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Good help is so hard to find! No one knows that better than President Trump, but fortunately some members of his old team have been busy over the last few years gathering up the talent that was missing during his first administration.

Marc Lotter is the CCO of the America First Policy Institute and he is ready to charge into the White House in 2024 and start bringing Trump’s vision to life on DAY ONE.

Join us for a brief interview about AFPI’s work and how they hope to save our country.



Elaine Beck 0:11
Hi, everyone, Elaine Beck here. And as you know, our show is It’s Not About Us because it’s not. And we’re actually grateful for that, aren’t we that we don’t have to answer for all this, except for what we do not everybody else in the world. And right now a lot of the people in the world aren’t doing anything we want them to. So, but I have a very special guest today. Mark, if you would like to introduce yourself and tell everyone what it is that you do.

Marc Lotter 0:38
Oh, well, thank you for having me. I am the former Special Assistant to the President. President Trump, President and Director of Strategic Communications on the 2020 campaign right now I am the Chief Communications Officer at the America First policy institute.

Elaine Beck 0:58
so tell us a little bit about how this is all panning out as far as the election year with what you all are working on?

Marc Lotter 1:09
Well, I think the one thing that we we have the benefit of doing, and it’s a difference between 2020 and 2024. Joe Biden was a hypothetical president in 2020. Right, you couldn’t attack his policies for when he was vice president, you couldn’t attack his policies from when he was in the Senate. And so he could basically hide in his basement, say, I’m going to end the pandemic and I won’t mean tweet. And that was his campaign. Well, now, I think a great number of America of the people across America are having buyer’s remorse. Oh, they do not like the policy results. And so at the America First Policy Institute, you know, we have nine former cabinet secretaries from the Trump administration, 20, White House senior staff, 50, senior administration officials, these are the people who are in the agencies in the White House right next to President Trump, putting forth the America first agenda, enacting it, and now we’re sitting around thinking, Okay, what do we have to do to get ready for the next time for January of 2020?

Elaine Beck 2:07
Give us a few little?

Marc Lotter 2:09
Well, it won’t, it won’t surprise you. I mean, obviously, we’ve got to secure that border, we’ve got to get America’s energy dominance going again, we’ve got to deal with crime and support our police, we got to provide school choice. So it’s parents and students who are making the choice about what’s the right school for them, and not some random line drawn by a government bureaucrat on a map. And then what are we going to do to get down the skyrocketing costs at the gas station at the grocery store? So people’s paychecks go further. And so the people who were actually in the administration doing it the last time, we’re basically writing the playbook. So when the next America first president takes office, he can basically decide this is what I want to do. We’ve got the blueprint of how to get it done.

Elaine Beck 2:57
Well, I do know that the last time that President Trump was elected, was one of the best days of our lives. And it ended up being the best four years, although there were a myriad of problems in the beginning. Because let’s face it, his intentions is the best. I have no doubt about that. And he is so good at what he does. But he didn’t know the people, the way that it would have been helpful if he known who to put in the Cabinet who did you know, and had a better feel for each person. And whether they can be trusted or not. Let’s be honest. There’s a lot of people out there even in the Republican Party that came in and they were dropped in by the Democrats. That’s where they came from. And so we have to realize that we have to be very careful. I’m so tickled this time, because I know that once he becomes president again, and he will that he has a roadmap, and he has an experience. And he has the wherewithal and he’s met and that knows, most show me many of the people that he can put on the cabinet. He’s ready to go.

Marc Lotter 4:18
Well, I’ll tell you, so I walked into the Oval Office with him on day one. On January 28 2017. I was one of a handful, maybe a dozen people that walked in there with him on that first day. And the difference between the preparation for that first administration and what is taking place for the second one is astounding. And it’s because of the work of places like where I work at the American first policy institute. We were the folks that were there. But we also learned how the bureaucrats how the swamp are going to fight back. We know where they try to block you where they try to stall you whether they try to delay you. And so we’re going to let the future President decide who, but we’re gonna be able to identify because of our experience and give that to him and his team. Here’s the key positions to fill, not necessarily who should fill it, but what jobs should be filled, what executive actions you need to be prepared to take, you know, I think it was, I think Joe Biden signed like, you know, 200, and some executive orders, in his first few days in office, we serve, we signed a few, we’re going to have those executive orders to take place, we’re going to have the legislative development, the language ready to go. So when we get not just the White House, we need a House of Representatives and a Senate, who are also ready to take action and are ready to do the job. They’re going to be ready with that language ready to go. So, you know, the one thing we know is that President Trump, should he be reelected And I agree with you, I think he will be

Elaine Beck 5:50
no should he be. But when he is,

Marc Lotter 5:52
well, I’m a little superstitious, so I’m not gonna knock on wood. But but should he be in when he is reelected, he only gets one term. He only gets one more, four years. So we don’t have a year to waste or a day to waste learning the ropes. So the people who were there the last time can teach that next generation of leaders. Here’s the mistakes that we made. Here’s where the bureaucrats in the swamp stalled, US delayed us. And here’s how you get around it. Learn the lessons from the people who were there the first time around. So you don’t have to learn them the hard way, the next time.

