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This week we have another incredible cross-post, this time from Nicole Tsai our friends at the NFSC!

I share the story of the two-week trip I took in 2006 to do covert missions work in the communist nation of China. Truly God loves the Chinese people, and He desires to see them ministered to and brought into His kingdom.

I hope my little tale encourages you and inspires you to pray today that all of the lost tribes and tongues would someday soon call Christ their Lord.





Nicole Tsai 0:11
Elaine! Welcome.

Elaine Beck 0:15
So excited to be here.

Nicole Tsai 0:16
Where’s your?

Elaine Beck 0:17
Oh, I guess I’m gonna need this, huh? Yes.

Nicole Tsai 0:22
And by the way, it’s not related to Glenn Beck, who just gave a powerful speech yesterday, she’s equally beautiful and powerful. She’s a Christian. She’s a mom. And she loves Chinese people.

Elaine Beck 0:38
I certainly do

Nicole Tsai 0:39
And she detest the Chinese Communist Party. And she’s going to share with this a beautiful story about her trip to China, and how she came to know the beauty in the heart of the Chinese people, and how unfortunate they’re leaving under the regime of the Chinese Communist Party. So please share your beautiful story with our audiences.

Elaine Beck 1:01
Oh, I would love to. First I will tell you that this was in 2006. Yes, that I went to China. Yes, we flew into Beijing, we went to a couple of colleges. And we were there to teach English as a second language, which I thought was pretty cute because the college students get taught English all through their schooling, but they don’t know how to use it. So that’s what we were there for. And they told me that I had to come up with a platform to get them to ask me questions. Because we were not allowed. We were being watched all the time. We had they had microphones in our rooms, even in the cabs, that we had to be very careful. We were in a communist country,

Nicole Tsai 1:43
you’re being watched every step of the way. And every word your phone, absolutely every every place that you you, you go, yes.

Elaine Beck 1:53
And even when we went to do baptisms, which we actually had children that were baptized, while we were there, we had to go into the room, turn on music, turn on the water, real loud, hide in the bathroom, and baptize them so that the communist people didn’t know what we were doing. So it was really, it was really amazing. For three months, I was taught before I left, that I had to be careful everywhere I went, that we couldn’t we I wasn’t even allowed, although I was there to teach English as a second language, and to spread God’s word. I wasn’t allowed to talk about God, I wasn’t allowed to talk about Jesus.

Nicole Tsai 2:32
Because in communist China, the Chinese, the CCP is the God. They do not like the Chinese people. The freedom of worship, right? So we you were you scared to spread gospel in the country that God is not allowed to be, you know, is not allowed to exist?

Elaine Beck 2:52
Well, we were told to be cautious. But I will tell you something. When you know the Lord, and you have a relationship with Him, you fear nothing. In the Bible, it says 365 times one for every day of the year, do not fear, and so on that, I was able to go, understanding that three months they change trained us what we could and couldn’t do. Yeah. When we when when I went into the classroom, the first day, I was told, you’d be lucky to get one person that you even plant a seed in about God, because you can’t talk about God. But if they ask you a question about God or Jesus, you’re allowed to answer it. So I went in there it was in November. And it was right before Christmas. Wow. And so I go in there, and I said, Well, I’d like to teach you some Christmas songs, because that’ll teach you how to speak the English language.

Nicole Tsai 3:44
Yeah, that’s, that’s smart.

Elaine Beck 3:46
So we started singing songs about God and about Jesus and His birth. And of course, then they said, Oh, who is this Jesus?

Nicole Tsai 3:55
And who is that baby? Mother?

Elaine Beck 3:57
And who’s the father? Yeah. And so the next thing you know, we’re talking about God, we’re talking about Jesus. These kids are excited. I mean, I can’t tell you how happy they were. So

Nicole Tsai 4:09
that’s how you spread gospel. Absolutely. Way and smart way to people in China. And do you feel that people in China, they’re ready to wake up?

Elaine Beck 4:17
Oh, wait, they’re hungry. They’re hungry for freedom of belief for hope. They’re free. They’re happy. They’re such happy, wonderful people, but they need hope. They need to know that there’s something greater watching over them and that loves them. They need to know about God. And but the difficult part was that they had to ask me questions, but then I was able to help them and you know that all 17 of the class members showed up that night at our coffee shop. Wow, they were so excited. And these kids are just absolutely precious. But anyways, it was it’s, it’s so sad that they had to hide to do anything. And they told me some of their other fears was that when they were 20, it had to be 25 before they can even hold hands, or have a date. And that they were suffering under all of this evil. That was the Communist Party.

Nicole Tsai 4:32
They’re leaving the controlled society. And so were you actually being harassed by the CCP authority? And what happened after you left to China, where you’re trying to communicate with this wonderful students? Yes.

Elaine Beck 5:38
And that was the terrible thing that happened. Although we did very well, while we were there, when we left, I took all the email addresses of all these young people just so excited that I could keep sending them help in Scripture and talk to them about the love of God. And within a month, all of China shut down all of their intercepts, they were intercepting everything that these young people were getting, I could no longer talk to them. So all I could do and it was wonderful, though, was pray for them and ask God to surround them, and and let them carry on what they learned in that short time I was there. And you know, there’s power in that, that these people in China deserve so much better. I want them to have freedom. I want us to all know that Xi is the worst thing that happened to this world right now. Because he’s after not only the communists, but all of us in the United States and around the world. This global thing is a way out of hand. And so I’m here to tell you that there’s wonderful people in China. I love them all so much. It was such a joy to spend that time with them. I still call it the two greatest weeks of my life.

Nicole Tsai 6:59
Amazing. Thank you so much for sharing that beautiful story. And we know that Chinese people is beautiful. Yeah. And they love God. Yeah. But unfortunately, they need our help to take down the Chinese Communist Party so that they can live free. Yeah. And they say they can pray and they can worship and they can enjoy the true freedom of religion. Yes.

Elaine Beck 7:21
Pray for them. Always.

Nicole Tsai 7:22
Thank you so much. Thank you. God bless you, too. Thank you. Thank you.

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