They Hate Us Because They Hated Christ First (ft. Kevin Crye)

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Jesus promised that when we follow Him, we WILL be persecuted.

Kevin Crye has learned that better than most – after a life time of service to his community, the corrupt leftist machine of California is set on destroying him and throwing him out of his rightfully elected office.

And for what crime? Basically because he is a Christian.

But his spirit is strong and God is with him! Listen to our great conversation about how he is fighting the good fight to care for the people God has given him.

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Elaine Beck 0:12
Hi, everyone, Elaine Beck here and we are on, It’s Not About Us, my show that speaks to the fact that God is what matters and what he wants. He’s who I answer to. And I hope he’s who you answer to. And tonight I have this wonderful guest, who is going to share his story about how he answers to God and God only. Could you please introduce yourself to my guests? Absolutely.

Kevin Crye 0:40
My name is Kevin Crye. I am a Shasta County Supervisor in Northern California. I was seated in January of this year, I was elected in November. And it’s been 11 of the most challenging but rewarding months of my life outside of my family and faith for sure.

Elaine Beck 0:41
Well, you know, I’ve heard just a little bit about your story. So I and my audience would love to know more about the fact that because what I’m hearing is that you won, you worked hard. You won. You got in and immediately the attack started. Can you tell us about that?

Kevin Crye 1:26
So when I was elected, or actually, when I was supervisor-elect, I wasn’t even seated yet. I was told, if I pulled it out, because I won by 90 votes, I won by six tenths of a percent. So it was very, very narrow margin. And I was told, if I, if I pulled it out, that they would come after me, they would try and recall me and it was about four months into my this first term. In about April, they started collecting signatures to get me on a ballot, because what I ran on was faith family, my country and and-

Elaine Beck 1:59
Well, shame on you all those good things. Why would you run on that?

Kevin Crye 2:02
Yeah, and I and not only did I run on it, but legislatively I voted that way, I take everything in prayer, I’ve been mocked for praying about, you know, my decisions. And so they didn’t like that. And in California, if there’s a, a, an opening on a supervisory level or vacancy are great Governor Gavin Newsom gets to appoint my replacement. So it would take our conservative County, and it would sway the other way. This is much bigger than politics, I believe. I

Elaine Beck 2:39
thought I felt like you were saying that with a little facetiously.

Kevin Crye 2:43
He’s not a great governor. No, yeah, there’s nothing. I mean, my platform really has been kids and small business as well. Man, there’s nothing he’s done for kids that has made the kids his life safer or better. And as it tells us in Scripture, if you’re gonna do these things to the least of these you better, it’d be better to have you know, a millstone around your neck and thrown into a lake. And so, so accountability has coming for a great many people of what they’ve done to children the last few years,

Elaine Beck 3:12
oh, for many years now, and it gets worse every year. They started, you know, putting people into our colleges, and they overtaken them. And that became mostly apparent, even this week. As three college leaders got up and shamed our entire country. And then felt that they were being abused when people told them you’re out.

Kevin Crye 3:41
Yeah, it’s crazy. I told my daughter, Her senior year of college recently, she was the vice president of her University’s pro life club. And a psychology professor was gaslighting her saying, How can you be a woman and stand up for something as atrocious as you know something is that now keep in mind, this is on a Christian campus university. No, I told her, I said you get home right now or I’m done paying for education. So she finished online. She’s now a school psychologist. She graduated early. She was 19 when graduated college. He’s 20 As a school psychologist, but at a Christian university. She was being gas lit by the university.

Elaine Beck 4:18
Can you say what the university is?

Kevin Crye 4:20
I don’t want to do that. Because I think there’s a lot of good people at the university, but I’ll just say it-

Elaine Beck 4:26
That is so sad to me.

Kevin Crye 4:30
It’s reality. Let’s just say it was it was a GRAND disappointment in Arizona, that my daughter had to experience and I said, you know, you need to get home. And you know, because here’s the thing is, you know, I believe our kids have to so their own you know, oats are in terms of their path and what the Lord has called them to. But there comes a point to where we put our kids in public school because we wanted them to be a light in the darkness and, but I said, you know, I want you to have that, that Christian foundation as you go into your adult life. So this university, I think, is a good fit. And to see that flip, you know, I just was like, You know what, like, I’m sorry, I know, I’m dad, but I need you to come because I’ve worked my wife, and I’ve worked way too hard to have something happen at the end. And she was very thankful for it.

Elaine Beck 5:22
Praise Jesus, your daughter took it the right way and came home and shared the truth with you. Yeah, and opened your eyes, so that you could protect her even further. I think that’s wonderful. And that says a lot about what kind of parents she had, that they feel they could be open and honest with you and let you know that, although it’s named, as a Christian college didn’t live up to it.

Kevin Crye 5:47
Well, so often people trade, people trade, you know, their faith, or their beliefs for the almighty dollar, or they want to grow, they say, Hey, we’re gonna grow our company. So instead of hiring, the quality of employee that has our beliefs, Bible beliefs, or not even morals, or the way that we treat our customers from a customer service standpoint, they grow so fast, they lose what made him special. And, and you know, and in terms of politics, like I knew who I was going into office, I know who I am in office, my legacy is not going to be what I did in terms of legislatively as a politician, my legacy is that I serve Christ, that I love and honor my wife, and did I grow my kids up to fear and revere the Lord. That’s how I’m going to be judged.

