Jesus Reigns on Our Southern Border (ft. Franklin Graham)

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Franklin Graham’s life has brought him all over the world preaching the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In 2024, that God-given mission led him to where two worlds meet – the border between the United States and Mexico. This is the God Loves You Frontera Tour.

The pain and tension along the border is reaching a fever pitch, but that’s exactly why it’s where God is needed most. Pastor Graham was kind enough to share a few moments of his time to talk about what motivated him to launch this tour and the impact it has had.

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Elaine Beck 0:06
Hello, Mr. Graham, I’m so honored to have you on my show. The name of my show is It’s Not About Us. Because not, is it?

Franklin Graham 0:14

Elaine Beck 0:16
And so, I wanted to ask you, since God gave me a vision five and a half years ago to do what I’m doing today, and I know that yours came from inspiration from a father on Earth, as well as the one in heaven, I wanted to know what it is that guide you and leads you to do and go where you go.

Franklin Graham 0:36
Well it’s just the Lord have a I don’t I don’t hear an audible voice from God just saying, Franklin, I want you to go this direction or that. But it’s impressions on my heart.

Elaine Beck 0:46
Of course.

Franklin Graham 0:47
And so I just like this tour, right? About two years ago, I just felt like we should be going up the border. And I didn’t know quite what that would look like. Last year I was in Mexico City preaching. I had Marcus with me. I said, Marcus, I said, I’m thinking about going to the border. What do you think of him? Brother, Do it. And I’ll go with you. It for the last year, we’ve been working on this plan. And so things like this just don’t happen on its own. It takes a takes a team of people to plan it to organize it to work with the churches. So we’re just grateful for for, you know, just the team.

Elaine Beck 1:29
Well, you know, what I love about it is I was telling your associate that this is the perfect timing, right now for you to be in Tucson. Because the people here are so in need of God more than ever, just like we all are because of the border crisis. It’s in our yard. It’s in our front yard, it’s in our backyard, it’s in our every moment and our thinking, we have to protect ourselves constantly. That the protection that really means something is the one from God. And the trust that we all have here and need to be inspired with by your visit is that God is with us, right?

Franklin Graham 2:10
Well that’s an amen. And the need on the border is huge. And what I’m doing different on this trip is that everything is in Spanish. Most of the music is in Spanish and my message is being interpreted into Spanish. So, you know, if a person speaks English, fine, you’re gonna hear the message. If you speak Spanish, fine, you’re gonna hear the message. If you understand Spanish and English, you’re gonna hear it twice.

Elaine Beck 2:37
I love it. That’s great. Well, I just know that, you know, it’s a very humbling experience to have you here in Tucson at a time like this. Because, you know, we all know, we’re really very blessed, aren’t we that God is doing this right now in our lifetime, because he’s using so many wonderful people like yourself, to speak to the hearts of many. And I think a lot of people are I know our churches are getting bigger. I know that there’s a lot more chance for people to come to the Lord right now. And that’s something you’ve done for years. So it must be really amazing to you to see what’s happening today.

Franklin Graham 3:18
It’s, it’s God at work. And I and the Gospel has power. And when you present the gospel, you don’t have to worry if it’s going to work. The gospel works. People ask me how does it work? I don’t know them. That’s what God uses. So we’re gonna see tonight. I’m just gonna preach a gospel message. Give it an invitation. And we’ll just watch we got us.

Elaine Beck 3:47
Amen. Well, thank you again, so much for this opportunity. It means the world to me and I know it will my audience. And thank you for joining us on our show. God bless you.

Franklin Graham 3:58
God bless you. Thank you

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