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What you believe doesn’t matter much if you don’t have the courage to take risk and fight for it.

That’s the message of Congressman Bob Good (R-VA) to his colleagues in Congress. In this exclusive interview with Elaine Beck, he shares how, for too long, many Republicans have chosen their careers and self-interest over sound principles and what is good for the American people. Not anymore. At least not for the Patriot 20.

In Congressman Good’s words, these American patriots brought much-needed change to Washington, DC, by “standing up for the first time in 160 years and voting against their own presumptive leadership, not for selfish interests, not for their own careers —quite frankly in conflict with that time and time again.” His three takeaways for what Republicans now have a shot at giving future generations? A balanced budget, congressional term limits, and a secure border.

In response to this courage, Elaine Beck offered words of thanks, but also noted that winning the speakership fight gives rise to another virtue needed in times such as these: Hope. “History has been made,” Beck said. “It’s sad that it has taken us this long to get there, but I’m so grateful for it to have happened in my lifetime because it gives me hope for the children, grandchildren, and future generations coming along that they can continue along with what you all started.”

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