Where The Family Goes, The Country Follows (ft. Victor Marx)

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I am joined today by a truly brave and humble man, Victor Marx from All Things Possible Ministries.

He is doing INCREDIBLE work protecting abused children from predators around the world. We both agree that the church needs to lead the way on pulling our country back from the brink, specifically by restoring the Christian family as an institution.

How do we do that? FORGIVENESS! So I told him about our We Are Not Enemies initiative and he shared some powerful words.

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Learn more about Victor’s work: https://victormarx.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/victormarx



Elaine Beck 0:12
Hi, everyone, its Elaine Beck and we are on, It’s Not About Us, my show that talks about the truth about what’s happening in the country that also spreads the good news of all the wonderful people that are fighting against the evil that is spreading and permeating our country in this world. And so today, I am, again is always excited. My favorite word, okay, about the fact that I have a wonderful man who is here to talk to us a little bit about what he’s doing with TPUSA. And they have an a part of their organization that is about safe.

Victor Marx 0:55

Elaine Beck 0:56
And what what do they call it?

Victor Marx 0:57
Well TPUSA faith.

Elaine Beck 1:00
simply Faith.

Victor Marx 1:01
yeah, faith aspect, which is great And needed. It’s, it’s, you know, it’s great getting to meet you.

Elaine Beck 1:11
Tell them your name.

Victor Marx 1:12
My name is Victor Marx. I’m president of All Things Possible Ministries, yes. And then I’m a contributor for TPUSA faith, through social media. And it’s been very interesting to see the direction our country has taken. And I’ve been on a couple of panels and speaking here, and Amfest. But the one thing I try to tell folks is our country. And I’ll start with the church, right? The church has really drifted from just basic biblical tenets, starting with the gospel to what is right and wrong. Therefore, our culture is upside down. My old boss, Dr. James Dobson, you know, he predicted it. He said, If the family disintegrate, so is the culture.

Elaine Beck 2:06

Victor Marx 2:07
And that’s where we are right now. So people are shocked. And one of the things that we do as an organization is we protect children, right? And we have pedophiles. Yes, because a lot of people watching this right now, they won’t, it’s hard to wrap your mind about what I’m about to say is, there’s been last year over 31 million transfers of photos and videos of children being abused sexually.

Elaine Beck 2:36
That doesn’t surprise me at all. I mean, I, my first shock was a couple of years ago, I read an article. And it said that in in Texas alone, Dallas, Texas alone, that every day 45,000 children were used or abused sexually. And I went, Oh, that’s crazy. Can’t be here. You know, I mean, come on, right? Numbers sometimes can just sort of ping pong around in your head and go, it’s not hitting the mark. Doesn’t sound like reality. You know, I have I have dealt with miracles from God many times in my life. And if you understand that, there’s miracles, you also have to understand that the evil can do so much damage, and it is doing more and more every year, growing more and more. And what better way to damage a world than to destroy the family and destroy these children and take their little hearts and minds and twist them.

Speaker 1 3:48
Yes, I agree. 100%. And, you know, there’s a saying if you if a child gets abused or wounded, then it takes a lifetime to heal an adult. And that’s why we’re trying to stop and move the needle. We have a task force with the organization. We’re trying to stop this wholesale abuse of children sexually. And I pray Christians and pastors will actually recognize it, because it is creating so many wounded adults. I recently did an interview on a podcast or named Sean Ryan. It was three different interviews. Millions have watched it. And I’ve never been contacted by so many. What I would call very masculine men, from SEAL Team operators to I mean, every aspect, including Super Bowl winning champs men that have been abused in their past, they tells them to be driven to be like one percenters so we must protect kids. And you’re right the enemy is going after our kids hard.

Elaine Beck 5:00
well, I want to share something with you. A few months back about a little over three months ago, I was having my daily conversation with God, yes, I do talk to God. And he does answer me. I believe. That’s right. And I was telling them, I’m like, you know, God, I have presented to you many times here recently that, you know, I want to have a rally for Jesus have several of them in the United States. We need to bring more people together, we need to open more minds. I said, God, that every time I bring that to you, you say no, you say, you know, it’s gonna turn into J-6 people get killed and the blood will be on your hands. And that’s how it’ll be presented anyway. And he kept telling me, No, there’s no room. No, there’s no place. No, there’s no time. No, there’s no safe space. And I said, so God, I’m ready to just not throw in the towel on what else you’ve given me to do. But I just didn’t seem to be an answer. He said he lame. You forgot the scripture that I gave you. Five years ago, when I gave you the vision? Well, was it the scripture was first Corinthians 7:14, If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves, and turn from their wicked ways in evil. And pray I did that a little wrong. But we all know. that’s that is.

Victor Marx 6:36
That’s the answer.

