Cabrini Is A Miracle Movie (ft. Eduardo Verástegui)

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From the same talents that gave us ‘Sound of Freedom’ comes another incredible true story: the life and work of Mother Cabrini.

Eduardo Verástegui sat down with us once again for a uplifting conversation about how God does the heavy lifting – we just have to show up.

So as soon as you’ve finished this interview, please show up on March 8th for the premier of this incredible new film, ‘Cabrini.’ And bring a tissue! You will need it!



Elaine Beck 0:11
Hi everyone, Elaine Beck here and we have our show, It’s Not About Us And we are so excited because we have Eduardo Verastegui.

Eduardo Verástegui 0:21

Elaine Beck 0:23
Eduardo, this is such a pleasure. You know, I was blessed to be able to be with Eduardo at the opening of our actually, it was the preview in Washington, at the Museum of the Bible. And we walked the red carpet and had a wonderful evening, when they opened The Sound of Freedom. What a fabulous movie.

Eduardo Verástegui 0:49
Thank you so much. You know, this movie, more than a movie became a global movement.

Elaine Beck 0:58

Eduardo Verástegui 0:59
Eight years of work. But then when we finish the movie, five years been rejected by Hollywood, all the studios, you know, the story, you know, they didn’t want this movie, and right, I thank God for Angel studios who show up the last may not April last year, they believe in this mission, they believe in, you know, raising awareness on how to end child trafficking. And we became one and then the movie was out on July 4, and the miracle happens all glory to God, it was a miracle, we can’t take credit, credit of that, because we did everything that was in our hands to succeed. And I was about to give up when, you know, many years, almost eight years of just, you know,

Elaine Beck 1:41

Eduardo Verástegui 1:42
you know, well, we was the first three years, we were working on the script and the production, production and post production. But then, then when we finished the film, it was almost five years from being rejected. And now this movies, it became the number one movie in the history of the world independent made by Mexicans. So I’m very happy that the people show up that the people became ambassadors of freedom, true fighters of freedom. And this is the most important step. In order to eradicate child trafficking. First, you need to raise awareness. And that’s what Sound Of Freedom did.

Elaine Beck 2:14
Well, you know, that was a fabulous movie. And last night, I was there when you walked out on the stage, and introduce the new movie, Cabrini. I’m telling you, people, you got to go see that movie, I can name several things that just really moves you about that movie. And the acting was I said, I’ll never forget her face. I will never forget her face, in a couple of different scenes. The power of she exuded that person that she was playing in such a personal way it was it’s almost unbelievable. We know our God can do anything. He can show things exactly the way they were. And I think he does that through the talents of yourself and an Angel Studios.

Eduardo Verástegui 3:16
Well, that’s that’s the goal you know, Mother Cabrini I remember, like yesterday, you know, one of our business partners uses Wolfington who is the visionary behind the this movie. He’s the one who, who told us, you know, we, a lot of the we, we help you with Bella, you know, we were together in Little Boy, we’re together the Sound of Freedom. But I want to tell the story of this patron patron saint that I have, you know, patron saints of the, the immigrants and for some reason when I, you know, when I was struggling in my life, he said used as Wolfington. She became a role model to me. And somehow she she was very special in my life. And I started reading about her life and she inspired me to, to do what I what I did, and I want to tell the world, you know who Cabrini is mother Cabrini from Italy It is revolutionary nun who came to to America when the Italian immigrants were didn’t speak English at that time, and they were even like, in in places where the children actually rats were living better than the children. You know, New York at the time, and, and the store and he said that I want the whole world to know who Cabrini is. And that’s when I hand drew and wrote bar started writing the script and Leo Severino started producing my other business partner, and Alejandra Did you know, he’s an amazing director. He’s, in my opinion, one of the best, most talented filmmakers out there right now in our generation. I work with Alejandro mozzarella Leo’s very know in Bella, little boy sound the freedom and now Cabrini and this movie, like Alejandro said, begins when the movie finished. Because now you have to carry the message the legacy of Cabrini and our hope as a filmmakers is that now you become Cabrini. In your own your own way, the mission that God is calling you to do but to be to be brave, you need to be brave in this world, you know, if you want to be a freedom fighter you’re fighting against right now. Hollywood, media, banks, corrupted politicians, you know? We’re fighting, not one Goliath like David, David fought Goliath, right? We’re fighting like 1000s of Goliath today, we can only defeat them with God. Yes, true feminism is nobody’s out there destroying the world. No, true feminism is gonna see Cabrini and you will understand, what does it mean to empower women? Only one person who can empower women is God.

Elaine Beck 6:06
That’s right. And, you know, that was my other point. That was the whole thing that gave me such comfort in this movie. Believe it or not, when you stop and see this movie, you’re gonna see that listening to God, listening to what he says, and then having the courage to do what He asks of you.

Eduardo Verástegui 6:09
That’s it.

