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This week I’m in the interviewee seat! Ignite Voices brought me on their show and gave me the opportunity to explain the vision God gave me, the words He spoke, and ways He has blessed me to do His work.

I would so love if you would watch and then go check out the great work Ignite Voices is doing to spread truth around the world.



EmmaSara McMillion 0:11
Hi, and welcome to Ignite voices TV. I have a special guest here today we have Mrs. Elaine Beck. And she I was going through everything that you’ve done, and I was watching some of your programming. And I know you’re known internationally, she really is known for all of her woman of God, things that she does, whether it’s media entrepreneurship, she has a ministry, and I wanted to invite her today, Elaine to talk about something that we were talking about just moments ago, about a project. But before we start, why don’t you go ahead and tell us a little bit about yourself? I know you have children.

Elaine Beck 0:46
Yes, yes. Thank you so much for having me on your show. I love coming in spreading God’s word, any chance I can get? I just love this. And actually, five years ago, I had a vision from the Lord. And he woke me up at two o’clock in the morning. It’s a rather interesting story. Because I am the oldest Cinderella on Earth. And I can say that openly because I struggled and raised three kids by myself, and had very little and live Penny the penny and paycheck to paycheck until I was 62 years old, when a wonderful man came into my life at church. And he married me and gave me all the things that he said that I had deserved all my life and never had. Isn’t that amazing?

EmmaSara McMillion 1:45
You know, the message of hope you just transmitted. But yes, we’re spreading it more and more.

Elaine Beck 1:54
And so after Bob and I were married, we went through a whirlwind of the first eight years, or I guess it was more like, yeah, eight years of marriage was the first eight years was, you know, we were traveling, he owned three homes. I mean, this was like, way out of my thinking. God helped me to feel like I belong, and I fit in from day one. And I was able to do things I had never done before in my life, like, had the ability to go get things and he said, decorate the houses, do anything you want with them. And, and then he built me, my dream house. And we were busy with that for the first eight years. And then one day, and he had like,

EmmaSara McMillion 2:42
this is really like a dream like something like, I went to sleep I was having a dream. But this is your life. Okay, yes.

Elaine Beck 2:50
And so then one day, when I got to the point where I had decorated the houses we had bought and sold a couple built my dream house, decorated everything. And he had given me you know, helpers and stuff, because for six and a half years, I had fibromyalgia really bad, I could barely move, I was in pain 24/7 I had to roll around in a cart. Most of the time, I was on 17 medications, including eight opioids, because a doctor OD me, and without my understanding of this stuff, when I go to him and say this is a problem that he had just add a pill, add the pill. Right. And so finally, one night, and this was like about, I think it was seven years ago. I went to the Lord and I was just sobbing and crying. And they say God, I I know that. You know, there are things that you give us in life that we are to accept. And if this is how you want me to live for the rest of my life, in pain all the time. I’m willing to accept that for you. you could just give me one hour without paying just one hour hours. I said I don’t even remember what it’s like to have a moment without pain. And I said and if you’re willing to give me a day, because you’ve always had this ability to just talk to God from my heart. He knew what I was thinking anyway, right? He knows our every thought. I said I would really appreciate it and I woke up the next day and he cured me overnight from a totally incurable disease. I know this to all of you. You’re gonna go this lady’s talking fairy tales. This has to be made up. I have witnesses. I also have witnesses to being in a car accident while I was on those drugs and had a bone sticking up like that. In my arm, and the doctors took me in and did X rays. And when I got back from X rays, the doctor walked over and he said, This is back. I have x rayed you from above your head to toe your feet, and there’s not one broken bone in your body. And I looked down and everybody else said, my friends, my husband, my family was all there. Because they thought I was going to die. And my arm look as normal is this right now. So God does. Whatever you pray for, if you truly trust him to do it, and it isn’t always exactly the way you want, I prayed for an hour or a day to be free of pain. And he took it completely away. So now back to my little Cinderella story, because I really am.

EmmaSara McMillion 5:55
they literally just, it’s, it’s, I’m sitting here I love I absolutely know that God works. I know he does miracles. And it never gets old to hear a miracle story. And they’re always so creative. And this. So how old I do want to ask a question. So how old were you when you had your when you got healed Miraculously?

Elaine Beck 6:13
Let’s see, I would have been 68. I’m going to be 76 now in invite you look,

EmmaSara McMillion 6:22
first of all, I look wonderful, fabulous. That’s all the glory on you. Apparently the Lord is your God.

