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We excited to welcome a returning guest back to the show, the warrior for truth, Drew Lee James.

He joined me at Americafest for an update on what the lay of the land looks like going into another election year, the likelihood of another scamdemic, and how his faith is carrying him through even after his devastating injury.

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Elaine Beck 0:11
Hi, everyone, Elaine Beck here. And this is It’s Not About Us, a show that speaks about what God wants us to do, because it isn’t about us. It’s how we serve Him. And you know, I’m going to introduce something to you in a moment, somebody to you in a moment, who was here last year, who really did- it was such an amazing moment in my life, when another young man came over and said to me, that at that time, we were still battling the idea of young men being told in the armed forces that they had to take the jab, or they were being thrown out. And this kid came to me and my time was tight, it was the last day, didn’t have much time. And I said, You know what, under the circumstances, what you’re battling with, I’m gonna take the time and fit you in. And he went to sit down, and he turned around a look back, and he saw this guy named Drew, sitting out in his wheelchair. And he said, You know what, I give up my time, I want you to interview him, because he’s already had the jab. And that’s why he’s in that wheelchair. So Drew, welcome back.

Drew Lee James 1:28
Thank you so much. I think last year, I told you is very intimidating, to come out here, I didn’t know how I was going to be treated, being taking the vaccine, or a lot of people here didn’t, I’m learning more did, and nothing happened. And some people it did happen, and some people have family members that were were impacted. And like I said, either injured by the vaccine, or their lives, their career, their family, were impacted by the mandate, right. So more people are talking about it now. And, and that really inspired me to speak up more, even from my small place in Minnesota. I was able to, you know, jump on Twitter spaces, I host those and, and talk about how the vaccine impacted culture. I’ve been speaking with those and just amazing people are, are still doing work, a lot of things are getting censored. So we got to find places where we can freely talk about this stuff, and faith as well. Because that really gets me out of bed in the morning, knowing that I got something bigger to work on, I got it I got a son, that I want them grow up with good values, and good freedoms in order to live an amazing life and help out people.

Elaine Beck 2:41
Well, you know, Drew, it did my heart good to see you yesterday, when when I got here and realize that your story impacted not only your life, but so many others. And the thing is, is this is so much more important than a lot of people realize, because they are still pushing people to go get the next vaccine. The next jab, you know, it’s time for you to have a new one and all this kind of stuff. And they are showing more and more every day about the problem with blood clots, and all kinds of other things that are impacting 1000s, hundreds of 1000s of people like yourself, there’s been many deaths. I mean, people are, you know, hopefully they’re in heaven. That still, their time was cut short on this earth. If they took that job. And there are so many people, they’re still encouraging. It’s only been a couple of months ago, I saw an ad where they were telling women that were pregnant to get the job. Oh my goodness, how many children were born with issues because their parents had the jab.

Drew Lee James 3:56
We’re gonna see the stats come out. And hopefully we’re going to have people in the medical industry, lawyers, journalists, everyone doing their part with their own skills in order to turn around because yes, I still hear the the advertisements I go to a gas station and they’re playing brought to you by Pfizer get your Pfizer shot now one hits me hard because that’s what it was. I got the two doses of Pfizer from the VA mandated by the army. By the University. I was going to grad school for MBA, right and I found out I was working for a federal contractor. I thought it was a private sector but because they sell to the government, they were considered a federal contractor mandated for all their 6000 employees to get it. We were working from home. So none of it makes sense. We got to start asking more questions and using our own skills and our own faith to say hey, I think something’s wrong. Let’s not make long term consequences, decisions based on emotion and whatever the TV’s telling us.

Elaine Beck 5:00
You know, sadly, over the years, we’ve all learned that there are wonderful things that medications can help. There are types of medications that, you know, actually keep people alive, whether it’s someone that has diabetes, that the Insulin helps them stay alive and healthy. There are good drugs, okay? That I tend to believe that there’s more bad drugs than there are good drugs.

Drew Lee James 5:35
And there’s different ones for different people, different ages, different things that they have already going on. It takes some more in depth look, and medications, food, you know, the things that we use, I think we just need to ask more questions, specifically about our own stuff going on.