Elaine Beck 6:37
I went, Yeah, no. And I said at the time, that just made sense. I mean, because the vision was, he wanted me to bring the Christians together in the nation, right? So I’ve been working at this and doing many things and started all this and studios and podcasts and stuff, working with big organizations. He sent me to Washington. I know everybody, okay. And I said, So, where am I going wrong? He said, he literally had me sat down at my kitchen counter, and write the scripture out that each scripture line as I wrote it, he added something. He said, For in order for you to humble yourself, you come to me, and you say, I’m sorry, God, I did that today. And he said, I accept that readily. I appreciate that. He said, when you were saved, and you came to me and said, I’ll give you my life. And I am a sinner. And I’m asking for for you. For your, he said, you humbled yourself. And that was the most amazing moment that he said, You’re all fighting with each other, comparing yourself to each other, you’re angry. You even fight with the people within the church, you fight in your mind you compare yourself to, well, you know, my sin isn’t as bad as his or this isn’t that, you know, he said, that’s where you’re going wrong. He said, You have to understand you need to humble yourself and praying for your enemies. And he said, If you do that, and then you seek my face. Now, when when I when I wrote down the seek your face. He said that means that you become one with me. You close your eyes, and you literally become one with me and ask for forgiveness. And ask for forgiveness for your enemies. And unlike that makes sense. Right? And I wrote all this stuff out. And three days later, I had an appointment with Dr. Ben Carson, we’re friends and we’ve worked on some other things. And he’s been a great mentor to me and this world of difficulty. Yeah. And my husband and I both admiring I admired him my husband since deceased. But what was neat was, I went to see him and we’re all sitting in this room and all of his staffs in there. And we’re getting ready for a big event that I’m putting on for him. All I did in October. And he I said, You know what, when while the your friend went and get gets out of their paper, he forgot. I said, I have I have something to share with you. He said, well go ahead. So I started telling about to the point where I am with you, right? And how God is saying all this. So you know him? The silent how my strongest man stood up across from me. And he said, so what I hear you saying is we are not enemies. And I’m like yes, he said, WANE. Do you know what WANE means to WANE? Wane means to go away from to let go of. Right? Right. So what God had said to me, we have to get away from this evil of comparing ourselves or thinking we’re better or thinking our sin is lesser than their sin. That’s good. There’s no difference between whether you abused that child that you’re saving. Right? Okay? Or you yell at your wife, right?

Speaker 1 10:31
It’s a sin as it stands, and the consequences are different, but it’s a sin. Right,

Elaine Beck 10:36
exactly. So what he’s saying is, until we humble ourselves, seek His face, and pray for forgiveness for our enemies, whether that enemy is your neighbor that throws stuff back over your lawn on your fence, right? Or your your sister in law that told you off because she doesn’t agree with you. Or it’s the people over in another country. Let’s take Israel. Yeah. And and what they’re doing. We need to pray for them. Because who does God want to go to heaven, though, amen. Oh, man. And he said, but until we pray, to have them forgiven, they can’t be forgiven and take the shield down from their eyes, and have them open their hearts to Him. He can’t save our land. And so it’s been miraculous what God has done so far. Here is a folder about it. We refer to it as the WANE project. Wow, you can go to we are not enemies.com. And it’ll tell you all about the national season of forgiveness.

Victor Marx 11:53
You don’t hear that very often.

Elaine Beck 11:56
I, when I first went to God and said, So you want me to start this the first of the year? And he goes, no. That’s too late. I know what I know, over the Holy Days. Christmas and Hanukkah, were a Judeo Christian country. Perfect. He said, No. He said, They’re all so busy buying packages and shopping and spent and doing all this. He said, That’s chaos. They’ll not hear you. I said, well, that leaves me Thanksgiving weekend. I said, Well, that sounds like it makes sense. We all come together family friends, we we pray. And thank God for all the things he’s done for us and going to do for us. And then that Sunday, on his day, that same weekend, and he said yes. So on November 26 of this year, we started the national season of forgiveness. And it’s going to last till November 26 of 24. Now, what does that encompass in your mind? What was the first thought you had with those dates?

Victor Marx 13:08
Well, I mean, it’s a it’s a full year for people to really humble themselves before God right before major decisions have to be made.

Elaine Beck 13:17
Right. And it’s while we are in the biggest wars of our life, we are being invaded from our border. Yes, we are. We are fighting for God’s chosen people in a land far away. We are fighting against all kinds of evil while still trying to make our country straight enough that we can vote for the right person to be in control, according to God. Right. Right. So is it any surprise to you that God would choose this year, not not at all lightness to what we need to do? And why? Now we don’t charge anybody anything. That was one of the things I was so tickled about. When I was telling Dr. Carson, I said, You know what? We don’t have to rent a pavilion. We don’t have to bring people in. We don’t have to put people in a threatening situation. We don’t have to pay for all kinds of stuff. I said, God will spread this in his pace by the end of next year. I believe. I truly believe that people around the world I interviewed with the CCP. Yeah. And all these other places, Africa all over. We are talking to them about this. Dr. Ben Carson came here again today and interviewed with me, which he does every time we’re like this him and his wife. I’m going to I’m going to tour with him in March. Nice. I he he was writing a book, and I came up with what he needed to know in order to finish his book. So I’m touring with him in Candy in March. This is God using me and using you. Now, to spread this, this is vital, because it’s not about you. It’s not about me, it’s not about who was given the message, or that Dr. Ben Carson is backing it. And then he came up with the four words that are weighing. It’s about God, because He has spoken.