Elaine Beck 6:28
Well, I think I’m going to rely on President Trump for all that. And I think that he’s gonna rely on the people he trusts. And he will call on the people that he knows, because now he does know. And that’s what I’m seeing. I’m seeing him going in with a lot more knowledge and wisdom about the whos as well as the whats than he had before. And so I think you’re right, that’s really important.

Marc Lotter 6:55
And really, we’ve got to remember to, you know, I mean, I’ve got a lot of faith, about the future, and a lot of and I’m very hopeful about it. I’m old enough to remember 1980 Well, guess what, if Jimmy Carter had been successful, we wouldn’t have gotten Ronald Reagan. So sometimes our country has to endure a few years of horrible choices and bad leadership to get greatness on the other side. I think this is another one of those moments.

Elaine Beck 7:22
I’ll tell you this, the minute he was cheated out of his last election, because it was not a good election, it was it was they faked it and cheated their way through it, or President Biden wouldn’t have gotten in. But even when it happened, I said this, that the only reason it happened is because God is saying there’s not enough people that see the reality of what the left is that he needed to give us another dose, a strong dose of what it’s like to live under their thumb again. And so he made sure that that was going to happen. And so for four years now you talk about enduring. This has been the test of endure during, like none other in this country, for us to endure four years of the man and a woman who are totally clueless. They’re being puppeted around by other people. Even Biden is mentally unstable, because of his age. He’s not thinking properly. He’s not functioning. Well. We all see this, even the Democrats are seeing this and and understanding it. And as far as trusting the second in command, Harris. That’s a heresy. I mean, I don’t understand why we could ever do that. I think that, you know, I question whether he’ll make it through till next January 20. And what will happen in between, and this is why I tell everybody, pray, pray, pray. And when you’re done praying, think about praying the next time because we have to understand. Well, we’ll get to that. I think we have to understand, though, that there’s really only one ultimate leader and that’s Jesus. And if we follow Him, and we follow his lead, and we speak to him, and we give all of our, our attention to God, which is who we’re here to serve to begin with, then we can think about the other things. And I know that it’s really imperative your right to tell everybody please go vote. Don’t hesitate. Don’t think my vote doesn’t matter. It counts. Why wouldn’t it matter? And Believe me, if you don’t have the count, you don’t have the wind. And if you don’t have the wind, you’re stuck in this mess, and it’s only gonna get worse.

Marc Lotter 10:08
the thing I would also add is that you know, that having done this for quite a quite a few years, is that the people who are watching this, this right now, are more powerful than anyone who works on the campaign are more powerful than any anybody like me who, who’s on television and radio. If you truly want to take the power of the future of our country into your own hands, then make it your own personal mission between now and November, don’t just make sure you vote, go find five other people and may not otherwise vote and get them to vote and get them to find five other people. Because of all of the things that you mentioned. And all of the shenanigans that were pulled, they won by 45,000 votes in three states, a very small number. And so if we go out and find five people, and those five people vote and find five more people, we will overwhelm them to the point that America will be put back on the right path. And to borrow a phrase from a guy I’ve worked for for a few years. We can make America great again.

Elaine Beck 11:14
Right? Right. Well, it’s all important it is. And it’s really mainly important that everybody understands that you do count, that your vote counts, your your children count, your country counts, your life counts, you’re here to serve God. But in serving God, you must serve your country as well is if you don’t serve your country, you’re allowing the devil to serve this country. And that’s who’s running it right now. And we need to realize that and make changes, and the change is to go back, which is unusual. Usually change means somebody different. But the best change we could do is change back to the person we had before that is proven, and that we all know is going to do the good job that he’s going to make the economy better. He’s going to get our oil and gas processing done again, and get the coal mines going again. I mean, you can just the list goes on and on. And all the wonderful things that he did, make sure that people’s finances and taxes are better. I get excited when I think about it. I mean, thank God, it’s not that far away. The election is only what nine months away, basically

Marc Lotter 12:37
nine months away, yeah, less than a year until the next President is in office. Yeah.

Elaine Beck 12:41
And we’ve we’ve all understand that that is the most important time of the four years, is when you’re coming up to making that decision of who you want, and what you want for your country and what you want for your children. This is the time where we’re all the most vulnerable. And we are all the most accountable. And remember, you all so many of you that voted for Biden, have buyer’s remorse, as you called it. And you will have more if you continue down that road. So think twice about it. Do the right thing. Thank you for being on my show. Thank you for having me. And this is it’s always so important to talk about these things and to help people understand that yes, you need to be passionate about what you’re doing in this country. Because if you think going to work is important, or going to church is what you’re concerned about. If you want to make sure that you still have freedom of religion, and freedom to do other things and speech. You better get somebody else in there then you got now because you’re not going to have it with this guy.

Marc Lotter 13:54
So well said

Elaine Beck 13:55
God bless you all. Thank you for being on my show. Go to Elaine and look at all my shows. And I will be praying for you as always

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