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We’re quickly approaching the official launch of We Are Not Enemies, so it’s time to starting looking at this grassroots call more closely.

What exactly is God asking us to do?

How can we spread the word?

Melinda Schepemaker has been key to fulfilling the vision for W.A.N.E, and she joined us today to dig deeper into how all of America can participate by visiting WeAreNotEnemies.com and pledging to pray.

There’s no cost, no taking your information, and no pressure – just a promise. If you join with this fellowship of Believers in prayer for the next year, God can and WILL do some amazing things.

Watch our episode to find out more.



Elaine Beck 0:09
Hi everyone, Elaine Beck here again, so happy to have this opportunity to speak to you all about something that I’m thrilled about. And to have a special guest today. This is Melinda Shep a maker. Yes, that’s her name. And when the first time I tried to spell it, I mess it up, but you don’t have to spell it. So you’re good. Okay.

Melinda Schepemaker 0:32
Yes. And everyone’s relieved because it’s easy to misspell?

Elaine Beck 0:36
Yes, it is. Yes, it is. But Melinda is my I call her my right hand and my right brain, because she keeps me organized. And she runs our Office. And she’s just a winner, let me tell you. But today we’ve come together with the spirit of joy. Because of Wayne, we are not enemies, which is, you know, this is our opportunity to to do exactly what God asked me to do. And that is to start a season of forgiveness, right? Yes.

Melinda Schepemaker 1:13
So very excited to talk about this today. A lot of man hours, a lot of work. A lot of creativity has gone into this program. But I just want to talk to you for a little bit about this. We are not enemies project. So what what exactly is we are not enemies. What is this project about? What is this movement about? Can you explain it’s

Elaine Beck 1:32
about Second Chronicles 714. The scripture that God gave me when I very first started doing what you know, I had a vision from Christ, as everybody knows. And, and one of the things that he gave me was that Scripture. And it was so exciting to me, then that, you know, when I started the offices and stuff, we put scriptures up on the wall, everywhere. Main one as you walk in the door is what?

Melinda Schepemaker 2:01
Second Chronicles 714.

Elaine Beck 2:02
That’s right, because that was the one that God said, this is about, you know, that scripture in saving our land. So she’s better at quoting scripture. So would you would you please,

Melinda Schepemaker 2:17
If I can remember this. So it says, If my people which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray and turn from our wicked ways, and seek my face and maybe switch, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins and will heal their land?

Elaine Beck 2:33
Well, you just made it a really cute faux PA, you said, Turn from my wicked ways. We have to turn for our way,

Melinda Schepemaker 2:42
from our wicked ways. Yeah, absolutely. No.

Elaine Beck 2:45
I love you know, I like even in church. Nobody knows this. So I’m gonna give away one of my secrets, when they’re singing songs. And it’s, you know, when they say our God and our this, it’s my God.

Melinda Schepemaker 2:59
Yes. And that’s what the in there I always internally personalized me. So when I say you turn from my wicked ways, wait. The verse was from, from your perspective? Yes. From my perspective. So it just comes out right there. Exactly. This verse is an incredible verse, because it’s kind of the root of how we restore our relationship to God. Right. So I understand that this is a catalyst for this. We’re in our enemies project. So how are we taking this verse and turning it into an outreach tool? Or this this we’re not enemies progress? How does that turning it? How is this verse turning into a we’re not enemies project?

Elaine Beck 3:35
Well, as we’re going to do it, we’re gonna do a show on a particular part of that, that God spoke to me about last night, and that was turning from our wicked ways. And it’s funny that you slipped up on that one. I love that, that turning from our wicked, wicked ways, is that we think that we’re humbling ourselves, when we, you know, we just go to God and say, I’m sorry that I sinned today. Well, that is humbling yourself. That’s good. But what he really wants us to do is to forgive our enemies. He wants us to part of our weakness is that we see other people through our eyes instead of his eyes. Am I right? Absolutely. And so when we see people through our eyes, we become a people want to call judgmental, I don’t think that’s what it is. We’ve become hypercritical. Okay. Oh, gee, you know, maybe she shouldn’t wear those two colors together. Or, you know, I you know, boy, she has an attitude. Well, you know, there’s so many other scriptures in the Bible that talk about you know, taking that log out of your eye before you you know, worry about the the splinter and the other person, that the wickedness of our world right now is hate and anger based on Pride. We’ve talked about this before. And so you know, it In order for us to do that, we have to pray for forgiveness for our enemies.

