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If we’re going to make a change, it will take PASSION. It will take BOLDNESS! Our guest today is Alexandra Levine, and she has both of those qualities (and many more!), and she’s using her voice to advocate for goodness and truth!

Enemies of Israel and the Jews have been emboldened by the attacks of October 7, and they must be resisted.

Hear her plan for how to educate the next generation and save them from the crooked vision of the Left.



Elaine Beck 0:12
Hi, everyone, Elaine Beck here. And as you know, our show, It’s Not About Us because it’s not. It’s about our God. It’s about our Lord and Savior. It’s about what we’re here for and who we serve. So today I have a very special guests, because based on all of that, I think it’s only appropriate that I have Alexandra living on my show today, talking about what she is doing, with all the things that are going on with the Jewish community. What is it that you are, how are we to know what to do right now?

Alexandra Levine 0:49
Well, thank you, Elaine, that’s such a great question. I’m a Jewish liaison, a national faith leader for President Trump. I’m also a direct descendant of a prime minister of Israel. So what happened on October 7 was horrible, not only for the Jewish community, but for any community, to be honest with you. And what happened was on October 7, that has become Israel’s 9/11. Right. So what what has Israel done? They have rebuilt they’re I mean, they are rebuilding right now. So Christians, Muslims and Jews have come together as one there’s 2 million Arab Israelis that live in Israel, they’re all coming together as one to help each other out in this time of crisis. The issue is, is, you know, we see that there’s so much beauty in Israel right now. That is not translating into America right now with trying to help. There’s so much division right now.

Yeah. Why are we doing what we’re doing? When if they can come together in a time of crisis? Why can’t we come together at all?

Well, what I’m finding is that the real anti Semites are coming out. Yeah, the real the people that are behind these pro Hamas rallies are really coming out, like what I see in the colleges, and when I see in the universities, right, it’s insane. And one of the things that I’m trying to do is implement full Holocaust and full Israel education mandate action throughout all elementary, middle school and high school across the nation, all 50 states right now, it’s only mandate and 26 states in the nation. So and the problem is, is by the time that kids get to age 17, they’ve already been indoctrinated.

Elaine Beck 2:19
I know, I know, the indoctrination in our school system, in so many venues is i don’t know i It’s hard to find words nowadays. To say that are strong enough to that exemplifies what we’re seeing in this country. When it comes to all of this. I was shocked. I don’t know about anybody else. But I gotta tell you, I was full blown shocked and not down when October 7 happened. And then within days, what happened in my country, and I mean, it’s our country. Well, we all think of it as my country. This is my country. This is where I was born and raised. This is what I was taught to love and respect and honor and all of these things. The last thing that I ever expected would be that the people of this country would turn against their Jewish brothers and sisters in any form. When this is absolutely and always has been from the time I was born, a Judeo Christian country. That is correct. So how could we be turning against our own? I

Alexandra Levine 3:33
agree with you, a lot of it has to do unfortunately, money and power. Because we have a lot of people that are coming here illegally from Iran, from Syria from Lebanon, they do not have America’s best interests at heart. And the Mossad actually warned that if we do not close the southern border, you’re gonna have more of these illegal terrorists coming into our country. In Maryland, for example, montgomery county in Potomac, Maryland, in Laurel, Maryland, we have pockets of Hamas all over the entire state, and we have it in the deme entire DMV area nationwide. So that’s why it is very important that we close our southern border that we heavily vet who’s coming through our border so that we can combat the anti semitism and combat the hate.

Elaine Beck 4:12
Absolutely. And you know, I live in Arizona, I live an hour and 20 minutes from the border in Tucson, Arizona, which is one of the biggest areas right now.

Alexandra Levine 4:23
Arizona Wildcat

Elaine Beck 4:24
Yes, absolutely. So it’s amazing to me that people in the other states, although they’re being bussed, planes, you can’t you can’t get on a plane in Arizona and Tucson without having illegals on the plane. Okay, they’re hiding them everywhere. And where are they going to go? I mean, it is so sad what we’re seeing. And that includes what you’re talking about, you know, people coming over from China, people coming over that are You know, from Hamas, and Hezbollah, and all of these different countries in that, where are they going? What are they doing? What are they preparing for?

