The Left’s War on Humanity (ft. Carla Sands)

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Some people just glow with the fighting spirit that God places in them!

My friend Carla Sands is one of those people, and she joined me to talk about how wide her range of work has been as she battles with the Left at every turn. When you love God, like she does, you love His people.

That means protecting them from an ideology that would prefer to see us all dead. She also has a special plan as we approach election season – will you listen in?



Elaine Beck 0:00
Elaine, hi everyone. Elaine Beck here. And of course, you know this is my show. It’s Not About Us, because, obviously it’s not. I tell you this every time, it’s about God, it’s about our Lord and Savior. It’s about the things that we’re here to serve him for. You know, I love it. It’s so wonderful to have my guest on today, Carla sands, and Carla, you have done many important things, and now you’re working for America First policy

Carla Sands 0:45
that’s right. Elaine, so I was President Trump’s ambassador to Denmark Greenland and the Faroe Islands. I went from 2017 to 2021 and then I actually ran for the Senate in my home state of Pennsylvania. I’m now the vice chair for Energy and the Environment at America First policy institute, and I’m the Pennsylvania State chapter chair. We have five state chapters that have just begun across our country, Florida, California, Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania. Well,

Elaine Beck 1:14
that is wonderful, but let’s talk about the energy. We all know that it’s all being handled completely wrong, right now,

Carla Sands 1:25
yes, and we had the best energy environment under President Trump in my lifetime, right? Permitting was efficient now it takes almost a year to get a permit, instead of a little over a month under President Trump. Wow. Regulations are, you know, through the roof where he reduced regulations. I think he got rid of about seven regulations for every new regulation, and that’s why I know that we need to work to get him elected this November, right?

Elaine Beck 1:52
Because, you know, I didn’t you think it was a bit of insanity when the left, who’s in charge right now said that they were going to get rid of gas stoves. Well,

Carla Sands 2:05
I think it’s part of the plan. They’re they’re actually working to de industrialize the Western world. It’s not just in the US you’re, it’s in Europe too, and they’re doing it faster than we are. And so our beautiful lives that that you and I and all of your viewers enjoy, where we can turn on a switch and the light goes on, where we have air conditioning in the summer hot months, where we have heat in the cold months. All of that is the benefit of us having industrialized with hydrocarbons. Some people call them fossil fuels. That’s the benefits. And for the our government and the left to say, No, we’re not going to have those anymore, is literally an anti human agenda and de industrialization agenda that’s

Elaine Beck 2:49
very well put, anti human Yes, because you know, as humans, you know, we could survive.

Carla Sands 2:59
Billions would die if they’re successful in their anti hydrocarbon fossil fuel agenda. I’m

Elaine Beck 3:05
more in that frame. I agree with you on what you said. I also know that they just want to kill us off. They don’t want as many people as we have. They would be just as happy if we did all die off.

Carla Sands 3:19
But we need people, and we want human beings to flourish. It’s a godly vision. And so rather than less, let’s produce more, because we produce energy in America, cleaner than really anywhere else in the world. We’re highly regulated. And our friends and allies in Europe, for instance, and other places around the world, Japan, Korea, they need our energy, and so Biden just recently said, we’re going to pause those exports of natural gas to our friends in the middle of a war with Ukraine and Russia, right, right? And that he helped cause with his corruption. It’s insanity, right?

Elaine Beck 3:56
Well, I remember in 2006 that’s almost what, 18 years ago,

Carla Sands 4:02
it’s a long time.

Elaine Beck 4:03
I went to China, and I could not believe it. Even back then, you couldn’t see the tops of the high rise buildings. It was in the big cities. It was just the air was thick with smoke and and what do you call it? Pollutants? and I can only imagine what it’s like now and and yet they’re trying to blame us for the bad stuff that’s happening. As far as this fake climate change, which is what I call it.