Elaine Beck 5:52
Because the thing is, is all have our bodies are different, and and what one person can take another person to it can kill them. And that’s the other thing. It’s like, you know, maybe like you said, you know, people that have gotten the job, and it didn’t hurt them, but look at you, and look at others, like yourself, I’m sure you’ve had others reach out to you that are in the same position.

Drew Lee James 6:15
Hundreds. Online and in person, I’ve been doing speaking engagements, when I’m able to save up the energy and get out and do things. And people have been their children have been hurt. Or when they started opening up to six month old, a couple of years ago, it started making all the changes or requiring it for school. And so that’s a big thing. For me, I have a three year old, and I don’t know where to send him to school that he won’t be coerced, or nudged or manipulated to do things that would go against my beliefs and teachings.

Elaine Beck 6:47
Well, you know, the thing is, is, for years children have been given vaccines that work. Polio vaccine worked, that’s okay. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t that one child and every so many 1000 is going to have an adverse reaction. And that’s what I meant about, there’s still a lot of drugs that aren’t good for you. Because there are adverse reactions to many, many, many medications. And the thing is, is, if it’s not doing the right thing, it can be doing the wrong thing, and making your illness worse, not better. So people need to remember that it’s your body, it’s your decision. And when you do take something, if you start feeling like it’s getting, giving you a bad reaction or something, notify your doctor immediately. Know when to say no. And you know, that’s that’s such an important thing in our world right now. Anyway, just knowing when to say, No, knowing when to investigate for yourself even to look things up and make a decisive, or decision based on knowledge on somebody else’s word.

Drew Lee James 6:47
I feel like I wasn’t given informed consent, about side effects about possibilities about doesn’t stop transmission doesn’t stop the contagion. All these were not volunteered information that was given to me, I was required to get this thing, but not given information. And then other legal liabilities, if something does happen, as far as I’m concerned, I’m not able to sue, because there’s the emergency use authorization is still. Are we still in an emergency right now? And not a lot of people will talk about this.

Elaine Beck 8:39
Right? Right. There’s so many facets to this. And it just breaks my heart for you and other people. And yet I see God using you, and many others, to teach and, and to help others. And, you know, we all need to be praying for Drew and the other people that have been affected that are still out there fighting the battle for their lives, and to stay healthy and to get around and to try and live a normal life. Like he said, he’s got a three year old, I mean, just put yourself in his position for five minutes, close your eyes and think about what it’d be like if that had happened to you. Because it’s happened to many, many people. You’re thank you so much for coming again. And thank you sharing with everyone. And just to help us all remember that this battle is not over. And we all know and have heard that you know, they’re gonna pull out all the stops next year on trying to stop the election or making it be one that they all can vote from through the mail again, and so don’t be surprised if something new doesn’t come on the on the horizon.

Drew Lee James 9:55
It might come in a different variation, a different look. Be like I’m not going to fall for that again, but they’ll change it up, and so just be on guard, ask questions. And don’t feel like you can’t do anything. We all have our individual God given skills and our potential to do good. And what really brought up my faith is that when my end time does come, and God asks me, was there more good you could have done? I’ll I want to be able to say, no I did at all. I left it all on the field. There wasn’t any more I could do. So no matter who you are, what age you are, what disabilities you may have, there’s a chance for all of us to do some good.

Elaine Beck 10:37
Oh, absolutely. That is so well put through. And I know that you’re doing good. And I’m so glad that I was able to help last year you did. I’m so glad that you are still out there fighting the battle. Really proud of you and all the other people that are doing that. And just remember guys, you have a voice, learn how to use it. Say no, ask questions. Don’t do anything without having an informed consent. And be informed. You know, if somebody says you need this, say, show me where I can get the information, so that I can back up what you’re saying you back up what you’re saying before I’m willing to do anything. Don’t just say okay, and give him a shoulder. Don’t do it. God bless you. Thank you for being with our show today. And thank you Drew.

Drew Lee James 11:27
thank you so much. I appreciate it. God bless.

Elaine Beck 11:29
Thank you. And everyone. Don’t forget, we’re always here on CPAC now and You can also find my shows on Reach out and see all the good that we’re trying to do in this country because we love you and we’re praying for you. God bless.

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