Elaine Beck 6:12
She had courage. And, and it was really cool, because when it got to the last time, the last big battle, and she was going to go meet the mayor and everything, and he had shoved her away so many times. When I saw that look on her face, and I was talking about earlier, I said, well, here she goes, she’s not gonna give up, she’s gonna go that look, you knew that she was hearing from God, and she was gonna fight. And I want you all to see this movie for the reason that he brought up the fight we’re in now. Well, remember, when you see this movie, you’re going to learn that back in the late 1800s, which is when she was born, and into the early 1900s is when she lived. And it was a miracle. She lived that long, very many miracles involved there. That life was no easier. And when I think of the Jewish people, and the way they’re being treated in our country, being a Judeo Christian country, and then I see this movie, and I see the wonderful people that came across from Italy and other countries, they brought them all into the movie that were being mistreated because they weren’t Americans. I said, we’re living it again, today. Everybody needs to see this movie. Everybody needs to find her courage. And her courage is all based on her love of God and her knowing that he wouldn’t let her down,

Eduardo Verástegui 8:13
well, does this recipe even if he doesn’t matter if it is movie happens? You know, 100 years ago, 200 300 400 years ago, it doesn’t matter. No, the recipe is the same. If you have God in your life, if you realize that we were created for a mission, very particular mission that nobody else can do for you depends on you or me the best thing you are mean, if you want to be faithful to that mission that we will pray for using your talents that God gave you to serve others to glorify him or not. And work on another mission based on selfishness. What you’re going to do is destroy yourself and everybody around you, right? It’s very simple, which, you know, in Which team are you, you belong to lie or truth. darkness or light. You know, it’s simple, you know, and it’s very simple. When you have gotten your life of course, when you don’t have when you remove God from your life. Everything is collapse, confusion, darkness, disruption, but when you have God in your life your complete work complete, broken when he’s far from us, But when he comes with us, and he becomes the most important,

Elaine Beck 9:20
He should be the most important

Eduardo Verástegui 9:22
you’re one then then you’re complete, then you’re fulfilled, then you start like the miracles happens. Cabrini, you know, Cabrini didn’t do what what we’re gonna see in the movie, you know, she didn’t do all these things. He was got through her wishes, instruments,

Elaine Beck 9:36
the instruments are gonna say, we are his instruments. And when we allow God, allow him to be the one that we listened to, so that we can be his instrument when we when we just let God do everything. He gives me the words when I do these shows. He gave me the courage to say Start this, I was a very shy young woman. My babysitter told me one time when I was older, she said, I always knew where I could find you, when you were a little girl, all I had to do was look in the bottom in the closet, that’s where you’d be hiding. Okay, and God has given me this gift and this ability to be able to share all of this good news, because he loves all of us, He gives all of us the ability if we just allow him and let him. So thank you so much. Thank

Eduardo Verástegui 10:34
you, thank you, thank you, for all done. Remember, march 8, so Cabrini is coming out in every theater in America, march 8, International Women’s Day. So it’s very significant, real women that has gotten in her life and see what she does. And that’s why that’s why we as filmmakers want you to bring your family because we want you to become the Cabrini of this. And then, on March 21, will come out in Mexico in every theater, and then worldwide.

Elaine Beck 11:04
you can buy these tickets ahead of time online, I’ve heard this Yes. And I think that’s really good. And they’ve done something else wonderful that I love that you did with the Sound of Freedom. And I think it’s great that you’re doing it on this movie, in the end, the very end, you can pay it forward, you can go in and you can watch this movie, and when you fall in love with it, yes. And fall in love with Cabrini and the movie, all you have to do is there’s a QR codes, it’ll come up on the screen, you can do that. And you can buy tickets for other people who are less fortunate may not be able to go see it

Eduardo Verástegui 11:41
you want to you want to share the message with other people that maybe cannot afford, bringing the money to the children and because of your generosity, other people will be blessed by the message of Cabrini so God bless you for everyone that is going to be doing that in advance. I say thank you, bring your family and tell everyone about Cabrini and let’s make this world a better place together.

Elaine Beck 12:02
I want to share one more thing. I think this is very important. I am a born again Christian woman. I am not a Catholic. The Pope was in this the power of her believing in God is not through whether you have a pastor or a priest or anything like that. It’s your personal relationship with God himself. I think that’s the most important. So even if you go there, and you’re thinking that don’t think that understand that God loves each of us individually. God calls us in different ways. God uses us at different times. This movie should speak to the heart of anybody who knows and believes in the God in heaven and the Bible

Eduardo Verástegui 12:47
and even even even to those who actually don’t believe in God. I don’t care if you left, right, open down believer or non believer, common seeker really, because she will touch your heart through her actions through the actions of course, she gives all the glory to God. Even if you don’t believe in God, you will be moving touch by her actions, because we’re talking about universal values that are human values. And if you’re a human person, there is no way you going to be no. By her love, you know,

Elaine Beck 13:24
Some of the scenes with the children, these children I mean, how that. I mean, you had tissues with you, right? Okay, you, you you will cry. But you will learn some of the most beautiful things you’ll ever learn in your life. And that’s love your neighbor as yourself, which is God puts that as the most important of all of the commandments. Only under loving him first only under that is love your neighbors yourself. And as you see these people reacting to her in a negative way, or the children in her in a positive way. You will see what I’m talking about. It is God’s love that makes the difference. So thank you again. Eduardo.

Eduardo Verástegui 14:11
Thank you so much. God bless you for everything you’re doing. And thank you for this interview. And please pray for us. God bless everyone. Thank you gonna see Cabrini March 8. Yes,

Elaine Beck 14:20
please pray for them as well. And all of their movies that they’re going to be doing in the future because they’re doing such a beautiful job and remember that we’re always praying for you. I pray for you always. And thank you for being here at my show. God bless you all.


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