Jesus Melts Hearts of Stone (ft. Roger Stone)

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Praise God for His mercy!

I STRONGLY encourage you all to watch this short testimony from Roger Stone, former political advisor to President Trump.

When his entire world seemed like it was crashing down and he had nowhere left to turn, the Spirit of God moved in a powerful way for Roger and now he enjoys joy everlasting.




Elaine Beck 0:11
Hi, everyone, Elaine Beck here and so happy to be here today. As you know, I’m always excited. That’s my favorite word. And I’m especially excited today because I have Roger Stone with me. And we are about to walk into a world here at, It’s Not About Us, and talk about what it is that God has done in Rogers life, because he’s been through many things. And he’s been in many areas of his life. He’s done so many things. Roger, I’m impressed by all the things you’ve done in your life to begin with, and then just see the trials that you’ve been through, and how God has brought you through and how strong of a man you’ve come out at this point.

Roger Stone 0:54
Well, Elaine, first of all, say it’s a great honor and privilege for me to be here. And what you say is absolutely true. In other words, I was I was baptized as a Catholic. And my mother was a very serious Catholic. And my parents made sure I went to mass and I went to Sunday school. But when I got to Washington, and I became more influential and more successful, and wealthier, my I wandered very far from the Lord.

That’s right. That happens to many people.

I didn’t think I needed him. And I did a lot of crazy things as a kid, abusive things, things that weren’t good for me. And then, as you know, I had a successful career in American politics. I’m a veteran of 13. National Republican presidential campaign. I cut my teeth with Richard Nixon, two campaigns, 1968 and 1972. Worked for Governor Ronald Reagan in 1976 1990. And 1984. Then worked for Senator Bob Dole, one of the greatest men of the 20th century. And of course, lastly, because I met Donald Trump, when I was working for Reagan, I became a proponent, an early proponent of Trump for president, because of my close relationship with Donald Trump, when Robert Mueller, the Special Counsel could find no Russian collusion, decided to try to manufacture it. So I was intentionally investigated for two years, even though I don’t know any Russians and hadn’t done anything wrong. And then they ultimately fabricated charges of lying to Congress, under oath, in my voluntary testimony, but how do you lie about things that never actually happened? Nonetheless, I reached the point where it became clear to me that unlike everything they teach you in school, I was not going to get a fair trial. I was not going to be allowed to defend myself. The judge disallowed, ruled out every possible defense I could offer. She also gagged me. So I couldn’t even defend myself on a podcast like this or a radio show or on social media. And I’ll be honest with you, I became depressed. I became distraught, angry, frustrated, fearful of what would happen to my wife, if, you know, I had to go to prison. I was unjustly convicted. And then, just through happenstance, I had a meeting with Reverend Franklin Graham. And I unburdened myself, I told him, you know, this struggle I was having. And he said, Look, let me give you a piece of advice, and it’s not political advice. Turn your burden over to the Lord. The become redeemed in the blood of Christ, confess your sins, get right with God, change your life. And he said, it must be sincere. But if he will sincerely do that, I can tell you, The Lord will lift you up. And he will protect you from those who persecute you. And I still wasn’t convinced. But then we went out to this field. She was having a revival in Boca Raton. And there were I don’t know, maybe 500 people in this field, my son was going down. And I was pretty, pretty widely recognized. He got me a seat up front. And he came to the park in his oration. Now, Franklin Graham is not Billy Graham, Billy Graham was one of the greatest men of the 20th century. Yeah, but Franklin Graham is a good man. And he’s an excellent apostle for the Lord. He just has a different style than his father. And he came to the point of his oration where he said, I don’t care if your problem is a gambling addiction or alcoholism or health problems or financial problems or family problems, problems with the law. The Lord will lift you up if you turn your burden over to Christ. And if you agree to walk in his way, and therefore those who wants to live with their Heavenly Father forever, so stand up with me now and confess your sins. And I seemed like a natural thing to do. I wasn’t embarrassed. I wasn’t hesitant. I stood up with 200 other people, I confess my sins. And Elaine was like, it was like cement blocks were lifted from my shoulders. So, I left there with a new confidence. And I got home and my wife said, What happened to you? You were, you were almost suicidal When you left here this morning. You were so impressed. And I said, you know, honey, it’s all gonna be okay. It’s now it’s no longer in my hands. Now it’s in God’s hands. And I prayed every day. Reverend Graham sent me a Bible. And he very thoughtfully indicated certain sections of it with a highlighter. 40 or 50 different sections. I would read through them from start to finish. And then I’d start from the beginning all over again. And then I became friendly with Kim Clements daughter, she gave me Kim Clements famous Christian Prophet, right I ever heard of. She gave me Kim Clements personal Bible. Now he was in all of the annotations and side notes. And today, now I read the Bible in the morning, and before I go to bed at night, it has been a complete change in my life. Now, having been in American politics, for 45 years. liberal elites make fun of me for this, oh, Roger Stone just fine. He’s found Christ. That’s an act. That’s a head fake. That’s some kind of that’s some kind of a bid for sympathy. Doesn’t matter. the Lord knows your heart. Who knows? Jesus Christ. No, you can’t fool God, He sees all knows all. And therefore I don’t care what they think. I only care what he thinks that it has changed my life in every way. So it has sustained me, I recommend it to others who have this kind of just kind of a trial in their life, this kind of a crucible. I talk about it openly and talk about as much as I possibly can. I speak to church groups, and I do a lot of Christian Broadcast, because I want to tell other people who have what they think are enormous problems, The Jesus Christ can do anything he can, if he can save, you know, hardboiled political operative like me, from a broken system, where they really, because I wouldn’t testify against Trump, they openly said, we’re going to destroy you, you’re gonna die in a federal prison. And then anything can be done through the Lord. And then that’s my story.