Alexandra Levine 5:11
I mean, these people have been preparing for years, for years. And unfortunately, we have a man named George Soros even though he doesn’t live in America. He is controlling a lot of this. And now his sons are in power Alec Soros, who’s now dating Huma Aberdeen. So that’s scary in itself. I mean, those people do not have our best interests at heart. It’s a shame. And what the Biden administration needs to do is they need to get out of the way and they need to allow Bibi Netanyahu to do the job that he said he’s going to do. He’s trying to bring back our American hostages safe. So why would the Biden administration say no ceasefire, right? What do you call them an effing a-hole multiple times, that is our biggest ally we need to stand with and we need to support them. That’s why we need Trump back in the White House. Because under President Trump, who is the most pro Israel president ever had in the history of our nation, he took care of our ally. And he moved the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which was historic. And that’s one of the reasons why I voted for Trump. That’s one of the reasons I vote for him again, because of the love that He has for the Jews, the Jewish people and the Christian community. But he also wants to bring Judeo Christian values back back again, which is so important, right?

Elaine Beck 6:18
Well, the thing that I love the most about you, is your passion. And and this is what we all have to have people we have to have passion we do, we have to understand that it isn’t something we just get up, we watch the news, we call our friends and dah dah dah dah dah die gab about it and stuff. And so let’s do something. Take action. The first thing that I ever put together that God gave me was something called, you know, blessings through action. Where do we get our blessings, we get our blessings by praying, that’s an action that was cracked by honoring God, by honoring each other, by sticking together in love. By speaking the truth, in love. This is an action. I want you all out there to listen to this young woman and replicate her passion.

Alexandra Levine 7:14
Thank you, I just, you know, I’m my faith is what defines me. But I cried heavily after October 7, to the point where my father, I wanted to get on a one way plane to Jerusalem to Israel, and fight and just really, you know, do something because it just it compels you. And that’s why, you know, as a young person, I went to the Holocaust Museum right here in DC at the age of seven. It’s a very graphic, detailed Museum. But it changed me and made me the woman I am today. And the more that we start our young people at 5, 6, 7, 8 years old, learning about the Holocaust and so forth, it will propel you to be more like me to get up and do something right.

Elaine Beck 7:53
And we need to teach our children again, how to love their country or America Correct. And how to understand that we are allies, allies means we stick together through thick and thin, we love one another, we respect one another, we pray for one another. We do everything to honor God through our actions, and what we do. And I say right now that we all need to stand together like never before, because we are going to face an enemy that’s bigger than us, but never bigger than our Lord and Savior. never bigger than God who created the world is in control. This is what we have to understand. Do not give up. Do not stop fighting. Do not quit being passionate. That’s to you and all of them. It is so important. I just I’m excited to have people like you on my show because it gives me hope. And it gives my audience hope. You know, we were on CPAC now we’re on YouTube. We have our own newspaper called The Christian News Journal where you can go in there’s like 20, big stories broke on there every week about the border crossings about what’s happening in Israel, about what we’re doing in this country to defend it. Because our show it’s not about us is to share with people the good things that God is doing, you know, and you are one of them, young lady, thank you. He has he has taken Alexandra Levine and he has molded her into someone who will always honor God and do what’s right. And that means standing for the people, the innocent people of Israel, God’s chosen people there’s a reason that we are to defend and protect the Jewish people. We we love them in this country. The majority of the people here love them. These young people have been indoctrinated into believing that this is a Okay, it’s not

Alexandra Levine 10:01
right. I agree with you. I completely agree with you. And I’ll be honest, I’ve been doing a lot of rallies and events all over the DMV area in Florida. I have no fear. I have a lot of people are like, Why are you doing this? You’re putting yourself out there, you’re making yourself a target? No, because if I sit back and do nothing, they win. Right? And it pains me when I hear you know, my a couple of Jewish friends you know, they want to remove the Moses from the doorposts of their door they don’t want to wear a Jewish Christian friends don’t want to wear like a cross. And you can’t do that because they when you if you guys right, if you love God, and you observe God and you love being Christian, or Jewish or even Muslim, or and celebrate Islam, you have to you have to wear your your religion on your sleeve, you have to you have to continue practicing. Because if not the enemy wins because the enemy doesn’t have religion. The enemy doesn’t believe in religion.

