The Common Good Makes Common Sense (ft. Dr. Ben Carson)

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One of our favorite guests is back!

Dr. Ben Carson has a new book coming out, and he joined me at CPAC to talk about both the problems AND the hope that lays before this great country.

Near the end, he also gave us a challenge – do you have the grace to meet it?

Listen and find out!



Elaine Beck 0:11
Hi, everyone, I’m Elaine Beck. And this is our show. It’s Not About Us, because it’s about our Lord and Savior and our God in heaven, who created us all. And that’s what we’re here to do is to serve Him every day. So we are so excited today, my favorite word is excited, as everybody knows, we are with Dr. Ben Carson, a dear friend, and a wonderful man who is constantly serving God in everything that he does. Welcome, Dr. Carson.

Ben Carson 0:44
Thank you, Elaine. It’s so good to be with you, as it always is, and appreciate your patriotism and your service for the Lord.

Elaine Beck 0:50
Thank you. Thank you. We all feel the same way about you. You are I know we all have our enemies, don’t we?

Ben Carson 0:58
Plenty of them these days, right?

Elaine Beck 1:00
We we practice something called We are not enemies. Exactly. Right. And so we say enemies almost ingest these days, because we understand that, you know, it’s not about having enemies. It’s about overcoming those feelings. Those are human feelings. Am I right? ,

Ben Carson 1:19
so important in America today, because we have those who are trying to make us feel like we’re enemies, right on the basis of race, age, income, gender, you name affiliation, religious affiliation, whatever. And of course, we’re a very strong nation. And one of the reasons that we succeeded early on is because we had the concept of a common good. And we worked with each other. If we had a neighbor that was having a problem, we help them. If they had a different yard sign, it didn’t make them my enemy.

Elaine Beck 1:56
no. We agreed to disagree, didn’t we?

Ben Carson 2:00
Absolutely. And I always say if two people agree on everything, one of them is unnecessary.

Elaine Beck 2:09
I haven’t heard that one before.

Ben Carson 2:13
But you learn a lot more from people you disagree with and somebody who agrees with you and everything.

Elaine Beck 2:17
I mean, even if nothing else, it makes you question yourself and go, am I right about that? Do I need to research that? What more should I know?

Ben Carson 2:26
Right? We should be learning every day. Amen.

Elaine Beck 2:30
I know I am. Whether I like it or not. And I love it. I do love to learn, especially, you know, when we read our Bible, I love the way that God each time that you read a verse opens another door to your mind to share something more in depth with you or more for the day or the time. Is that right?

Ben Carson 2:53
And we have solutions for everything if we would just listen. Yeah. So you know, we have this tendency to think that we know it all.

Elaine Beck 3:03
That is the biggest laugh.

Ben Carson 3:05
And most of our problems that we’re facing as a society right now are self inflicted, and they’ll have to be there. But but at some point, maybe before the Lord returns, we’ll start loving each other again.

Elaine Beck 3:21
I hope so I know that I enjoy coming to CPAC not just to interview you. But to see all these like minded people that, you know, we agree on things. We we love one another. I mean, you can say good morning, and you don’t get your head bit off or they look at you like you have two heads. You get respected, you get, you know, friend friendly reactions from people. People want to know you not because who you are, because you’re another human being that they can relate.

Ben Carson 3:58
And we’re all neighbors and friends and colleagues and co workers. And you know, it’s that togetherness that gives us our strength. And that was the thing that was so prevalent in early America, on all of these communities were isolated, and they had to survive on their own. But they understood the concept of the common good. As somebody got hurt at harvest time everybody else harvested their crops, no questions asked, because that was your neighbor and they needed something. Why can’t we get back to that?

Elaine Beck 4:33
I don’t know. I think it’s just the evil. We’re allowing. We’re not teaching number one are our children. We need to teach our children get back to teaching them. And I was talking to somebody this morning. It’s not a matter of just reading, writing and arithmetic, which that should be the main purpose. But principles. You know when you think about it, Dr. Carson, if you don’t teach kids of principles and values. Where did they get common sense? I mean, think about it. Common sense, is a combination of not just knowledge. But it has to be also values, biblical principles, things that make you stop and understand how you can discern what is right and wrong.

Ben Carson 5:28
Where do those things come from? faith and family are things that give you your values. And aren’t those two things that are under attack in our society right now? faith and your family?

Elaine Beck 5:41
Exactly. Which leads into this. I’m very excited because I know that your new book is coming out. Yes. And that new book, the name of it is

Ben Carson 5:52
The Perilous Fight

Elaine Beck 5:54
The perilous fight and where did you get that name?

