Can We Be The Land Of The Free If We’re Not The Home Of The Brave? (ft. Dr. Ben Carson)

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The return of one of my favorite guests! Dr. Ben Carson and I enjoyed an encouraging discussion about what it will take to win America back for God. No surprise, the missing ingredient is courage!

Dr. Carson and I take on the TOUGHEST topics: LGBTQ, the Riots of 2020, the Stolen Election, and much more. And the only real solution is to bravely proclaim the truth.

Join us for that and enjoy the episode!



Elaine Beck 0:11
Hi, everyone, Elaine Beck here and It’s Not About Us, as always, and we just love it that you’re here that you know my excitement today, my favorite word, is that one of my dearest friends is with me, Dr. Ben Carson.

Ben Carson 0:27
And it’s so wonderful to be with you.

Elaine Beck 0:29
Oh, you know what – this man, I call him a gentle giant, because he is a giant in his work for the Lord. And He is so gentle about how he handles everything in his life. And to me, that’s a real man, Dr. Carson.

Ben Carson 0:49
Well, particularly these days, we need to stop thinking that we’re enemies. We are not enemies. But we’re allowing people to manipulate us on the basis of race, age, income, gender, political affiliation, religion, you name it. And driving wedges and making us think that we hate each other. And we don’t!

Elaine Beck 1:16
We don’t, no, I think one of the most horrible lies that has been spread in this country is when whether it’s the media, or it’s a pastor, or whoever it is, makes the statement that people who believe in God don’t love you, or don’t care about you, or judge you, or any of that stuff. Because we know real Christians know. People that follow God know that the truth is, we love everybody. That’s what that’s what the Bible says. Love all people love everyone, no matter what country no matter what race, no matter what color no matter what, anything. And so we need to defeat that lie. Dr. Carson.

Ben Carson 2:18
We absolutely need to defeat it. And, you know, loving people doesn’t mean that you accept everything that they do. No, you know, when you love your child who’s growing up, it doesn’t mean that you accept everything that they do you correct them, you help them you want them to develop into great human beings. That wouldn’t happen if you just say, oh, everything’s fine. Here, you can have all the candy you want.

Elaine Beck 2:40
And you know what that even includes, In the Bible, it talks about sparing the rod. And and punishing, and having consequences for bad actions.

Ben Carson 2:51
It says he who does not do that hates his son.

Elaine Beck 2:54
That’s right. Think about that people, you know, every time that you correct your child, and we all know that Dr. Carson’s organization is so much about these little children, that Jesus said, Let them come on to me. And so it’s so important for us to understand that you must not spoil them in the way of what they do. Now you can spoil I mean, you can give them toys, okay, you can give them an extra potato chip, or that doesn’t hurt them. But what hurts them is when you allow them to do wrong, and you don’t correct them in the right way.

Ben Carson 3:37
And when you make them so sensitive, that they have to have a safe space to go to. I mean, basically, we’re just softening them for more serious attacks from nefarious directions. We don’t want that to happen. We want them to be strong. We want them to be able to contribute. Not always be running for shelter.

Elaine Beck 4:01
Yeah, we know you’re you’re not much younger than I am. And when I was a young mom, and I started having a family, I was 21. I had my first one. And it was right about that time that this crazy man. And that’s what I call him. This wild, crazy man who grabbed the world by the throat and said his name was Dr. Spock, by the way. And he said, You know, it’s mean to punish your child, you should never lay a hand on him. You know, if they do something wrong, put them in a corner and a timeout, and in that that timeout should be one minute for every year of age they are. Well I don’t know about you. But if I did something wrong and somebody said go stand in that corner for even my age 75 minutes I don’t think that that would deter me for ever doing something. Okay, so you take a child, and you teach them that way. The Bible says that’s wrong.

Ben Carson 5:11
And we’re seeing the consequences of it. Remember in the summer of 2020, when all the young people were running around writing breaking things up. And even there, you see the young people running into the stores and raiding stores. And they’re not being punished for it saying, well, as long as it’s less than $900 worth of stuff, it’s okay. I mean, these are the kinds of messages that destroy people. And we’re not doing them any favors by by allowing them to do this,

Elaine Beck 5:42
Right. When my daughter Cindy was 20. So that’s 30 years ago, that’s so hard to believe she’s 52, my baby. But 30 years ago, she was 20 years old. She moved from Ohio, to Arizona where I lived, because she had left home a couple of years before she comes home to Arizona. And she goes to work at a local like gas station, little store. And she’d come home one day and she said, Man, I got in trouble today. I said, What would you do? Because she’s like this hard working great gal, right? And she said, Well, I got mad because this guy came in, and he was stealing beer out of the store. And she said, I yelled at him and told him to leave and grabbed it out of his hand. And she said, I almost got fired. I said what? She said, Well, they told me I’m not allowed to do anything. If somebody comes in to steal, I just have to let them do it. And then call afterwards and just reported it.

