

Elaine Beck 12:18
And, and you know, you can spend that time reading your Bible people are neglecting that’s right reading your Bible, or, you know, studying God’s Word. And another way, or reading a good book and using your imagination to see this. Yeah, with only words in front of you to go to that place that you’re reading about to become something that is good and positive. All of this stuff that they’re feeding our kids nowadays, that is what they call fantasy. Yeah. Remember when we used to have sitcoms on TV family sitcoms, and there was a kid did something wrong and the dad stepped in and the school got involved. And then there was a happy ending? We don’t see any of that anymore. What we see is shoot him up bang bang in there at on TV, in the movies in the everything they do the gaming and stop. There’s evil stop in all of those innocent sounding things. Yes, that’s right. We’re teaching our kids how to fight with weapons, how to hate how to get back at, revenge, ugliness. These are the things they shouldn’t have. Why as parents, are you not instead setting and reading the Bible with them and or a good story that would encourage them about life?

Matt Schlapp 13:43
You know, you know me, Elaine, and I buy a lot of old stuff I call dead people stuff. And it’s cheaper. And it’s usually better made and all that. But one of the things interesting is to get the old books, and there were a lot of books that weren’t- It wasn’t the Bible, but it was Bible lessons. And we had fables. And so this whole idea of fantasy, it’s if you make stuff up, and it’s fiction, it has nothing to do with learning anything or any truth. That’s silliness. What we used to do with our kids is teach them lessons, right through stories. That’s right. And that’s kind of a lost art. Because now it seems like what Hollywood really wants to do is get into our kid’s head, a lot of adult material questions they shouldn’t even be asking themselves Yeah, and kind of messing with him. It’s almost like a psychological warfare. It is. Go back to teaching your kids some of these basic lessons and so I tell parents, ask yourself the same question with the the books that your kids are reading, first of all know what it is. But second of all, what is the lesson you want them to get out of it? If it’s just kind of sitting around mindless rot, don’t want them read it. Now I know kids have to learn how to read and they usually like to learn how to read on something that they enjoy, but let’s really start to scrutinize what they’re feeding our kids. It has resulted in this craziness that’s in our society?

Elaine Beck 15:01
Well, you know, we’ve lost so many arts and one of them is the art of pulling the family together, whether it’s at the kitchen table at night for dinner, or whether it’s a game night. Yeah, game nights used to be wonderful, because this way you got your kids having a conversation with you. It starts with the game and the interaction there. And then it ends up with you know, so how’s things going in school? And what did you learn it? Yeah, you know, those are the conversations that parents should be having, then you’d know, you would have known before COVID. They were brainwashing your children. You know, yeah. And there wasn’t enough of that. Unfortunately, there’s not enough private Christian schools, or just private schools that are well done in this country. We’re building on them, I realize that, but in the meantime, all these kids that are being taken to the cleaners, by by these teachers are so called teachers that are nothing but indoctrination machines. That’s right, yeah. We need to we need to know what’s happening in our kids lives every minute.

Matt Schlapp 16:07
That’s exactly right. I can’t agree with you more, let me say something about schools. You know, since we have five kids, and they’re in the midst of all this, even Christian schools, Catholic school, be careful, you have to be careful, you have to watch everything. I mean, you know, my kids will come home and say they experienced this or that. And before I would have blown it off, and now we get more focus or whatever that thing that occurred. I mean, you have this precious time with your children, when they’re kind of in your nest. That’s right, it comes in it goes and then they’re going to be these adults. And while they’re in your nest, you know, a mama bird takes very good care of that of that baby bird and, and knows that there’s only a short time before they’re going to fly away. And I think we have this mentality that we can get to that later. Or they’ll figure that out later. And it’s like, no, they’re going to learn a lot of this when they’re tender and precious and, and innocent. And I think we have to recapture an understanding of the responsibility we have when some when you have an innocent one.

Elaine Beck 17:07
well, before we go, I’ll share something with you. I may have shared this with you before, but not our audience. But when my dad was older, and I was into my adult years, I remember going to him one day and saying, Dad, what was the best time in your life. He said, The best time in my life was when all five of my daughters were still at home, and under my roof. And I could go to sleep at night knowing where they were and that they were safe. And that they were taken care of. Fed and happy. Yeah. And, um, you know what parents need to realize that these are the days that you have to mold them, to train them up in the way that they should go to love them. And if you leave that to the school system, if you leave that to the outsiders in the world, if you leave that to the fantasy and fiction that they are being taught, but through books and movies and games, then you have sold your children off to the devil quit doing it.

Matt Schlapp 18:14
You know, in politics, we have to take our power back, right? Conservatives, pro America, people, MAGA people were the majority, but we don’t act like it. Right? Because they keep telling us all day long on TV and everything else that we’re wacko and we’re crazy. And we’re extreme and, and the same is true of parents. Don’t let them shame you into thinking you should recede and other people who are experts should grab a hold of your kids. I think the rise of the expert has been part of the fall of our society because it there was a time when we thought a dad was an expert. Now we demonize men and demonize dads. Yes, you know, and that has to stop. So let’s make it all stop in our families.

Elaine Beck 18:52
Yes, yes. Well, Matt, thank you so much for taking the time to come over.

Matt Schlapp 18:57
I just have to say is wonderful to have you back at CPAC. You play a very important role in our organization. We appreciate all you do. Going out to Arizona was incredibly special for mercy and I just see the good work you’re doing in the community, the tweets you put out on the work that you guys are doing on the terrible you know, crossings all along the border by Tucson is really great work. So God bless you for what you do. We love watching your show and I know you have a lot of fans out there. And just thank you for being here again. Thank you for your friendship.

Elaine Beck 19:26
You certainly humbled me today and and I appreciate all that you guys do. You are such a huge power in this world. Whether you realize it or not you are loved and revered by many. And that includes me and hated by a few. Well, you know, we’re not going to get in. We all we know is that we’re praying for those people that hate us. That’s right, so that they too can know the joy and peace that we have in knowing God and loving. Amen. Amen. Everyone. You can see us on CPAC now you can Elainebeck.com and see all my shows. We are here to tell the good news in this country that’s going on over and above and behind the evil. God bless you. And we’ll see you next time. You know I’m always praying.

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