Lost Souls Are Not Our Enemies (ft. Barry Meguiar)

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God has appointed YOU to tell others about Him! No matter what they have done or how they have wronged you, you are still God’s tool for reaching lost souls.

That’s why Barry Meguiar wears his faith on his sleeve, and it’s why even when times get hard (and they have been HARD for him!) purpose and peace were never far away.

If you want to be INSPIRED and MOTIVATED to share the Good News of Christ’s saving work on the cross, then you simply have to listen to this conversation with Barry.

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Elaine Beck 0:11
Hi, everyone. I’m Elaine Beck. And this is It’s Not About Us because it obviously is not. It’s about God. It’s about our Lord and Savior Jesus. It’s about all of the wonderful things that we are here to serve Him. And I love that about my life that I don’t have to worry about answering to all the other people and all the world and all the evil and stuff that’s out there. I only have to answer to him. And I love that.

Barry Meguiar 0:41
He’s got you, he’s got your back.

Elaine Beck 0:43
He does, and I want to introduce you to Barry McGuire, some of you probably already know of him, and have heard from him that I have the honor today of having Barry here.

Barry Meguiar 0:54
I finally made it. I made this year. I could retire now I finally made it doesn’t get any better this?

Elaine Beck 1:02
Well, you know, our God is so good. That, you know, everything is predestined.

Barry Meguiar 1:07
Well, yeah, he directs us to the right steps or the righteous are directed by him, right. There’s other people not he’s, he’s not directing, and they’re doing all kinds of crazy things. Yeah, but for those of us who know him, we direct your steps every moment of the day. I just have no question about it. If we listen to him, yes. And we follow his lead if we’re getting intent on doing that, and that’s much about what our ministry is all about. And ignite your life.

Elaine Beck 1:35
Well, you know, the thing is, is I’ve had so many people say to me, Well, what do you mean, God speaks to you? Why does I hear him? Do you hear him? I feel him, I hear him. I live to, you know, I wake up every day. And this is just the gospel truth. And I’m not I’m so open to sharing this. Every day when I wake up, I don’t get out of bed until I have my conversation with God. I mean, we got to talk every day. First of all, I gotta tell him Good morning, because he let me have another day. Second of all, I’ve got to know that he’s going to be with me all day, I got to have that assurance, I got to feel that, that safety place that he puts me in every day, and I always have to talk to him and thank him first thank him first always thank him, and and then honor Him and worship Him. And then, you know, I go to him and I say, Lord, what do you want me to do today? You know, how can I serve you today? Right. Right. And, and, you know, and then when, when he, when I’m laying there, I mean, he sometimes will just shock me with the quietness. And other times he will shock me with things that he’ll say to me, like, you know, be very humble today because somebody needs you. Be ready to be used to always right. You know, he’ll give me directives that things I never even thought of before. And no, he doesn’t come over and say, Hey, Elaine, would you like to chat a while it’s nothing like that.

Barry Meguiar 3:30
It’s total communication all the time right? Our ministry is move everybody everybody every day closer to Jesus right everybody started with your spouse. I can I can literally look at my wife once a while and when we’re in the bathroom getting ready I look at her so I think I didn’t just move you closer sorry about that.

Elaine Beck 3:56

Barry Meguiar 3:58
you know when he says love me and love your neighbors yourself and your computer complete the whole of the night? Well if we love our neighbors as ourselves worst concern for their salvation as we our own. Oh, in that place and that respect. It’s not legalism on the 10 commandments. Am I okay and my sleazy, Forget about that. Thought is how do I move everybody around me closer to Jesus? That’s so life changer. That changes how I dress what I laugh at the things I hear the words that come out of my mouth the things that I might indulge in that would not honor Jesus. Everything in my life changes. When I realized we’re in full time ministry. And everything we’re doing folks every if you’re a Christian, everything you say and do everything you can’t get away from it. I’m sorry. Everything you say and do is moving everyone watching you closer or further. The way from God. And once you recognize that you automatically fulfill the 10 commandments done out of legalism, but out of joy because you just want to have everybody around you be drawn To him because of you.

Elaine Beck 5:13
Don’t you want everybody around you to be as happy as you are? And it’s full of joy. Don’t you like everybody around you to be as much peace as we are?