Elaine Beck 6:31
Well, it takes this

EmmaSara McMillion 6:32
is amazing. Because for those who are watching, whether you’re you know, of age, or you have a family member, like a mother or somebody, a father, somebody who is getting older and age and they’re hopeless, share this story with them, because she just gave a story that it’s never too late. So no.

Elaine Beck 6:50
And the beauty of it is that it’s all about really trusting God and loving him. And and staying in His Word, putting on that whole armor of God. When you have that there is nothing he won’t do for you or can’t do for you. He and I know now that he had this greater purpose for me, actually, I fell one time at church in Pennsylvania at our church there. And I fell after a service. And they came over and prayed for me. And the pastor when he got down and I this was a new church to me. So I didn’t even hardly know this man. He got down on his knee, I was sitting in a chair. And he started, he was gonna pray for me. So he put his hand out to take my hand. And the minute his hand touched mine, his eyes shot to my eyes. And he looked at me in the face. And he said, I have to tell you, you need to prepare yourself because God has a huge plan for you. Now mind you, I’m I’m like 67 at the time, right? And I love God and I’ve been given miracles already all my life that are beyond anything. And, and, and he taught me so much. And I was like, so I looked at this pastor and I’m like, What do I say? And I’m like, Well, you know, I really love God, and I really pray to Him and and I try and stay in his word. You know, I’m not perfect by any means. And I fall short. And I really try he said, No. He said, I want you to hear me. God has a huge plan for you

EmmaSara McMillion 8:37
seriously for you. Like no, lady. I’m trying to tell you this is not this is not pie in the sky. I’m not giving you some. Right

Elaine Beck 8:47
exactly. I still get chills and want to cry every time I think of those.

EmmaSara McMillion 8:52
This is the first part of my warrior yet. I haven’t had coffee yet. I needed to pick me up and I got I have so much joy just pumping because God is so amazing.

Elaine Beck 9:01
He is He is so then let’s let’s fast.

EmmaSara McMillion 9:05
This reminds me of the Ruth and Boaz story. The Ruth and Naomi story reminds me though as Redeemer came.

Elaine Beck 9:11
Yes, exactly. And so so let’s fast forward now. And we’re back to where Bob and I’m now cured. I’ve been married to this wonderful man. For eight years I’ve I’ve been able to do many things for for many people in our family. My husband was very generous. He bought homes for family. Cars he bought, you know, wow. Hey, can you help with this? And he would do anything I asked him and the sky was the limit. I mean, I literally would get off the elevator. We had a high rise condo.

EmmaSara McMillion 9:50
What did you say his name already? You said his name was Bob. Okay, because I’m thinking this is me thinking ahead of time. Girls pray that the I will send you someone like Bob, okay, that’s what I’m asking, you know, as adults what happened, you know, if you’re testifying that he’s a man of God that came and is helping you build that not only the vision, but the kingdom because I’m seeing your ministry and he came as a financier, not just for you and your family, but for the ministry.

Elaine Beck 10:19
It’s not for me at all. The name of my show is it’s not about us. Because let me tell you, it’s not about you. It’s not about any of your audience. It’s not about me. It’s what he wants done here on Earth. And if you open yourself to Him, He will use you in mighty ways. And he says that in His Word, He will use you just like He’s using you and your entire family. Yeah, I mean, yes. And, and so, I mean, I could go on and on about the stories, but I want to get to why I’m here what I’m doing in my shop. Yes. Because what happened was, at the end of those eight years, my my friend that was helping me, Diane, sweetest lady on Earth. And she came and worked for me three days a week, and would help me shop and whatever I needed, done and organize and create. And we, we did a lot of entertaining to help organizations and stuff. And I, she said to my husband, one day, he walked out of the office, and he come into the kitchen, and she goes, Bob, can you buy her another house or build one or something? She’s driving me crazy. She’s bored.

EmmaSara McMillion 11:36
no. Wow, what a problem to have. Yeah.

Elaine Beck 11:39
And he started laughing. And he looked at me and he said, honey, that sounds like a personal problem. He said, I think you need to pray about that. Yeah, you know, I took it serious, as always do. Prayer is the most serious thing in my life. And so that night, when I was going to bed and all that day, the rest of that day, I kept thinking, Lord, what do you want me to do? Where do you want me to go? What do you want me to become? What what is this? You know, yes. And at two o’clock in the morning, he woke me up. And I knew it was him. And I absolutely knew it was him. I walked out, I went into the loop. Now let me tell you, this doesn’t happen every night. And especially this was this was unique. And I knew his presence was with me. I walked out into my living room, I sat down on the chair and boom, he said, Get on your knees. And I got on my knees. And I want you all to know, I was there for three hours. Wow, time passed so rapidly. I didn’t even realize the time. It was two o’clock in the morning, when I looked at the clock and I woke up at five o’clock. I walked into my kitchen to get a cup of coffee. And it was on my microwave. And I was a gas that it had that taken three hours. Wow, I, I had all this knowledge in me. And it just kept coming to me what he had said to me. And what he said to me was this. He said I want you to bring together all the Christians in the nation. Small thing, right?

