Fighting Child Trafficking Around The World (ft. Pastor Troy Brewer)

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Powerful! Pastor Troy Brewer has assisted in rescuing THOUSANDS of children from the horrible fate of human trafficking, placing them in homes where they can be RAISED and PROSPER under loving and godly care.

Now he is dedicating himself to the task of “rescuing the rescuers” and building up bigger networks to meet the huge need around the world.

LISTEN IN as he shares some hard stories and some praise-worthy results – and open your heart to his challenge to get involved! These children need YOU!




Elaine Beck 0:11
Hi, everyone, my name is Elaine Beck. And as you know, my show is called It’s Not About Us because it’s not. It’s about our Father God in heaven and Jesus Christ, our Savior. And that’s who we’re here to serve. And it’s who we’re here for. And it’s an exciting thing when you know that and understand it. Because you’re no longer fighting to be good and everybody else’s eyes. You’re just serving God and it’s a very freeing feeling. So welcome to our show. And I have a very special guest who goes by the name of Pastor Troy, am I right?

Troy Brewer 0:52
Yes, ma’am. In some circles, okay.

Elaine Beck 0:56
You want to give everybody your full name?

Troy Brewer 0:58
Okay. My name is Troy Brewer and I am the senior pastor Open Door church and kids around the world call me papa Troy. So you can call me Troy and call me Pastor Troy and call me papa Troy.

Elaine Beck 1:12
That’s wonderful. And, and I understand completely, but I’d like our guests to understand why they call you papa Troy. And your story is amazing. What you do is amazing helping children get out of sex trafficking, and saving these little kids and not only saving them, but then making sure they’re taken care of not just shipped out somewhere. I’m very fascinated, and and I praise God for people like you every day. So could you tell us how you got started in this?

Troy Brewer 1:55
Well, Elaine, I got started because we have a food bank, and we started taking food down to Mexico. The Lord has blessed us tremendously. It’s like 30 years ago, our food bank grew huge. And so we had such a surplus of food that we started taking it into foreign countries, and going into trash dumps, and they’re in the trash dumps and feeding people in the trash dumps. I had a lady that came up to me, and she brought two beautiful little Nicaraguan refugee children. They were around 10 years old. And she talked to me in Spanish. And then I understood she was trying to sell me these two children. And she said, You can make a movie. And right then right there, the Spirit of the Lord came upon me and I as as appalled as I was, I just went Yep. And I reached in my pocket and pulled out my mobile phone said how much I made a deal for those kids, I walked out of the trash dump with them, I took them over to my wife and said, We just got two new little girls. And I told her what had happened, we took the two children to a home at a church that we were working with. And we began to raise those kids and told them, we got them in the car and told those two little girls, you’re gonna remember this day for the rest of your life.

Elaine Beck 3:06

Troy Brewer 3:07
and everything changes today. And Jesus loves you so much. He sent me all the way from Texas to come down here and to get you. And so after that, every single time we were in a trash dump, I began to just see I begin to be able to recognize after a while, kids that need to be rescued. And we started finding different ways to rescue them, if not just outright purchase them, or snatch them and move them. And then we started seeing it all over the planet Earth. And yeah, that started about 30 years ago. And today we’re, we’re we’re going to reach our 11,000 child this year. And we have more than 4000 kids under our care right this second. So it was the Lord I just said yes.

Elaine Beck 3:48
Right. And you know, that’s that’s such a beautiful way to put it. And I’m glad you said it that way. Because I love your story. I love what you’re doing. And we can talk about it endlessly, I’m sure story after story and, and the meaning behind it. And the fact that we know that, you know, God is with us. And Jesus is with us when we do anything like this. And yet, I would like to talk to you a little bit about what you would suggest to others who would like to either partner with you, or even become another Papa Troy. How would somebody go about that?