Elaine Beck 10:52
Well, you know, in the Bible, it says that if you deny Christ, so if you hide that you love him, you hide that you care about him, you hide that you are a follower of his. Isn’t that denying him? Isn’t that a form of denying him? Yep. Or Are any of you willing to do that and put yourself in a position of denying Christ when it says that that is a sin, a huge sin that can pave the way to hell?

Alexandra Levine 11:27
And it’s even a bigger sin. When we have people that go against their own rights dealing with a lot of liberal Jewish people, socialists, they go against their own right? They kowtow and they stand with the terrorists. And I can’t believe that that just baffles me you just witnessed or saw, you know, 1200 innocent people die in Israel, but yet you’re standing with the terrorists, Jewish just baffles me.

Elaine Beck 11:51
Yeah, it does all of us. However, we have to remember it also says in the Bible, that when it gets close to the end times, that people will not be able to see or hear they they will good will be bad, bad will be good. People will be fooled by the evil one. And so we need to pray for them. Yes, one of the things that we’re doing in our organizations called WANE, we are not You can go there and learn about the national season of forgiveness. We have to forgive the enemy, according to the scripture in the Bible, that God says turn from your wicked ways, the wicked ways are hate deception. And also, it’s when you compare yourself to others and say, Well, my sins aren’t as bad as theirs. There’s no such thing. God says that in his word, that he will decide who will be saved and, or an or excuse me, he will decide, you know, whether somebody should be judged or not judged over something, not us. We’re to love one another, even our enemies, we must pray for them. So join us in that Alexandra, I definitely want and spread that around as you go. That from November 26 of 23 to November 26 of this year, is a national season of forgiveness. And in the word it says that if you will pray for your enemies, if you will do the right thing and pray to God, He will save your land. His land is the world that encompasses Israel, and the people there all of his children no matter where they live. So God bless you for being on my show. Is there any last message you’d like to give to people? Or should they reach out to you in it for any reason?

Alexandra Levine 13:45
Yeah, definitely like to give that you can reach out to me on my Facebook. I’m Alexandra Levine, Twitter at Alexandria le V i 20. You can also I have a huge YouTube channel, Alexandra Levine you can hear the testimony that I gave yesterday in Annapolis, which calls for the removal of care from the anti hate commission in Maryland. And then the new bill that is we’re trying to pass. But again, if you are if you’ve never been to Israel before I recommend that should go doesn’t matter if you’re Jewish, anybody of any faith should go to Israel. The Israeli people are wonderful people again, we have two Arab Israelis that love you know, the Jews, they love Christians, they love everybody. And, you know, just get cultured, you know, go to go to a Holocaust Museum, speak to a Holocaust survivor reach out to the Israeli Defense Force, they will talk to you they will tell you what’s going on.

Elaine Beck 14:33
Right, right. Well, you know, I went I went to Israel the first time it was amazing because I was an hour out from landing. And my pastor sent me a message that he was praying for me to enjoy my trip and and to learn some you know and stuff and, and I sent him back a message because this came from my heart. It’s what God told me to say. I feel like I’m going home. I have known About this land I have walked the streets and the hills and the valleys. I have seen and met the people. I have been brought into this from the time I was old enough to hear when I went to church and read the Bible. I know the stories in the people and the streets and what happened that’s going home when you go to Israel, any of us that are believers, that is our home. Well bless you again. And thank you all for being on our show today. We hope that this encourages you and makes you understand better please look up Alexandra Levin, and we are so happy that she was here today. You know, we’re always praying for you. God bless

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