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Beauty and brains! I’m joined today by the incredible Sam Sorbo, the woman behind the effort to free homeschooling parents from the fear of teaching.

She has some incredible ideas to share, so listen in!

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Elaine Beck 0:11
Hi, everyone, this is Elaine Beck. And my show is It’s Not About Us. And we all know how excited I get my favorite word. Okay. And I have someone for you to meet. Her name is Sam Sorbo. Yes, Mrs. Sorbo? Yes, Kevin Sorbo. And guess who the Son is? Braeden Sorbo. You know, my adopted TP USA grants on one of the millions 1000s I love it. It’s so exciting. Sam, thank you for being here and agreeing to do my show.

Sam Sorbo 0:47
Thank you so much for inviting me. And thank you for having my son first.

Elaine Beck 0:51
Oh, yeah, he’s, he’s a doll. telling you I have more fun interviewing him than anybody I’ve ever interviewed.

Sam Sorbo 0:58
Oh, I love to hear that. Yeah, he’s got a better sense of humor than I do. He’s faster. He’s witty. He’s very quick witted.

Elaine Beck 1:07
And he’s got such a joy because he’s all about God.

Sam Sorbo 1:12
He went to he went to visit a church that we were considering. And I asked him how it was. And he said, Well, Mom, it’s a really good church for people who want to say they’re Christian.

Elaine Beck 1:22
And want to say they’re Christian.

Sam Sorbo 1:24
Ah, I’m like, wow, could you have a more scathing indictment?

Elaine Beck 1:29
No, no, not really.

Sam Sorbo 1:32
So he’s, he’s funny. Homeschooled.

Elaine Beck 1:36
He may be funny. Yeah, she told me about being home. Yeah, he’s homeschooled. I think you were the teacher?

Sam Sorbo 1:44
Well, yes. Until I realized that I wasn’t the teacher. So and that’s what I now train parents in. My whole mission is to free parents from the schools in the schools basically practice a form of slavery. They do they’ve indoctrinated us to believe that they are necessary, right? To believe that learning is hard. The teaching is hard. These are all lies. And that children need socialization. That’s the biggest lie of all. Children need their parents. Children need to be socialized by other by adults who know how to socialize, not other children. And so I like that one I home educated. Or rather, I’ve homeschooled my first two. And then I got wise because my daughter taught me that children teach themselves. And really my job as the parent, the parents job is not to- it’s not data entry. Education is not data entry, education is indoctrination. Education is teaching your child proper doctrine. They convinced us the schools convinced us, hey, get your doctrine out. We’re not this is not about indoctrination. Take your Bible out of school. Take the prayer out of school. But now Do you see what they’re doing to kids? It’s all indoctrination. It’s just that they have the false doctrine.

Elaine Beck 3:02
and they want control of your kid. That’s right. And to teach, they want to control. It’s mind control. It’s minebending.

Sam Sorbo 3:14
That’s what false doctrine is. Lies are our false doctrine That are controlling. And so now you’ve got parents who are like, well, I don’t know how to I don’t know how to teach my kids. I don’t know how to educate. So what I do is I set them free from that the onus of thinking that they are the child’s teacher, per se, right? My daughter, my daughter was, she always liked to draw. So when she was five, I said to her, If you love to draw, you should you should purpose to draw for 15 minutes every day. Because either she would get really good. Or she soon discovered that she didn’t like it that much. And then that’s done. So you can move on, right? She was drawing like three hours a day. So when she got to be 11-12, I was like, Oh, my gosh, she reached her. Because I’m not an artist.

Elaine Beck 4:04
And she’s so much better than you are by then.

Sam Sorbo 4:06
That’s right. How can I teach her but I and I’m still thinking I’m the teacher, right? So she disabused me of that notion, because somebody said, Well, maybe you know, anatomy classes. I’m like, Yes, I’ll find her a teacher. I’ll delegate responsibility. I’ll get her an anatomy class. And I ran up to her room, and she’s like, 11-12 years old. And I say, what about that? And she says, Oh, mom. And she showed me a double page sketch of drawings of the interior workings of the human knee in various positions. And I looked at her and I said, Oh, you’re, you’re teaching yourself. And she was like, yeah, uh huh. And that’s what it is right? When you set your child free to learn, they want to learn. They’re intrinsically curious. But what happens is in school, we beat that curiosity out of them because what’s the first thing they have to do when they go to school? Sit down at Shut up. And what did they have to do? If they have a question? If they want to learn something, they have to ask permission to learn, right? That’s a barrier, right?

Elaine Beck 5:12
And you know, the only thing I can say to that, and this is not a negative, this is a positive. All children are different. All children are going to grow at a different rate. And all children are not the kind of children that can be left with that little of direction some kids need for the first four or five years in school, when they’re small, they need to have specific direction times and guidelines. Not all children are self motivated. In other words, is your kids.

Sam Sorbo 5:53
Why do you say that? what leads you to think that?

Elaine Beck 5:56
Because I had three children, and they were all different.

