The Power of Prayer in Politics (ft. Mercedes Schlapp)

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226 years ago, on May 9 of 1798, President George Washington called for a national day of prayer and fasting.


What will it take to get back to that level of commitment to God in the United States? No matter what some bitter people may claim, the “separation between church and state” was never meant to imply that God has no hand in the future of our country.

In fact, we are ALL in His hands, whether we like it or not! If we can have any hope that things will get better and that our nation might be preserved, it can ONLY be through prayer and repentance.

Join me and my bestie Mercedes as we talk about God’s power to do the impossible in this episode of It’s Not About Us!



Elaine Beck 0:11
Hi everyone, I am back. And we are on my show. It’s Not About Us. And as you know, it’s at CPAC is where you can see it, and also on many other outlets, and I want to introduce you to my favorite bestie in Washington. Oh, and we traveled the world together. And we just have so much fun. And we’ve missed each other for months. So this is gonna be fun, guys. We’re gonna have some fun with it. Mercedes Schlapp say hello.

Mercedes Schlapp 0:42
Hello, Elaine. It’s wonderful to be with you. I’m so glad you didn’t pick Kamala Harris as your bestie here in Washington. So disappointed, quite frankly.

Elaine Beck 0:51
I’d be Six feet under.

Mercedes Schlapp 0:55
Yes, but we love having you here at CPAC headquarters. Yeah. And and you’ve had a real busy schedule. You were down at Mar a Lago. We’re interviewing one of our favorite people. Ben Carson. Yes,

Elaine Beck 1:06
yes. Yeah. I’m telling you. You know, I love the way God you know, gives you time for life. We have time for our lives. Yes. But of course, I’m always in contact with him. You are too I know that we we both talk to God constantly. Because we know he is our best friend talking about a bestie. Really? Let’s just describe that No, we don’t need to. But here’s the thing. Every once in a while God puts you in the right place at the right time. And in your case, recently, you went on a wonderful trip again to Hungary. And I was a little jealous because I couldn’t make this one. And that is such a great trip. And that’s when God just, you know, doesn’t hug you on these you just feel loved and surrounded by great people. And yeah, I bet you had a great trip.

Mercedes Schlapp 1:56
you know, I had not been to Hungary because you all went last year with CPAC. Hungary right several years. And so this time around, I was invited to speak and I had the opportunity to go and I had to pinch myself. It was over 3000 Europeans from Eastern Europe, Western Europe, people from Israel, people from Latin America, really, truly, like a, like a international phenomenon that we’re seeing. And we saw that here in CPAC. In February, when we held our first CPAC international summit, how many do we have in terms of the different types of international CPAC?

Elaine Beck 2:30
Are they No, no, no. How many people did we have? You said they had 3000? Yes.

Mercedes Schlapp 2:35
Well, we had an our big event in our big CPAC event. I mean, it was, you know, close to 10,000 people that came to hear President Trump’s speech. But when we did the CPAC international summit, we had representatives from every almost every single continent except Antarctica, actually, it was wonderful. And so what it was fascinating to watch how these Europeans all had one very important message, which is we need Donald Trump to win in November. They’re in this panic mode. They’re like the world is crumbling, we’re seeing the tensions in the Middle East continue to only get worse. We’ve seen obviously, what the barbaric the terrorists did Hamas to the innocent Israelis. And then you have the situation in Russia, Ukraine, which continues to be a war, and then you’re seeing all this economic stress across the globe.

Elaine Beck 3:34
But what they’re really the most scared of, is when they look on the news. And that’s, you know, unrest? What they’re scared of is when they look at what’s actually happening within the United States that is right there looking at what the current people in power are doing on our own streets, to our own people, bringing in millions of illegals that are killing our innocent children and our loved ones, and taking over and being displacing our people, for them in places to live and stop. It is a nightmare not just for us, but I’m sure to Europeans who always said we can always count on the US we can always count on their having making good judgment that I would be in a sheer panic. I am in a sense here that I trust God and they trust God but still, it’s a panicky moment

