Seeking Peace In The Arizona Senate (ft. Justine Wadsack)

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When everything is on the line, when your whole world is at stake, THAT is when you know what you are truly made of.

State senator Justine Wadsack has been a warrior for godly values here in Arizona, but it has come at a price! By leaning on God, she found that she was capable of more than she ever imagined.

Hear more of her encouragement to get in the fight by joining our conversation!



Elaine Beck 0:11
Hey everyone, Elaine Beck here and this is It’s Not About Us, my show that talks about what it is about, which is God, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and how we interact with him because we’re here to serve him. That’s what we’re here for.

Justine Wadsack 0:29

Elaine Beck 0:30
Well, Justine, it is so wonderful to have you on my show. Just seen mod sack is a senator in the state of Arizona. We just absolutely love her here. She’s doing wonderful things. She has just actually made everybody so mad at her because she’s done so much good. Because you know, good is evil in their eyes.

Justine Wadsack 0:52
Yeah. Depends on who you are.

Elaine Beck 0:54
That’s right. That’s right. But we do understand that, as I’ve talked about, with several people today, that we need to pray for our enemies, because they really don’t know what they’re doing. Jesus said that on the cross, forgive them for they know, not what they’re doing. And it’s true. And so, you know, instead of pointing the finger at other people, let’s talk about the good that we’re doing the good that God is doing the good that he’s done by putting you in office. So you could do good.

Justine Wadsack 1:25
Yes. You know, I think if more legislators listened to their hearts, listened to God listened to the people they serve, they’d be able to do a lot of great things. It’s it takes being fearless though, you cannot be afraid. And going into this, I’ve been through enough I’ve been, this is my second time on your show, the first time on your show, I was able to tell your listeners about all of what I went through to get here, which was a lot, right. And I was afraid during those times, and I thought I’m gonna lose everything, I’m gonna lose my children, I’m gonna lose my house. I’ve I had to lose some cars, I lost a lot. And then one day, I woke up and I sat up on the side of my bed after I had one and beat the state. And I sat on the edge of my bed, and I heard the words because you’re strong enough. And I didn’t quite understand where that came from at the time. But then I remembered back all the months and months that I would sit at my desk and look at my ceiling and say why? Why are you doing this to me? And I would never get an answer. And then I got the answer that day, because you’re strong enough. And I realized, I have a choice. Go back to being a real estate agent and just work on my own life, or go out there and fight for others who were going through the same things that I was, and that’s the fearlessness you have to have. Because when you hear that call, you cannot ignore a call. No, you can’t. That’s it. It’s what it is. It’s a call. And I had I took that call. And now I came out and I said I’m going to be fearless. You cannot be afraid of what they’re going to do to you what they’re going to say about you how their what pictures they’re going to put of you on the internet. I don’t care. I don’t care how badly they hate me on the on the left. I’m going to do what’s right for everybody, even them.

Elaine Beck 3:18
Well, you know, it’s funny because you say that, but I will share with you you don’t have to go into office to be hated. You don’t have to go into office to be tore down, spit out chewed up. mistreated, called names, because I’m on the internet. And I also have my show. And I do podcasts. And the people that disagree with me. There they can be mighty mean, they can be very testy and very evil. When it comes to that.

Justine Wadsack 3:52
Well is it just me or does it feel like there is literally an attack on Christianity right now? There is because every time I had a bill that I ran that was to get rid of the drag queen story our in our around our children. You would think That would be something that everybody would be on board with. But the the pushback that I got from the Democrat left, the far left leftist was, well, let’s see how many groomers we have in the church. Let’s see how many priests have done things to children. And I said we’re not talking about that right now. We’re talking about the what you’re trying to do to our children through drag queens. And so they always tried to deflect and ensure Christianity down into the same, the same level as drag queens and it was like no, and that took a few of us to be able to say we’re not going to stand for that narrative. And just keep shooting that narrative down every time they tried. It’s a fight.

Elaine Beck 4:51
What I love is the fact that yes, we are Christians. Yes, we’re still human. Yes, we make mistakes, and we sin every day. But we are forgiven. And we know immediately the Holy Spirit’s lets us know that we’ve done the wrong thing. And we repent, and we move away from it. And we try never to do it again, whole big picture than somebody who intentionally does things to hurt others, and then, you know, shouts it from the rooftops and puts people down and is comfortable with that, and are determined and just feel, you know, they’re just right, because it’s all about them. way big difference.

Justine Wadsack 5:40
Oh, yeah, no, there. And when you look at the we’ve talked about the spiritual war before Oh, yes. And that right now, because they’re, they’re coming for all of our elections. They they don’t want any of us to get reelected. So it’s now just lies. And now we’re not even combating anything that is the truth. At this point, we will turn on the news or we’ll go to our Twitter ex. And we’ll say, Wow, that’s just a blatant lie. How am I supposed to fight that, because then it puts us in a category of having when you start to fight crazy, and and a friend of mine actually told me one day, you know, you have to stop being the pigeons on the ground that are fighting each other and scuffing up all the dirt and creating all this dust, you need to be the eagle that was soars above all that dust and all that clatter and all that scuffle. And I listened to that person. Because there was a time when I felt the need to kind of punch back at everything. And being in the legislature has taught me how to try to rise above the noise. And and it’s very hard, because when your character is attacked, when your Christianity is attacked, when your family is attacked, when your own integrity and values are attacked. You want this need to go in and say no, you’re wrong. I’m not like that, or this didn’t happen that way. And then there just came a point where I said, I’m going to turn it off, and I’m just gonna work and I’m gonna keep pushing forward. That’s right. And I had to start learning how to leave it behind. And it’s been very hard. It’s been a process. It’s almost like, you know, giving up soda, you have to give it up. You have to give it up over time. You can’t do it in one day, right? You want to fight back and the less I fight back, the more they stop fighting me.