Barry Meguiar 5:25
So I’ll give you a top line statistic. We don’t have a lot of time. 80% man, church was just about everybody. You guys are walking room, your stadium wherever here. We’re surrounded by. This is heaven on earth. But where we are we’re surrounded. 80% of the people are lost, right? Then they know something’s wrong. They know it’s not natural. 40% of the United States population says we’re in the last days that’s of our population right there. Now they’re looking for God, the bad stuff is good. Now they’re looking for God. And guess what? They already have over 80% already have a Christian or life that they trust. We could ignite America, the revival. thing is happening. Ignite the church, we’re sitting here, doorman, if you don’t share your faith, you’d atrophy might get down and you’re down. whining about everything you may be on your head on

Elaine Beck 6:25
you’re going in with the bad instead of letting them join with you. Or

Barry Meguiar 6:29
the church is the problem. They’re lost. We can get mad at these crazy laws. You mad at the terrorists in Gaza, they’re lost. And God loves them. Can’t get away from that fact. Every single one of them God loves and wants to go to heaven. So. So what are we doing about it, we can point in her fingers. Or we can say everywhere we go. I’m going to do everything I can to move that person closer to Jesus. And we can do that in the line at Starbucks or in the aisle Walmart. You could do it so quickly. Just by loving on them, you know, he didn’t say, they’ll know you’re my disciple by by your recitation of Scripture. He said, No, no, you by your love, and the holy spirit’s love, which is convicting. And I can tell you as one’s been doing for 50 years, Karen i 50 years it is now. When you bump into view all day long, and you love on them, they so quickly open up and within five minutes, they’re telling you their deepest needs. And then you don’t have to repair this preparation is I appreciate all that. But But Mark 13 11 says don’t prepare, right? Luke 12. God, Holy Spirit will give me words. It just comes out. Intimacy with God. That that establishes your faith and passion. And Isaiah great scripture, Isaiah. Really right in Isaiah, Isaiah 4310 says, I appoint you as my witness, so that you believe you would think he’d say, I pointed my witness so that they would believe. No, no. His purpose folks, is you’ve been commissioned, you’ve been commanded you’ve been given to mastership. You’ve been reconciled. I don’t know how much he has to shout it, but the purpose is secondarily for the lost. Because he knows if you don’t do that you do atrophy. And you lose your joy. And you have all this fear. But when you do it, you step in the promise, literally, of Isaiah 43. when you do that, your faith explodes. Another parallel is another parallel that is Romans 828, which we all know what we don’t read the whole chapter, the whole verse. God saying, as Christ said, He’s saying to you, I’ll make everything in your life work together for good. He’s saying that you That’s His promise you, but but you do have to do two things, read the whole scripture. You have to lovey it’s like, love me and love your neighbor. So he says, The love with all your heart, mind and soul and live for His purpose. Okay, wait. That’s partly if I do two things. God promised to make everything my life were together for good. I’ve lived there for three decades. So I know what I’m talking about. Everything. What is His purpose? His purpose is to seek and save the loss. purpose is to love your neighbor as yourself. God is concerned for their salvation as you are your own. Once you step into that you live, I say the fog in the favor of God. Right? It just you had that promise that no God no matter how bad it is, I lost a daughter at 49 years of age. I was in the hospital dying, the doctors gave up on me. I had a joint venture partner take over my board and was throwing me out of my business when I was 65 years old. I couldn’t stop them. And I laughed. And I said God to ask you for nothing. Because I know You know, I live for your purpose every day. And I also know that you honor your promises to make everything good. And within six minutes of that board meeting, he had my joint venture partner so discombobulated they were saying GG, this and FMS, and I was laughing. It was so funny. And you know what, the night before when I prayed my prayer, I went right to sleep. I slept all night, I got it fresh. I had no worries, zero worry, right? Why? Because when we live for his period, when we live above the job, I bought a small car wax company from nothing. The number one brand in the country. We have 75 products on the shelf at Walmart. But my business has been my God. God’s been my guide and my business and my pulpit. And the more I focus on God, the more he’s bless my business, you want to say how do I build my business she focus on got it. That’s right. But it’s true. In all of life, you got it. Now you and I have had of life experience, we prove this and both of our lives, we can bring different places, but we come to the same place. The closer we get to God, the closer we come to each other