Troy Brewer 4:38
Well, the first thing I think that you have to do is if you’re going to ask me, I want to just say this, we have to have the Father’s heart towards this. Yeah. And pray and believe God for a new expression of the Father’s heart because this is all about the father’s heart. That’s what Jesus came to demonstrate. And he did. And so a big huge move of God as you know, and I don’t want to get all theology do that. But a huge move of God is when the hearts of the fathers turned toward the children and the hearts of children turns towards the Father. So that’s number one is being able to look at children and being able to look at vulnerable young women like a daddy, and not like anything else, right? There’s a great movement, God that needs to take place with that. The second thing is, the second thing is my friend is that the whole world is addicted to pornography. And if we do not find a way to tear down pornography, this is never going to stop my condition people. And it also traffics people. And we we have to actually be a people that says, as a family, as a church, as a citizen, I cannot be a part of pornography in any way whatsoever. And that’s a huge step. But then outside of that, I would just say this, if you ask the Lord to open your eyes, you will start I’m telling you, God will cause you to come across somebody that needs to be rescued in some way, in some way, because there’s so many vulnerable people. And if the body of Jesus doesn’t step up and do this, there’s nobody else coming.

Elaine Beck 6:05
We know, I just recently have been seen not just once, but multiple times videos of people showing the sign for I need help. And I’m not sure if I’ve got this right, but I think they do this. Can you see my hand? Yes, ma’am. Okay. And I believe I saw one where the girl was in a car. And there was a man driving the car on her left, of course. And then she was setting in the car doing this with it up beside her, her head where people in the next car could see it. And, you know, there’s signs like that. And there’s also like, when you travel I, I travel a lot, I go to airports. And there’s a lot of literature on restroom doors and stuff, if you know of anybody that’s being trafficked, or if you see somebody in distress, or if you feel that they need help, there’s a number there to call or, you know, who to reach out to? I think, I think sometimes people have blinders on and they’re so into me and what I’m doing and where I’m going and, and that type of thing that they don’t notice these things. And so I’m I just pray for people to be aware. And for people to, you know, be like you not be afraid, but instead step up, you know, and so that that’s really, really good. I like I like what you said, I think that’s great. So you also said, you’re on a ranch. To me that that’s where you are right now. So you have a ranch is that helped feed these children or what? How’s that work?

Troy Brewer 8:01
Yeah, we actually have a couple of different ranches. We have one that’s called redemption ranch, and redemption Ranch is 720 acres. And I want to tell you, the main thing that we do is we rescue rescuers. And so that was that that goes right into the last question you asked me is, one of the things that you can do to get involved is find a rescuer and support those people. So find an organization or find a person, find a missionary that hardly anybody else in the world supports, and they rescue kids, support those people and help

Elaine Beck 8:36

Troy Brewer 8:36
I agree. So that’s, that’s one of the reasons why we’re so effective now is because throughout the world, I find rescuers and I rescue them. And I bring them in and just say, tell me what’s going on, I build, I build huge relationships with them, I help them get their family back together, or whatever that looks like. And then we start to fully support them. And I say, if you went from here to there, what would that look like? And I want to actually support that. And then we personally get involved, and we help them do those things. So that way, I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. I don’t I don’t actually rescue kids anymore. I haven’t rescued a kid personally since 2018. But I’m there all the time when the kids come in, and in different places. But to answer your question, redemption Ranch, yeah, it’s all about rescuing the rescuers. And people come from all over the world to stay there, or to hunt there or to do amazing things or hang out with us or whatever. And then they fully support what it is that we do.

Elaine Beck 9:35
you’re aware of the fact that I’m on CPAC now, and I support CPAC in a huge way I feel that the conservative movement in this country is the one that’s got the heart for things like this. And Matt and Mercedes Schlapp really went above and beyond and proved that about six months ago when they started centers for renewing, or for combating sex trafficking. Yes. And I’ve worked closely with them, I was at the grand opening of Sound of Freedom. And it’s just a wonderful thing to be part of. And I was so pleased when I heard that you were going to do a show with us. Because, you know, your history speaks louder than words. And when you say, you’ve been doing this for 30 years, if people don’t get the message out of that, that this is not going to go away. Unless we all work hard at it, one man, or 20 men, or 1000 men, or 10,000, men cannot save all the children, it’s going to take everybody doing their part, whether you can’t get out, and you can just send money for these kids. Or you can make phone calls, to help encourage a rescuer or to do so many other things that are out there to do. I would encourage everybody to hear this today. And understand that there is a place for you. Because those children need you. The thing that startled me the most and reading your story was about babies, how you’ve actually rescued children as young as 38 hours old. I mean, that just literally now, you could have just taken a sword and ran it through me. That’s what it felt like. For anybody to be able to even contemplate such horror upon another human being Least of all, baby is astounding to me.