Elaine Beck 7:33
all they all they want to do is stir the pot.

Justine Wadsack 7:38
Yeah, that’s the pidgeons.

Elaine Beck 7:39
That’s they just want to see what it’s gonna take to get your dander up, get you on the defense. And then that way, they can just keep smacking you back down and smacking you back down until you lose momentum, you lose hope, you lose heart. And you know what, you have nothing to lose, because God is for you. God’s gonna pick you up every time. The and I keep telling everybody, do not listen to the media on TV. And so many of the shows, you have to be careful who you choose, only listen to shows that are based on biblical values. And God. If you listen to anything else, you will become depressed guaranteed. You will be sad, guaranteed, you will lose heart guaranteed. You have learned how to get beyond that by not listening. It’s all lies. We’ve proven that over and over again.

Justine Wadsack 8:44
Oh, when the minute I started to do great things in the legislature. The left tried to recall me I was the only legislator in the state of Arizona under a recall. I was shared good company with Paul gozar. In Congress, he was the other person being recalled to write and they failed at both of us because the people stood up and and what really got me was I started to get phone calls from Democrats in my district saying, I just went and I told the people at the library who are trying to collect signatures for your recall. I just told them, I’m not signing this. I voted for her and it sets those people’s hair on fire. The Democrats would vote for me and I asked her I said, Wait a minute rewind, hold on a second. You said you voted for me. How did that happen? They said Yeah, because you stand for freedom. And that’s it. And they said I don’t agree with you on your stance of abortion. I don’t agree with you on your stance of this, that and the other thing, but you stand for freedom and I see the direction our country is going Amen. Amen. And that that right there told me okay, I have to keep fighting and pushing forward and stop the noise. Right. So I think if everybody learned how to stop the noise, I’m trying I’m not I have not perfected this art form yet I’m still working progress. But we all are, we all are, oh my goodness. So you have to learn and at least recognize what needs to be done and start that process. And that’s where I am right now is a big learning experience

Elaine Beck 10:12
I will guarantee you of something, no matter how old you get, no matter how old you get, no How much wisdom that you have, nor how much knowledge that you’ve attained. Okay? You will always be having trials, the Bible says there will always be trials, not to a certain age, or not until you learn your lesson. The Bible also says, When you get to Heaven, you will know until then you don’t. You have to keep discernment. Yes, and just your the wisdom and power that God gives you when you pray for it. You have to attain that daily, you have to keep working on perfecting, being more like Jesus and less like the evil one.

Justine Wadsack 11:04
And everybody is imperfect. Oh, amen. So I think that, you know, being in the legislature, I’m very proud of my Senate, and we’re very, we’re very together, right, we’ve locked arms we work together, we get along together, we’re a little different than the house that way, I just I think the Senate is very congealed, which means that we are moving forward. And we’re using the rules, we’re using the legislature the way it’s supposed to be used, because everybody’s on the same page that it’s, we need to win, we need to do the right things, the only way to do that is to work together. And some of us have our issues, some have issues with somebody else, or whatever it might be. But when you sit down at a table, and you start talking about policy, or about how to use the rules against the Democrats, or how to do the budget, we instantly come together. And that is how the Republican Party as a whole has to come together. Because the infighting the nastiness that happens outside in the real world. The Democrats are feeding off of it.

Elaine Beck 12:09
Oh, they are.

Justine Wadsack 12:10
And that is again, that’s the evil they want to stir us up, make us all hate one another. Bring out the worst in us. And we have to know that when that’s happening. Take a deep breath, and either walk away from the situation or try to make it better be the bigger man, make the situation better.

Elaine Beck 12:30
I have a really good suggestion. How about we do what my new project says? Which is, let’s pray for our enemies. Let’s forgive them of what they’re doing. And that, just as Jesus said on the cross, forgive them for they know not what they’re doing. It says right in the Bible, that people’s eyes will be shot and their ears will be closed and good will be bad and bad will be good. This is what we’re dealing with. But guess what? Our God is stronger and bigger than anything. And we too, can just say, Okay, Lord, you tell me what to do. You help me discern what to do. You’d be with me all day long. And everything I do give me words. Give me the talents, give me the visions. And Lord, I will serve you and I will forgive my enemies for all the hurt the anger and the frustration, I will let go of that. Find your peace and move on. And and that is the best way to live

Justine Wadsack 13:39
We all should be seeking that goal. And that is to find our peace, right? Maybe I’m just different in the sense that after what I went through, I’m finding my peace in helping others. Yes. It’s a strange way to do it. But I am finding my peace by Fiat by helping others. And if you have somebody that’s in need of something, they need help they need just listen to them, find help for them, and you’ll go home that day. And it’s it’s a feeling that you can’t explain when you’ve helped somebody else.

Elaine Beck 14:11
So girl I’ve run out of time, but I’m so glad you then come

Justine Wadsack 14:16
I’m so thankful that you made time.

Elaine Beck 14:17
if you go to we are not you and everybody else, you will find out exactly more about this. Dr. Ben Carson and I and many other good people have come together on this. We’re collaborating on it. We all love each other. We need to love our enemies as well enough to pray for their salvation I like so God bless you and thank you for being with God

Justine Wadsack 14:42
bless you and thank you so much for having me today.

Elaine Beck 14:44
Okay, honey, wonderful. And all of you know that I pray for you every day. I love you. And come back and see me at To see all the things that I do and see our show. It’s not about us on CPAC now, you God bless you


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