Ben Carson 5:57
From our national anthem. And and our culture’s war on the American family. And you don’t have to be very observant to see how Hollywood and social media and everything seems to be pushing against traditional American values, and family values. And what’s happening to our children are not being taught to respect other people, other people’s opinions, even to respect other people’s lives? Why do we have all of these mass shootings and things because they don’t respect people’s lives anymore?

Elaine Beck 6:37
Right, and they the fantasy and fiction that we feed our kids with, instead of real life situations, and values, and those types of things. All of that is something that gets into their head. And now they think they’re living that and they live it out. Why do we have kids killing kids? And and, and why do we have people so angry and so frustrated?

Ben Carson 7:04
Right, it’s so important, you know, for parents these days, to really pay close attention to the children because they are being hit from the outside with all kinds of information that is not true. That’s right, that is meant to manipulate them. And you think about the child’s mind. Their brain is not fully developed. They’re also very naturally curious. And very impressionable. So if you take a curious impressionable kid, and you start filling their head with crazy stuff, it means a lot more than than than it might to a mature adults.

Elaine Beck 7:43
They don’t understand where to take it, other than we we teach them from their time, they’re this big, and they learn their first words, and they hear us, we teach them that what we say that they’re to listen to intake verbatim when we’re saying no, we mean No, when we say yes, we mean, yes. So when we say these other incoherent type things, they’re going to take it verbatim, exactly. If we put them in front of a screen. And that has all these subliminal messages about hate and anger and fear. We’re teaching them that because now we said, Here, watch this. So now they think that same person that said, yes, no, and maybe, okay, means this as well, that it’s okay for you to do what’s there.

Ben Carson 8:39
then we’re also convincing some of our children that they’re victims, and that they can’t possibly succeed because the society is stacked against them and teaching others that they’re oppressors and making them feel guilty, when there’s no reason for them to feel guilty. And in fact, what we should be doing is teaching people that we’re all the same. And looking at those things that bring us together, not the things that make us fall apart. And you see all this divisiveness in our society, it’s purposeful, because America is very strong. And those who wish to have a one world government, we’re in their way. They need to, they need to take us down they need to fundamentally change us. That’s why you’ve seen so much concentration on destroying us from within.

Elaine Beck 9:37
That’s right. And you know, I find it very sad, especially when I look at the young adults in this country, you know, they have come up through this horrible system, that where they’re being taught, you know, fantasy fiction and and just dismissiveness and then they become a young adult, and they want to start a life right? We send them off to college, they get a so called education. They come out and there’s no jobs for them. Okay, so now they’re all going out and doing whatever they can to make ends meet. They’re not happy. And they would love to find somebody, especially the young ladies would love to find somebody to be a partner in life to get married, have a family, and even some of the young men. I know, I know, some of them personally, these young men that would give anything to find that wonderful young lady. And yet, there’s not that many young ladies anymore.

Ben Carson 10:37

Elaine Beck 10:38
And there’s not that many young men that take life serious and want a commitment on either side. And that’s because they’ve been taught that it’s okay to not be serious, it’s okay to not have a commitment, it’s okay to want just for yourself and think of yourself or anybody

Ben Carson 10:57
And they’re taught that from the very earliest times when they can look at television. And, and the heroes and television are hopping from bed to bed to relationship to relationship, you know, these are their role models. And, you know, there used to be something called the seal of good practice. They got rid of that a long time ago.

Elaine Beck 11:19
You know, they did, didn’t they? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And, and so, you know, I’m really excited about your book coming out. Because I think that it’s so important for people to know that there’s information out there to build up the young couples in this country, to help them see that they’re, there is a good way to go. And that, that it starts with commitment. It starts with, you know, making that commitment to do a good work while they’re here.

Ben Carson 11:52
And it’s a choice, it’s a choice is right, and we can make the right choice. But we need to know, who is the opposition, we need to know your enemy if you’re going to defeat them?

Elaine Beck 12:04
Absolutely. So you know, it’s just like I say that, and yet, I understand that, you know, you’re not always going to meet the nicest guy In church or anywhere else, you have to be very discerning. But when you meet somebody and you fall in love, then it’s time to move on and make a commitment and do the right things, and have children and, and, you

Ben Carson 12:29
that was a model that God gave us in the beginning? Exactly.

Elaine Beck 12:33
He says go and multiply. He didn’t say go have a kid. Go and multiply and be fruitful and be fruitful. That’s right. That’s right.

Ben Carson 12:46
Well, we can do it. If we just go back to some of our early roots, some of the fundamentals that made this into a great country, you know, we rose from nowhere to the pinnacle of the world in record time. And that was not a coincidence. that was because of the values and principles that we espouse. And if we come back to them, a lot of our problems will disappear pretty quickly.

