Arizona’s Broken Border (ft. Kari Lake)

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One of my favorite guests is back! The great Kari Lake joined my friend Andrew and I for a hard-hitting Q&A on the fraudulent elections of the past few years, AND the badly broken border which is sadly coming to define our great state of Arizona.

Kari is as eloquent and gracious as always, but she definitely brought the fire for this one! Watch it now!



Elaine Beck 0:11
Hey everyone, Elaine Beck here and we are on, It’s Not About Us. So happy to be here today I have Carrie Lake, my dear friend, and this wonderful, powerful woman that I call my friend is running, of course in the state of Arizona. Yes, indeed, and we’re going to ask her some questions and talk to her about the border, and the things that are important in our state. How’s that sound?

Kari Lake 0:35
That sounds great. And we’re so lucky to have Elaine actually in Arizona, thank you for having me on again, and doing this show and running for US Senate to take back a seat in the Senate and give it back in into the hands of Republicans. So we can actually solve this border crisis because right now, I don’t know how much longer we could go on as a country. If we don’t get serious about it.

Elaine Beck 0:55
It’s got to stop. That’s all there is to it. So my friend would like to ask you some question. Love it.

Andrew Mullinax 1:01
Okay, Kari. So first of all, I think the border ties into a lot of what your situation is, as well. I’ve noticed that just being embedded that there’s a lot of political corruption, specifically in parts of Arizona. And that extends to a bunch of different areas. And the reason why I wanted to ask you this is because you’ve had recently released your own version of how they tried to corrupt you. And I’m wondering if you had any insight as far as what’s going on at the border, especially specifically in Arizona, and how that relates to the corruption that is coming in, that tried to come into your campaign? does it relate? Is there is this a big machine system, and I just want to see what you’re doing

Kari Lake 1:45
It’s very very big. It’s very deep, it’s multinational, its multinational, a lot of the corruption starts in DC. And the politicians frankly, create problems They don’t want to solve them. They love having a wide open border, you know why? They can pour money into NGOs, nonprofits, all kinds of even even counties and cities to help process people here illegally with they have no desire to solve the problem, because there’s too much money that they can pour into the symptoms, right.

Elaine Beck 2:19
I mean, we know that because of the drugs, we know that, you know, pouring over our border, what are they getting out of those money, the people, they charge the people, every person that crosses that border, pays with their life, with money

Kari Lake 2:32
with money, and the only people getting richer right now are people who are running cartels and human smuggling operations. But it goes deeper. It goes all the way into Washington, DC, we have politicians who are bought and paid for, we have lobbyists who control them. And we’ve just got to root these people out. I think some of them are just afraid, they get here and they they freeze up and they realize that oh my gosh, I’m not going to have a friend in Washington DC. If I don’t vote the way they’re telling me to vote? Well, you shouldn’t be coming to Washington, DC to make friends, honestly. And this is why they hate President Trump. This is why they, you know, took our victory from us. They can’t have honest people that they don’t control in these positions. And they knew that on day one, when I when I promised the people of Arizona as governor on day one, the minute I took the oath of office, my hand comes off the Bible, we’re declaring an invasion on our border and getting to work solving the problem as a state. And we have the right to do that under the United States Constitution. Article One, Section 10, clause three, it allows the states to protect their citizens in the event of an invasion.

Andrew Mullinax 3:39
How do you think it goes with Katie Hobbs? How deep?

Elaine Beck 3:44
How is that?

Andrew Mullinax 3:45
How deep is that connection with what happened with that election? Because we all as I can tell you as an outsider, this is my point of view. I’m from South Carolina, I saw what happened. I followed the entire story, literally watched all the court hearings yet and still come out of it the same way I felt on November 4 2020. When I was at what drew me to DC on January 6, was that same thing had happened there. But who how what what is involved in that process? And where do you and it’s okay, if you speculate or if you don’t want to speculate. But how do

Kari Lake 4:23
I don’t have to speculate our elections are fraudulent and rigged. I mean, happened in 2020, or 2022. We saw it happen. I’m up 10 and 12 points in the internal polling. And on election day, they knew they had to stop someone like me that they can’t control. And they had rolled out machines that didn’t work. They printed the wrong image on the ballot. And just because the courts have not ruled in our favor does not mean that that is not true and factual that it happened. It happened to 10s of 1000s of Arizonans. They were disenfranchised on election day. And so We have to get to the bottom of it. Let’s look at who’s coming across our border. People are pouring across our border up to 12 million, perhaps maybe more. It depends on whose numbers you believe I don’t tend to believe Biden’s numbers. Where are they coming from? They’re coming from countries that have failed. They’re coming from failed nations where they have rigged elections. And they know that they doesn’t matter if they vote, the elections are rigged. They have a collapsed economy, they have a devalued currency. They have outrageous crime on the streets. They’re fleeing those countries coming to America. The bad news is America is really becoming one of those countries. And so we have to start with getting our elections turned around, everything else falls on that if we don’t have the ability to choose our representation, those who we elect to represent us a lead, then we will never have the problems that we need to have solved assault.

Elaine Beck 5:54
And they’re not only just fleeing, a lot of these people are being sent here. Intentionally.