EmmaSara McMillion 13:20
Oh, you know what? Your assignment?

Elaine Beck 13:22
You know, he made it very clear. He said, Don’t worry. He said, I’m bringing together an army, you can be part of this army. There is an army being formed right now. Okay, yes. And he said, I’m bringing together an army. And he said, You’re all being asked to do and he said, what I want you to remember is these things. He said, I will give you the right people at the right place at the right time, no matter what the situation is. So don’t forget that. He also told me he said, Don’t let anybody ever make you doubt what you’re doing, or that you should keep going. He said Do not allow anybody to convince you to stop or make you feel like you’re unimportant or make you feel like it can’t be done or question your abilities because I am with you. And he said no more sitting around just talking and saying what this isn’t right and grumping about that and being upset about that and talking to your friends. He said no. He said, You’re not to write a book. You are not to just talk. You want to take action.

EmmaSara McMillion 14:35
Everything he’s telling you is when God gives you an assignment, everything he told you and you’ve I’m sure you felt I was like on Audible. You felt sure that that was the voice to this day, but I feel like God is going to use what you’re saying. And there’s somebody you’ve been told to do something and you’ve been doubting, you’ve been letting people change your mind or divert you and you’re here and you’re saying don’t do it.

Elaine Beck 14:59
the greatest story Anybody ever heard of listening to God was this? A very wonderful evangelism woman went and had, she had a family like you do. And she got up one morning and she was going to do a speaking engagement out of state. She had to go catch a plane that move where she didn’t, she had to pack lunches, get the kids off, get her stuff pack, get her husband off to work, and she’s just running around like a chicken with her head cut off as the saying goes, and she’s just in a panic, I’m not going to make it to the airport, looking at her watch and everything. Finally, she gets done, she runs out, she gets in her car, down the street, she tears, she gets the airport, she’s running through the airport, just makes it to the gate when they’re getting in line. And she finds herself behind a man in a wheelchair. And, and God says to her, brush his hair.

EmmaSara McMillion 15:52
Excuse me.

Elaine Beck 15:53
She’s looking around, she’s like, was that you gone? And again, she hears this voice saying, brush his hair. And she’s like, No, you don’t really need that to, you know, wow. And then she hears it again,

EmmaSara McMillion 16:10
brush his hair, Feed my sheep.

Elaine Beck 16:13
Finally, finally, you know, after like, the fourth time, she’s like, Okay, I’ll try. Since she walks around, she gets in front of the wheelchair, she does what you would respectfully do. She got down on her knee in front of the nice man. And she said, because she had looked at his hair before and it was a ratted mess. Yeah. And and share this as you’d like. And so she she gets down there. And she says, Sir, can I brush your hair? And he said, Yeah, thank you. That would be great. So she said to you have a brush. She said, he said, open the bag, my backpack on my wheelchair and open it up. And he said, she said, there’s a, he said there’s a brush right on top. And sure enough, she unzipped it. And there was this brush. so She took it out. And she started. And she said it was taken time because it was just nodded, and it was tugging and pulling, and she was trying to be gentle. And finally she got his hair laying down and shape nice and stuff. And she walked around and she got down again and looked at him. And the tears were running down. Oh my god. And she goes, Oh, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. Did I hurt you? I didn’t mean to I was trying to be gentle. He said, No, that’s not easy at all. He said for the first time. In 50, some years of marriage. I had to be away from my wife for three months. And I’m going to see her for the first time in three months when I get off this plane. Wow said it would have broken her heart to see me in that condition. And nobody at the nursing home would brush my hair. Now, when God speaks to you, listen, listen, wow. If you see somebody in need, help them. If something says to you open that door is something in your heart says, brush his hair, or take that bag and carry it for her help that person across the street? Or give that person on the corner $1 or whatever? Do it. Listen, God speaks to you. You just have to listen and answer His Word.

EmmaSara McMillion 18:41
So Elaine, I have a question. Because I know there are some viewers out there who are going to say, Elaine, how do you share it for some people are saying I don’t hear the voices of God. I mean, I’ve had family members where I hear from voice God all the time, then I’ll say, you know, you just have to well, how do you do it? They’re always going to ask how do you do it? So what are you going to tell our viewers?

