Jesus Christ Loves The People Of China (ft. Nicole Tsai)

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Everything changed for Nicole Tsai one Christmas in China when her English teachers told her about Jesus Christ, secretly beneath their Christmas tree. She found freedom she had never known before.

Now as an American citizen, she has not forgotten about her people back in China, and she shares Jesus’ heart that her people would hear the good news and be saved.

Listen to her story and find out how you can help!






Elaine Beck 0:11
Hi, everyone, I’m Elaine Beck. And this is It’s Not About Us, because it’s not. It’s about our Heavenly Father. And today, I am going to share a story that if I don’t cry, it’ll be a miracle. Okay? because something has just happened in my life right here today, that has really profoundly moved me. Because years ago, I guess not that many. In 2006, I went to China, as a woman who was part of a church and had the opportunity, which I couldn’t afford. And I didn’t deserve to go to China, and speak to young college students about God, and share his story to give them hope. In a country that was communist. And so under the rule, all people under the rule have everything they do, that we were taught for three months, you cannot trust anything, or anybody. And you can’t talk in front or around anything. So it was really an amazing experience. So today, Nicole came into my life. She is here with an organization. And she’s going to she’s going to tell you her story. And I want you to know that her story is exactly what I was involved in in 2006. Nicole, please say hello.

Nicole Tsai 1:43
Well, thank you so much for having me, Elaine. And hello, everyone. I am Nicole. I was born in China. And I was one of those colleges student right. You know, when Elaine, you know, she shared her personal experience about spreading gospel to the Chinese students. And this reminded me of my personal experience. When I was a first year college student, the two English teacher teaching in my college, they’re actually underground missionary. They’re brave Christians. And so I didn’t know that until one day, they invited me and some other student to their apartment to celebrate Christmas. So it’s under the Christmas tree. And they told us about the story about Jesus, about how he was born into this world, and what mission is it and how that God’s love become the foundation of this country. So it is for the first time, it is on a Christmas under the Christmas tree. I learned about the story about America. And that’s the country I desire to come. So with the help of those two Christian, underground missionaries, I was able to come to this country to study as a student. So that changed my life on so many ways, because right now I have already become a naturalized a US citizen. I brought my sister, my parents, we’re all here. This is, this is our country. This is our home.

Elaine Beck 3:29
That’s wonderful. Well, honey, you know, when that happened to you? How long was it then before after you met under that tree? How long was it before you then was able to get to the United States

Nicole Tsai 3:43
very quickly, within three years, because I have to get my college education completed.

Elaine Beck 3:50
What year was that?

Nicole Tsai 3:51
That was like 1995, I came to this country.

Elaine Beck 3:55
Right? So you see, it was only just years before. And as I shared with all of you, it is so bad now and was within months after I left China. God planted me there. So that today, you and I would be helping the people of China and the people of the United States to understand him and know him better. Yeah. And come together. What a beautiful story that you have.

Speaker 1 4:25
Yeah, it is. And and I want to thank you and your studio and all of the staff here for the great work you do because you might not realize how big how massive the work of the impact of your work would change people’s life. So the Christian underground missionary changed my life changed my parents life changed my sister’s life.

Elaine Beck 4:51
I love that.

Nicole Tsai 4:52
And now, my niece she’s going to UPenn oh nice and my mile little nephew, he played at Carnegie Hall in New York. Without that Christmas tree experience, this would have never happened. Right? We would be continually living, like slave under the Chinese Communist Party. Because the school system, all the schools and universities in China is like a labor, education camp. It’s to nation indoctrination it’s no education. And it’s all about glorifying the CCP as the only God.

Elaine Beck 5:32
Yeah, what I love about this, too, is it happened under a Christmas tree. And I went there between Thanksgiving and Christmas on this mission trip. And I was there when the trees were up, that they don’t even they they had no connection of why Christmas was they didn’t understand that Christmas is Christ mass, yes. And what it was, and and the only way that I was allowed to speak to them was to speak, teach them in English as a second language. And so I used the Christmas songs, to open their hearts and get them asking the questions because you can’t bring up God. You can’t bring up Jesus, unless that you they ask you questions, but I love what you shared that in this colleges that we were at. We know that there were underground teachers that were allowing us to come to the classes. They were risking their lives, their future, their abilities. I mean, it was wonderful. We went to homes, and we learned a parent’s hiding or grandparents hiding babies and raising babies because they were only allowed to have one child, we learned so much about the evils of being in a communist country that still exists and is even worse, because like I said, within a month after I left, they shut down any they intercepted all the texts and anything. Nobody was allowed to get him anymore.

