Our Open Border Is Killing People (ft. Tom Homan)

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There is nothing humane about an open border. Promises of jobs, meals, and housing offer false hope to impoverished people around the world who often trade their life savings to the cartels only to be abused and left to die on the journey.

Closing the border is the only way to end the death.

Tom Homan was the Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) under President Trump, and together they reduced illegal immigration by 90%! Now he is watching Biden destroy all of the work we had accomplished.

He shares some POWERFUL and PAINFUL information about what is happening on our southern border, and I encourage you to watch until the end. This crisis is not going away – in fact, it is about to explode.

Learn more about Tom and his work to protect our country at https://border911.com/



Elaine Beck 0:11
Hi, everyone, I’m Elaine Beck. And this is It’s Not About Us. And we are, of course, the one that talks about how God is the one that’s going to always be the one that’s going to help us to overcome the evil in this country right now. And I have a very special guest today that I’m very excited about. His name is Tom Homan. And I’m sure you’ve heard lots about him and from him. He worked very closely with President Trump and he will again, am I right, Tom?

Tom Homan 0:40
Yes, ma’am.

Elaine Beck 0:41
All right. So, you know, we have been to the border. I was down there several years ago. And we know a lot that’s happening now. And we have people on the border right now, looking at what’s happening. And, Tom, what can we do as people of this country to help overcome what’s happening?

Tom Homan 1:02
Well, I think you need to make a demand of your representatives, whether they’re congressman, Senator, whether Republican or Democrat, the border issue should be a nonpartisan issue. Because it’s not about illegal immigration. A lot of people think it’s all about illegal immigration. It’s really not about illegal immigration solo because when you cause a crisis this big. We got millions of people come to our border overwhelms the Border Patrol. So on an average day, 70 to 90% of agents have been pulled off patrol to deal this humanitarian crisis. Right. Then what happens? Fentanyl comes through that’s killed 120,000 Americans, the sex trafficking women and children skyrocket? The the attempt by a terrorist and those off the terrorist watchlist are up 600%. So you know, they arrested like 300 people of terrorists on the watchlist just last year, under President Trump’s administration, we did Lebanon for years, they did 18 in one month. So when you cause a crisis, this big a self inflicted wound because they opened the border up, it causes all these bad things public health, public safety, known as suspected terrorists, sex trafficked women and children. That’s why it’s important to if that’s what your party affiliation is no one supports sex trafficking women, children, no support smuggling fentanyl, no support, no inspectors coming across the core of a border. So get your representative and say put immigration aside for a minute, secure the border and save and protect this country?

Elaine Beck 2:29
Right. So, you know, I have a crazy idea question for you. And it’s pretty out there that I would like to hear your opinion. Why can’t we have other people down there doing the humanitarian stuff? And let the Border Patrol do their job? Is there do you think there’s a feasible way to do something like that?

Tom Homan 2:51
Yeah, I certainly think that when it comes to, you know, preparing meals and, and preparing meals and taking care of young children that, you know, that cross the border by themselves, I think there’s room for a civilian workforce go down and volunteer to do non enforcement duties, much like the National Guard, national guard is down there. But they don’t do arrests. They don’t they don’t enforce immigration law. They they do a lot of logistics, transportation and radar and, and targeting sophisticated targeting stuff like that and stuff they’re good at but not actually enforcing immigration law. So yeah, I think I think there is a place for civilians. I don’t know if this administration would agree to it. But you know, some of the non enforcement duties that don’t require an armed law enforcement officer to do certainly, that will get Border Patrol to a lot of relief, so we get more people back on the line.

Elaine Beck 3:40
So I’m speaking to the all these organizations across the country, whether it’s Salvation Army, or any of the other ones, I think that it’s time that we get together, and we stand together to help the Border Patrol, to help the people that are struggling to keep up with all this and find a way where we can set up some places along the border to help with that kind of stuff. I think that would be very powerful.

Tom Homan 4:11
Again, I think it’d be useful because it’s gonna put more armed officers on the border to seize more fentanyl, right? Just to hopefully prevent, you know, suspected terrorists across the border, actually arrest somebody for trafficking because right now, the border patrol is so overwhelmed. They don’t even do an investigative interview anymore. Like they should get down the weeds of who this person is where they come from, what’s the purpose of coming here, they’re in such a hurry to process and release that their core duties of protecting Homeland Security is being ignored just because of the vast numbers. So anything we can do to relieve them of some of the non enforcement duties they’ll give them time to do more deep down deep dive investigation. So these people, a lot more guys on the border to actually stop more drugs. It’d be it had great results. I guarantee that great results. Yeah. And the border patrol would welcome it.

Elaine Beck 5:01
Yeah, the only the only thing is is what would be the safety issues for the people that came down and volunteered?

Tom Homan 5:07
Well, again, you know, you have to have a security workforce. But, you know, we know it’s most like, what Catholic Charities and some of these organizations do another taking care of it, all these groups, once they get released, right? You’d be taking care of them whether, you know, while while they’re being processed, you take care of all the other needs, and whether thats preparing meals or whatever, but maybe be surrounded by law enforcement. So I don’t think there’s a significant security issue. The security issue comes if we have non law enforcement people doing enforcement work, security issues.