Kari Lake 6:02
You’re right. Some are fleeing some some a very small amount are truly seeking asylum. 95% of the asylum claims are fraudulent made, right? They’ve been coached by NGOs that that are suspicious at best. And, and then you have people here who want to do us harm. That’s where I have nefarious reasons for being here. And we have people point- we’ve done no betting on these people. We have caught a few people who we know are terrorists. But I just heard an interview last week with a judge. Who’s handling border issues. And he says, None of the people that he ordered to be deported for for crimes up to murder, He wanted to double check and say, Whatever happened to these orders on these, you know, I’m a judge, I made an order to have these people deported. How many of them were deported. And guess how many were deported? Zero. Biden is not even allowing the deportation of criminal aliens who have been found guilty of a crime here, and a judge has ordered them deported. And they’re still not deporting them. Joe Biden has blood on his hands, Joe Biden created this problem. The Democrats have created it. And they’ve enabled him and it will be the demise and downfall of our Republic if we do not stop it.

Elaine Beck 7:16
So they can, what you’re saying is they CAN bus them anywhere from the border, they can put them on planes, they can take them anywhere they want. But if they need to go back, they can’t even get them to the border and out of here. That’s pretty bad.

Kari Lake 7:30
that’s pretty scary. Yeah, very well. And the good news is President Trump understands the crisis, the level of this crisis, the only way to save our homeland is to send these people who poured across the border in the Biden invasion back to their homeland, we have to save America, we have to show compassion for our citizens. I support the largest repatriation project in the history of our country, because we have the largest invasion on our soil in the history of this country. And we can’t absorb the world’s problems. Too many people have come over unvetted and to save our homeland, they have to go back to their homeland.

Andrew Mullinax 8:06
One more question, one more question more. So I’m trying to think of ways to formulate this that make it all make sense, because there’s a lot of pieces to tie together. And I’m trying to figure out what these pieces fit together. Because ultimately, the story is not over. And there’s a lot more to follow. Ultimately, there’s going to be more to come out of this like I just based on what we’ve seen, I expect there’s going to be terror in this country in the next. And just before elections. I expect to see terror in this country. From what’s coming across the border.

Elaine Beck 8:36
I’m trying to tell ya, he’s expecting terror. You got to speak.

Andrew Mullinax 8:40
to try to place this together. I’m trying to figure it out. If the if the two headed snake is the same snake that is handling our elections, and also the snake that’s allowing what’s happening at the border to happen. And here’s why I’m asking that question. What I have noticed specifically being embedded is we’ve got five trail cameras out all throughout Arizona, five 6000 foot elevations and mountains. And I’m going to tell you since the influx of people coming across the open parts of the border, the activity of drug smuggling has gone through the roof like we have trail cams that are picking up hordes of backpacking smugglers every single night on five cameras separated by lots and lots of distance. So is do you think the head of the snake that’s allowing that to happen because all I can see all I can see is happening is there distract border patrol’s distracted over here with processing all these humans coming through? While at the same time there’s zero enforcement happening anywhere else along the border. So the mules are just coming non stop. Is that snake the same snake that’s controlling the elections in Arizona?

Kari Lake 9:51
I don’t know if there’s a correlation but I do know that money we spend all over the world on wars pouring money into problems like the border, there’s very little accountability for where that money is going. I mean, we’re sending hundreds of billions over to Ukraine. And we found out something that was being funneled back through FTX to politicians, right. Maybe it’s going to ballot harvesters we just don’t know, we need to have accountability. I support President Trump, when he says, We’re not going to just start handing out money anymore, it’s going to be alone. We want accountability. And we want it to be paid back, when the country we’ve loaned it to is doing better. And the one of the reasons you’re seeing those five cameras, you mentioned, explode with activity is because Texas is starting to do a little bit more to secure their border, they’re actually implementing some of my border policy that I put out, which was the most groundbreaking, aggressive, bold border policy ever put forth in this country that I had planned for Arizona. But Texas is now starting to take pieces of that, and doing it. And because of that, guess what the smugglers, the drug traffickers are saying, all right, we got to move it from Texas over to Arizona. So we’re getting hit even harder. And we have an inept and very inept people in our key offices in Arizona, who don’t deserve to be there, and who are open borders, sanctuary city type, folks. And so we’re never going to see that happen. Anything happened in Arizona to secure us. That’s why I want to get to DC as a US senator, and on day one, help President Trump fund the wall, build that wall within a matter of weeks, and actually secure the border for once and for all the people of this country deserve it. And they demand it.

Elaine Beck 11:34
Right. Well, thanks, Kari for and answering the questions because they’re very important. And I think our people need to hear this. And I know how knowledgeable you are. And I want other people to hear what it is what your plans are. And I knew about your border program.

Kari Lake 11:50
And we’ve talked about it a million times. Yeah. And here’s the deal. The people are tired of the talk. I’m tired of it, too. I want to see action. That’s right. And that’s why the action has to come from we the people right now. We have to keep pressure on Washington DC. We the people killed that outrageous bill that Kirstin Sinema, who we hope is going to be exiting this seat that may be taking her place. That was her bill. It had 90 95 billion to go overseas and kill people. And it had $0 to finish the wall at our border. It was not a border bill. It was a joke. And it was an insult to the people and the people of Arizona are tired of the talk. They want action. And the action we need to do for the next nine months is to get out and vote. Get involved. And then come November. We’re going to change the course of this country and there will be so much action. You’ll have whiplash

Elaine Beck 12:43
Oh, I like that. Good. Good. Yes. Well, everybody, thank you for being here. So much, Kari. She knows that. Everybody in Arizona, we love her and we’re rooting for her. We want you to sign up and vote or we want you to watch the polls we want you to help out. Like she said, We all got to take action not just her or me but all of you. So God bless you. Thank you for being on our show. We love seeing you and you know as always I’m praying for you. God bless

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