Speaker 1 7:11
Elaine, and for all of the God loving people. The Chinese Communist Party is a athiests and they don’t believe in God. No. And they want to make themself the god absolute all the people. And they aborted forcefully 400 babies. And they have killed more than 80 million Chinese people when there was no war.

Elaine Beck 7:35
That was 400 million babies.

Nicole Tsai 7:38
Yeah, 400 million babies were murdered. Because of the one child policy right. And some babies even if they were born, they were they got killed. Right. And so I thank this country, for standing up for God’s principle, right? This. That’s why America is the hope for the entire world because this country is founded on the divine principle on God’s principle. That’s right. And we need to reserve preserve that and keep that and promoted. Right? Because if we lose America, this whole world will be in darkness.

Elaine Beck 8:23
Absolutely. And that’s exactly what it is. They’re trying so hard to do it. But you know, what if we all stand together, if we all pray together, just like we’re talking about all the time, right now, about the WANE project about we are not enemies, about the national season of forgiveness, that we all should be praying for these people that are lost, even for Xi! that man is so lost, he’s so evil, he is so powerful in a country where he doesn’t deserve to be treated the way that he is. He is He is a bad person in every way. We need to pray for them and say, God, take the veil from their eyes. Let them see the truth about what hell is versus heaven. Let them turn from their evil, wicked ways. We need to pray for all people right now. And the National season of forgiveness goes clear through to November 26 of next year in 24 What a time when that the country like not only China, and that all the other countries that are fighting and doing the evil things. Look what’s happening in Israel. We all must pray for all people right now. This is what God is calling us to do. And to stand together, be brave and courageous like you are and do the right things. And God will bless you more and more Nicole because you are so devoted to your people. And God’s people are all of our people and they are are our brothers and sisters in Christ, and God’s people in Israel are the chosen people, we must pray for them. So thank you for being on my show. Thank you. And if do you have any last words that you’d like to share with, with the people of the United States on how they can help the people in China?

Nicole Tsai 10:19
Yes, I do. And thank you so much, again, for giving me this opportunity to share words from the bottom of my heart. Right now, I worry that the influence of communism and socialism is coming to this country. It’s brainwashing this country’s young people, right? It’s making the college student to think like, what? When, like the the kids, how they were growing up in communist China. So we need to defend the American liberty, yes, all foreign influence, especially socialism, communism, because only when America is strong and powerful, then the world has the light, inspire people from around the world. And then we can talk about helping people in other country to be free. But this country, we must stay free. And we must go back to our Judeo Christian values. Because then this is the Judeo Christian value is what make the foundation of this country is so powerful.

Elaine Beck 11:33
you know, we can’t stress enough right now, in this moment. How evil evil is, when you live in a communist country, how these children from the time they’re babies, and clear up into their older years, are always oppressed, always told what they can and can’t do, where they can walk, where they can stand, where they can go to school, what job they do, when they can talk, when they have to be quiet. Everything. I mean, just put yourself young people of this country, put yourself in that position. Understand that you are allowing the evil to come in. And if you do that, all hope will be gone. All freedom will be gone. This lady has lived it. You are listening to somebody who is telling you the truth, because she lived it. She walked it. She talked it her family did just think of what it could be like, please do not believe the stories that freedom is in government control. It is not Am I right?

Nicole Tsai 12:43
Yes. And it’s not about us. It’s about God and our God given rights does not come from the government. That’s my final words to share with all of you. I love this country. And I love you guys. And we need to keep fighting until we keep this country staying strong.

Elaine Beck 13:03
Yes. And Nicole, thank you again for being on my show. You’re gonna be back on my show. I think we’ve gotten many more stories to share that right now. We have to go God bless you all. Remember, we’re always on CPAC. Now, you could also go to and see all the things that we do. We love you. We pray for you all the time. Please pray for us. And please pray for Nicole and the people in China. Thank you. God bless you. See you later.


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