Carla Sands 4:43
It is fake climate change. So it’s a scam, right? It’s a kind of, it’s kind of, if you think of covid and how they had the communist agenda of locking everyone down, forcing mandates that they’re they’re using climate now to try to do the same thing. It’s an international. Effort, mostly on industrialized countries, except Russia, is not part of it. India is not really part of it. China, for sure, isn’t part of it. Africa wants to industrialize, and we’re actually holding them down. It would be humane, right pro people to let these countries industrialize, but use our good technology, which is clean, so that they don’t have dirty air like they had in China. China’s building about two new coal fired plants a week, while we are taking nuclear and coal plants offline and saying, No, we’re going to do it with solar and wind, which most of that stuff comes from the it’s controlled by the Chinese Communist Party and comes out of China. It’s very perverse.

Elaine Beck 5:46
Well, what kills me is that when I years ago, one of the things they said is the eagle, the true eagle is our country’s birth,

Carla Sands 6:00
right? It is not the turkey That’s right.

Elaine Beck 6:03
And the eagle was to be protected, and we were losing many of them, and so they said, You can’t kill Eagles, and they’re protected. We are protected animals. Well, then they start putting up these big windmills. They kill birds left and right they do, including the eagles.

Carla Sands 6:25
They do and so, but not a peep from the Sierra Club, right? No, not a peep, not a right, right. So, so they’re not really about protecting species, are they? They’re about their agenda. Yeah, that’s what that says their agenda

Elaine Beck 6:41
is, you know, to get rid of all of us that have a different agenda than them, which is the original good one, which is that we’re a Judeo Christian country.

Carla Sands 6:51
We are a Judeo Christian country built on biblical law, amen, and then English law, right? And we are founders. We’re godly men. They’re heroes. It’s a heroic founding of our country. We need to teach our kids that in school and about our laws. And do you remember Schoolhouse Rock? I’m just a bill on Capitol Hill. Kids need to learn what is the constitution right? What is how is a law made? We need to educate our young people, because we have a glorious history and a wonderful country, and it’s worth protecting, preserving and rejuvenating.

Elaine Beck 7:27
And yet they’re telling our kids in schools that this is an awful country, and they they shouldn’t respect it and it I cannot. I just can’t believe the stuff that people are buying. And all I can figure is that, you know, the Bible says, when it gets close to end times, yes, that good would be bad, and bad would be good, and people would be deceived, and people would not see right, not hear right. It’s happening.

Carla Sands 7:57
It is happening. Yes, it is when they when they say that car, that CO two is bad, you know that that it good is be being called evil,

Elaine Beck 8:08
That’s right. And, and, you know, I think it’s wonderful that people like yourself, and people in CPAC and people in all these other organizations, there’s so many people that God is called, and I believe this. Yes, none of us are doing this because we didn’t like enjoying life and just, you know, being with our families and and all that kind of stuff, or or going on a trip or whatever. I’m retired. Supposedly, although there’s no place in the Bible it says, you retire? No, but I am supposedly retired at my age. We’re being used up by God’s will. That’s right, that’s right. And and I was called in until he says, No, I’m gonna keep at it.

Carla Sands 8:53
I totally agree with you, Elaine, I want to live in His perfect will. That’s where I find my joy and certainly where my life goes well. But I do want to talk just for a minute about getting people to vote so that we win. And November, it’s so very important.

Elaine Beck 9:09
Yes, it is. And we we push that all the time. We’re always telling everybody that, you know, we work with faith wins. Do you have you heard of faith wins?

Carla Sands 9:17
No, I haven’t.

Elaine Beck 9:18
Okay, Faith wins is ran by a gentleman by the name of Chad Connolly. And what they do is they’ve been going around for three years now, state to state. They’ve got 1000s now of pastors that they go and see in their churches, and they actually stand up and talk to the people in private meetings, and they encourage them and get them to register to vote right there in their church one. And then they encourage them to understand that it’s a good thing to mix politics and and religion, and that when we didn’t look what it got us into. That’s right. Now the devil runs our country. That’s right.

