This Green Beret Wouldn’t Take The Shot (ft. John Frankman)

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The COVID vaccine cost the United States military dearly. Thousands of our best men and women were drummed out of the service and sent away in shame for refusing to allow themselves to be experimented on against their will.

But John Frankman has kept his chin up. In fact, he is STILL fighting for justice – not only for himself, but also for his brothers and sisters in the armed forces.

Hear his story and be a part of his solution! Watch the full episode now!



Elaine Beck 0:11
Hi everyone. I’m Elaine Beck, and this is It’s Not About Us, and we are so excited as always to have you around and be listening in on our show today, we have a very special guest. His name is John frankman, and John has done two wonderful things, two very wonderful things in his life that we’re going to talk about today. And the first one is that he’s given his life and his whole future and everything about what happens to him, to the Lord God Almighty, and he loves him. He’s a great Christian, and he took that to heart when he was asked to get a shot for covid, to not get it supposedly, that this is going to prevent it. We’ve all know the stories right, but he said no, because he was serving our country, his whole world flipped around. Am I right?

John Frankman 1:11
You absolutely are right, and thanks so much for having me on it. Lena, really appreciate it.

Elaine Beck 1:15
No problem. We just love having people like you that can enlighten people about the truth of what has happened in our country. That’s what we’re about. So John, can you tell us? Let’s start with the fact that you know, when you were young, I’ve read your story. I love your story. You were very young when you decided to become a Catholic. That’s that’s your road to to Jesus, and you devoted many years to that, including going to school and all that kind of stuff. And then God, I guess, put you in a position of getting into the armed services. Is that correct?

John Frankman 1:57
That’s right, yes. So I was born and always believed in God, always had that blessing, and had divorced parents, which was kind of difficult, but one of the constellations was just always believing in God, that he loved me and that he cared for me. And when I was 15, I was taking a little bit more control over my faith, taking some responsibility, and was going to a Catholic school, and started going to Catholic mass, and just thought that this is the right church for me, and absolutely loved it. It helped bring me so much closer to Christ. Closer to Christ. I started thinking about the priesthood, so I spent four years in seminary after college, and it’s a six year program if you already have a college degree. So I spent four years in seminary discerned that wasn’t what God was calling me to do. However, in college, I was in the Reserve Officer Training Corps, and I wanted to serve my country. I wanted to be in the military, so I was planning on doing that as a military chaplain. However, after discerning out of the seminary, praying to God, and realizing that wasn’t his call for me, at least at the time, I ended up getting branched into the military. So I was a infantry officer to start out. Went through infantry Basic Officer leadership course, Ranger School, Airborne School, and decided to try out for special forces. So was selected through Special Forces Assessment and Selection, and went through all the special forces training and ended up getting to my unit, which is where all the trade craziness and the world flipped upside down.

Elaine Beck 3:14
Yeah, it sure did for all of us, but especially for those people in the military. I mean, I it was only a year ago that I met a young man at a CPAC. No, it wasn’t CPAC. I think it was at Amerifest. And I met this young man who said he wanted to speak out because they were going to try and get him out. This was just a year ago because he was refusing to take the shot. And I said, I’d take time to fit him in, because my I was really booked. And he came in and went to sit down. As he turned around, he spotted someone else, and he said, I’ll tell you what. I’ll give up my time, if you’ll talk to him. And I looked at him, and he was in a wheelchair, and the reason he was in a wheelchair was because he had gotten the shot, and he had gotten very ill, and he’d never recuperated from it. And so there was the story. And I said, You know what? No, you’re not giving up your time. I’m going to do both of you. And this, to me, is like, you know God saying, here’s another man who has come into your life to talk to the people of this country and tell them this, that the fight is not over, and we can’t just let it roll off our backs that they forced all of these wonderful men out of the service or force them to get shots that made them ill, that you’re staying in the fight in the battle, John just impresses me to no end

John Frankman 4:49
well. Thank you so much. And even though I’m already outside of the military and I voluntarily separated, and it was because I lost out on so many crew opportunities, the pressure that my team received, losing on out on. Deployments on career opportunities to move to, ironically, not be able to teach ethics at West Point because I couldn’t move when my religious exemption was pending. Things of that nature. But we need to stay in the fight. Because unless we fix the military, there’s so many aspects of this. We need to fix the military. We need to fix our country. We need to have reparation for those service members who are affected, because most people who got kicked out, right? They didn’t get an honorable discharge. They got general discharges, which means that they don’t have the GI Bill, which means that it affects their opportunities for employment, and it’s just a mark against them. And how would you like it if you if your service was characterized as not honorable, that’s just totally shameful of our country to do that to us,

Elaine Beck 5:40
it is, and you know, you’re one of many, many stories that I’ve heard and seen even men that had been in the military for career wise, you know, 17-18, 20 years and and they were discharged as well and and lost all of those years of recognition of what they did to serve their country. This, this kind of this is the kind of thing that’s happened in our country right now that we all should be appalled by. But moreover, we all should be standing with you and all of the rest of them and saying no to all of it. No, we’re not accepting this. So John, what do you have to say to my listeners? What? Where do you stand now? And how are you fighting this battle?