Ben Carson 6:49
that was 30 years ago?

Elaine Beck 6:50
Yeah. And I said, so you’re talking. You don’t call the police? You don’t get the the license plate number all No, no, I’m not allowed to do anything was you always got fired again later on? Because you literally walked out constant guys stealing gas and went over and kicked their car. He said, Mom, I just couldn’t control myself. They were stealing something, I’m a manager. I can’t lose everything. Right? Well, she tried to do the responsible thing. That clear about 30 years this has been going on and getting worse and worse.

Speaker 1 7:27
Well we’re making everybody into wimps. Oh. And then, you know, how can you be the land of the free if you’re not home of the brave? If willing to stand up for what you believe in? It’s not going to be there for very long now now. And you know, when we look at this incredible nation that we live in, and the brave and courageous people who have fought for it, they would turn over in their grave if they saw us just giving it away. Just saying, okay, just do whatever you want, no problem. It just isn’t the right thing to do.

Elaine Beck 8:01
So the other thing is like right now, if we let them get away with that, I wonder who’s paying for that, Dr. Carson? We are, of course, the hard working people. Well, you and I were retired, and people can see that campaign. You never retire according to the Bible, you serve God all the days your life. But when you’re actually working and making money, supporting a family, supporting yourself, feeding yourself, all this kind of stuff. You got to do whatever the boss says. And nowadays, it’s even worse than what it was when Cindy went through that. Now. They tell them if you so much. And we’ve seen actions like this from major organizations, major stores and businesses, if you even so much as tell them that they can’t have it. If you just speak the words, you get fired.

Speaker 1 8:57
It’s unbelievable, isn’t it? What we’ve done? It is but you know, it’s not too late. No, it’s never we can change it. I mean, look at the number of young people who are here at this convention. Oh, several 1000 are here.

Elaine Beck 9:10
14,000 is what they’ve predicted so far.

Ben Carson 9:13
And I think that bodes well for our future. If we have more and more people who are ready to come back to common sense. And that’s what we’re talking about common sense, right? It’s no longer common. Right.

Elaine Beck 9:26
All right. Well, you know, I, I get such joy out of the little ones. You know, I have a three year old and a four year old great granddaughters that are that little, and I adore them and I just just they’re every little chips and it’s to be treasured, you know, and when they’re crying, that’s their way of saying I hurt or I’m unhappy. That’s not That’s not punishable by law. Okay. Parents are either nowadays or either Are too strict. I mean, I just heard on the news this morning about a woman who does blogs, they call it and she blogs about how to raise your children. And she’s been caught taping her children with duct tape. And putting them in rooms and torturing them. It was just on the news this morning.

Ben Carson 10:23
And she’s telling people how to treat your children?

Elaine Beck 10:27
I mean, it is sick people do. When I say that,

Speaker 1 10:32
Can you imagine though? Can you imagine being a child and today’s world? No. And, and the influences that are coming at them?

Elaine Beck 10:40
No, no, no.

Ben Carson 10:41
And people say that it’s all the same. It’s never any different than it has been. But it is very different than it has been. The things they are being hit with. They’re being told you might not be a girl or boy. Yeah, you know, their brains aren’t even fully developed yet. And parents are being told that if you don’t agree with your child’s choice of what their sex is, we may take you away from it. Oh, that’s unbelievable.,

Elaine Beck 11:08
Right. Right. And they’re helping them do these things without the knowledge of their parents. Right. So I had the pleasure, Dr. Carson, of interviewing two young ladies who have transitioned back two young ladies, they were born. And one young man this week. Wonderful. And I mean to tell you,

Unknown Speaker 11:29
Though, they still have the consequences.

Elaine Beck 11:31
Of course they do. But you know what they have to, they have a voice and they’re using it to save other young people’s lives that are being astray. Wonderful. And to me, that is, I said, you know, God has gifted you with the ability to help millions of other children. And I just I told him, I said, I’m so proud of you.

Speaker 1 11:57
That’s what we need to hear. We need to hear those stories, those absolute horror stories. Absolutely. And they try to suppress them. Yes. But you know, it’s all about money. You know, if if people weren’t making a lot of money with these operations, and my it would not be happening.

Elaine Beck 12:15
Here you are a renowned physician, who has saved many babies lives, even before birth. You have done all this, and you did it out of love and doing what God would want you to do came out of an oath that you took and you abided by? Well, I always wanted to do it heartbreaking for you to see these doctors, so called doctors that took that very same oath, doing this to children, it’s

Speaker 1 12:43
hard to imagine how they can do it. Just like it’s hard to imagine, you know, the abortions, right? Where they stick these instruments into the uterus, and grab whatever they can and twist and pull and outcomes a part of the body? I mean, how can you do that? And you know, that they, they can feel the pain. I just, and you’ve taken the Hippocratic Oath, I don’t understand how people can do it. I really don’t.