Melinda Schepemaker 5:05
Okay, so we’re not enemies that take it, then it’s a calling for people to pray for their enemies and to get in. Okay. Now that’s that’s a, that’s amazing. That’s an amazing idea. So how are you know, how are we planning on getting people on board? How is this project gonna roll out?

Elaine Beck 5:21
Well, the fun thing is, is nowadays, we have so many ways we can reach people. And we already have, you know, on on My Sites like it’s not about us on Elaine beck.com on Facebook under Elaine back or it’s not about us or proverbs Media Group, which is our our major company over everything. On all those sites. We’re putting out a call for people to come together. And we are reaching out to everybody. And we’ve set dates, the opening day, that kickoff day, for this event is going to be November 26. Can you think of a better time?

Melinda Schepemaker 6:01
No. I mean, it’s a time of Thanksgiving, time of redirecting your thoughts towards what you’ve been given.

Elaine Beck 6:06
Right, right. And, you know, when we pray on thanksgiving, on Thanksgiving Day, we pray for what has been what we have. And I hope we’re praying for what we’re going to have. And and then, you know, that’s on Thursday. And then Sunday is always God’s day. That’s our day of rest our time to spend with him our time to go before Him. And so what perfect, better day. And I love it, because November 26 of this year, to go through the whole season of forgiveness, which is what we’re celebrating. And we’re praying for that whole year to pray for our enemies, and to let go of the hate and the anger and the divisiveness. Wow. If that doesn’t change everybody, I don’t know what will. And I love the fact that it’s going to be from November to November. You know, because we are in a time right now, where those are important days in our country.

Melinda Schepemaker 7:11
Yeah, we got our elections coming up. And it’s a difficult, you know, there’s just a lot of things going on right now.

Elaine Beck 7:17
It’s a heavy time. It’s an easy time to go the other direction to live in our wicked ways. Am I right? So instead of living in our wicked ways, we are going to turn from them like the like the Scripture says, and we are going to look to God, and we are going to humble ourselves and say, Okay, I disagree with that person. But God loves them whether I disagree with them or not. And I need to understand that I’m to love him, whether I disagree with him or not. And I can disagree with him righteously, by knowing that God says, No, you’re not supposed to steal or kill,

Melinda Schepemaker 7:57
but you can still love them and forgive them.

Elaine Beck 8:01
Amen. There’s not one of us alive that hasn’t had been offended by somebody. But what does the Bible say? Don’t expect not to be offended? They’re human like you are.

Melinda Schepemaker 8:12
Yeah, okay. And honestly, we need more of that attitude in in our country today. That attitude of forgiveness, the attitude of praying for your enemies, because there’s just so much hatred, that, you know, people are caught up and then it just grows and divisiveness. So just an attitude of forgiveness. And honestly, even looking at yourself and recognizing God has to forgive you. Oh, that’s something that day, you know, it does start with the inner man. And then once you recognize that, Hey, God, forgive me. So I should be forgiving others. Right. I think that’s important. So this, this is an amazing program. We’re getting people on board to pray for the enemies to forgive them. So how are we is there a way to track the participation of people in any way is?

Elaine Beck 8:56
Well, you know the answer to that.

Melinda Schepemaker 9:00
But I want you to bring this one out.

Elaine Beck 9:01
Yeah, this is very important. We have a webpage. And it’s called, we are not enemies.com. Easy to remember, since it is W A N E, we are not enemies.com. You can go there and you can sign up now, let me guarantee you of something. You’re not signing up with your full name, you’re going to just put Elaine B. in my case. So your first name, your last initial, and where you’re from only Oro Valley, Arizona, not your street address. Nobody’s going to be able to contact you. Oh, and by the way, there’s no fees. There’s no donations. We’re not asking you for anything. We’re asking you to join us in prayer to sign up on that webpage, so we can be counted. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to shout to the world especially our kids entry, and be able to, in a year from now, show numbers that prove that there are way more Christians in this country and people that love God and that were willing to humble themselves in a year than they ever drempt up. Don’t we want to give that number?

