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I’m so excited for the return of one of my favorite AND most frequent guests, the extremely charming Braeden Sorbo!

BS with Braeden Sorbo‘ is all about going against the grain of the world and bringing some common sense to the fast-paced, digital world of Gen Z. I so, so love the energy and cheer that Braeden brings to every conversation, and if you like this interview, then you will love his show!

Check it out!

Braeden’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/braedensorbo

Braeden’s Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@Braedensorbo

Braeden’s Linktree: https://linktr.ee/Braedensorbo



Elaine Beck 0:11
Hi, everyone, Elaine Beck here. And this is It’s Not About Us because it’s not we all know that. And I have one of my favorite guests on. What is this three…?

Braeden Sorbo 0:23
Maybe four.

Elaine Beck 0:24
Four years in a row I’ve been talking to Braeden. And guess what his last name is? Sorbo. Yes, yeah. And guess who his dad is?

Braeden Sorbo 0:38
Don’t tell me it’s Kevin.

Elaine Beck 0:42
The famous Kevin?

Braeden Sorbo 0:43
I guess suppose only by blood only by blood.

Elaine Beck 0:48
Yes, we like to have fun when we get together. I mean, you know, sometimes I get with these people that and we do some amazing shows about serious stuff. Yeah, you know, and then you come along, and then I get to laugh.

Braeden Sorbo 0:46
Allowed to be light hearted,

Elaine Beck 1:02
Light hearted and joy, someone young at heart and young in years.

Braeden Sorbo 1:08
Old in joints.

Elaine Beck 1:09
You’re past 16 now.

Braeden Sorbo 1:10
I’m 22. I know I succeed for a little while. I think I’ll keep this up for maybe the rest of the year. And then I’ll go to 23

Elaine Beck 1:17
that I that sounds like a good idea. Yeah. You’ve only got a few more days in the rest of the year. I know. Ah, yes. It’s hard to believe it’s gonna be 2024?

Braeden Sorbo 1:29
It blew past. I don’t know what happened.

Elaine Beck 1:31
We none of us do. Although I always say that. And then I pick up my phone. Now go with me. All right, everybody out there. You pick up your phone and somebody says to you, um, What month was it that we got together and went on that trip? So you start scrolling through your 1000 pictures? And you’re like, oh, yeah, we went? Oh, no, that wasn’t it. Oh, and then we were there. And you go through 1000 things that you did this year? Yeah. In 365 days. And you’re like, if this year flew by? How did I fit all that in there? I

Braeden Sorbo 2:12
I went on a cruise for the first time in July. I don’t remember it. I have all the photos. I’m going, I did this?

Elaine Beck 2:20
You’re too young to forget. Give me a break. You know, I can use that excuse. And even I remember,

Braeden Sorbo 2:26
There you go. You’re better than me.

Elaine Beck 2:28
So it’s really cool, though, to go through those pictures. It’s like, you know, years ago, when I was about your age, for the first time I heard that, you know, if, if you’re dying that your life flashes before your eyes. And I’m like, man, and that’s gonna be a long movie.

Braeden Sorbo 2:49
There’s a lot to cover. It’s a long good movie.

Elaine Beck 2:51
It is it is. And so now I think of it at my age. It’s got to be a series by now.

Braeden Sorbo 3:00
A long running syndicated nationwide TV series.

Elaine Beck 3:06
Speaking of which, yes, let’s talk about what you’re really doing nowadays.

Braeden Sorbo 3:11
What’s up and coming?

Elaine Beck 3:12
Right, what is up and coming.

Braeden Sorbo 3:15
I don’t know when this is airing. But at the beginning of the new year, I’m kicking it off with a bang. I’ve created a new show, as you know, I have my BS Guide to Politics as which is Braeden Sorbo’s Guide to Politics. But I’ve decided that I like the initials, so I’m gonna keep them. And I’m gonna roll with them. So at the beginning of the new year, I have a new show called BS with Braeden Sorbo, which is a political commentary from the perspective of an unchivalris Christian, as I define myself.

Elaine Beck 3:42
I love that, right.

Braeden Sorbo 3:44
And so I’ll be talking about current events, politics, social media, and everything in between, I’ll be giving the commentary of like, with my book, the class clowns perspective.

Elaine Beck 3:53
So now, let’s ask questions about this show. Okay. So are you going to have guests on it? Is this going to be just like a commentary? Or is this going to be interviews? Is it going to be ever is always going to be in one place? Is it ever going to move? Throw it at us.

