The Cabrini Movie Is A Hit! (ft. Leo Severino & Jordan Harmon)

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If you loved Sound of Freedom and The Chosen, then you’ll also love Angel Studios’ next big film, ‘Cabrini,’ the TRUE story of a real woman whose love for others changed America and the world.

I am joined this week by the film’s producer, Leo Severino, and also the president of Angel Studios, Jordan Harmon. Their mission to create entertainment that glorifies God AND their loves of Cabrini’s incredible story shine through in this interview.

So watch, enjoy, and then GO SEE CABRINI! Let’s make movies great again!



Elaine Beck 0:11
Hi, everyone, Elaine Beck here. And as you know, my show is It’s Not About Us because it’s not. It’s about our Heavenly Father and who we’re here to serve and what we do. And on that note, I’m so pleased today that I have the heads of Angel Studio with me. And I’m going to ask them to introduce themselves and tell you a little bit about what they do.

Leo Severino 0:36
I’m actually My name is Leo Severino. I’m a producer, writer, and I was a producer on Sound of Freedom and a producer on this next film that angel Studios is partnering with us on which is a call Cabrini.

Elaine Beck 0:49
And what is Cabrini about?

Leo Severino 0:51
Cabrini is a film about this incredible woman, who at the turn of the- into the 1900s, touched millions of lives, touched countless souls changed the landscape of the world, and no one knows her name, at least, hopefully, they will know her name soon. It’s Cabrini and Angel Studio, our partner here, Jordan Harmon, who is who’s the president Angel Studios, is distributed worldwide, just like they did sound of freedom, right?

Jordan Harmon 1:17
It’s very, very exciting. The obviously Sound of Freedom took the world by storm. And everybody knows that story now. And so, you know, the same producers and the director, Alejandro Monteverde have created another masterpiece, it’s a cinematic masterpiece. And it truly shows how the power of an individual can change the world. And it shows that you don’t have to wait for government or somebody to come solve your problems for you that you can turn around and you can actually solve them for yourself. My wife and I walked out of it, my wife said, This is my favorite thing that Angel Studios has done. And so Cabrini comes out on March 8, you can actually get tickets right now on sale at And it’s the selling out all across the nation. And it’s very, very exciting.

Elaine Beck 2:03
I’m not surprised. Anybody who saw Sound of Freedom knows the quality. And the thought I you know, I think the thing that impressed me the most guys about the previous movie, was the fact that you could take a subject that is so ugly, so nasty, and have children in the film, and never involve them in it the way that you talk to these children and help them you know, play out their part without knowing the evil behind it. I just thought that was amazing in itself.

Leo Severino 2:44
Well, thank you for that, because that was a deliberate decision early on. And as to the credit of our great director, allowing them on the way out of there. You know, he said, We’re gonna direct this, and we’re gonna direct these kids in this, this thing that was unimaginable, we’re gonna make it imaginable to the audience, but in a way that’s not going to scar. And to the actors who were kids on set. It was an embargo, they could not know what was the story was really about because of course, you don’t want to expose kids to have something as crazy as the reality that we didn’t think at the time was as prolific sadly, as it is.

Elaine Beck 3:17
Yes. And it gets worse all the time. And that’s why we need to continue with these movies. And we need to continue telling the truth, and getting everything out because the people in this country, as we know, have been deceived. And and everything’s been twisted through the what President Trump calls the fake news. But it’s the thing is, is we can we we joke about it, we call it that, but the reality is, is it’s all a big fat lie that’s being told people are being deceived. And I think that goes along with what the Bible says about good will be bad and bad will be good.

Jordan Harmon 3:57
100%. And it’s one of those things where what people don’t often realize is they look at the culture and how degraded it is. And they say, Well, you know, get out and vote what you should, absolutely should try to change your local area and your local politics and everything. But culture is actually defined years and decades before it gets to the place we are today. And it’s done through entertainment. What we watch and what we consume, is the primary thing that will dictate what our culture will look like in 10, 20, and 30 years. And so like Sound of Freedom, we have a responsibility, although it not only does you know Leo and Alejandro on their team, create cinematic masterpieces that people can enjoy that are entertaining, but also amplify light and, and teach good principles. Those are the type of pieces of content that we need to support and get behind so that the culture can change in 10, 15, 20 years for the better. And so it’s not just about you know, although you know, we’re here obviously here at CPAC That’s super important as well. And they go hand in hand, right. But the entertainment space is such a pivotal piece of solving the problems that will make our future better for our children and our grandchildren.

Elaine Beck 5:13
Well, you know, that’s something that I bring up all the time on my show, is the fact that we have all these children that have been taught fantasy and fiction. And included in that is not fairy tales. It is evil. It is witchcraft, it is hate, and fighting and guns and evil, you know, deceptiveness how to kill a police officer is one of the games that’s out there.