Elaine Beck 5:38
Exactly. That makes sense. That makes sense. Well, you know, I’ve always been impressed by your heart, and the way that you really care about not just the people that are on the border patrol, and the people that are fighting against the evil that’s coming in, but also the compassion that the Border Patrol have for the people coming in, that have been easily and, and, you know, they’ve been lied to, they’ve been told, you know, you’re coming here to have a better country. I mean, I’ve heard stories of people that made it to New York City, and up to Washington, and they decided that it was so bad that they were left on sidewalks that they went to Canada and it was so bad, they came back. So this really speaks to how unprepared this country is to take care of any of that. And so what can you think of anything else we can do or any other suggestions?

Tom Homan 6:43
The reason I get so emotionally involved in this because because the terrible, terrible tragedies I’ve seen in my 34 years doing a job, that an open border is not humane, because when you when you make a promise like this administration has, you’re gonna enter the country illegally, you’ll be processed quickly, We’ll fly you to the city of your choice at taxpayer expense. We’ll give you a work authorization, we’ll put you in a hotel room Give me three squares a day, when you make those type of promises to the whole world, they’re gonna come, especially the most vulnerable. And I argue all the time on the President Trump Well, we had illegal immigration a 45 year low illegal immigration at some point your administration was done almost 90% When 90% less people are coming. How many of them didn’t die on the trip? How many women didn’t get sexually assaulted by the criminal cartels? How many known suspected terrorists to get across? How many pounds of fentanyl didn’t get the country to kill Americans? Secure borders, save lives. So you can have compassion, but it’s not compassion to open up borders up. Because what these vulnerable people are gonna do, they’re gonna give the cartels your life savings, right to come to United States under a false pretense that they qualify for asylum. They simply don’t come into our country for better life. That’s not That’s not asylum. So they’ll get they’ll end up getting ordered removed by an immigration judge, then what? Yeah, they go back to their homeland with nothing. So the most humane thing to do to secure the border, don’t take that dangerous journey, right, and get Congress to fix the system. If we actually need more employees to do that type work, then create a system and come under visa and do the work and go home. That way. They’re not paying criminal cartels swim across the river, they come to a port of entry with a visa, I have to pay off any criminal organization. So that’s what needs to happen.

Elaine Beck 8:31
You know, I think the saddest thing is, is that these countries where they’re coming from, you know, they need to take care of their own people. They’re not, you know, in the position where they feel like they need to get to the United States is the only place to go that safe.

Tom Homan 8:53
And I get that we can’t be the welfare nation of the world. We can’t afford it. However we got countries like Mexico, or last year, just last year, they got $61 billion in remittance payments. So the aliens live here, they make a paycheck, they send a lot of money back to their families in Mexico. And I get that, so that as the Mexican economy, right in Mexico, taking care of the lower income people, they count on the United States remittances to do that. So yeah, Mexico needs to stand up and take care of the population so that people don’t have don’t have to feel that, Hey, I gotta leave my homeland because I can’t survive here. Their government should be taking care of them. But while they keep getting $61 billion dollars a year, which is a big part of the GDP, they don’t want to fix this problem. That’s free US money.

Elaine Beck 9:35
No, and they’re not that’s not going back to the people swinging other people’s pockets.

Tom Homan 9:42
yeah, you know, the problem with Mexico and Central America is not everybody I’m gonna make sure said not everybody, but a big part of the Mexican government is corrupt. That’s just that’s just a fact. I’ve worked with him for 35 years, right? There’s some good people out there who can do the right thing that joined the government to do the right thing. But there are also those who I’m just they’re not good people and the money that the United States always send millions of dollars in Central America to create what they call opportunity zones to create jobs, so people don’t feel like they gotta leave. Everybody never gets to the people know that money. Just lines the pockets of politicians and, and that’s, you know, and that’s what we gotta do we gotta do is threaten threaten these countries like President Trump didn’t one time he just said, Look, I’m not gonna give you money to create opportunity zones, I want to start taking international aid away unless you prove to me it’s going to the right people. That’s why you fix it, you turn the tables around, make them take care of their people, or you don’t give me the national aid, make sure that a goes to the people that need it.

Elaine Beck 10:40
Right, right. What do you think about our National Guard or our armies or our people fighting the the cartel here in the United States? Because I know, we know they’re coming over the border, they’re on our side. They come in here and problems.

Tom Homan 10:59
We need a president strong enough, it’s gonna take the cartels out. Right. The government Mexico’s not gonna do it? No, no, I don’t think they have the capability because the cartels are so powerful now, right? They’ve been emboldened. They’ve been enriched by this administration, because you open borders, right? It’s going to take the United States it’s going to take our, our intelligence apparatus is going to take our special ops that take the guys off the face of the earth and and people said was pretty harsh topple like, the criminal cartels in Mexico, have killed more Americans through drug overdoses than any terrorist organization in the world, right should be crushed by terrorists and treated as such. And it’s going to take the United States direct involvement, to dismantle them and destroy them.