Mercedes Schlapp 4:38
well and in Hungary, with the prime minister with with Obon. One of the things that we’ve learned with Viktor Orban is that they are all about legal immigration, they are like we are going to have secure borders. Absolutely. If you are seeking political asylum, you can apply through in the process and be let in I mean, they’ve let in a large number of Ukrainians that have been displaced during the war. And yet, you have the leftist media saying, oh, Orbon, he’s anti immigrant. And we’re like, no, it’s that there is a process in place of people need to follow what’s here in America, they’re simply coming through the border. And you obviously being an Arizona resident, we’ve, you know, you’ve seen it firsthand. We’ve seen it firsthand. There’s no stopping these people. There is no proper vetting. There’s hundreds of 1000s of people coming through the border constantly. And and in essence, they’re ending up in many of our different cities where they’re, they basically have displaced Americans. That’s right. And and if there is no, and the thing is, is that Biden could take executive action immediately. But he doesn’t do a thing.

Elaine Beck 5:47
He could have done it months and months ago,

Mercedes Schlapp 5:49
he doesn’t do anything. He just says, oh, Congress’s, you know, we need Congress to take action. Well, if Congress is in a gridlock, then you as the leader of this country, he needs to put safeguards in place to ensure that we can have an orderly process at the border. And that is not happening.

Elaine Beck 6:06
Well just look at it this way. How many things as Congress tried to put before him? And he said, No, he won’t sign it? Do you really think that after taking all of those wonderful processes that President Trump had in motion, and on day one, getting rid of all of them, that now he’s going to all of a sudden go soft and go to, you know, in his thinking, and do the right thing? I don’t think so. I think that we’re seeing the demise of his people. And that’s what I’m praying for. I’m praying that you know, all of you, all of you out there are going to make sure you’re registered. Make sure you go vote for crying out loud. President Trump. You know, he’s in court all this time. How about you talk for him? How about you make a name for him? How about you share his love? You know, we have to become bold Christians, bold people who are conservative, we have to speak out and speak the truth says in the Bible, that we’re all going to be persecuted anyway. It says it doesn’t say you might be it says you will be persecuted. For my namesake. My right. Yeah. So so why don’t you do what mercy and I and Matt and so many other 1000s and millions of other people do and say, we still have to believe them what’s right, and we do, and we can’t do it and sit on our hands anymore. Our keep our mouths shut, because they’ve already taken over so much. We have nothing left. But to get up and stand up for God with God. Immunity.

Mercedes Schlapp 7:55
Yeah. And I look, I think when you look at what’s happening with Donald Trump, which is the complete abuse of the of our basically our legal system, our judicial system, to tear down a political opponent, like Donald Trump, you’re seeing judge Merchant who is the new york city judge, basically saying, I’m gonna put you in jail if you violate a gag order. You know, it doesn’t even allow President Trump to speak up or have his opinion, you have a judge threat like an authoritarian judge threatening to put the former president in jail. This is unprecedented. This is what you see in, in banana republics is what you see in Latin America, and in other places where the judicial system is out of control, absolutely power. And, and there you have Donald Trump just having to sit there day after day, being terrorized by this judge, while Joe Biden can campaign freely, which of course, he barely has any energy to campaign. So he pretty much does very much right does like one event a day. And so you have that contrast with President Trump, where he’s going to the Formula One, and he’s being he goes and meets with like the New York Police and the union workers and I go, there is an outpour of support for this President. But you know, the polls are tight, like you’re seeing the polls where President Trump is up by four or five, and then all of a sudden, it’s, you know, you look at the average, and he’s about up by one, and that should make us nervous. That should make us nervous, because there is no guarantee that you know, President Trump is going to win and it’s going to take an enormous… I like going into these races as the underdog. You go in as the underdog and you got to work harder than you ever and smarter than you ever have before, especially in this political environment.

Elaine Beck 9:47
all we have to do is look at 16 and 2016. We caught them with their pants down excuse my cliche, but it’s true, and they weren’t ready before it, but we got through the door. Right? And we deserve to he got the most points everything in 20 What happened in 20, they skirted everything, they manipulated everything.