Elaine Beck 13:12
I don’t either. I do know that there was a lot of innocent women that went through series like that and did things thinking that it wasn’t really a child. But we’ve now been able to prove that that at conception, that is a child that is a child of God beyond a shadow of a doubt. And so I give grace to all those people that were innocently pulled into something when they have no control.

Speaker 1 13:38
But even when you think about it, I mean, I was talking to the head of the ACLU at a conference. And he admitted that he thought that the woman had a right to kill that baby until the second it was born. Now, you know, for several weeks before it’s born, it is completely viable, even outside of the womb. That’s a human being.

Elaine Beck 14:01
And it’s murder.

Ben Carson 14:02
Isn’t it interesting that if you kill a woman who’s pregnant, you get charged with two counts of murder?

Elaine Beck 14:09
Yeah. How does that happen? If that’s not a viable right? Oh, my goodness. You know, Dr. Carson, I’ve never heard that one before. Yeah, I’ve heard so much. And we all need to understand. And I hope that open some eyes out there. I sure hope to hear this on the show. And that’s that’s what this show is all about.

Speaker 1 14:28
You know, I’m glad you’re doing it. I’m glad you have the courage to come out and speak the truth. So many people don’t these days. And, you know, we’re sort of like the revolutionaries when this country was formed, right? I mean, we have a lot going against us. You got the mainstream media going against you. You got all these universities and all the so called intellectuals going against you. And we’ve got to be the courageous ones who hold up the banner of Logic, common sense and love. And we have to return to something that was so essential in the beginning. And that was our faith in God, our very founding document, the Declaration of Independence says that our rights come from our Creator, and they cannot be taken away from us. But we have to be willing to stand up for them. And you’re doing that, and I appreciate you.

Elaine Beck 15:24
Thank you. And we all appreciate you, Dr. Carson, you are a strength within this country and around this world that most people, you know, they are humbled by your demeanor, by your wisdom, your wisdom is just so palpable,

Ben Carson 15:44
Praise the Lord.

Elaine Beck 15:45
And, and yes, and we give God the glory for what you’re doing and what I’m doing, because he has called us to do this. And he’s calling other people out there right now, because of this show, because of what we do every day. And because they’re seeing the reality, the evil that God has allowed us to see, because of the election and how it was stolen in 2020. And how the world has changed. So much. Like I said, 30 years ago, I saw it coming. So now we have to understand that now is the time people, there is a job for you to do, you can be another Dr. Carson, maybe not a doctor, that a person who stands for what’s right, who pushes forward and honors God in all that they do. I hope that there’s women out there that see me and see Christ actions, because that’s all I live to do is to honor him. And so thank you for being on my show. Thank you. And since it is the week before Christmas, Merry Christmas to you all, Merry Christmas to you.

Ben Carson 16:57
Merry Christmas, thank you so much .

Elaine Beck 16:59
What a blessing to get to see you at this wonderful time of the year when we get to again be reminded of the birth of Christ, and the man who died for all of us so that we could live in eternity, you know, I’d love to meet you all there. I hope someday, that everybody out there that’s listening, and me can meet Dr. Carson up there and be with Jesus in the Lord.

Ben Carson 17:24
So we have millions of years to do anything we want.

Elaine Beck 17:30
Yes, and to be full of love and full of grace and full of joy, I just can’t even begin to imagine. And so thank you again for being here. Thank you for all that you’re doing for the W.A.N.E. project. And we’re telling everybody on every show, please go to and learn more about it and sign up. And know that you are part of an army that God is putting together this year. Right up until next year on November 26. And we are all going to be praying for our enemies and knowing that we are not enemies. And then instead that we are in a national season of forgiveness. And Dr. Carson and I and I share this with everybody, Dr. Carson, how you were the one that stood up and went. So what you’re saying is we are not enemies, W.A.N.E. And when I went home and I gotta be honest with you, I went home and I’m I had an idea of what W.A.N.E. meant. But then I started reading it. I went yes, we’re going to go away from which is what it means. Go away from lesson turn away from all kinds of hate, and anger and divisiveness, which is what the scripture is talking about when it says turn from your wicked way. Well, you know that I just absolutely admire and love both you and Candi so much. And your family. I’ve met you

Ben Carson 19:17
Right back at you.

Elaine Beck 19:18
And thank you. And so you have a Merry Christmas and know that I look forward to the next time we can do this. All right. Thank you. Thank you again. And God bless all of you and know that you can see us all the time go to See all that we do and know that I pray for you every day. God bless you. See you next

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