Troy Brewer 12:01
It’s the present reality of the day that we live in. And I mean, there are huge market for babies throughout the world. And we actually have people that work undercover, that that’s what they do is they go to these markets and the whole, the whole world thinks that they’re pedophiles, and they actually they actually purchase kids document what’s happening whose cell known where those things are at and then we’re responsible for shutting down a lot of those rings, but it’s dangerous. I mean, it’s crazy. I mean, I’m just a pastor of a church. And I’m just, a yahoo who from from Somerville County, Texas. These guys are professionals. And they’re doing amazing things. Yep, I’ve been I’ve been to those markets. I’ve seen those things. And we do we actually have like in Uganda we have a home with, I think we have my son is behind the camera here. I think we have 79 Is that correct? We have 79 babies that we’ve rescued, that we are now raising. And that’s, that’s the other thing I have, I have a couple of things I gotta tell you. One is this, I am appreciative to CPAC, I was at the international summit against human trafficking with CPAC last year in the Capitol building, and I’ll be there again this year. And that was amazing. And I’m so grateful for that is one of the coolest things ever been part of. And then secondly, I want to say this, it’s one thing to rescue a child, and which is very important. It is a whole nother thing to raise that child, I’m talking about completely raised them to the to where their quality of life by the time that they leave you is exactly like the quality life of your own children. And what I found in working with this in the beginning was there were rescuers, and there were raisers. And what I saw was I saw a need to put those two things together. And that’s what we do. So that’s where it’s happening now.

Elaine Beck 13:45
Okay, so how do you get around things like you’ve rescued a child, even a baby? And where do you put that child? How do you give them a name? How do you get past the government? Adoption stuff the and, and spending? You know, 50? I know that it costs around $50,000 to adopt a child? How do you take a child in and give them an identity where you can raise them?

Troy Brewer 14:23
So in all the different nations that we work in, we typically do not adopt those kids out of those nations because of those very reasons. The compliance is completely different with the governments that you’re working with. If you do outside, if you do outside adoptions, and to be very frank, the adoption racket is exactly that. It is a racket, right and it’s a worldwide it’s a worldwide racket, in my opinion is it’s another form of trafficking. It’s it’s actually that can be for sure. And so I mean, it’s a form of it. And obviously there’s a lot of great adoptions and all that but the hell that these governments put these people walk through and put these children through is tremendous. And the amount of people you have to pay off and all that kind of madness. So how we do it is we get in compliance with every single government to raise kids, when the kids come in, and when. And when we rescue those kids. There’s different compliance with different governments, like, the toughest one that we’re involved in right now is with Mexico, but we have true rescue centers, we are completely in compliance. And it cost about $100,000 a year, just for the staff and the government has to approve the staff, you have to have an you have to have a nurse 24/7, you have to have a doctor 24/7, you have to have all these things. So it becomes very difficult for small ministries to actually do these things.

Elaine Beck 15:42
What about in the US?

Troy Brewer 15:44
well, for I want to tell you this, we were going to open up a rescue center in Burleson, Texas last year, I bought a house do that. The compliance, the compliance on that is about 280 $300,000, a year before you ever get a single child in. And then the house could only hold three or four kids. Biggest mess. I want to tell you, I’m sorry to say this, but I’m telling I’m a guy that knows, our United States government does not help us rescue kids, our United State government actually fights us. And that is absolutely true. And of course, what the border is open the way that it is, we have, we have rescue centers on both sides of the border, but mostly on the Mexican side. And I want to tell you it however bad people think that trafficking is on the border, it’s way worse than what they think it is. And those are government issues.