Melinda Schepemaker 10:17
We do. And we also understand we want to protect people’s right to their privacy, we don’t want to turn this into a marketing campaign. Our goal is to get people involved in the attitude of forgiveness, right. So I mean, that’s an amazing way to protect people’s privacy, but also gives us an idea of how how many people are participating, right? So my question for you, then let’s say I’m watching your show, I’m sitting on the couch, you know, just a night and I see your show. And I go to the web page, and I sign up, right? Then what do I do?

Elaine Beck 10:49
Well, you’ve got a couple options, you can leave it at that, besides the fact that you’ve said you’re gonna pray. That’s the beauty of it. No matter where you are, you can pray. You don’t have to go to a building. You don’t have to go anywhere. You can be working on Thanksgiving, Sunday even say you are a hospital worker or something. You’ve got to be at work. You can do this anywhere you are because God hears us everywhere. Am I right? Okay. And the other option is on there, we’ve got all these really neat logos and stuff where you can, you know, maybe maybe you want to bring your family close together by this prayer forgiveness, is that a great idea? So you buy everybody a pen, or maybe a hat, or maybe a t shirt, and we’ve got all the logos and ways you can do it. We’re not providing it. We’re not, we’re not selling it. We’re not trying to make any money. There’s no money involved here, except for what you choose to do. How about making enough hats for your Sunday school class?

Melinda Schepemaker 11:53
Well, that’s amazing. So the I take it into the logo files are online on the website. Yes. So if I want to, you know, I know that I’m going to be praying, but I want to get you know, my friends involved, right, I can download a logo and order something custom for just my family. Or if I want to get other people or create an outreach I can, I can go ahead and buy a bunch of pins and get the logo custom made on that.

Elaine Beck 12:19
And if you can’t afford that, and all you want to do is get a shirt for yourself. So people ask you once that about all an opportunity to forgive one another, to get rid of some of this anger and hate and divisive pneus in our country. You know, be proud of the fact that you’re a Christian always Christ says the worst thing you can do is deny him is that right? You know, so. But to be proud and wear out, you know that you want to pray for forgiving your enemies. I think that’s something wonderful, don’t you?

Melinda Schepemaker 12:54
Oh, I do. And I think that on an individual basis that this makes it something that anybody can participate in, that’s wrong, have everything you need, you don’t have to create the materials, you just have to go and pull it down on from our website. And then you can order what you need.

Elaine Beck 13:08
Furthermore, May I interrupt but absolutely want to make one thing clear, you don’t have to buy any of it. You don’t have to do any of it. Pray, pray, pray. And then the other thing is along with a praying, you can tell with your mouth, you don’t have to hand a folder with you know, if you’ve got if you want to make a little, you know, flyer or something, you don’t have to do any of that. Just talk to all your friends, get online and use #WeAreNotEnemies, on everything. Because that spreads it everywhere. And go on your Facebook, go on your your ex account, go on your Instagram, use hashtag we are not enemies, or, you know, just send, you know, we’ve got a way that you can, whatever they call that a QR code where you can when you sign up, you can send that to all your friends. There’s so many ways, but we’re going to have to close this show. But we’re going to have many more about this. We’re going to have options to hear how you want to grow things. You can you can reach us through. It’s not about us. Or you can reach us through Elainebeck.com You can call our office, what’s the number?

Melinda Schepemaker 14:28

Elaine Beck 14:31
And share what you liked about what we’re doing some new ideas we can add because this is like it’s like birthing a new baby because nobody owns this right?

Melinda Schepemaker 14:40
Nobody owns it.

Elaine Beck 14:41
It’s not us. It’s not this is a grassroots effort. And it’s for all people not just in our country but around the world. Can you imagine if the whole world all of the believers and even non believers, even people that that don’t understand a lot, they will grow from this. God will use this if you speak up and tell everybody, but I’ve got to run right now, you know that our show is it’s not about us, you know that you’re watching us on CPAC now or maybe on YouTube or Facebook or some of the other things that we have. And you know that we’re here twice a week for you every Tuesday and Thursday we put on the show. We love you. And we pray for you and hope you pray for us.

Melinda Schepemaker 15:29
And one more thing, don’t forget sign up. Go to we are not enemies.com Go ahead and sign that pledge to pray for your enemies.

Elaine Beck 15:36
Amen. Love y’all.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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