Elaine Beck 19:00
My answer to you is this, God will find a way to answer it. He will speak to you through a perk to His Word number one being his word. Because when I read that word, things will pop out. Oh my goodness, I never saw that before the God’s giving me a personal message. How can he give you a personal message if you don’t read His word? It is great also to listen to pastors, people that share God’s word, friends that know the Lord, people that are older and full of wisdom and have already gone through things. But the thing that I’m talking about now is I lay in bed every morning when I wake up. I lay there and the first thing I do is thank God , tell Him Good morning. Tell him what’s on my heart. Go over with him when I have to do that day. And he will tell me he will give me thoughts of what you At the best way to do this, and I mean, it’s like almost shocking stuff. It’s like the Holy Spirit is right here in you. God is in you. Do you know that you have the power at everything that Jesus had. And he in his word, he says, I leave you the Holy Spirit. And you will have every the ability to do everything I can. And more. Now, I want you to grasp that more. Because once you accept Christ as your Savior, so powerful, and it is it, he is in you, you have the ability to do all things. Can you walk over and part water just by going part the water? No, that’s not what he said. I have moved mountains though. I had a cousin who was dying of cancer. She had three months to live. And I said, Honey, we’re gonna go to the base of that mountain across the street. And we’re going to ask God to move it. And we walked over there. And I said, What do you want more than anything before you die, she said, I want to see my grandson, who’s six years old, go to his first day kindergarten. And I want to see my dad and your dad see each other for the first time In years, I want to I want my dad to fly and he never has before. Wow, everything came true, including the day that she died, she saw her grandson off to school that morning, and she died at 10 o’clock. So let me tell you, wow, I will move my mountains just like he will tell you to turn the other cheek. That doesn’t mean when somebody socks, you turn the other cheek and go here, go for this one. You know what that means is God means walk away, forgive. Pray for that person. And know that what you did was what he would have you do not fight back, not fight with somebody. It’s not in a mood to listen, not swing back. Not that’s what it means. Okay.

EmmaSara McMillion 22:07
that’s good instruction. It’s excellent. And instruction. I mean, as as I’m listening to everything that you have to say. And another thing is just the fact that it’s a mindset. You’re all if you’re always saying I don’t hear from God, how come I don’t hear from God, I don’t and then your that’s all it’s also wrapped up with a lack of gratitude, right? Because if there and I always tell my kids is there are so many things that happen within your day that you are actually hearing God, when God when you don’t do something, you know, whatever it is, throughout the day, it can be it can be driving, and then all sudden you turn left when you were supposed to go right, it could be that you, you know, you were running late, right? You know, there’s different things, God’s coordinating things throughout the day, but it’s about giving God thanks instead of complaining about things, when you start to recognize the gods and everything, and you’re like I’m late, God must be in this, you know, and the more you’re acknowledging even the things that you think aren’t going right as being part of the plan, the more God is like, okay, she’s trusting me with her life. And I’m gonna give her more more instruction. And she’s gonna learn to hear that my voice. So that’s just something I wanted to encourage the listeners to do is just have a heart of gratitude, and then start even if you’re not hearing from God, so you think you’re not you are hearing from God. And even if you think you’re not, you start saying thank you. Thank you.

Elaine Beck 23:25
I hear ya. Right. Thank you for telling me that. Thank you for giving me that piece in that moment. That was terrible. Thank you for lifting me through this day. If I may. Do we have time for me to go over?

EmmaSara McMillion 23:36
Absolutely. Yes. Before so before we come to an end, I definitely want to talk about we are not enemies, though. Who are you saying? What is a project called WANE Project?

Elaine Beck 23:46
Yes. Tell us about and it’s called. It’s a really cute story. Two and a half months ago, almost three, I was having one of those mornings where God and I were talking and I said, God, you know, I’ve tried and tried to come up with an idea to do a Jesus rally or something to bring the people together. But you keep telling me know that that’s just going to, we’re going to get people are going to act like it’s January 6, and they’re gonna kill people and bloods gonna be on hands. Don’t do it. So I give what do you want me to do? And he said, You’re forgetting the scripture I gave you five years ago when I gave you the vision. And I’m like, Yeah, you told me to go by First Corinthians 714. If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, Amen, and turn from their wicked ways and sin and seek my face. I will heal their man. And I said, it’s right in my office when you walk in the front door. It’s on that wall straight across God. He said, But this is what it means. He said right now, right now, this year, this day and time. He said I Want you to share that with everybody in the country and around the world? Because I want you to pray for your meetings. I want you to know that the only way that wicked way is that you are all so busy being hateful, and in this circle within your own churches in your own world, he said, You’re being mean and vindictive. He said, that’s your wicked ways. You need to get away from that. So three days later, I had a meeting with Dr. Ben Carson. So and he and his wife Kandi are friends and, and I’ve gotten to know them. So I am in his office, and we’re sitting around a conference table with all of his staff. And one of the guys had to go get something and I said, I have something to tell you. He said, Well, please share. So I told them all what God had said to me. And he stood up, and then his quiet, powerful way he went. So what you’re saying is, we are not enemies. WANE, and then went? Yeah, that is powerful, right, Wane is to go away from the let go of the hate the anger, the vindication, that that comparing ourselves and thinking we’re better that our sin is less than that murderer, or that man that’s dancing in drag in front of children. We’re all sinners, we all need forgiveness. Why did Jesus going on a cross and say forgive them for they know not what they do? How many people in this country are lied to? manipulated, brainwashed daily, by the media, by even some churches, even some school, all the schools, I mean, we are living in a lie in a land that is not true. We must step outside of it, we must forgive our enemies.