Braeden Sorbo 4:12
So the show is currently stationary? In my bedroom, I have a green screen that I set up to record with so you don’t see my fancy five beds or anything. Oh, it’s too fancy. I hardly know how to do it myself. But it’s gonna be stationary. From there I have, I have considered and entertained the idea of possibly bringing on guests. But as of now, it’s political commentary coming from my perspective of, of seeing what’s happening in the world, giving a quick kind of analysis on the subject and moving on. It’s very fast because what I’ve noticed is the world is fast paced. If, if you are not changing your subject and doing something new, every couple minutes, even every couple of seconds, people get bored, and they click off. So I’m making this to fit the sort of social media algorithm that Kate As to the younger generation, my generation Z that really doesn’t have much outreach. You know, not a lot of people are, are able to get away with my generation just because of how fast everything goes. We have attention span deficits like goldfish. No. I mean, absolutely. My parents, they can sit down and watch TV, my dad watches golf, he’ll go golf in the morning, he’ll come back, and we’ll put golf up in his office while he’s working on his computer. That’s what he does. Me. I can’t sit through golf, it takes too long, right? People my age typically have the same problem, right? But what they don’t have the problem with is scrolling on social media. And there are very few people that are catering to that niche. And that niche is going to explode very soon, because we’re the next generation that’s growing up that’s starting these to enter the job in the workforce. And finally, you know, becoming adults, right, hopefully, hopefully.

Elaine Beck 5:50
Yeah, we’d like to see that now. I, if we can count on all of the young men being like you and my grandsons. We wouldn’t have anything to worry about. And we still don’t, because God says Do not fear. And do not worry.

Braeden Sorbo 6:14
That’s my favorite Bible verse. I ever tell you that? No, Matthew 634, Jesus spoke to His disciples, Therefore do not worry about tomorrow for each day comes with its own troubles.

Elaine Beck 6:22
That’s right. And it’s true.

Braeden Sorbo 6:23
That’s the verse that I try to live by. I forget it sometimes. You know, I’m not perfect. I didn’t claim to be though. So I’m allowed to make mistakes. We get grace. But that is my favorite Bible verse. It’s sit down, relax, I think of it is God give me a little slap saying Shut up. I got it. Relax.

Elaine Beck 6:36
Right, exactly. And you know what? Your dad probably said that to you once or twice once or twice? Yes. And your mother probably had his hand a couple of times a few more than once muster sunk in when you read it in the Bible, then that’s where that’s three great people. Yeah. Okay.

Braeden Sorbo 6:50
And the third one is what gave me the first two.

Elaine Beck 6:53
So that’s right. Hey, man, I love it. So this show sounds really great. Because I know how quick witted you are. So I can’t wait to watch it. Where will we all see this?

Braeden Sorbo 7:05
It’s going to be everywhere. I will be posting it. I’m literally I’m already glued to my screen because my job is social media and I run other people’s social media as well. So I don’t have enough screen time. I reckon.

Elaine Beck 7:18
You better get me on your social media. You better be spreading ElainBeck.com.

Braeden Sorbo 7:24
Well, I’ll be posting a photo right after we finished this interview. It’ll be everywhere. It’ll be on YouTube. It’ll be on Rumble. It’ll be Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok Twitter, maybe I’m gonna put it up any and everywhere. Just got a sponsor, or finishing up getting a sponsor nothing. Nothing’s official yet. But I do a lot of workout and fitness related content. Because I personally believe that a healthy body creates a healthy mind, it is very hard to be mentally well. If you are not taking care of yourself in some way, shape or form. That doesn’t mean lifting 500 pounds, it means going for a walk getting sunlight, you know getting your feet on the ground getting grounded eating healthy. Exactly. And so I’m a big advocate for So I recently met a workout company, a Christian apparel clothing brand called Lifted. And they’re based where I’m from West Palm Beach, Florida. I just met the owner. He’s a phenomenal guy. And so I’m in talks with them right now about becoming the first official sponsor of BS with Braeden Sorbo. And I would be so blessed. So I’m not gonna jinx it now. And even if it doesn’t work out, I still recommend people to support them, because Lifted is a phenomenal company with a great message. And they’re awesome.

Elaine Beck 8:25
Well, that’s awesome.

Braeden Sorbo 8:27
I have a code I’ll be getting soon. So not yet. So hold off, wait till they see me promote it. Right?