Elaine Beck 7:42
That’s a beautiful story. And one that I’m sure that my audience can relate to a lot of them. But hopefully every day, we get new people and new people hear the stories like yours. And it’s like, I’m on CPAC. Now, as well as I have my own podcast that’s on all the time on So I hope that everybody spreads this, you you’re a very famous man, and as opposed to an infamous man, which what people thought of you many years ago. And I think it’s really great what you’ve done. And I know that every one of us are sinners, whether we’re saved or not, we still sin. And, and we sin every day, that our God will always forgive us. All we have to do is go to him and ask, and there is no sin bigger than the other, and there’s nothing that he can’t overcome. And so, it’s always a joy to meet somebody like you who has walked the walk.

Roger Stone 8:46
I’m gonna show you as I said earlier, although I was originally baptized as a Catholic, right, I began going to Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church minder, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which was founded by Dr. D. James Kennedy, and was dedicated by Billy Graham. It is it is also changed my life. I was going to the Catholic Church, and I was coming away depressed. There’s no discussion of the right to life. there was there I was constantly being li proselytize to take the vaccination, which is not a religious issue. But Coral Ridge is a vibrant, evangelical Christian church where I feel welcome. I feel like I’m in a family. It is. I have gotten very active in the church. We have a very dynamic young pastor, the pastor Rod Perenzia, who’s also a former Catholic, you look i I’m pretty ecumenical. Here’s what matters. Do believe in the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. If you do, I don’t care if you’re a Lutheran or an Episcopal or a Methodist or a Catholic. That’s what’s important, right. I look for the things that unite It’s not the things that divide us, right? And I respect any Christian Baptist, it doesn’t matter to me, my you believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. And if you do, well, then we are brothers and sisters.

Elaine Beck 10:13
And we have to understand too, that all of us were born into different families. And from those families and from their heritage, they probably are following in their footsteps as to what church they went to, and where they learned about Jesus, and God, and the different things. So you’re right, it isn’t a matter of where you go. It’s that your relationship with him. It isn’t what church you go to, it isn’t what denomination you call yourself. It’s a personal relationship with our Father in heaven. And then with his son who came to save us, and he couldn’t have done that, you know, and taken all of our burdens away for us not to love him and honor him and ask for forgiveness and give our life to Him. And so we’re so blessed to know Him and to be living in this world the way it is right now. I know a lot of people find that harsh to hear that, that we’re loving being where we are, that this is the way God wants it right now. He is trying to show us and open the eyes of the people of this world, particularly this country, and let people see how evil evil can be, so that they turn around and turn that to him. And that’s what I’m praying for. I haven’t I have a new mission right now. And that mission is for all of us to understand that we are not enemies you can go to we’re not And look it up. I encourage you to do that being such a devoted Christian, and a man of God who is sharing with everybody. Please share that with people because when you go to we are not, you will learn that right now what God is asking us to do. And we’re on a particular date frame for a year of praying for enemies, so that we can understand why God’s scripture says if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, and and pray and turn from their wicked ways and sin, and also that we would seek His face, he will heal our land. And this is the thing that we all want right now is to heal our land, whether our land is here, or Israel or wherever it is. We want that. So we need to pray for our enemies. And so I hope you’ll share that with others. It’s been such a pleasure to have you on my show. And to hear your story just I mean, it’s touched my heart so much. And when I look at people like yourself, I see myself because we all were born into families and in situations where we all tried that the wrong way and our life and found God and now know the peace beyond all our understanding that only He can give us.

Roger Stone 11:34

Elaine Beck 12:22
So thank you again for being on my show. God bless all of you. I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing. Rogers story. I know that I did. And you know that I pray for you all this time. Please come and see us on CPAC now or go to Elaine and know that I pray for you always. God bless you

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