Mercedes Schlapp 10:17
They changed the voting laws in the middle of the process, right isn’t COVID

Elaine Beck 10:22
yet? To me? Well, it wasn’t just because of COVID. I know, I begged to think that there was a little manipulating there as well. And I think that basically what we’re saying is, if they could do it in 20, they’re gonna if they tried, then do we really think that the people that hate all of us and call us deplorables, and put us down and won’t even let us wear MAGA hats without giving us heart attacks, and that are trying to kill off everyone? Do we really think they’re going to not try something this time, and we don’t know what it is. So all I can say is put on your full armor of God, God, he’s the one that’s going to make it happen. We can’t say that it was anybody else. But on your former God, pray for your enemies go to We are not And you will see how to do that we’re in a season of forgiveness. We’re halfway through it. We’ve got magnificent numbers. But all those numbers can now blow up into enough that we answer the prayer that God gave us in the Scripture. And that is to save our country by giving up our wicked ways that’s hating others, that’s turning against people that’s going along with their agenda. Let’s do the right thing and pray for our enemies for forgiveness so that we can do better. So

Mercedes Schlapp 11:55
I want to you know, it’s funny, I was at church this morning, and I walked by a Presbyterian Church near my Catholic Church. And I saw this incredible plaque. And it was it had George Washington’s fce, you know, it’s based on it. Right? May 9 1798, having seen having been proclaimed a day of fasting and prayer by the President of the United States because of the danger of war with France, George Washington attended this church where the proclamation sermon occurred that was preached by a one of the reverence there one of the pastors or may 9 Think about it almost to the year 1798. We have a national day of fasting and prayer that was basically proclaimed by the president united states. How far have we gone?

Elaine Beck 12:56
That’s right. Amen. I

Mercedes Schlapp 12:58
thought about that, because we really do with all the conflicts that we’re seeing. We’re seeing what’s happening on campuses with all the anti semitic protests, and these pro Hamas sympathizers and the students and these outside agitators who are driving the conversation and the narrative. We really need prayer. Yeah, like, we need the country to come together and pray and be like, what we have to pray, we have to pray for peace. We have to pray for wisdom, right. And we have to pray for our leaders that they make the right choices. And we’re lacking all of that and to know that our first president of the united states, when he knew that we were in danger with at war with in war with France, he turned to prayer, he turned to fasting. And what are we what a reminder, and

Elaine Beck 13:44
that wasn’t the only one? Yeah, let me remind you, all of you are particularly younger people that don’t know the real history of the country. I’m sorry, they didn’t teach it to you. But it was President Eisenhower. That was when I was a little girl. President Eisenhower did his own prayer. At his inauguration. He prayed for the people. He prayed for the country. He prayed that he would be a great leader, you should look it up. I want you to look it up. Don’t take my word for any of this. Don’t take her word for what George Washington said or did look at the truth. You know, we’ve gotten so far from the truth and a lot of people don’t understand that the Bible is the truth of what happened and what we are to do in any season of any generation, on and on through eternity. And so I love that you pointed that out because there have been many great presidents in this country before they all started Pooh poohing the real God and sending him clear out of our schools and are our military and all of these different things. We got to bring him back. Yeah, he is the greatest leader, he is your best friend. He’s everything because He created us. And he has expectations from us. And I love that I feel so good and safe and warm and fuzzy. When I know that he’s watching over me, how about that,

Mercedes Schlapp 15:23
well and watching over our country, but of course, the left will call us Christian nationalist, or something along those lines, because they’re like, How dare you all, like pray to God and you know, want to ensure that God protects this wonderful nation. And, look, I think it really is your prayer that you can get, you know, you can get strong leadership, and also help to achieve peace in this really, really troubled world that we’re living living, we are seeing so many people lose their moral compass, you’re seeing parents that put kids on puberty blockers at the age of 10, or nine or eight, and you’re going what, there’s something just seriously wrong with the direction society’s going in, right. And if you’re deciding, okay, there is no truth. It’s only moral relativism. It’s only I think, you know, I think, therefore I am, and it is my choice versus my truth versus the other person’s truth. You’re gonna have a breakdown of society, there’s no way. There’s no way and it’s exactly what we’re seeing right now. And I think one of the lessons that we learned, especially with the Europeans in CPAC, Hungary was that the Biden administration, they’re doing this across the globe, they’re pushing the LGBTQ agenda, that is what they’re expecting from their European partners from their Asian partners. And they’re basically saying, we’re dealing with like, economic issues, we’re dealing with, like, really major issues, and you want us to deal with this right now. Like, what’s going on? Like, they’re, you know, we’re gonna try to sexualize our children at a young age, and we’re gonna try to push this. It is crazy. And I think that people have to understand that the Biden administration, they’ve just become too extreme to radicalized in every single policy issue. You look at Title Nine, which is fun, you know, help with support women, women in sports? Well, that’s all going away, if you’re going to add the fact that they want to add to ensure that you protect transgender athletes. I mean, it’s it’s pure insanity of what you’re seeing coming from the left.

