It Is A Full-Blown Invasion (ft. Matt & Mercedes Schlapp and Michael Meshire)

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It is BAD on the border right now.

After a recent trip to survey the damage and speak to the people, Matt and Mercedes Schlapp from CPAC joined Michael Meshire and I for a heartfelt conversation about what they saw and what it means for our country. And I’ll tell you, it does not mean anything good.

There are some painful stories in this episode, so listen carefully and without little ears around. Sometimes the truth is awful to hear but it is our job to bring it to you.

Be praying for a resolution to this fight on our southern border! The fate of our country rests on it.



Elaine Beck 0:11
Hi, everyone, I’m Elaine Beck. And this is It’s Not About Us, you know, we’re on CPAC. And we’re so proud of that. And one of the greatest things that I have in my life right now is my dear friends, Matt, Mercedes SCHLAPP, who are with me today. Matt is the president of CPAC. And Mercedes is his lovely wife. She’s really the hard worker.

Mercedes Schlapp 0:36
Thanks Elaine.

Elaine Beck 0:39
They’re awesome. Together, I get to spend a lot of time with him. And they’re just wonderful. And we also have Michael Meshire. And this is the young man, I like to use the word young man to these guys, that was at the border, and got shot six times in one night. And as it turned out, since Matt and Mercedes have their new part of CPAC, which is the Center for Combating Trafficking, that is so big to them that when they came to Arizona, and where I live, we ended up with the border today. And they got to see a lot of things. Actually, it was Kari Lake, that had asked them to come down and do this. So we’ve all put this together today. And I sort of want to share so much of what’s happening now and take these stories, maybe bring them together, and help you all understand how vital it is for us to understand the real battle that’s at the border. And to really understand we are in an invasion, it is a full blown invasion. There’s no other word for it. This is not us being nice. It is not, you know, something the government should be doing at all, they have no right to be doing this. It is a total invasion. And so, you know, they wanted to see this. So we went down. So Matt, can you tell us what you thought of the day to day?

Matt Schlapp 2:14
I think it’s just shocking. The first time you get to the border, and you see people coming across and, you know, you see how brazen it is. And there’s just something about, you know, I don’t like having too many rules and too many laws, but the ones we have we should follow. When you see people flouting it that flagrantly, and you know, the serious harm it’s doing to the country. And I just wish we could have taken everybody with us today.

Elaine Beck 2:40
Yeah everybody.

Mercedes Schlapp 2:42
I mentioned that Elaine, I said, you know, we were talking about like how many people from the media from the leftist media, the mainstream media have actually gone down to the border and seen firsthand, people literally going over these very tiny barriers, walk it over, like if nothing, it’s easier to come to America illegally, than it is to fill out paperwork and come in as legal immigrants. So, of course, they’re making this choice. It’s very easy choice where they get dropped off by a bus by a car by vehicle. Then they walk over across the board without a problem. And I asked one of the men, I said, you know, how old are you? He said, 30. And there was a big group of them. And I said, Why did you come here to United States, United States? He said ‘to work’ It wasn’t for political asylum. It wasn’t because of violence. It was to work. Yeah. So there you have it were that first of all, they’re just said they are very well aware that the Biden administration has basically said, here’s a welcome mat, come into this country illegally, and go to work. And don’t enforce the immigration laws here in America. The American people need to be outraged, outraged with what we’re seeing right now happening at the border that is happening day in and day out. And that was just one area that we just saw. I know, Michael, you’ve visited so many, you’ve gone to so many of these areas. So I think that that’s a real eye opening situation that we encounter today.

Elaine Beck 4:15
Well, what what you pointed out when they said to work, that is lie number 2,000,733. I believe I’m losing count now, though, all the lies that we hear daily, about the border, from everybody from President Biden, all the way down to anybody in the news media that you look at. It’s a constant lie, Michael, you know, you did this for what? 27 years. And so you saw when it was bad, better, worse, a little better, and a lot better. And now, what is it?

Michael Meshire 4:56
It’s complete chaos. Yes. So when you We started with the whole immigration laws under eight USC, you name it, the burden of proof on political asylum was upon the seeker, not here in the United States, they were to be held no longer than 30 days, they could petition at 30 days, if they were removed, and they’d have 180 days to wait, whatever that decision was, but right in their country, to see if they’re allowed to come in or not. And now they just come in and say, our political asylum. That doesn’t work, buddy, it’s, it’s, it’s going right against our immigration laws right in our face, and we see it every day, I’m out at the border three, four days a week.