Elaine Beck 11:13
I want to share something that God’s given me knew recently. So a couple months ago, I was at the point where I’d been thinking about what can I do to really, how can I God? How do I find and reach all these Christians? You said to me bring the Christians together the nation, he asked me to do that. And I’m like, how am I do this? I’ve been trying for over five years, and I was gonna start something like a Jesus rally and have several places in the country. I was willing to do anything, spend the money, the time whatever it took. I was going to do this. And he kept saying to me, no. He said, No, he said, The Bad will come and the deaths will happen and the blood will be shed. And they’ll blame it on you don’t do it. So every time I went to suggest something, he said, No. Finally, the one morning when I was having my talk with God, I said to him, I said, Okay, God, I guess there’s nothing I can do. I mean, I guess I just need to give up on this whole idea. And he said, Did you forget the scripture I gave you? And I went? No, no, you’re talking about First Corinthians 714. You’re talking about, If my people are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways in sin and seek my flight base. I will hear them heal their land. I said, you know, God, I’ve got that when you walk into my office buildings, right there on the wall, the first thing you see is that scripture on the wall. And he said, The noun will tell you how to use it. He said number one, he said, Yes. you humble yourself. When you ask for forgiveness when you do something wrong. Yes, you’ve humbled yourself deeply. When you came to me and gave your life to me and said, Please forgive me. I know, I’m a sinner. He said that now I’m asking you all to humble yourselves, and forgive your enemies. He said, This is what I’m asking you to do. He said, being against everyone, and all of the inside fighting, and all of the hate and the evil and the wickedness and the defensiveness has to go

Barry Meguiar 13:48
They’re lost.

Elaine Beck 13:49
So right, right. I know. So I go to see Dr. Ben Carson. And I’m sharing with with Ben I’m like, This is what God told me. I’m so excited. And he went into much more detail which we’ll get into, but I said, this is what he wants me to do. And Dr. Carson, who was sitting across from me in a room full people stood up and he said, So what you’re saying is God is saying we are not enemies? And I said yes. WANE, what’s it mean to WANE? Do you know Barry? To wane means to go away from to let go and to turn from the hate the division this the wicked, the evil. And what does it say in the Bible when you’re tempted, doesn’t have a word in there that I love to tell the young people it says don’t go slowly away as his flee. Flee from the darkness. Run towards the light. If you will forgive he said to me If you will all forgive your enemies, from your personal ones in your life, to the ones in the other countries and all around you, even though you know they’re doing wrong, you must forgive them. Because then and only then, can I take the veil from their eyes and bring them to me, because I want all people to come to heaven

Barry Meguiar 15:27
you can just get that it’s about love. It is the gentleman that spent 20 years trying to destroy our lives. I mean, hurtful, really hard stuff. News in the social media, whatever, right? And, Karen, I prayed about it. And we’re both getting the same conclusion. There’s nothing that allows us to to be angry. It’s always turn the other cheek go the extra mile. So we sit outside to God out, you know, out loud to God, we forgive him. And we love him at the war. I mean, this was when they were just tearing us to shreds. We said, We forgive him, and we love him. And it was it was a crazy thing, because that’s what we said. So we’d make sure that we’re committed not just praying, and we said it out loud to him. And I was gonna like we’d like it just Star Wars when they go into warp speed. And you have this right? It was not good. beside ourselves. After several hours, we calmed down. And the peace came. And you know what, we’ve had anger against nobody. That’s anger, not just for that individual. Right? It took completely away from us. And these people that do horrible things to us personally, as a nation, even to the Hamas. I cry, I wait for them, right? Because I you know, I was born in a Christian home. But I worked preteen challenged students for 50 years. I’m deep into teen challenge. Every time I hear the stories I know about by the grace of God there go i We have to love this question. They need to know they don’t know God loves them. That’s our job.