Carla Sands 10:02
That’s how the Nazis rose. The churches did not speak out. There’s a wonderful book by Eric Metaxas, the letter to the American church. We are God’s hands and feet on Earth. There’s no question that God is not a magical God. We are his hands on Earth, and we have to be the salt and light. But can I talk about a couple things about the election. Okay, first of all, I want to tell your viewers a story. So in the Senate race in Pennsylvania, in 2022 we had John Fetterman and Dr Oz run against each other, and by election day, John Fetterman had banked a million ballots, or votes. Dr Oz had banked about 250,004 to one Democrats. That’s continued in 2023 and now in 2024 in this special election, Democrats are voting early. They’re using the law to their advantage, and they’re voting early, and they’re winning,

Elaine Beck 10:53
because we all should be doing that

Carla Sands 10:55
early voting versus one day. Elaine, you can’t come from 750,000 votes behind

Elaine Beck 11:02
No, and I think that’s very important, and we’ve talked about that now already for three years, is that, you know, we’re not going to cheat like they do. We’re not going to go out. And what do they call it?

Carla Sands 11:17
Well, harvest legal in your state, you should ballot. Harvest wherever, whatever is legal, you should use every that’s

Elaine Beck 11:23
what I’m saying. I’m not asking anybody to do anything illegal.

Carla Sands 11:26
No, whatever is illegal. They

Elaine Beck 11:28
should go and vote early. If that’s easier for them, that’s right, if it is, that’ll get your vote in.

Carla Sands 11:34
That’s what actually have to and I want them to practice this primary voting early, so that by the general, we know what we’re doing. So we have at A, F, p, i, we have something called America first works. America first and if your viewers will go to America first works calm and sign up, we have a whole plan for them how to get friends and family to vote. And we have a weekly training by people like Congressman Lee Zeldin and grant stitchfield. We also have a telegram channel that they can actually communicate and get these briefings and talking points. We all want tools to be successful, and so if they’ll go to America first sign up for that. We will help them so they get their circle of acquaintances and friends in as well to vote early because I think that Republicans are beginning to lose hope. I don’t want them to hear people say, Don’t vote early and lose hope. We have to vote early. Don’t vote early. Some do, don’t listen that that is false. It’s wrong, it’s wrong, it’s wrong. We have to vote whether you want to take that early vote in when they when they mail it to you, you can walk it into your election office. You can vote in person in many states, or you can mail it in or go help a friend put that stamp on and get it in the mail. But get people to to elect to have a mail in ballot sent to them when they sign up to vote, right,

Elaine Beck 12:57
right? Well, I don’t believe in mail in votes.

Carla Sands 13:00
You don’t have to mail it, but once you get it in your possession, you can take it to your election center, and it doesn’t go through the machines. It just goes through a counter. And then you can go online and see that your vote has been counted.

Elaine Beck 13:12
This is true, and that’s something we all should do, is check every one of us, yes, everyone, and furthermore, please sign up to be a poll watcher, yes, or do the poll worker, precinct committee man? Important? Because you know if, if you’re somebody that’s capable of that, the one or two days that you’ll be called to do something is going to be well worth your time to have four years of getting back to what is right and good in this country,

Carla Sands 13:46
100% and if you have a young lawyer in your family or in your circle, we need great killer lawyers that are going to fight for us now and at election time. And we’re bringing those on board, we’ll have their back the left spends hundreds of millions of dollars every election cycle. People are they’re securing the election for the left, and then they’ve they work on election day to jam us up. So we need people to go in there to counter that and overcome that.

Elaine Beck 14:15
That’s wonderful.

Carla Sands 14:16
Thank you so much, absolutely.

Elaine Beck 14:18
you today, pleasure. I appreciate all that you’re sharing with everyone. God bless you to all of you for being here today. As you know, you can go to Elaine see all my shows, learn more about all of the people that are telling the good news about what we’re doing in this country to make it better, not just focusing on the bad and the evil that’s so important. I love you. I am praying for you always, and we’ll see you next time you.

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