Elaine Beck 17:28
I think that people who know better, and there’s a lot of us that do need to ask themselves the question, why are they doing this? What is the end game? What is the goal? And I think that if you really face that, and you understand that they’re tearing down the family, that they’re doing everything they can to indoctrinate your children, you have to know that there is a plan behind it, and it’s not good. If you don’t know the actual reason even, you’ve got to realize that one and one half to make two. And when it doesn’t, there’s something at play. Be wary. In the Bible. It says, If the devil was there, if the temptation is there, flee, and I know this because it keeps coming up in my life lately. You are to flee from these things, not just sit back and go, well, we’ll pray about it. And do nothing. Not just say that, you know, we can we can just be the good people and that’s enough. No, we have to flee from the temptation. And we have to stand boldly. And we have to have character and know that everything good comes from the Bible, including common sense now. That is right. So what a wonderful show. Yeah, this has been fun. I love just being you know, mercy and I are on the same page as they say and we see things in a way that we feel that it’s through God’s lens right yes. And that’s that’s the only way to see things is to understand that we didn’t just all of a sudden become a creation with no buddy there to do it. We didn’t just blow up a rock and become us that guess that’s what it was. Yeah. What none of this happen that we’re here to love one another and take care of each other

Mercedes Schlapp 19:38
I love this country and love the people that are in it that wanted us didn’t want to do good that want to raise their families and live in a in you know in in a peaceful society and we’re what we’re seeing right now is kind of a little bit the opposite which is a little terrorizing but we know that you know, if you keep your family close, if you pray if You stay close to God, you will get through these turbulent times.

Elaine Beck 20:04
Well, Dr. Carson’s new book, which I happen to do a show with him this morning, it’s coming out in two weeks, please look for it. And it’s all about the family and the breakdown. And you know, I’m seeing it even as a great grandmother, I see my grandchildren, for instance, a 29 year old granddaughter that would just love to find that special man in her life and have a family. Yeah, nobody wants to have a commitment anymore. These young people have been lied to, to the point where they’re like, Well, why can’t we just go out and play and get the candy without paying any price? Yeah. Why? Why should we have to make a commitment? Why? Why should we have to get married? Even just our children? Well, yeah, if you want to spoil and ruin their lives, and everything that they’ve got, and not even give them the name of a father, and a real commitment from somebody to love them, then I can shoot and play that game. That’s all it is. It’s a game. It’s not reality. Now reality is loving God first. Being the man that God wants you to be being the head of a home. Having a wife and children that you love. Like Christ loved the church. Yes. And then you’re then you’re doing the right thing. And let me tell you the benefits you can talk to this to. You’ve had five girls, I have three children. I my family is huge. My dad My dad had 17 Brothers. Yeah, okay. Did that hurt them that they only can have an orange at Christmas each net was Christmas. Did it? Did it make them that people haven’t? No. Make your kids work for what they get. Teach him principles and values that you find in the Bible? No, oh, I could go on forever. We better cut this. I love these young people and I want so bad to see them find fulfilment in God, and then happiness with a family and a commitment. It’s so and then hungry. We learned more about that, but we’ll save that for another day. Sounds great. Okay, God bless you all. You know, I’m always praying for you. You know that. We’ll be back soon. And we look forward to everything that you’re doing because we know that you understand when we say that we must pray and we are praying for you. God bless you till next time

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