Elaine Beck 11:39
Right, right. Well, basically, they are invading our country. Am I right? Yeah. They’re invading our country. There has to be laws where we can protect ourselves from invasion. I know there are. Okay. So if we can get President Trump back in and we’re going to no matter what, we’ve got to make sure of that, then I think that we need to push them back instead of them pushing us back and trying to get in our country. We need to push them back and defeat the cartel.

Tom Homan 12:13
We got to take the cartels out because No one crosses the border without without paying the cartels or Plaza fees or taxes. cartels are making more money now they’ve ever made in sex trafficking women, children, alien smuggling, drug trafficking. So yeah, we’re not gonna fix the border unless we take the cartels out.

Elaine Beck 12:33
Right. Right. And you know, I know a lot of the Border Patrol, I live in Tucson. And Tucson is one of the largest hit areas in the country as far as border crossings. And I know a lot of those guys down there.

Tom Homan 12:50
Actually, Arizona Tucson. That’s a gateway to fentanyl. Over half the fentanyl season. This country comes through Arizona.

Elaine Beck 12:57
That’s right. And so what I’m saying is, I know these guys, I know, one in particular, that in the years he’s been in, he has found over 100 dead bodies himself, just him. So you multiply that by how many men that we have that are on the border, protecting it, and then watching it. How many over there. There’s a service as the border, have you totaled out how many hundreds of 1000s of people have been have died there in one form or another whether they’ve drowned in the river, or they’ve they burn up in the desert in the summer.

Tom Homan 13:40
We’ve we’ve we’ve had, you know, a minimum 1700 that we found on US soil, and there’s many that we’ll never find some that I was out to Brooks County, Texas, and I was working with the sheriff there. I was with him for four hours. We found two dead bodies. And he told me then they probably find less than half of them because by the time they’re found the animals are already you know, torn apart. You know the coyotes and the wild hogs right so they might just find a backbone or a skeleton but right you know, many they won’t find and but many more would die in Mexico and in central America, especially the Darien Gap and Panama 1000s have died in the Darien Gap and yeah, this again when you make the promise that this administration did that you won’t be detained you’ll be released you get work authorization and amnesties come in and and you will free medical care. They will come right they’re gonna come to the greatest nation on Earth. And when you make when you open that window, they’re gonna come and that’s what they’ve done this administration Unsecured border, right. I’ve worked for six presidents that Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan up to Trump. Every president I’ve worked for including Clinton, Obama took steps to secure the border because they understood you can’t you can’t have national security without border security. He needs to know who’s coming in and what’s coming in. That’s right. But President buys the first president in history this cut You came into office and unsecured the border.

Elaine Beck 15:02
That’s right. Come on, we’ve all heard it on tape, you know, come to America, we’re here, you know, you’re welcome to come. This is a great place. I mean, he said it out loud himself on national TV over and over again. And of course, now he’s trying to say the border is secure. You talk about the big lie. That is the big lie. Right. And so thank you for being on my show. And I really enjoyed this conversation. I look forward to seeing what happens in the future, because I feel like God’s got us and he’s gonna take care of us. And with people like you backing President Trump and backing what needs to be done in this country, particularly on the border? It’s the biggest job, you know, yeah, there’s, there’s so many things of importance right now, that closing that border is going to protect the people of this country. What’s it been about 8 million that across the border in the last couple of years, since Biden got in, you take 8 million people, that’s a lot of damage they can do and we’re already seeing it day by day by day,

Tom Homan 16:12
I wake up every day Upset Because they purposely unsecure the border, which is costing 1000s of lives, and we’re gonna get it back. We’re gonna secure the border, we’re gonna save lives.

Elaine Beck 16:28
Yeah, you know, my heart always goes out to the men in the armed forces when they go out and battle for our country. But the Border Patrol is doing that as well every day. And it can’t be easy. I mean, I’ve heard of so many Border Patrol, committing suicide, and, and living in devastation, losing their families over the fight that they’re in so many terrible things. So I’m just gonna pray for them and ask everybody out there. Please pray for our border patrol. Pray for the people like Tom Holman and the others that are fighting the big battle that are gonna continue to do it, even though he’s not in charge right now. Like he said, he wakes up every day thinking about this and worried about what’s going to happen. You know, only God can answer these calls to the people nowadays. We need to know that and we need to be part of that. So be brave, stand strong. Pray for people like Tom Holman and all the other men that are fighting this big battle. And God bless you all. And thank you for being on CPAC now,

Tom Homan 17:37
please go to border 911 dot com. Yeah, see what we’re doing? Yes. Help us out. Again, every dime we bring in for operational expenses to tell the truth American people are traveling throughout the country. We want to start doing a live show. Again, I started as profit free is not for making money, right for paying for our expenses, get the message out. So border 911 dot com, please go to the CPR. Yes,

Elaine Beck 17:59
border 911 dot com. Please go to it. Please pray for them. And thank you again, Tom, for being with us. Thanks, Robert. And we’re praying for all of you. So come back to our show soon. And remember, go to Elaine beck.com and you’ll see all of the shows anytime you want. God bless you

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