True Stories of Jan 6ers (ft. Jeff Zink)

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From praying grandmothers to pastors’ sons, the Deep State has made it clear that they will CRUSH anyone who opposes them.

For the crime of supporting President Trump, Jeff Zink’s son is now facing over 30 years of prison time just for being OUTSIDE the Capitol on January 6.

Tyranny is on our doorsteps.

Hear the story of Jeff, his son, and his run for Congress as he fights to release all of the footage from that fateful day three years ago.



Elaine Beck 0:11
Hi, everyone, Elaine Beck here and this is It’s Not About Us. And I’m really pleased today i I’ve had so many wonderful guests and and I was sitting here waiting on another fabulous guests that we’re going to have. And this really great guy comes out and says, are you doing J-6ers? Well, you know, this is something that touch should be touching all of us. And I hope that you’ve been praying for the over three years. And for all the people that are still in jail are still facing possible time are still doing all this. I know I do. And I was really touched when you came up. And if you’d Introduce yourself. .

Jeff Zink 0:55
Absolutely. My name is Jeff Zink. And I’m running for Congress here in Arizona. In fact, this is in my congressional district and fest is in my congressional district with South Mountain. And one of the things is, is that I’m also a J sixer. I went to January 6, because the real insurrection took place on November 3. And so I wanted to go peacefully protest and let my voice be heard just like Donald Trump asked us to do. And the thing is, is that we got evidence of a black lives Antifa member kicking out three windows and punching out two windows on the congressional- or the Capitol. And we’ve found done the timeline and he was the point of the spear. He was the first person to actually penetrate the Capitol and we found that on on tape. Now, here’s the difference. We have a Democrat that we put so much pressure on because of my political- getting everything out to places like yourself and in news places. When they picked it up, all of a sudden they had to convict him. Well, Hunter got four months incarceration, three years probation, $2,921 restitution for five windows. He was never taken to Washington DC at all. He was allowed to stay in California and he appeared by teleprompter there. Now let’s march forward and see, on January the eighth, a grand jury was convened. My son was named as a person who entered into the Capitol, fought with Capitol Police and was directly responsible for Brian Sicnick’s death. Now, during his trial on September 12 of this year, it, it turned out that they dropped the charge of entering into the Capitol. So if he didn’t enter into the Capitol, how did he fight with Capitol Police? And we already know that Brian Sicnik died of a brain aneurysm the next day, and that he was perfectly fine. And we have that on video. All of this came out in his trial. Yet, the Jed Boalsburg the the federal judge Wright said that my son could not put on a First Amendment Defense. So all of the things that they showed were, you know, we’re storming the Capitol, we’re storming the Capitol, they can’t stop us and we want Trump We want Trump that was used against my son. That’s an issue, because that’s part of his first amendment rights doesn’t matter what he’s saying. It’s what he did, which was nothing at all. In fact, we were assisting Capitol Police with the video that we turned over and everything else. So the thing is, is that now my son on January 4 is facing 31 years in federal penitentiary for being with me they’ve never charged me.

Elaine Beck 4:01
Okay, stop right there. I want you to do the part again. Okay. About what your son’s said.

Jeff Zink 4:10
So, he said we’re storming the Capitol, we’re storming the Capitol, they can’t stop us.

Elaine Beck 4:19
I’m trying to I’m trying to get this through my skull that why would you say we’re storming the Capitol? And they can’t stop us. Why would you say that? What was his What was your what?

Jeff Zink 4:32
What was his point was? He was part of my congressional media, social media. And he was trying to tell people what was happening, that they were that literally were storming the Capitol, and he was trying to describe what was happening. And then also,

Elaine Beck 4:50
this was during during the thing, correct. He’s in or out right now.

Jeff Zink 4:55
He’s out.

Elaine Beck 4:56
He’s outside of the Capitol and he never entered?

Jeff Zink 4:59
And he never entered, no.

Elaine Beck 5:01
so when he said we’re instead of they’re, right? So they’re saying he’s guilty of what?

