We Need to Become Fearless (ft. Brad Bedford)

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The Family Research Council knows what it means to be fearless.

They are tirelessly doing the work of God’s kingdom here in America, and I had the pleasure of being joined by Brad Bedford. He is one of many members of the FRC that is daily fighting for faith, family, and freedom.

Do you want to be a fearless warrior for Christ in our troubled times? Then join us for this wonderful conversation and learn how you can be a part of what the FRC is doing.

Check out their website: https://frc.org



Elaine Beck 0:16
Hey everyone, Elaine Beck here. And as you know, we are It’s Not About uUs, the show that talks about what truly is important in this world. And that’s our Lord and Savior. He’s the one that has the final say, and we count on him. So we’re here to always spread the good things that are happening in our country. And today I have a very special guest. He is from FRC, and that is Tony Perkins is the head of of FRC, he started it. And it is an amazing organization. And my friend, Brad Bedford, who is joining me today is going to share with you more about it. And it’s a very exciting time. In our world right now. Even with all of the bad and stuff. There’s so many good things happening, aren’t there, Brad?

Brad Bedford 1:12
Oh yeah, most definitely. And that’s what is exciting to be on the front lines. I mean, there is a lot of turmoil. I mean, oh yeah. Things that we believe in stand for is threatened. But but but by the grace of God he has empowered us to do and to and to provide what he’s asked us to do and to go out and do the work of the Kingdom.

Elaine Beck 1:33
Yeah, we know, that’s one of the things I love the most about God. And I tell people this all the time, they comment on some of the things I do, and I’m like, but I’m not doing it. I’m doing it only by the grace of God. It’s not me, it’s him. It’s not my words. It’s his words. Because when you humble yourself and you tell God that you are a willing participant, and that’s what we’re here to do is serve Him. And when you do that, I’m telling you, he gives you everything you need, he gives, He gave me a voice. He gave me an opportunity. And now we’re sharing that with you, Brad. And we’re very excited. I’m gonna give away his secret. This is his first time doing an interview like this. And you know you’re meant for this. So don’t worry about it. You’re doing a great job.

Brad Bedford 2:24
Well, thank you.

Elaine Beck 2:25
Well, tell me tell me more. I want to hear first of all, what brought you to FRC? And what is your passion?

Brad Bedford 2:35
Oh, yeah, first of all thank you for having me.

Elaine Beck 2:37
Thank you for being here.

Brad Bedford 2:40
It really is. But no, you know, I’ve worked for I’ve worked in Christian ministry all my adult life and and there’s a whole story even further back when God brought me out of you know, a lot of a lot of I was very, I was a troubled kid. I had a lot of a lot of challenges. But God through His grace and when you touched on that the grace of God. When I learned that I could rely upon his ability in me not just my ability alone, but his ability and me to do what I couldn’t do myself. It’s the grace of God, unmerited favor. If we didn’t have to earn it or deserve it, he gave it to us freely. He’s empowered us to do whatever it is he’s called us to do. So what brought me to FRC was I’ve worked in large ministries all my adult life and churches and I’ve even had my own ministry I’ve traveled and spoken, I have worked for large humanitarian organizations did a lot of humanity raised money. I’ve always I’ve worked in development for about the last 15 years, right and right money for these nonprofits and doing the work of the Kingdom around the world. And I had an opportunity one of my former colleagues called me and offered me the opportunity with with FRC and and I, I started looking into what they were doing and saw, you know, with policy and in government and in fighting for our religious liberties and our family and all that so and it was like God said, This is your opportunity to fight for your country because when I was younger, I had opportunity to go into the Navy, the Marines, my head friends that went into those those branches of the service. And I didn’t fall through that I have my own agenda was doing my own thing. And, and I later in life, I kind of regretted that. Sure. And then then but when this opportunity came across, God said this is your opportunity to fight for your country because that’s what FRC does. We are fighting for faith, family and freedom. That is really our mission statement, right is that we’re fighting for faith, family and freedom in public policy, through the the worldview, a biblical worldview, right, and the thing that sets us apart from a lot of other organizations is our biblical worldview. And so I’m excited to be a part of that and and we’re seeing God move. And you know, and it’s like us at all those things faith, family and freedom are, are all at stake right now they’re under attack all under attack in a major, major way. And, and I had somebody tell me one time, you know, don’t use this, like you’re throwing sand against the tide. I said, you know, the Bible says, And this is one of our key scriptures as well as in Ephesians Three says, having done all to stand stand, therefore,

Elaine Beck 5:28
Oh, I love that.

Speaker 1 5:30
So, you know, that’s we in you know, we just came out of our and you were at our private stand meeting in Washington DC just recently and in years past that was called the value Voters Summit. And, and Tony heard from the Lord and and really believed that we should call it pray, vote and stand, right. And with the emphasis, you know, the first word being pray, we need to pray, at least for and we need to vote, that’s the only way we’re going to change all this craziness is to vote properly.

Elaine Beck 6:02
I hope you’re all listening to this.

Brad Bedford 6:04
And, and not just not vote for somebody because you don’t like them. But it’s the platform, you know, because the left they rally around each other, and they rally around their their radical causes. And we need to do the same as Christians, we need to do the same. And rally around that, but pray, vote and stand. And that’s what we have to do. We have to stand and believe and trust God, for His hand in our life and in our country. And where things are going has been very dark. But God, all things are possible. With God.

Elaine Beck 6:40
Absolutely. Absolutely. You know, one of the things that you mentioned, I was so proud. Yesterday, when the House voted in Mike Johnson

Unknown Speaker 6:53
Strong Christian man.

