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2 Chronicles 7:14 says, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

That is the God of the universe making us a promise right there! So how do we respond? Do we TRULY humble ourselves? How?

Let’s discover that together. Join us!



Elaine Beck 0:14
Hi, everyone, I’m Elaine Beck. And this is It’s Not About Us, we are so happy to be here today. And as you know that my favorite word’s excited. And I’m especially excited to have my guest, Brad Bedford with me today, again from FRC. Tony Perkins, who is the head of that hired a wonderful man when he hired Brad Bedford, who is very full of passion for God as we are. And so today, we’re going to share something with you that I’ve been sharing on some of my other shows, but we’re trying to reach a nation – actually, the world. And so when you’re doing that, you got to keep telling everybody that good news. So I wanted to share with you, Brad, that just approximately five weeks ago, if that, I had sort of given up on some of the bigger things I was thinking about doing. I saw, as we all do such a need for us to put God in front of everybody, right and, and to, to speak to the people. The last and, and the, the, the Saints alike, for the sake of God. And so we had thought about doing some big events, you know, renting big properties or a big, you know, a stadium or something, and reaching out and people do revivals, they do awakenings and stuff. And, and I was really thinking about that, because I felt like God was saying, You got to get in there. It’s been five years ago, Elaine that I told you to bring all the Christians together. And so I got sort of sad and was feeling like, I don’t know, Lord, I just don’t see what I can do. And He said, but I gave you a scripture five years ago, and I gave it to you for a reason. And it’s one that most of you, My children know. But I want you to understand that and act on it. And He said it was the scripture that He gave me the first one in the vision that He gave me five years ago, and almost five years ago Exactly. And it was the one that is Second Chronicals 7:14. And it goes like this, If my people who are called by my name, would humble themselves, turn from their wicked ways and sin. seek my face and pray. I will heal their land. We know we’ve heard that. And I took it serious then. Right? And I could see that He was saying this was about God and countries. So that all made sense didn’t it? But He clarified it to me more, and asked me to do something especially different. And that is that He helped me look at it and break it down. And He said, when I say Humble yourself in that verse, I’m not talking about, you know, when you say something to your sister, and then you feel bad about it, because it wasn’t very kind and, or something like that. And and you humble yourself and ask for forgiveness. He said, I’m not talking about that. He says I’m talking about you realizing that you’re no better than any other child on this earth, not any other person living on this earth. You’re not to be comparing yourself to others and thinking you’re better. You’re not to be looking at other people and thinking ill and bad of them. In other words, quit becoming the enemy. Quit becoming your own enemy within . Quit the hate and the anger let go of it. That’s right. And He went on further to say that, how often do you when you pray to Me? Do you actually see my face? Do you actually close your eyes and realize who you’re talking to? The creator of the universe! How often do you humble yourself and ask forgiveness? For your enemies? forgive your enemies. I’m like, Whoa, that’s beautiful God. And I said, Well, how and when do I do this? And so I thought about Well, the first of the year, we could really any went No. He said, you need to do it now. And I said, Well, this is so wonderful. Maybe during the holidays, Christmas and Hanukkah, we always have been a Judeo Christian country. What better time than to do it then? And He said, No. He said, You’re all distracted, then you’re all worried about trees and packages, and not about me. You’re shoving me aside there. That’s true. And I went, Wow, that’s true. Just like you said. And then I thought, I said, Well, Thanksgiving weekend. We all get together on that Thursday. It’s always on that Thursday, every year. And we get together with our family and our friends. And we thank him for everything. What better time than that Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend, when we all come together in our churches or at work where we have to be at because we can’t go or wherever we might be? Why not? Then Lord. And He said, That’s it. I like it. And so on November 26, that’s the Sunday that Thanksgiving weekend falls on is November 26 2023. through November 26 2024, we need an entire season of forgiving, you know, we are, sadly we’re all guilty of this at times. I mean, I know some of us pray sincerely and deeply daily. But we’re all guilty of sometimes, you know, not seeking His face, not realizing we’re no better than anybody else, and not praying for our enemies. And that one time is a fix all it’s not. He says keep coming back. Keep praying, be persistent. Be consistent in your, your, your love for me, come to me and humble yourself. Because this is a big thing. And you’ve gone away from me for a long time. So fortunately, three or four days after God gives me this revelation, and I’ve come to work and I’m all excited. And I can envision all this happening. And we had an appointment with Dr. Ben Carson and his office in Washington, because we were his main support for his event this last weekend at Mount Vernon in Washington for his wonderful American corners, Cornerstone Institute event that he has each year. And so we went to talk to him about it, and was offset in there, his whole staff and everybody. And I said Dr. Carson, I’ve got something so important to share with you. So I shared everything with him. And guess what he said? He stood up in his quiet, calm way. looked across the table at me. He said so We Are Not Enemies. W.A.N.E. And I’m like, oh my goodness, that’s it. We are enemies. We’re God’s children. We’re all here for the same purpose to serve Him. And you know, when you look up the word WANE spelled w a n e, it says that it is to go away from to lessen. Well, we need to go away from the darkness. That’s the evil that hate, the resentment, the bitterness. That’s we need to turn back towards that light. And we need to ask God to love the people that we may think are loveless and they may think we’re loveless. That’s why it’s for all people. It’s not for the right or the left or the up or the down. It’s not for any one person. It’s for every person. And we can all do this. And can you imagine the power of this? What do you think Bob?