Jeff Zink 5:13
creating and causing the insurrection that he’s the one who caused everybody try it.

Elaine Beck 5:21
That doesn’t make sense.

Jeff Zink 5:23
No, no, it didn’t. But also, we had a judge that stated that Ryan was guilty of a crime, we just need to have the trial. That’s what the judge said. So there’s a bias.

Elaine Beck 5:36
I thought you had to do a crime before there was a trial?

Jeff Zink 5:41

Elaine Beck 5:42
But he saying that you have to have a trial to have a crime.

Jeff Zink 5:46

Elaine Beck 5:47
Okay. Um, man, just another one of these big old fat media lies correct. And, you know, the people are just trying to twist and turn to get whoever they can to try and show that there was an insurrection that never happened? No. And, wow, wow. And how old is your son

Jeff Zink 6:14

Elaine Beck 6:15

Jeff Zink 6:16
So if you add 31 years to it, then he he’s well into his 60s, his life is over it. This is a this is a sentence that will basically make his life over.

Elaine Beck 6:25
So when does he go to trial?

Jeff Zink 6:27
He went to trial on September the 13th of this year, right. And he’s going to sentencing on January the fourth Now the great thing is, all three of his charges are before the Supreme Court right now. So and the judge Boasberg stated that he is going to go ahead and have the sentencing and not wait on the Supreme Court that he needs to be in prison. And if the Supreme Court rules that you can’t use all three of those charges against him, then he should have never been imprisoned to begin with.

Elaine Beck 7:02
Right. So so. So wait a minute, so we’re gonna lock somebody up in prison. In case he deserves it

Jeff Zink 7:13
in case he deserves it. Correct.

Elaine Beck 7:14
where he doesn’t, he’s going to be there unjustly. And they don’t care.

Jeff Zink 7:20
And they don’t care. It’s another vote that is suppressed, that we know we’ve been going for a Republican, and they’re picking it up picking us off one at a time. That’s the reason why they’re still right now. Arresting J Sixers, they’re still going. We just had one just yesterday, arrested, a lady that was there. And she was just arrested.

Elaine Beck 7:43
Just meeting this week,

Jeff Zink 7:46
just this in two days ago,

Elaine Beck 7:47
two days ago.

Jeff Zink 7:49
Correct. And what was their justification that she entered into the building, but the crowd forced her she was not able to get out of the crowd. She was forced down the hallway, she turns around and comes right back out. They just arrested her for entering into the Capitol. I don’t think that that was that it was

Elaine Beck 8:12
okay. Is that the only charge against her?

Jeff Zink 8:16

Elaine Beck 8:17
And what? What would the normal prosecution say that she was guilty of?

Jeff Zink 8:28
Well, they’re saying that she’s guilty of interrupting a congressional and Senate hearing 12 C two.

Elaine Beck 8:36
so what what does that incur as a charge?

Jeff Zink 8:40
It’s a felony of 20 years.

Elaine Beck 8:44
Aw jimminy Christmas. Give me a break.

Jeff Zink 8:47
That’s, that’s what, and that’s the first charge they charged my son.

Elaine Beck 8:51
You know, what I you know, when I was growing up… We we were taught something called common sense. We were taught that you were given a consequence based on your action. And that it was equal justice under the law.

Jeff Zink 9:20

Elaine Beck 9:23
When did that change?

Jeff Zink 9:24
Well, it changed when this administration, both Republican and Democrats started working together, and it doesn’t matter who you send. Today, it does matter. So you need to find somebody, you know, I’m a pastor, I want to take the Bible to Congress. I want to preach the Word of God at the podium on the congressional floor. I want to bring people to the foot of the cross to understand that Jesus Christ came and was fully God became man died once and for all for all of our sins, that the only thing that you have to do is accept him and you have eternity in heaven. That’s how you change somebody’s heart. It’s not our job to change their heart. It’s that’s what God does.