John Frankman 6:27
So I got out of the military in July, and I felt it was very providential of God that I decided to do an eight day silent retreat. And shortly after doing the silent retreat, I had an op ed published, and that’s led me to having multiple opeds published, to going on multiple interviews. So I’m trying to raise awareness. I’m also trying to work with different members of Congress. I’ve been up to DC twice, met with various congressmen and their staffs to try to get legislation in the National Defense Authorization Act to fix this and to advocate for hearings in the House Armed Service Committee and other hearings to raise awareness. But unfortunately, these efforts, they seem to have been not in vain, because I’m trying to do God’s will, but they haven’t been as successful yet. So it’s a continued fight. So on January 1, 231 service members, veterans, some active, some former, signed the Declaration of military accountability. That is a letter where we are promising to do everything morally and legally within our realm in order to bring about accountability. This isn’t a call for violence. It’s not even partisan. It’s just we’re following the Constitution. And if our military leaders won’t hold themselves accountable, if our congressmen, if politicians won’t hold them accountable, we’re going to do that. We’d be willing to even take away retirement pay from retired generals bring them back up into military tribunals. So just subject in the UCMJ. But this is what we need to do if we don’t have accountability. This is going to continue to happen, and our freedoms are going to continue to be more and more limited. So right now, the fight is upon us. There are a number of people who signed the Declaration of military accountability who are running for office. So we need to support those individuals, folks like cam Hamilton, Mara Macy, Matt Shoemaker, sorry, I’m not naming all of them, but this is what we need to do. Is we need We the People. Need to remember that this government, it’s made by the people, for the people, of the people. So to the extent that it’s it’s in trouble, we need to take ownership, and we need to step up to the plate. So trust in God. Step into the plate and control your life.

Elaine Beck 8:31
That’s wonderful, John, I think you’ve put it very well, but I like to point out too, that, you know, we are the people, and we’re God’s people. We’re God’s children. We’re His chosen ones. We are the ones that you know. We’re the saints that he has, you know, brought close to him. We have opportunities, and more people out there do have that opportunity. I always, you know, say that my heart goes out to the people that don’t know him, that don’t know Christ, and don’t know how to fight the battle, but one of the things I wanted to point out too is, you know, as a serviceman, I happen to be related to a couple of them, and they’ve all said the same thing to me, that you make when you Make your pledge, when you go into the service that that pledge is to defend the Constitution, not any one idea, not any one person, not you know whether it’s the President or it’s Who your congressman is, you are not making an acknowledgement to them. You are saying, I will defend the Constitution, and that’s not only from the enemies from without, but also the enemies from within. Am I right?

John Frankman 9:57
That is absolutely correct. You are. 100% nailed it,

Elaine Beck 10:02
and that’s what’s important for the people out there to know that every one of us are being defended by our fellow man and women that go into service and that love this country the way we do and want the good things, and it is the constitution that we all should be standing on and standing up for. And I am always proud to meet young men like yourself that you know you, you have the values and the principles and all of that down, but you also have our respector of the Constitution and a patriot to this country. And so thank you so much for being on my show. Can you tell people how they can reach out to you, John, and maybe help with this or or if they have questions, or if they’d like to get involved and sign the paper, or all of that kind of stuff. Can you tell us please how to do that

John Frankman 11:06! That is where they can find the declaration, and they can sign the petition. And if folks want to follow me, I would tell them first follow Jesus Christ. But after you follow Him, if you still want to follow me, you can find me on social media. My at Johnny underscore Frank So Johnny Franks on Twitter and Instagram, but military accountability com is the big group site that we have for the 231 signers. So, you know, continue to pray, pray, pray to God, trust in Him and fight for the country. And you know, praise God that we are, we are His chosen people, but we’re just his unworthy servants trying to do do our part. There’s nothing, nothing special about us, but it’s you know, let him work through you.

Elaine Beck 11:47
Yes, amen, well, that that was beautiful. And I wish you well. I hope that where whatever your path takes you, John, that you guys all stand together and continue this fight to understand that, you know, I really believe something, and that is that I think that God right now is putting together the biggest army he’s ever had in this country and around this world to defend the Bible and His Word and what we should do to honor him. And so thank you for doing that. Thank you for being a respecter, as you say, of of His Word and and of the men that are still serving. You didn’t walk away and say, Well, I washed my hands of this. I did my part. I’m gone. No, you’re staying in the battle. And for all of you that are doing that, thank you, Jesus, for each and every one of you young men that are still in the battle, whether you’re serving still or you’re out, God bless you all. And thank you for being on my show, John, I hope more men reach out to you and stand together with you, because that’s what we need.

John Frankman 12:58
Amen. Thanks so much. Elaine, appreciate it.

Elaine Beck 13:00
You’re welcome and everybody thanks for being on our show today. Thanks for listening. I hope that this filled your heart, and know that we pray for you every week, all the time, and we love you. Pray for us that that we can find more people and we can answer your questions. Reach out to us anytime you can reach me at Elaine you’ll see all my shows. You’ll see how to reach out to me if you have any questions, or if you’d like to be on our show. God bless you all. See you later.

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