Sam Sorbo 6:01
but you homeschooled them?

Elaine Beck 6:02
I had two children that are geniuses, they have an IQ of over 160. Okay. My daughter graduated, only, like the second or third person in her class in college in medical. Only because she had a professor who decided that he doesn’t believe in A’s in A’s giving out A’s nobody’s perfect. That was his role. So I have a son, who is so genius, that he can’t deal with life, like the average person. He is chronically depressed. Okay, I have another daughter, who is what I call my average daughter, she didn’t have the highest IQ is the other two, that she’s got more common sense than most any average person on earth. She’d struggled more in school, she couldn’t memorize or read and understand quickly and as easily as the other two. So when you look at the spectrum, that God gives all children and all people to be maybe a different IQ, maybe a different rate of maturity, maybe a different spectrum of ability, as far as mental wellness, then you have to see that all kids don’t learn the same. And that’s all I’m trying to say Sweetie. That’s right. I think that what you’re doing and what you’re saying is absolute. But we have to interject that it could be at a different age that they grow.

Sam Sorbo 7:59
I mean, that’s the whole point is the school puts children on a conveyor belt. If they aren’t at the same place as the other students, if they somehow maybe lag behind, because that’s not their aptitude. They are made to feel stupid,

Elaine Beck 8:14
Itsn’t it awful. Kids are bullied.

Sam Sorbo 8:17
It’s child abuse.

Elaine Beck 8:18
It is child abuse. And it’s no wonder that they bully each other because everybody’s different. And so if the teacher right, but the schools or if the teacher, excuse me know, if the teacher says that Susie, Sally and Jim did better than Elaine and Donna. Okay. And then they go, Oh, we did better than you. That’s a form of bullying.

Sam Sorbo 8:47
It will teaches comparison, and it teaches conformity. And so I say that the schools are basically conveyor belts toward slavery. Yeah. Because it teaches obedience. And, and, and so. So the the idea is, I set parents free from that, so that they can home educate, and forge the relationship of family, which, by the way, the schools have decimated the family. So I mean, I went to school. So I was largely parented, my parents went to school, largely unparented. So generationally, we’ve lost the skill of parenting, right. But the good news is, it will come back in a generation. if we are brave enough to buck the system and keep our kids home.

Elaine Beck 9:37
And so do you have a plan? Or do you have a place that people can go to learn more about this? I would love for you to share that with everybody.

Sam Sorbo 9:47
Yeah, so it’s that Okay, it’s called the playbook for home learning.

Elaine Beck 9:52
Say that, again, slower.

Sam Sorbo 9:54
It’s called the playbook for home learning. And so it’s it’s actually a series of 15 videos that are available online or on a you USB, you know, thumb drive, and it walks the parents through what is the goal of education? And so as a Christian, we have different goals for our children, I think then sort of the culture in general.

Elaine Beck 10:20
Well, yeah, we want them to know the biblical values first, right?

Speaker 1 10:23
First and foremost. But the reason for that is because it’s truth, And because if they adhere to the truth, their lives will be better. If they buy the cultural lie of, you know, free sex, and there’s no responsibility. We know that with no responsibility comes no joy. Absolutely. We know that sacrifice brings worth brings value, right. But the schools teach that sacrifice is always bad. Sacrifice is always a negative. When we think of the word sacrifice, we think of the giving up of something, right? We don’t think of what the exchange is. So Christ sacrificed his life why? For everyone. So it’s a different, it’s a different philosophy. But when Christians send their kids to the schools, and I’m speaking schools, generally, right? Government Schools and many other schools, right? The schools teach college prep and career readiness. That’s the highest value in the school. And if you go to even private schools, and you say, okay, you know, what’s your claim to fame? They say, Well, you know, 80% of our of our graduates go to Harvard or whatever. Right?

Elaine Beck 11:36
Well they don’t say Harvard anymore.

Sam Sorbo 11:37
No, but but the point is college prep and career but but college prep is a Ponzi scheme, right, which is basically get you to spend money, thinking that you’re gonna get a big payday at the end, right. But the career readiness is really about indoctrinating the child to think that his career and the ability to earn money is his highest value. And if money is your highest value, you’ll sacrifice, Your Honor. You’ll sacrifice morals. You’ll sacrifice everything, just for the almighty dollar.

Elaine Beck 12:06
Right? Well, you know, it’s funny. I’ve just recently because of what’s happening at Harvard, and Penn and some of these other colleges, and what’s happening in the world in general, and looking at the school system, and what the colleges have been doing over the last 15 years. It’s really hit home with me. And I realized that back 15-20 years ago, when all of a sudden, every kid needed to go to college. And no longer was, you could go to a school to learn a technical skill, a trade school a trade, you did none of that. It was any longer good. Everyone in order to get a decent job, this is the word they use a decent job. Had to have a college degree. And back then I went, are you kidding me? Does anybody have a brain around here? Exactly Who is going to dig the ditch, build the road, build the building, clean the toilet, keep your stores stocked. Take care of sales. Who’s gonna do this If they all come out And they think that now they’re qualified to be number one at the beginning now? It doesn’t work. That didn’t work

Sam Sorbo 13:33
But we’re seeing that today

Elaine Beck 13:35
Right. That the government’s – Oh, God bless them. You know, I talk a lot nowadays about praying for our enemies, because that is the truth. That is the major thing we need to do right now. With the government, who wants control and now is controlling even our children in schools decided that they could control us better if they said, What all People had to do clear up until they were 18. And then now it’s clear up until they’re 22 to 24. Right. So you’re in school,

Speaker 1 14:19
you’re on your parent’s insurance till you’re 26 Now, right, and it’s all in favor. It’s all infantilizing. It is.

