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Special Forces vet and freshman congressman Keith Self (R-TX) hit the U.S. Capitol Grounds running with strong, early votes against Kevin McCarthy’s speakership bid before many of his colleagues even knew who he was — and before he was sworn into Congress.

“Part of the 18 [other congressmen voting no] were coming over to sit down beside me and ask” Who are you?” he said with a laugh.

Proudly representing Texas’ third congressional district, he pulled himself out of a happy retirement because he sees America in serious distress. “This nation is fast approaching a precipice morally, socially, certainly economically, and fiscally.” the congressman said. By opposing McCarthy, the rules concessions that Rep. Self fought so hard for and won are a first step in “righting the ship” that is America — bringing back fiscal responsibility and common sense to the people’s house (Congress).

In this 20-minute exclusive interview with Elaine Beck he gives a direct pitch to you, and everyone in the CPAC Now audience. Congress can only do so much. As he put it: “We cannot turn this large aircraft carrier of a nation on a dime. It takes us all.” His call to action doesn’t end there. He goes further. “I ask you to take part so that we can become a courageous people again. To stand for those biblical values, for American traditional values: for the family, for life, and the rule of law,” Rep. Self said. “These issues that have made America what it is today. These things that made America great.”

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