Elaine Beck 16:42
Right. And that’s why I had to bring this up Troy, I wanted the people to hear here, this is this is where it’s going to be I mean, the show goes all it can go all over the world. But this is where people live and are hurting and aching for these children and might want to help and send money and, and be a rescuer, or help a rescuer or whatever it is, but when you look at it, and you know, that the government is totally against what you’re doing the good that you’re doing, and they’re hindering it, and they’re getting in the way, it’s very difficult. But I just want people to know that, you know, when you know, something’s right, please just stand for it. Don’t give up. Keep trying, like, obviously, you’ve been doing with 30 years, behind you Troy and a future to look into, we can only pray that President Trump or somebody like him who, who, who is a, a true lover of, of this country, and the people in it, particularly the innocent children, and stuff that that that’ll make a difference when he gets in office. And these are things that we all can write to our senators and our congressmen and people about. And I don’t mean one letter of three sentences, let let’s get bold here be the voice for these children, that you all can do it. You can write to them, you can call their offices, you know, that’s sort of like old school thinking, you know? Well, it’s right heck, old school never went away, there’s still an option for everybody to be the voice for these children and defend them. And that means go to your congressman that and say, Let’s pass a bill to help these children. If they get rescued, let’s pass a bill to cause them to be able to have a voice for themselves even to protect them. You know, there’s always a way. I mean, at my age, nobody’s ever stopped me from anything within reason. Because I won’t back down and I can tell you won’t back down. Let’s encourage others to do the same thing. Don’t back down. Call, right? Call right over and over. Do whatever you have to pray, pray continually. The Bible says in this situation. Your prayers are so powerful for these children. And what you have done Troy is amazing to me. I will be praying for you and your organization. I will be praying for those children. And if there’s anything that I can do you know how to reach out to me now. Thank you for being on my show. Thank you for sharing all of this. And I pray that it becomes part of everybody that is listenings priority, not just through C packs, combating sex drugs. thinking not just through your program, Troy, but through their hearts, that we can reach them somehow take the blinders off of them and help them realize that they’re all vital in this fight, get in there and fight.

Troy Brewer 20:16
That’s a great word. I would like to as we close here, I would love to tell you ln, one of the things that all your viewers can be aware of, and that they need to constantly voice out against is anytime that you see that they want to lessen the penalties for Sexual Offences upon children, that’s trafficking, there’s trafficking, when they want to change it from a felony to a misdemeanor, there’s a reason for that. And then there’s another another thing too, is when you see that they are constantly trying to push the age of sexual consent lower and lower and lower, there’s trafficking involved with that. And then finally, the other thing is when you see that anybody is trying to make prostitution legal, or remove the penalty and make it just a mild misdemeanor, that’s trafficking as well. So so much so in this is how it works throughout the world is this and this is happening here within the United States. So we need to be aware of this. But throughout the world, what happens is they lower the age of consent, and then they passed prostitution and then they they they put huge you go to prison for the rest of your life for actually trafficking, but now they have legalized trafficking. So if you if you want to pay to molest a child that is legal, but if you pay to free a child, that is trafficking, and they send people like me to prison,

Elaine Beck 21:30
dear Lord, dear Lord, You know, I just feel like the need to pray to close this Heavenly Father, we know who you are. We love you, we worship you, we praise You. We know that there is only you that has the power. Jesus really reach out and take the blinders off of people’s eyes. Let them see the truth of what Troy has spoken today. Let them feel in their hearts, the desire, a strong desire to fight against all of this Lord, not to give up not to give in. But instead, if all Christians would stand together in times and things like this, we are so much more powerful than any because we have God the Father, and Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. God, let us come to you humbly. Each and every time we hear anything like this even see anything like this. God give us the strength to reach out, stand up together and know that you will change it. We love you in Jesus name. Amen. Amen. Thank you again, Troy. God bless you. God bless you, man. Thank you. We’ll talk again someday soon, probably at that combating sex trafficking was CPAC. Okay, you there.

Troy Brewer 23:06
Thank you so much.

Elaine Beck 23:07
Thank you. God bless you.

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