Elaine Beck 10:09
so like, that’s what our Speaker of the House is doing right now. Michael Johnson is a Christian,

Jeff Zink 10:16
right? When Michael Johnson is somebody who what I’m trying to do is I’m trying to put a little bit more pressure on him to release more. There’s only 90 videos that he’s released, they’re trickling it out. And we need more of those videos. Because the thing is, here’s something that’s that a lot of people don’t know. And my turn trial and Ryan’s trial.

Elaine Beck 10:40
I’m sorry.

Jeff Zink 10:41
Oh, absolutely. We got we got somebody coming in that.

Elaine Beck 10:44
That has got everybody so excited. I’m sorry about that. I think that we’re usually pretty good. Our mics are very close. And yeah, that, you know, I can’t help but react to the fact that while you’re talking about how things have gone, so upside down, bonkers and everything else in this country judicially. Then in the background, I’m hearing young people who love this country, just over and over again, louder and louder, saying U S A, U S A, U S A, because we are still a Judeo Christian country, the most powerful country on Earth, and we are still being led by the power of God.

Jeff Zink 11:37

Elaine Beck 11:37
And so I hope that my audience will put all that together and come to the same conclusion I am. And that is that we must trust God and all of this, including for your son and all of that. But trusting him doesn’t mean do nothing people, right? It doesn’t mean that. Okay? It means that you will start right now. Right, right this minute, praying for his son, and his name is

Jeff Zink 12:06
Ryan Zink,

Elaine Beck 12:08
Ryan Zink. And you will start praying for the enemy. Right, because as we say, God told us he has spoken here recently and said, Pray for your enemies. That is the only way to save our land. And it is so imperative that we understand that although wrong is being done. Another wrong never will make it right. The only thing that will make it right is to do what is right in the eyes of God. And that’s to pray for our enemies so that they change the color of their thinking, and therefore, they will be saved, we will be saved. And that’s the only answer. Am I right pastor?

Jeff Zink 12:54
absolutely. See, the thing is that first Corinthians 714 tells us that for people who are called by my name, that will humble themselves that will pray and ask for forgiveness, that I will be faithful and just to forgive them of their sin, but I will heal their lands.

Elaine Beck 13:12
That paper beside you. Oh, yes. The second one down. Read that on the other side. Okay.

Jeff Zink 13:24
We are not the enemy.

Elaine Beck 13:25
We are not enemies, right? We are not is something God gave me about three months ago. I’m working with Dr. Ben Carson, and 1000s of people across this nation, okay to pray during the national season of forgiveness, which started on November 26 of this year, going through November 26 of next year, which God said this is will unleash the power of Christ and God to forgive our enemies and save our land.

Jeff Zink 13:57
absolutely. And if it’s okay, I will put this on my website as a congressional candidate. Right and and make sure that this goes out to anybody that comes on.

Elaine Beck 14:09

Jeff Zink 14:10
Oh, and the way that you can reach that is is, my website.

Elaine Beck 14:15
Wonderful. Well, Jeff, we run out of time, but I’m so glad that you came and I you know, a story always has so many ins and outs and things that I will be praying for your son will thank you. I know that my audience who has suffered through so much in the last three years of knowing what we had to face, which was a lie. And yet, please people understand the people that are really suffering or those that are being convicted, accused. I’m suffering still in jail, right on their way to jail. Please Pray for the enemies so that we can do the right thing. And God can save not only our land, but every individual person because what does he say? Who does he want and heaven? Didn’t want to everyone, everyone,

Jeff Zink 15:16
not a single person does he want to perish.

Elaine Beck 15:18
That’s right. And that’s why we must pray. During this season of forgiveness like never before daily, hourly, every chance we can pray for the enemy. God bless you for being here much. And thank you. You bet. Thank you. Thank you all for being here today. Remember, you can go to Elaine And you can check out all that we do and the Christian news journals on there. Our shows are all on there. This show will be on there. And we’re also on CPAC now God bless you and know that I pray for you always in Jesus name.

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