Elaine Beck 8:32
Well, here’s the thing. Here’s the thing. You are a man of courage for as young as you are, and to step out and do the things that you’re doing. And a lot of young people follow you because of that. And so now you can spread some more good news about being healthy and fit as a young person has a lot of young people take it for granted -I’m young I don’t need that, you know, to worry about delegate years ahead before I gotta worry about what I eat or how I act or what I put in my body or how much exercise I get, you are a phenomenon as far as being a young person who is trying to create good and others. I just commend you for that.

Braeden Sorbo 9:17
Thank you. I was asked on a previous interview earlier today, you know, he said he looked at my book, he goes why this right, because you could do anything you could have gone into any other world. And to me, I look at it as a mission field. If I become a martyr, so be it. I would love to to bring more people into the light and there’s not enough people that are doing it currently. I just don’t want to sit around and wait for someone else to take the reins.

Elaine Beck 9:43
Yeah, you know, and, and it’s people like you that I want my grandkids to aspire to be. Yeah, and my great grandkids. You know, I’ve got a three year old, a four year old 11 year old A 14 year old. Those are great grandchildren.

Braeden Sorbo 10:03
That’s amazing. See, I still have to find a girlfriend first. Then I can turn her into a wife and then I can get my parents grandkids.

Elaine Beck 10:09
Hey, it’s gonna happen some day

Braeden Sorbo 10:11
Right, can’t force it. Gotta let Lord give me it.

Elaine Beck 10:13
That’s right. And you know what I like? Is that doesn’t mean you can’t pray about it now.

Braeden Sorbo 10:17
No, I pray about it every night. Yeah, I met a girl I thought was great. And she told me she didn’t want kids. And for me, I’m out, you know, that’s right can be perfect. But that’s it right there. One of the biggest lies that the world tells young men is that the perfect woman exists. She doesn’t the perfect woman does not exist. If she did, if she could do better than me, you know, she could certainly do better than me. But what the world doesn’t tell young men is 80% of what you’re looking for is 100%. They don’t understand God will give you that 80% He’s giving you a challenge. You have to figure out how you’re going to work with someone who is not perfect. Because you yourself are not perfect. And so I’m just waiting for the for the perfectly imperfect person to come along.

Elaine Beck 10:55
I love that. That’s perfect. Yeah, we do a good show together.

Braeden Sorbo 11:02
We do. Oh, my gosh.

Elaine Beck 11:05
Well, you know, I was just sharing with your mother because I’m gonna interview her like, coming up. I was I was just sharing with her earlier that I sort of feel like I either the great grandmother, or the grandmother, all of these young people that are throughout this building. 14,000 young ones. I do have a little wisdom to share that. I I got something to explain to you. All right, y’all Listen, especially you young people. You have to understand, I don’t get any older. My body does. But as a person, people talk about age. How old are you? Okay, young man, you are much older than your years in your mind and in your abilities

Braeden Sorbo 11:55
and in my joints.

Elaine Beck 11:56
And there you go.

Braeden Sorbo 11:57
My joints are 60 already. I don’t like it.

Elaine Beck 11:59
And by on the other hand, I am way younger than my body. Because I believe, ready for this? I think that all of us get to a period in our life, about the age when Jesus died. And our minds grow in wisdom and knowledge that we are still the same person at about that age for the rest of our life.

Braeden Sorbo 12:30
it’s just a matter of do we choose to do good or evil?

Elaine Beck 12:32
And do we take care of the body God gave us so we can live long enough to share the wisdom with young people like you. I fully agree. I just love it. It makes me excited. It gives me a purpose. Yes.

Braeden Sorbo 12:47
Brilliant. You are You are the Turning Point Grandma, you are. We love you.

Elaine Beck 12:53
Thank you. I certainly love being here. And I love what they’re doing. I love what Charlie does. I love all of this stuff. And, you know, God prompts you in life. Yep. And a little bit ago, I had their new faith leader. And I interviewed him. And he prompted me on how much bigger and better he’s going to make TPUSA in the future. By meeting that man, because God speaks to us in many ways And a lot of times is through other people. So all of you out there all us, especially young people, we’re about to run out of time here. We just want you to know that this show called It’s Not About Us, has a purpose. And it is a purpose for people that are his age, older, younger. And that is to tell you the good news about what’s happening in this country. And you young man are some of the good news that we’ve heard today.

Braeden Sorbo 14:02

Elaine Beck 14:02
So thank you for being on my show is always it’s a joy and a pleasure. You put a smile on my face and joy in my heart. So come back and see us again next time you know we’re on CPAC you know that we you can reach us through ElaineBeck.com. And you also know that we pray for you always God bless you


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