EmmaSara McMillion 26:55
Forgive our enemies, and it they say hatred and bitterness is like wishing or giving you’re giving somebody else poison. What is it that drinking poison yourself? I’m trying to think of. There’s a saying that bitterness is drinking poison, like you’re angry at somebody else. But you’re drinking the poison yourself. You know?

Elaine Beck 27:16
And you know, I have to tell you, at that moment, I thought of the person that has hurt me and my children worse than anybody else on Earth in the worst possible way. And I went, but God, how do I? And he said, This is not about you. You’re not that show you have it’s not about us, right? This is not about you. He said, These people, when I said forgive them, for they know not what they do. It could be because they’re mentally upset over something, something that happened in their life and their childhood. And they’re doing things that they have no control over. You must forgive them so that I can take the blinders from their face. I can reach them, and they can go to have it. Because I want everyone I want all my children here.

EmmaSara McMillion 28:10
Well, I’ll tell you this is Ignite Voices. And we’re shifting the culture narrative narrative. And I’ll tell you, hey, doesn’t produce anything good. It produces no good. And I do believe it’s so important, what you’re saying, I agree with you, 100%, that we have to pray for our enemies. Scripture says that love covers a multitude of sins. And we’re not saying that we approve of what people are doing. But this means that we love we love them enough. It’s kind of backwards because for you know, the believers who are doing all kinds of scandalous things that you know, people don’t want to speak out because they are afraid of you know, being put out, or they don’t want to be mean but true love is is telling the truth, like and even to the people that who are doing things that you know, you said drag with kids, we’ll just do that for an example. And we’re not to sit filled with hater net, a hate and bitterness, which I’m seeing a lot a lot of hate and bitterness, and it is wrong. But it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t pray for them that we shouldn’t we doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t Pray that they have patience, especially because they’ve been indoctrinated. If you’ve been indoctrinated, and this is my heart is that I want to capture the heart and shift the cultures narrative because there are a lot of them. They don’t know they were taught one way

Elaine Beck 29:19
No, not what they do. Right? And how will they know Jesus’s words?

EmmaSara McMillion 29:23
How will they know unless it says they’re taught? How will they know unless somebody teaches them?

Elaine Beck 29:26
How many people in this country are born into families that have never had a Bible in their house? I’ve met many of them and given them Bibles, you do that too? You know, there are so many opportunities. Number one mentioned God to everybody you meet. It’s real simple. If you do nothing else, if you’re at the grocery store, as you walk away, say God bless you. If you meet somebody and you see that they’re in pain, or they’re crying or they’re upset, say can I pray for you? God will come into every situation if you are Oh, listen to God using you. He will use you over and over since I was in my mid 30s, early 40s I have never met a person that I didn’t say something about God.

EmmaSara McMillion 30:13
Well, Elaine I could talk for hours with her, but I’m seeing that we are past time right now. So I would love to have you come back we do. We’re going to be doing zoom interviews, but I am so grateful that I got a chance to have this talk with you because the Cinderella story I’m never gonna forget your story. And I’ll tell you later, Elaine, but we have we have a Joseph story from the pit to the palace. Wow. So thank you so much for watching. I hope you took everything she said to heart that it’s never too late to get your miracle. Listen to God. Love your enemies. Pray for those who curse you and always believe that God is able

Elaine Beck 30:48
One last thing you can look up we are not enemies.com It’s just as simple as WANE is we are not enemies.com and learn everything about it and how you can sign up become part of it.

EmmaSara McMillion 31:01
Well you heard what the woman of God said y’all check it out. I’m gonna share with Ignite voices go out and blaze change. Thank you for watching and thank you so much

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