I Came Here to Disrupt the Swamp (ft. Congressman Eli Crane) | Patriot 20 Series

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In this exclusive interview with Elaine Beck, former Navy Seal and freshman congressman Eli Crane (R-AZ), said that his decision to vote against Kevin McCarthy’s speakership bid was not easy, but it was simple.

Echoing the moniker of Elaine’s show, he said that when it came down to the wire, it just wasn’t about him, but the people who voted for him. “It’s not about us. Our country is in trouble and people are counting on me to stand in the breach and take slings and arrows,” Rep. Crane said. “The people back home don’t expect me to always win — but they do expect me to fight.” Rep. Crane went on to share how the center of his life are his two daughters (a 15-year-old and an 11-year -old), and it’s a huge sacrifice to be away from them in the swamp of DC. But they are also his prime motivator: he wants them — and all Americans — to live in a free country. Ending with a call to action, Elaine Beck encouraged everyone — no matter their station in life — to “not be silent,” and to be active and engaged in politics “from your school board on up.”

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