Elaine Beck 5:48
And as she heard today, they didn’t say political asylum, these people are coming over, because they paid the dollars that they needed to, they got the ride, it wasn’t walking 1000 million miles, like they try and want to make us believe. A lot of them get air, you know, come in on planes, into the other countries, and then walk in there, there’s just all kinds of way that’s that this is happening. But when you go down to the border, and you see the things that you’ve seen, you know, and just the little bit that they saw today, and what I’ve seen over the last five years since I started doing my shows, and was at the border and had been down to the ranchers, and talked to them. And when you talk to the people on the border, your heart goes out to every one of them. We’ve seen everything from one of the board, people on the border on a ranch shot a man in self defense, and he went to prison. We’ve seen everything. It’s just corrupt from A to Z. So, you know, I guess what I want to talk about now is… what do you see, Michael? I think you’ve got the best background and I’ve talked to a lot of your friends, you’ve introduced me and and I’ve had the opportunity. But what do you see? What would you like to see happen right now? What what would be the best case scenario?

Michael Meshire 7:23
I would love to see our laws actually observed. You mentioned that some of these people are they come in on airplanes? Well, it’s a funny story. Because here once they get to United States, they go to the station, they get processed, they get released, there’s a place here locally called Cosas Aletaus an NGO, they claim that here last month, that they were pushing close to 10,000 illegals through their facility. Now these illegals would get a Visa card, a phone and free airfare to wherever they want to go. And I don’t think it’s wherever they want to go. They want to turn certain states.

Elaine Beck 8:08
Exactly and, you know, that’s the thing that I mean, I was just listening to news the other day, and they said that 35,000 Chinese have come across the border in just the last few months. And now they’re saying that those 35,000 Men, most of them are military from China. Now just does anybody have any clue as to why we would be bringing Chinese military over here, across our border, giving them money, giving them a free ride to wherever they want them to go? Or they want to go? And as well as giving them the ability to talk to each other a phone? Anybody have a clue?

Matt Schlapp 8:56
No, there’s no, there’s no reason for any of this. But we look, we’ve lost this whole thing, because in the beginning, the Democrats made this all about race, right. And if you were if you wanted to enforce our immigration laws, it was because you had animus towards South American or Central American towards Mexicans. And we passed all these laws during the Bush years and stuff that, you know, we all talked about the triangle and we could let the steam out of a kettle in these countries and these countries would have greater economic prosperity if we allowed to have more free flow of immigrants between our countries, even if it was illegal. And that was what the Chamber of Commerce and all these business groups pushed. And if you notice, it was just about having 150-165 No matter what the count of all the countries around the world. It’s literally just about normalizing the idea that if somebody wants to come to America, they simply walk in. Now. You asked me what it was like to go to the border. Seeing the Trump wall is Pretty dramatic, yes, for an American citizen because it’s huge. It does the job. It, but there’s these big gaps and there’s destruction to the wall. So you’re going to build a wall. Just like when you build a fence along your property, you got to repair it, you got to make sure that if somebody does damage to it, you fix it. And and so they’re doing damage to the wall and the Biden ministration refuses to fix any of it. So we saw these big gaps you there was one gap where the people came through today, these were Guatemalan illegal Guatemalans who came through today and it was, you know, I don’t know, 10 yards, 15 yards. Yeah. You know, they have no intention of fixing that gap. By the way, this Senate Bill, they’re talking about that that’s not going to compel Joe Biden to fix that. He doesn’t want to fix the gap. What, what when they talk about immigration reform and getting a compromise bill, it’s just about facilitating this broken process, get the people who are coming here illegally normalize it, get them into the interior of the country even faster,

