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How is your National Season of Forgiveness going? Oh, of course it likely isn’t perfect. No one is, except our perfect example, Jesus.

But He is the reason we do this. We want to be more like Him, and we want to point more people to the Father in heaven.

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Hi, everyone, I’m Elaine Beck. And a lot of you already know me, but some of you don’t. And for those that don’t know me, I have a show called, It’s Not About Us, because it’s so important for us to understand that we’re here to serve a wonderful God in heaven. And I want to talk to you more about that today, I want to talk to you about WE ARE NOT ENEMIES. WANE. We refer to it lovingly as the WANE Project. And basically, it’s more about a Season of Forgiveness, that believe it or not, for those of you that don’t know, already, it started November 26 of last year. And the entire year is a time of forgiveness, where we are allowing people to know that God wants us according to his very own scriptures, he wants us to pray for our enemies. He says that in his word, he sums it up like this. “If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face. I can heal their land.” Now, that’s just a little summation. But read the Scripture, learn to know it, learn to understand that God put a calling on all of us. He explained it to me in a vision like this. He said, “That’s not just, you know, when you ask for forgiveness, and and you give your life to Christ.” And that’s so important. That’s the biggest, most important thing for salvation. And at the same time, it’s not about, you know, when you say, well, I forgive you, when you’re upset at your kid or your husband or your wife, or whomever it may be. It isn’t about that. It’s about the kind of forgiveness where somebody causes you pain or heartache or upset or misjudges you or causes you harm, bodily harm, or someone you love. I mean, it can be anything from murder, to, you know, just somebody saying something wrong about you. We have to learn to forgive. This is what Jesus said. And I think I can make it the most clear by reminding you that there was only two things that Jesus said, in the entire bible quotes, where he spoke aloud to all the people, and it was recorded in the Bible. And they were both while he was on the cross dying for you and me. The first one was when he made the statement, oh, my God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? Do you think he was telling God? You know, you, you you’ve done wrong to me? No. What he was doing is he was comparing or telling the people about reminding them of the Old Testament, where David in Psalms started the psalm out the 22nd song with My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me? Why are you so far from me? This is the feeling that anybody will have, or would have in a time like that. The only other time was when he specifically said, forgive them for they know not what they do. Have you ever done something in your life That was wrong, and, and somebody tells you, that was the wrong thing that that that was so bad of you. And and you’re like, why? And then they explain it. You’re like, oh, man, I didn’t mean to do that. I didn’t know that. If I’m unknown that I’ve never done it. Right. This is exactly what God is telling us. That if your neighbor does something wrong, if your family member does something wrong, we’ve all had to forgive people. We’ve all had to be forgiven. And that’s one of the biggest things today that I want to point out. You know, this is six months old. And I know that my staff alone, and I have probably gotten at least 11 and a half million hits just on one side alone, people following the WANE Project. And Dr. Ben Carson, a great friend of mine, which I’m sure you many of you will recognize his name and know him well, he has been working with me. And he mentioned that at every event he does, too, and on all the shows that he does. And so it’s really important for us to understand that this is going way further than what we’re doing. This is multiplying usually in this in this what we want, isn’t this what God gave us, he told us last October. He said, I need for you to spread this, I need for you to share that the only way that I can save your land and the land is the earth. The only way that I can save it is if you will humble yourselves, seek my face. In other words, focus on him totally focus on him and say, God, I want to do what you want me to. And once you do that, then to ask God, to remove the veil from the face of these people that are totally confused and loss, and have been lied to and brainwashed. And you know, it’s true. It happens every day, in the news media, it happens every day, in your own personal life. You know, not five minutes before I got on this show, I was made aware of somebody who was not only lying to me, but was telling people not to tell me what they said, This is egregious. In God’s eyes, this is wrong. In his word, he tells us that we are not to be deceitful, we are not to lie. That’s one of the things that he hates the most is a liar. It says that in His Word. And yet it’s done every day, in all kinds of circumstances, in personal homes, outside the home. No matter where you are in the world. You don’t know what the truth is, unless you seek God. And He will define it for you, He will help you find the truth in any situation. Because he is the one that loves you, He is your best friend. He is the one that created you, God created you, you wouldn’t exist, you wouldn’t have another breath without his love. Just think about that. How wonderful is that? I just get I get