Elaine Beck 13:11
Yeah, absolutely. And, and it starts with what God said. He said, The greatest of all of the commandments, is to love to love one another besides loving him first, than we are to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. How can we do that If we’re not forgiving? How can we do that If we’re not kind to other people? How can we do that If we’re judging all people? These are the things we should not do. So, again, I want everybody to go to We Are Not We sort of collaborated on that one. And we’re both very proud of it. And he does a show on it. Would you like to share that with the people about you’re constantly bringing up the WANE project on your show?

Ben Carson 14:03
Well, I bring it up at virtually all of my podcasts. And almost anytime I get an opportunity to help people to realize that if we recognize that we’re not enemies, and we work together, right, a large number of our problems disappear. but we’re being manipulated, right? They want us to think that we’re enemies, right?

Elaine Beck 14:31
So we just need to learn that loving one another and loving our neighbors ourselves, is never going to change. The word is of the Bible is the word for eternity. It never changes. It’s always the right thing. And it’s as good in this day and time as it was back in the beginning, if not more, so we need it.

Ben Carson 14:56
And I have a challenge for people and it’s actually kind of fun. Get up tomorrow morning and say today, I’m gonna be nice to everybody I meet. See if you can do it.

Elaine Beck 15:08
Right. It’s pretty cool challenge. Yeah. And you know, it really makes you stop and look at people differently. You look them in the face. And you you, you look at them and you’re not looking at the outer you know what they were or whether they have a tattoo or not, or whether their hair is long or short, or whether their skin tone is different, because there’s only one race in my opinion, and that’s the human race. So it’s nothing but skin tone, it’s different. Therefore, we need to look at people and say these things and value every person. God didn’t put that person in your life for no reason.

Ben Carson 15:45
And you know, when I see mean nasty people, I just say, they used to be a cute little baby. I wonder what happened.

Elaine Beck 15:53
Oh, and you know what’s really sad, though, to the same thing there. When I look at the news, and I see these people that are they’re calling zombies. They’re so drugged out in that and that they’re not functional at all anymore. I see somebody’s child, somebody’s newborn baby, somebody’s little kid that they raised and loved and hugged. And were cared for going in that direction. It breaks my heart, it brings me to tears. Because I know that God in heaven is very sad about all this is going on, let’s put a smile back on his face. Let’s start loving one another, regardless of the circumstances, because we all know in every circumstance, he will carry us through

Ben Carson 16:37
And we all have a sphere of influence. Yes, we do matter what’s going on in anybody else’s sphere of influence, you got a share of influence? That’s right, you can be the shining light and that and cheer events, right?

Elaine Beck 16:48
Whether it’s at your job, or at the grocery store, or wherever you are, you are always influencing other people. If you’re a Christian, let it be known do like I do. I never see anybody that I don’t end up walking away and saying, God bless you, or God be with you? Or can I pray for you? Because every time you do that, number one, saying the name of Jesus or God brings you strength and power like you’ve never had before. So you’re helping yourself. And number two, you have given away the greatest gift that you can give anybody?

Ben Carson 17:26
Absolutely. You are absolutely spot on.

Elaine Beck 17:30
Thank you. Thank you. Well, our relationship is so wonderful that we can get together and talk every time. And we can encourage and we can build up. And we just pray that everybody out there that’s listening today hears us, Dr. Carson, can you please share with our audience how they can reach out and see some of your shows.

Ben Carson 17:53
You can go to That’s the master website. And on that you can access little patriots, you can access the executive branch of for America, you can access my American story, and a whole host of white papers and all kinds of information. You can stay for days on it and be very entertained and very informed.

Elaine Beck 18:20
We try and save time for the Bible. You know what we we just are always so blessed when you come by and we get a chance to talk to you again and share it with our audience. Because these are tough times. And people are hearing awful stuff all the time. What a great benefit is to know someone like you, Dr. Carson that inspire the people encourage them.

Ben Carson 18:45
right back at you.

Elaine Beck 18:47
Thank you. God bless you. And we love all of you. We want you to come back to our show, always, you know, you can go to and see all of my programs. But this is very special right now. And we’ve had some wonderful times here and we’re at CPAC in Maryland, I keep wanting to say Washington, but it’s Maryland. And it’s it’s a great time and we are so blessed that you were able to make it Dr. Carson,

Ben Carson 19:13
thank you for your willingness to do this. I know you could be doing anything you wanted in the world and you choose to try to uplift your fellow man.

Elaine Beck 19:24
Thank you so much. God bless you all and as you know, I’m always praying for you. So come see us anytime.

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