Brad Bedford 10:09
that’s, that’s? That’s all right, I’ll put you can call me my

Elaine Beck 10:12
husband’s name was Bob.

Brad Bedford 10:16
Thank you know what really strikes me is the timing, you know that timing going right into this election cycle this is probably the most important time in our nation. And really not just the nation, it’s the world I mean, it’s going to impact the world. So I think that’s really a critical, critical thing. But I think it’s really that’s substantial. But you’re having it during that time.

Elaine Beck 10:40
Yeah, well, isn’t always God’s perfect timing. Oh, yeah. I mean, we know that. And some of the really cool things is, you can go to We’reNotEnemies.com and learn all about it, you can see all of the things that you can participate in and do. And we’re not asking for a penny. We’re not asking you to go somewhere. You don’t need to do anything, but pray. And there’s nothing more powerful on this earth, than reaching out to the Creator God through Jesus Christ, and knowing what he’s going to do. And if somebody else doesn’t understand that, try this on for size, and you will feel the power of the Holy Spirit, you will be part of that. Amen. And it is so wonderful, and so powerful. And we’ve got a lot of big organizations like Dr. Carson’s organizations, part of it CPAC is part of it. Everybody we call, we’ve got volunteers calling constantly. We want Tony Perkins, and all of the other leaders of all of the movements in this country that have forgotten to reach out to everyone they know and share about the national season of forgiveness. And the National kickoff day for for the season of forgiveness is November 26. And we’re so excited because I can already feel the power of God working in this. When you stop and think about it, it gives you chills, those Holy Spirit chills, it makes you understand that this is the power that he’s presenting now to us, when we need it the most. His power. Isn’t a great Brad?

Brad Bedford 12:38
What is the name of the website, again?

Elaine Beck 12:42
WeAreNotEnemies.com. And on there, there’s all kinds of logos and stuff. So if a family or a group or an organization, or a church, or one of your organizations, or anybody wants something, we’ve got all the logos there. So you can order your own hats or your own T shirts or your own pins or your own, you know, whatever to hand out or where to get people asking you what’s that mean? And we love it. When everybody puts on all of their information that goes out hashtag, we are not enemies. That’s great. So there’s so much you can do. And the last thing I will point out is so imperative to know. And that is that when Jesus was on the cross, He called out to his own father in heaven and said these words, forgive them for they know not what they’re doing. And that can be sad, of each and every one of us. So they’re in in and of itself, is if Jesus can ask for our forgiveness, then we should humble ourselves and ask for forgiveness. For everyone else.

Brad Bedford 13:55
Well, that’s powerful. And it’s probably because this is gonna give God entrance and reign in. And that’s what we need to do. We need to give- we don’t give God enough opportunity in our lives to, to make the changes that are necessary. And that’s important. Yes, and to be and to be aware, you know, that’s to be. I think, that’s the thing that that I think this will really help the body of Christ, be more aware and it’s important, because

Elaine Beck 14:24
we you know, I had somebody say to me, we should make it into a revival. And I said, No, if God wants a revival, he’ll make the revival out of it. He is being empowered by us letting go, seeking his face, and doing what he asked us.

Brad Bedford 14:41
Well, I’ve seen that in my own life when I let go, you know, the old saying, let go and let God. It’s really the truth when we let go of what we think needs to happen and give him preeminence and give him place. Yeah, and make him the center of our life.

Elaine Beck 14:57
Yeah, that’s my prayer every day and With most every thought is, if this is what you want, Lord, if, if that’s how you want me to do it, you know, the time that He healed me from an incurable disease after six and a half years, I said to him, if this is what you what you want from me for the rest of my life, I accept it. And he cured me of it the next day. Because it’s when we accept his love, his choices that we get, ultimately, what he wants for us, and makes us to be the person he wants us to be.

Brad Bedford 15:36
Because Elaine you know, there’s people out there now that have that- that’s what’s been the center of their life is our hurt. Yes. Oh, and that’s, that’s what’s been the center of their life has been pain. And when because their focus has been on that, you know, God, show me long time ago, whatever you magnify you draw to you, amen. And we need to, we need to make sure we’re magnifying the right things.

Elaine Beck 16:00
So good, Brad, I have enjoyed you so much. I just feel so blessed that I asked you to be on my show. Thank you for having me. And it’s been such a joy and your thoughts are obviously coming from the Lord Himself. And so I thank you for sharing with us and listening to what we’re doing, and sharing with my audience. And so everyone we close again, on another wonderful time spent with another wonderful Christian, and we thank you for being with us. And as always, you know, reach out to us at CPAC now or at a Elaine beck.com and know that I am praying for you always. So please pray for us.


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