Mercedes Schlapp 10:57
Right, and then have these immigration judges that then can process the cases faster, because it takes what two to five years if that by then these individuals are settled into this country. And then they basically can say, look, I married an American or my you know, my, I have an American child. Exactly. So the key becomes, you know, I think that there’s so much that can be done immediately, to at least slow it down, slow down, the influx of illegal immigration that was being put remained in Mexico back in place it worked under President Trump was very effective. Now, what are we seeing? We’re seeing the Mexican president, President Obrador, going back to Biden and Secretary Antonin Blinken, and saying, no, no, no, no, I’ll help you. But you better get up, let you know, get lifted up the sanctions against Cuba and Venezuela. So the Mexican government, the socialist government, has the upper hand right now. Right, in basically dictating to the United States of America. That No, no, you need to be nice to these dictators, these communist countries, take away the sanctions. And then I’ll help you. I mean, talk about how weak we are as a country right now, under Joe Biden’s leadership, because he has ignored this immigration problem that we’re seeing at the border, creating this national security crisis and facilitating the assault of young women at the border. Which Michael, I want you to address that, and sex trafficking, where we’re missing 1000s of children who have crossed the border?

Elaine Beck 12:30
Absolutely. You know, every time somebody mentions the children, and the 1000s, and the numbers and stuff, I cannot help it. I don’t know about anybody else. But in my mind, I am back six years ago, when President Trump was doing an amazing job on the border. And the ones that were coming through, he was trying to take the children and protect them, and put them in safe places. They called them cages. Yes. Okay. And yet, he was making sure they were fed, and taking care of and everything and trying to put them with their own families and stuff. And yet there were people coming over with children that weren’t their own. He was trying to protect these innocent children. I know that Michael can back up what I’m saying. And I always picture that in my mind. And I, I think to myself, they could complain, and all but torture the minds of all of the people who trusted President Trump over the bad treatment, the children, and now there are 1000s and 1000s of little kids that have disappeared, that nobody in the media is complaining about that. Nobody’s bringing any of that stuff up. I mean, all these things just can’t help that made me wonder, you know, what can we do next? So Michael, she was she was right, you can talk to what’s happening to these young women and, and that type of thing, too. You’ve seen it? Sadly.

Michael Meshire 14:09
Well, I can tell you story after story after story of them coming out of the mountains halfway dead, raped by every single guy in the group. And I was on a special response team, I was a paramedic. So one of my number one jobs was to go out there and give them aid. Right. And it was just it’s so disheartening, because you help one to three a week. And it just, it seems like it’s just getting more and more and more and these people, this is what this is what they see. This is what they learn. And this is what they do. So when they bring it here to the United States. You see, like just last Saturday when New York police officer was assaulted by immigrants at one of the stations there, right? With the women this was just maybe two weeks Years ago, I was out in the field. And we came up on a on a tree with underwear and bra and in my expertise of 27 years, they call it a rape tree. It’s a trophy. And so these cartel guys come out here, they’ll bring people along these groups, and they’re in cahoots with other cartels are like, hey, you know what, we’re going to be coming down this trail. So hit us right here. And then we’ll act like you guys are a rip crew. And then you steal money, you rape you do whatever you want to do. And you start in you see more and more and more women. I’ve seen them with the 1000 yard stare, where you’re going out to to help them and they don’t even see you. They’re just looking right past you because they have so much trauma. And it’s only getting worse.

Elaine Beck 15:47
Well, you know, I think that I’m gonna wrap this up, because we could talk for hours. We could point out story after story after story. We’ve all seen it on TV, we’ve all heard it, but quit being numb to people quit being numb to it. Your country is being invaded. We are being so invaded personally, each one of us if you really think about it, because any one of those girls, those women could be your daughter, your sister, your mother. This is so sad. And I know that all of these people that we’ve talked to today, they fight for this country all the time, Michael is still fighting for it. He’s retired, but he will never, never, and I know this to be true. I’ve talked to his wife, I know his daughter, they will never stop wanting this to get better, and to be corrected. And like he said, for just the laws that are in place to be answered and taken care of would be the greatest thing we could even think of right now. Let this invasion be over wealth. Fight back people by prayer by reaching out to your neighbors by voting by going to that ballot box by making sure the votes are counted, right. Do everything you can President Trump. We need him back. We need to support him. Give him all the support you can I know that times are tough now. But support the man support the people that are running in your districts in that that are the good people that want to save this country. There is so much here. We love you all we pray for you all all the time. And we thank you for being a part of this show today. Tell your friends to watch it. You can go to watch all of my shows, know the things that we are praying about every day and talking to the people that are like Matt Mercedes SCHLAPP, who are just awesome people that work every day for this country. And for men like Michael Meshire and all of the other men and women on our country that fight for us daily physically and mentally with everything that they have. So God bless you all and thank you for being here today.

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