Elaine Beck 17:10
Yeah, but here’s the thing. Now, to finish off my story, I want to share this with you. Okay. The other verse that God gave me when I was taking the song when I was thinking of there’s one person on this earth, that I had nothing but bad feelings in my heart for me. And it was justifiable in my mind. Right? We all justify right. And when I was thinking of that, he said these words to me that he said to his father, our father, but he was on the cross, forgive them for they know not what they do. And I went, Wow, no, they don’t. They’ve been, they’ve been lied to. They’ve been manipulated. They’ve been brainwashed. They’ve been mistreated and abused. Born into homes that don’t know what that what a Bible is. They’ve only been taught how to do evil things that they’ve been lied to by the media. There’s just I can give a billion things that happens.

Barry Meguiar 18:20
In addition to that, it’s the general populace. Satan blinds the minds of unbelievers. It says that right to see good as evil and evil is good. So they see babies as good buddy. And all that stuff. They’re lost. And we cannot be mad at them. We batted it just drives us crazy. I know. Right? But they’re lost. And we’re not. Yeah, but when we’re obligated to them.

Elaine Beck 18:50
Yeah. When I thought of that one person after that. I was able to let go, do you know that peace? That I felt? I mean, it do. I was. That’s it. That’s it. That’s it. So we are now in the national season of forgiveness. Until November of next year on November 26. It started November 26. Of this year, just a couple of weeks ago, Thanksgiving weekend. Yeah. We’re asking you to reach out to everybody you know, and tell them to go to we’re not enemies.com to pray for all of our enemies like never before. I have been out talking to people that are here that are from China, and other countries. Because this is going to be a worldwide

Barry Meguiar 19:39
it is important to have the year of emphasis. But that’s how we as Christians live every day of our lives, right? We live in love God knows

Elaine Beck 19:48
he gave it to me now for a reason to believe

Barry Meguiar 19:52
we’re at the peak in the wrong direction. There has to be an exclamation point what you’re doing is driving because one We started doing it, we’ll do it for the rest of our life. Absolutely. And the brother that not the brother, but the guy that was so evil to us, came the Lord about a year ago. And he said, I can’t believe you kept loving me after all the crap I gave you. That’s what he said to me. Wow. Yeah, but it took 10 years. You serve the Lord. Now, what if I had treated him badly? Right? Can you imagine? So life is about salvation, life is about redemption. I’ve worked hard to build my business. But it’s always been secondary. Right? My, our job every one of us is to lead everybody every day. closer to Jesus. And when, when that is your focus, God opens up conversation for you everyday. We prayed just a short time ago. No worries, in addition to all the normal ones we lead, give us a meaningful conversation. And then I walked into gelato shop. That was jammed. A table opens up and then table next to it. Too Young 23 year old guy sat down. I went to get her gelato. Karen started telling him about me. They’re asking why I got back to the young man says I’m 23 years old. I’ve been working hard since I was 14. I want to get ahead. I want to do something meaningful, not just money, but I want to have purpose in my life. How do you get from where I am to where you are? He asked me that question. Did you hear him in your book for the next door for the next hour? I’m talking about the lord of his eyes about this big it was a midnight. God answered that prayer and we never could have orchestrated that all the people around but when you do that, it means they grow but even more so our faith. He said in Isaiah 4310 when you when you were appointed to eyewitness so that when you do that your faith, if you want to have wholehearted faith for a second, he says I’ll direct your steps. If you have wholehearted faith. Yeah, no, I will answer your prayers. If you have wholehearted faith. The key is, how do you get there? And let me just show this bottom line where you can defeat fear with effortless faith. When you’re seeking not faith. You’re seeking to win everybody around you to the Lord. And when you do that his promises complete and you and you’re living in the fog, you’re living in the favor of God

Elaine Beck 22:28
Oh, we’re over by eight minutes.

Barry Meguiar 22:35
Well. That’s such a great interviewer I really live in doing so. Well. Congratulations on your ministry. On you. Yeah. Pray for you. Yeah. Good days ahead. Yes.

Elaine Beck 22:46
Amen. And thank you for being with us. Barry’s it was this has been very enjoyable. I get so passionate and so excited. When I talked to another Christian. Was it true, true, true believer loves God, the way that I do. It’s just the best thing in your life. And as far as that talking about God all the time. I haven’t met one person in my life since I was 35 that I didn’t mention God to at least once. God bless you. Thank you. Thanks, everyone. Thanks for being here. I hope this filled you with as much joy as it did me know that I’m always praying for you and God bless you. We’ll see you next time on my show. It’s not about us. See you later.

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