It was Never Personal – Our Debt is Out of Control (ft. Josh Brecheen) | Patriot 20 Series

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On this episode of It’s Not About Us, Elaine Beck speaks with Oklahoma representative Josh Brecheen for Congress about the Speaker of the House vote. Beck praises the twenty dissenters to Kevin McCarthy’s bid for speaker for their courage to fight for the interests of the American people. The experience brought Republicans together to productively discuss pivotal issues like the our National Debt and rampant corruption within the intelligence community.

“We have to be people here willing to put the country’s best interests ahead of our self interests, and for forty years, both Republicans and Democrats, have been playing it safe politically,” Brecheen stated. “It’s time for us to get healthy as a nation.”

Brecheen is taking that trailblazing attitude to legislation and fiscal policy. He is particularly concerned about the enormous national debt that will inevitably be left to burden generations to come. He draws from Thomas Jefferson’s fiscal policy that cut spending and reduced national debts. Brecheen, along with his Republican coworkers, are committed to reining in government and preserving the freedom of American citizens.



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