Victor Marx 15:31
I love this. And I’ll tell you, we’re in a day and age where a lot of people pointing to issues and problems which need to be identified. This so far is the best solution, biblical solution I’ve seen.

Elaine Beck 15:44
Thank you And it’s from God.

Speaker 1 15:46
I’m, I mean, I had no idea we were going to cover this. So this, this has turned out to be an exciting encouragement to me. And we will let we will let all of our platforms know. I think currently, we have around 1.3 million followers, right. And I’m telling you, this is a this is a fantastic solution. Because it’s biblical, and it’s what works. Thank you. Thanks for sharing this with me.

Elaine Beck 16:12
You know what, I think the thing that I liked the most about it is that when you go to We are not enemies.com you can sign up but you don’t have to put your full name, just your first name, your first initial your last name, and what city and state you live in nothing else. Great. So it’s we’re not trying to undermine make nothing. Okay, this is for God. But we want to count the people that are involved. Sure. Okay. And then the other thing is on there, there’s all kinds of logos for we are not enemies. So if you want to have as a family, or as a church group, or, or whatever, you want to get everybody a hat, or a shirt that says we are not enemies on it. So people ask, what’s that about? Oh, that’s cool. You can do that. But we’re not selling any of it. Yeah, okay. We’re not here to make a profit. For me. This is solely belongs to God, our Creator. It’s His Word, through Jesus Christ, that we are doing

Victor Marx 17:17
this. I love this. So the first step is go to the website, sign up. Yes. And, and people only gonna sign up on what’s comfortable for them. Right. And then spread the word, spread

Elaine Beck 17:28
the word and pray. You know, we do it right. The all kinds of great ideas on there. Like, you know, if, if you’re not real good at remembering to pray this stuff alone. You know, share it with your your normal prayer group or your Bible study right? Or your Sunday school. Yeah. So that they do it every week. Get a group together that you already work with. Maybe it’s your work group, maybe it’s your your club, your golf club, or your your kids Sports Club, get all the people together, and challenge each other to remember to pray.

Speaker 1 18:03
And this is the year to do it. We have a prayer group about 15,000 people we’re going to share this with. Elaine, thank you so much you

Elaine Beck 18:13
thank you for coming in giving me this opportunity to share with you because you know I have such respect for the organization that you work for. And I I love that it’s about the children. This is my grandson, nobody else can see him right now or worry to go. We’re Jeremiah. Anyways, my grandson is here. And, you know, he’s the age and all these young people. Yeah, yep. And this young man that I incorrectly pointed to. He works for me he just turned 22 He’s in that age. We need to get all of these believing children because they’re spreading it to all the other kids.

Victor Marx 18:58
Oh yeah. They’re up it’s their turn it is their turn so we call them kids but I was a Marine when I was his age. And so yeah, thank you so much for having me on the program you

Elaine Beck 19:13
this has been such a pleasure we’re gonna share this Yeah, and I wanted so bad to help to get this through to Charlie and organization and stuff. And my other attempts went down in flames because they’re so busy and I get that this is where God minute to stop right here in your lap.

Victor Marx 19:34
I think I’m the right person. No, you are I mentored Charlie.

Elaine Beck 19:39
That’s good. Yes. And and he is a wonderful young man. God chose the right young man we know that sounds okay. Sure. We can see that like 14,000 people the largest Christian gathering ever conservative right here. It’s right here. Yep. Okay, and then only gets bigger every year. I think Coming for several years, and every year there’s more people. It’s very exciting. Yeah, it is. It is. And thank you for what you’re doing for the kids, for our country for the other countries for Israel, you know, God’s chosen people, it doesn’t change, never change. And God never changes his word. And he says right in there, pray for Jerusalem. Yes. Pray for Israel. You know, these are my people. They are the ones that he’s coming back for.

Speaker 1 20:37
And that’s why we’re going back. That’s right. And 48 hours, we’ll be over there with another team.

Elaine Beck 20:44
jealous. I went last year. We were gonna go this year and it got to be had to be canceled because it was right after October.

Speaker 1 20:53
Yeah. We were there week after with our team. So we will represent you.

Elaine Beck 20:57
Oh, I love it. It’s been such a pleasure getting to know you. And, and thank you again, for taking the time to let me share this with you. And stay in contact. We will I can do more shows remotely. I have my own studio. Oh, nice. J studio. Actually, here’s

Victor Marx 21:16
a paper about that. Oh, good. I’m gonna take Valley,

Elaine Beck 21:20
Arizona, just down the song. Okay. I’d love to have you over sometime. Show it to you. And do some more show. Yeah. And so I see this going a long way and a great new relationship of a brother in Christ. Yes. Thank you. Thank you. And thank all of you for watching the show today and seeing how God works together for good. We love you know that we’re on CPAC now, and we’re also you can go to Elaine beck.com and reach out and see our Christian News Journal online newspaper and all the other things we do to serve him. I’m praying for you. Thank You


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