Elaine Beck 6:54
Full vote, he got. Nobody’s done that. Yeah. Okay. Not on their side or our side. Nobody’s ever gotten all the votes. And the more that I learned about Mike Johnson, who was is our new house speaker, that’s right. You know, and this is something to be excited about, you know, we always look and this is what I’m trying to help my audience understand is, it’s really easy to listen to the news and hear the scary, the bad, the trouble, the evil, okay. But look outside of that, and look what God’s doing in your life. You know, if you have a roof over your head today, if you have meals in front of you, if you have the ability to pray to God, if you have the ability to go to church, to be with friends and family to face each day, even the troubles. I mean, I had all kinds of crazy things happen today, would you believe our big van that we use for hauling all of our equipment? Had a little family living in it, oh, a pack rats, oh, they did it. They did $2,000 damage to a new van. So we all face troubles with the Lord. The Bible says there will always be trials. But you know, when you have him, he will find a way to make everything better, he will give you peace in the biggest storm. And so when I hear and I have the opportunity to work with people like Tony Perkins, and his wonderful organization, who cares not only about God, but his country, which is exactly what God gave me five years ago, when he gave me my first vision, he said it was about God and country, not just about him, you know, he’s not a selfish God. And He wants His people, His followers, his children. He wants all of us to have good. And so he was there. I believe this was all my heart. And I’m sure you do, too. He was there when this country was founded. He was there, when the documents were written up, that we stand the principles that we stand, and God was involved in all of that. And I’m tired of seeing people take it away. So I compliment, commend, and just love to pieces, all the people, especially Tony Perkins, in what they’re doing, because they’re trying to find all of the positive loopholes, the things to make it better. The directions to go in there. They’re fearless, and there’s not enough fearless people in this country. All of us need to become fearless. We need to have courage right now more than we’ve ever had. We can’t stand back and say, well, they can do it or we voted him in let him do it. Or, you know, I don’t need to vote like you said, I don’t need to vote because everybody else. Well, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. God counts on all of us. That’s why he put us here. He put you in the greatest country ever. Amen. You need to do your part. That’s right. And it may seem little, but let me tell you, it all counts. Even even what I do counts.

Unknown Speaker 6:55
Most definitely. Especially when we’re fueled by God. And when we’re, when we have his resources behind us, you know, we, you know, I love the scripture out of, I think a second Peter chapter one, verse three, seeing that his divine power has granted to us everything that we need for life and godliness. It’s all past tense. And that’s one thing I like is the finished work of the Cross. What he’s already done for us, is not that we’re having to earn it. Or you know, or, you know, he’s already given it to us, or that scripture says, seen his divine power has granted past tense, everything we need for life and godliness. We have to be receivers, as well as believers, we need to believe and receive what he has provided for us and to walk through it with with boldness, knowing Hey, man, it’s not about us. It’s not about us. It’s about Him. Him in us, right work that we can’t do in our own strength.

Elaine Beck 11:18
You know, one of my favorite things in the Bible is where, and I can’t quote the exact scripture, that basically what it says, When Jesus left, he said, I leave with you the Holy Spirit. And through it, you will be able to do everything I’ve done, plus some things, for I must go. So you know, if we have the power to do all these things, we need to pull it out and use it and stand together stand for what’s right.

Speaker 1 11:51
And not just be quiet and let everybody is that’s the thing is, is that conservatives have been quiet for too long. The left is yelling and screaming. You know, I was thinking about this on the way up here today. When I was a kid, I did sports, I wrestled I ran track, I played football, my dad would come and he would, my brother said he would dad would scream so loud for you His veins, his neck will pop up. And God is cheering us on. But we need to we need to be loud about what we believe and not be passive and sit back and do nothing and just think somebody else is gonna do it. It we need that we need to make a stand, we need to pray, vote and stand?

Elaine Beck 12:29
Well, let me tell you something. You’ve been kept quiet too long. I’m glad that we are bringing you out and putting you on this show. Because your passion and your wisdom and your knowledge are those things that God gives each of us when we open ourselves to it. And he’s obviously filled you

Brad Bedford 12:50
Well, thank you.

Elaine Beck 12:51
So I am loving that you’re on our show. I am very excited about the fact that you know what Tony’s doing? What some of the other organizations what we’re doing? You know, it’s really easy to say, Well, why would God use me? And when I was younger, I thought that? And God answered that question. And so just like yourself, my passion is great. And it’s what keeps me going. It’s what you know, just knowing him and loving him. And being able to worship Him is something so precious, that nobody can take away from us. So please say hello to Tony for me. And all the other wonderful people there. I so enjoyed the event. I feel I’ve they’re always make you feel like you are part of everything and so welcoming, and it’s great. And I want all of you to know that there’s a way to reach out to FRC and to help the cause. And so I’m asking you right now to share with them, how they can contact you what some of the things they can do starting with prayer.

Speaker 1 14:21
Yeah, just go to our website frc.org. And everything you need to know is right there. If God leads you to donate, there’s a Donate button. But there’s lots of information, lots and lots of information. And you can read about our history there. You can read about how we got started. This started back in 1983 with James Dobson the founder of Focus on the Family. All of that is on that site. There’s lots of information there. And but yeah, we’d love to have you. Check.

Elaine Beck 14:53
Yes, absolutely. So again frc.org.org FRC.org And I know that you can go there and read and and if you have time to do that fine, but would you also please donate even small amounts of money add up to large amounts of money. So if God has moved you in any way, during this show, please help them. And as always, we thank you for being with us on it’s not about us. We’re very excited to be part of your life and we’re here to serve you by telling you the good things that are happening in our country. And so watch us you can go to a ElaineBeck.com and see all my shows or you can follow us on CPAC Now, where we are humbly participating, so we love you so much and you as you always we are praying for you. Please pray for us.

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