Elaine Beck 14:29
I mean, seriously, they made it sound like we’re gonna do your favor. As long as school right. We’re going to cover them with insurance

Sam Sorbo 14:38
Save me the favor of more government, please.

Elaine Beck 14:40
Exactly. And so, you know, it’s sad.

Speaker 1 14:48
The other thing that I want to point out is children don’t learn civics anymore. In our government schools. Our government is not teaching people

Elaine Beck 14:58
well, they don’t want them to know the truth. about what they’re doing.

Sam Sorbo 15:01
The people retain the power in this nation, right? And so now the people, the young people are being trained in socialism. And that’s what this is this environment is here to combat is this idea that socialism is the answer, right. But we’ve we need to get people educated on the Constitution, right on the founding fathers on how this nation came to be. And here’s the good news, this nation came to be with a remnant. The founders were a small minority of the population. And the Patriots were a small minority of a population that was largely in favor of King George. And we still won the revolution, that we fought against the greatest nation in the world at the time with the greatest fighting force in the world at the time. And we won. So we can do it again, even though they’re actually among us now.

Elaine Beck 15:58
Well, I’d like to point out that it was the pastors that also won it Yeah, it was the pastors, who are we teaching people politics, they, what they were doing is they were teaching out of the Bible, not only in the churches, but in the schools. And that the government was the one that produced the first Bibles for school books in this country. So if they really were going to tell the truth about the history, they would look pretty bad, even worse than they do now. So here’s the deal. We’re running out of time, I have enjoyed this, and I am excited to the max at what you’re doing. And, you know, your husband’s amazing. Now, I know why, you know, I know that he has this gorgeous wife, who has a huge brain. And she passed the both of yuns’ pass it on to this really cool son of yours are all together. Okay. And it’s pretty cool, lady. And I hope that people will reach out to you. So I want you to tell one more time, how they reach out to you.

Sam Sorbo 17:18
Yeah, so if the if it’s for the home education, right, Sorbo, and click on me click on my link, Sam, Sam, if it’s for the films, and we have miracle in East Texas, which is a comedy that we just finished, it just went in theaters, and now it’s newly out on DVD. So it’s available, what’s it called for Christmas?

Elaine Beck 17:38
What the name of it again?

Sam Sorbo 17:39
Miracle in East Texas. It’s a true story about the East Texas oil strike the biggest oil strike in the history of the world gotta see true story. It’s told as a comedy. So it’s a lot of fun. It’s a family friendly comedy. For Kids of all ages. It’s, so it’s a lot of fun. So that’s just Sorbo, you’ll see it and then do sign up for our email letter. So we we keep in contact with people keep them up to date via email. Okay, and we’ve just found that that’s really we get great responses on our emails. And we found that that’s really effective. So I’m just encouraging people to stay in touch with us that way. And then they’re not left out out of the know. Stay in the know.

Elaine Beck 18:20
Would you hand me one of those pamphlets, please on WANE. I gave you some one of these. Okay. I just want you to read that and share it with all of your people online. This is about how we are not enemies. It’s called WANE, to get away from the evil in the hate. You’ll understand immediately when you go to we’re not And it’s very self explanatory. And it’s it is actually what I said, and I share with everybody now. Pray for your enemies, because that’s the only way we’re going to save our land. That’s scriptural. And we are in the national season of forgiveness is started November 26 of this year, going through to November 26 of next year. And this is a God given program that cost nobody anything.

Sam Sorbo 19:18
Can I just share with your viewers? I’ve had enemies in the past. And I started a prayer journal and I prayed for them. And it saved me.

Elaine Beck 19:30
Praise Jesus.

Sam Sorbo 19:31
So there is power in that and I know you don’t want to do it. But if you do it, you will find a softening of your heart.

Elaine Beck 19:42
Oh, Amen. Peace beyond all understanding. Yes. Is in that. Yes. This speaks to that. Please remind everyone

Sam Sorbo 19:51
And they might be there to teach you that right. So you be grateful for your enemies and pray for them.

Elaine Beck 19:56
Right. And I believe that we’re all going to see that by November 26 of next year, even though we’re going to go through chaos, and and probably horror like we’ve never seen. God is going to answer this next year. So God bless you. Thank you for being on my show. Thank you all for listening. God bless you all out there. We’ll see you next time on CPAC. Now go to and we’re always praying

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