excited. And I get so passionate. As you can see, when I think of God’s love for us, that he would send his son, his one and only son, he would make sure that He came to earth so he can walk the earth and share with the people and then tell them to spread the word throughout the world and all nations. And you can be part of that. I mean, think about that. Do you want to be part of the ones that have the zipped lip and know what God wants you to do? And you don’t do it? Or do you want to get to have and be able to say, I served you Lord, I loved you no matter what the circumstances were I spoke for you, no matter who would dislike it, or who would turn against me. I just think that’s so powerful. I for one, want to face him one day. And I want to hear him say well done, good and faithful servant. I want that. And I bet you do too. When you think about it, you want that. And this is a way you can do it. Get a group of your friends go on, WeAreNotEnemies.com Got that? we are not enemies.com. And you’ll see all kinds of ideas of how you can get together with your regular prayer partners. Or you can make your own group up, get some of your neighbors in the neighborhood, get some of your friends from work, get some of your friends from your book club or your garden club or whatever it is your music club, whatever you join. You know, let’s talk about the truth. You know, as a senior, I had the privilege of living in a country that was totally free. And God was the center of it. We were a Judeo Christian country, and we still are to this day. And yet look at what’s happening. It is so sad. But you know what? Christ said in that scripture that he can overcome that, that he can forgive these people he can. He can teach them and talk to them and share with them that they too can have eternity and if you’re one of those people, and you happen to be listening to this, it is so simple. You just have to pray the center’s prayer and admit that you’re a sinner. Are and tell God that you are sorry for what you’ve done. And that you will not continue in, in your sinful ways to the best of your ability. We’re all sinners, I get that. But you know, it’s the idea that our human side is always battling the good side, the side that is the love from God. And so, you know, every day I ask God to forgive, because every day I sin. And every day, I can come boldly before him now, because I am a child of God, I have given my life I am going to be in heaven and I want to see you. I want to see everybody out there. I want us all to be there gloriously singing and praising God together. I mean, just picture it. What a wonderful thing. Some of you are going through really bad trials and stuff. Get involved in this, God will notice, God will bless you. The blessings are so many, when you reach out to him, when you call him your friend, when you ask Him into your heart, through Jesus, that is the greatest feeling on Earth, and you will see your life turn around. Will it always be perfect? No. Will you be without troubles? No. As a matter of fact, sometimes, when you give your life to Christ, you might see some more action from the devil, trying to get you back. However, God will always open. That Scripture is so important. This time is so important. The end of the first year of the year, forgiveness is November 26th, a 2024. This very year. We’ve only got six months left, to spread this to all your friends and family and neighbors, and everybody, especially people on your your accounts on online. You know, just load it up, if you’re to bashful to go out and speak it and I pray that you aren’t. Pray that you learn that God gives you a tongue to speak his name, a tongue too, because when I speak his name, Jesus, when I speak the name of God, I can feel the power. I know that he’s with me, I understand what it means to have faith that can move mountains, because he has saved me. He has cured me from the incurable disease. He has healed me over and over again. He keeps me healthy and strong and able to serve Him. Because I do serve Him. Start serving him today. Go to WeAreNotEnemies.com Sign up, say that. There’s no money involved. You don’t have to meet somebody someplace. You don’t have to go to an event. You don’t have to do anything. But love your family. Love your friends, love your neighbors, love your co workers. Love the strangers that come into your life. And share the word with them. Tell your story of how God touched your life. Share it today. God loves you so much. So this is like our second big talk about the WANE Project and the Scripture. And my heart is so full, it’s full to overflowing for the love of mankind. For the sick, the homeless, the people that are are stuck in evil places. God can overcome any of it. Just know that if your life is down and out in any way, if your health is down and out anyway. God will be there with you. Does he promised to heal everybody from everything? No. But he does promise to love you through everything. No matter what struggle you’re going through, he will love you through it. He will give you something that I treasure almost more than anything else on Earth than the love of Jesus itself. And that’s these words, he will give you the peace beyond all understanding. So that like when my husband passed, sorrowful I couldn’t have been any more but at peace knowing he was in heaven. Just imagine that peace knowing that God’s going to pick you up and carry you through. I feel so honored to get to share this with you. I love you all so much. And God loves you more than anyone ever will. So Peace be with you. God Bless you and we’ll see you next time

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