Jordan Harmon 5:46
We believe that the culture is way too nihilistic. You know, pessimistic. Dark is a lot of evil, and we want it to be more truthful, honest, loving, kind, and that those principles of amplifying light can can spread throughout the world in a meaningful way.

Elaine Beck 6:04
That’s right. Absolutely. And you guys, you did it so well. And I can’t wait to see your new movie. You want to tell everybody a little bit about it?

Leo Severino 6:12
Sure. Yeah. So this this film, Cabrini was one that was in the heart of our executive producer for a very long time because he knew about this incredible woman to give one little story about her. She she when she came to the US in the 1900s, she had to overcome what you were saying so much hate so much evil, so much that was degrading to human dignity, that she wanted to not only overcome all these obstacles, her own frailty, your own sickness, she suffered from smallpox, tuberculosis, she was given a couple of years to live, the end of her life, not to give away too much of the story of she wanted to building this empire of hope. She built orphanages, hospitals, schools, health centers that touched millions of lives and was the largest charitable empire the world had ever seen, larger than anything the Rockefellers or Vanderbilts had built and went on to inspire this one little nun in 1946, who was at this woman’s canonization. She was canonized, the first American Saint by the Catholic Church is one nun was at her canonization was so inspired, that she decided to leave her teaching order to go help change the world and start an order of missionaries. Well, that nun, her name is Mother Teresa.

Elaine Beck 7:24
Wow, what a story. You know, we all have to understand that we’re all here for a purpose. And what you’re doing today and what you’re doing, you are going to touch millions of lives you already have through the other movie, we are all have the opportunity and the choice to either be part of the solution, or the problem. And thank you for being part of the solution.

Jordan Harmon 7:55
Thank you for having us.

Elaine Beck 7:57
I think that’s so important that people can see the truth, even people that have lived sort of sheltered lives. Yes, there’s still people that aren’t wrapped up in all of the wickedness is going on. Okay. They live normal lives in little towns in Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, you know, wherever they live, and, and they’re still protecting their children and having family night and stuff like that. But it gets worse and worse all the time. That there’s nothing good to watch on TV, nothing positive unless you watch the Christian stations

Leo Severino 8:36
or anything on ANGEL studios. That’s the idea. We’re trying to give that alternative, something good and beautiful.

Oh, so you have a TV show too?

Jordan Harmon 8:44
We have several TV shows that downloadable on the angel app. And you can explore them all. There’s literally over six films that are coming out this year in theaters and seven different TV shows. And so jump on the angel app and TVs and enjoy

Elaine Beck 8:57
I will soon as I get home. That’s where I’m going. Because, you know, this is the thing. The family is so sad nowadays about things because we can’t find a way. I mean, I’ve got great grandchildren. Yeah, I want to see the good that’s happening in the world. I want them to hear about the Bible and have values.

Jordan Harmon 9:21
Your audience might be familiar with our first original series, which is called the Chosen.

Elaine Beck 9:25
Oh, that’s right. Yeah. Sorry. I didn’t even commit that. Oh, my goodness. You’re right. That is amazing. You know, I mean, you talk about Cabrini, a woman. I’m talking about two gentlemen here that God is touching through the things that you’re doing. And it’s it’s such an honor to have you here today and to be talking to you about possibly, you know, getting you some more information or something to do or working with you in conjunction with some things that we’re doing. That isn’t amazing to me because, you know, Hollywood is everybody’s first look at that type of performance movies and stuff, right? And it has gone so south, and it is so bad and so evil, that when you think of people in that format, I think most of us think, well, they must be bad dudes, and they’re not going to be worth working with. And they’re probably stuck up and they don’t yet I’m serious

Jordan Harmon 10:31
Well by their fruits, you shall know them. So just be that.

Elaine Beck 10:36
It’s a pleasure to have you on my show. We’ve got much to talk about in the future. And I’m going to be at the movie tonight. Right?

Leo Severino 10:45
Great I hope you enjoy it.

Elaine Beck 10:48
as well. So I know that your time is short. So I’ll let you go. But thank you again for coming. Thank you for this time and opportunity for everybody out there to get learn more about you. Now you want to give again, or

Jordan Harmon 11:02
go to and get your tickets today. theaters are selling out all across the nation. It’s very incredible movie. It’s a cinematic masterpiece, you know, we’ve heard from reviewers and critics alike that it’s just any Critics generally don’t like Angel content, because you know, they don’t they don’t love us as much but they even love this film. And you know, Glenn Beck said that this is probably a top three film of all time for him. My wife and I felt the same way. And so it’s an incredible film. Please join us.

Elaine Beck 11:29
So glad that you could be here on this show and hear from these wonderful man. What’s happening. That’s the good news we share on our show. So come back and see us go to and look at all my shows. And remember, I’m always praying for you. God bless you

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