Elaine Beck 6:30
I love that. But still, at the same time, I’m exceptionally proud of you that you are going out speaking openly, and telling the world about what they’re trying to do, which is get rid of you, because you want to do good. And they don’t want you to do good. They want you to be a puppet like so many other men and women in government are they’ve got somebody behind them saying, here’s money, do this. If you don’t like it, we’ll get you in trouble. If you don’t do that. These kinds of things have to be sought. And it’s only going to be brave, courageous men, like yourself, Kevin, that is going to make the difference. If they all keep bowing down to the evil, and the evil people that are leading it, we will never have a country again That was what it once was.

Kevin Crye 7:30
I agree with that.

Elaine Beck 7:31
And, and, and it’s only going to take it takes so much courage. You know, I was really thrilled today. When I got here to be honest with you, when I was coming, I was thinking, well, maybe this year won’t be as big because money is so tight. These kids come from all over the country. That’s not cheap, it’s closer to Christmas than it’s ever been this has been, the latest in the month they’ve ever had it that I’m aware of. And I’m like, you know, this may not- so to hear that they’re actually expecting 14,000. They had 8000. Last year. They had 10,000, the year before, and they believe they will get 14,000 this year. That just said to me that more of God’s children are saying no. More of God’s children are saying I will stand up and fight. Yeah, I need to go. Yeah, I need to be in the front line. Yep. And that’s what you do. And that’s what you did when you signed up to run for office. And now that you’re in there, your courage of saying I will not stand still and allow them to bully me out of here. Or to force me out of here. And now you come to speak out openly. And I hope you’re doing this all the time everywhere. I think that speaks so well. And I loved what Charlie said earlier tonight, when he said what real men in this country did. And that is they stood up and fight for what they believed it.

Kevin Crye 9:08
I have a son, and my son’s 12. And, you know, I have my two older my oldest daughter’s 20 Are my second child, daughter, is 15 and my son’s 12. And, you know, it’s not so much what I’m going to say that he’s going to remember he’s going to remember my actions. And he’s going to remember I think this time and I think there’s I always wanted a son it was like like all dads, right? You know, every dad wants to son but they want little girls too,

Elaine Beck 9:36
but Right, right. But you want that namesake.

Kevin Crye 9:38
Exactly. So I really believe my son is at such an impressionable age. And we’re walking through this together. You know, so when we do we do a little devotional every morning together? Well, I’ll say most mornings, depends on how well he wakes up. But you know, and so it’s been it’s been awesome to go through Scripture with him. And he’s talking about things that he’s struggling in as a Junior High boy, now coming into his own, things like that at 12. And, you know, and but he says Daddy goes, you know, if I get teased at school for this, it’s kind of like what people say to you at the board meetings in public, you know, an open comment. So it’s neat that I’m going through something, right, where it’s uncomfortable for me, like, you know, I’ve always been kind of celebrated as a coach, and as a champion of kids, or, you know, I’m 47, I started working in schools when I was 19-18. Really, and, you know, so to have this this anger, this vitriol, but but I know, like, the people don’t even know what they’re angry about. Because the people that aren’t following Jesus and that don’t have the Lord, They’re just angry at life. And I believe it’s, you know, the, it’s the Holy Spirit and people like ourselves, and we’re not perfect. We’re just forgiven. And I think there’s something in some of those people spirit that just makes them want to attack people that are trying to do the right thing.

Elaine Beck 11:05
You know, somebody told me this not too long ago, and it really hit me in the right place. They said, how can you believe in forgiveness, when you don’t believe in somebody that can forgive you? Very, very big statement, big statement. And I have something that I’m doing right now that God gave me to do. And Dr. Carson named it for me, it’s called W.A.N.E. We are not enemies. So if you look up, we are not you’ll you’ll learn about that. It’s all about praying for your enemies, praying for the people that are lost, praying that for the people that don’t know Christ, the ones that anger you, or hurt you, or step on you, including all of these people in California that are trying to walk all over you. Yeah, I say that today. We pray for them.

Kevin Crye 12:03
We’ve been, I remember, my wife was in her credentialing program when 9/11 happened. And they would start every every class period with prayer. And this is the day after 9/11. And she said, I think we should pray for the, the the terrorists families, and it created a big stir. And so my wife, we were just recently married. And we had a really long talk about that. And I thought it was awesome. I thought it was a bold thing for her. But she got a lot of pushback for it. And but you know, what happens is what as believers we say, Lord, make us more like you. Right, then we’re persecuted. And then people sometimes go, oh, woe is me. Why, Lord, are they it’s like, Wait a minute. We pray to be more like him. Well, what is what is? What is more like? Yeah, what is more like Him than being persecuted for our beliefs and who we are?

Elaine Beck 12:56
Well, it says right in the Bible, it doesn’t say that. If you follow Christ, it says you might be persecuted. It doesn’t say, maybe you will. It says you WILL be persecuted. Look it up people. It’s true. Yeah. You will be persecuted. Absolutely. You are being persecuted, that God can overcome anything. And he does. It isn’t just he can it is if he does. And, and I again. I just think it’s wonderful what you’re doing, but I have to throw in something here. Okay. Yes. I like to keep things light and fun. And I saw the picture of you and your family. And you’re talking about being an example to your son, and him being like you? Well, I want you to know, he’s just like you. When he smiles. He can’t keep his eyes open either. In that picture, both of you look like 20 eyes. And you know, there’s so many people people don’t realize it. There are literally people that cannot smile and not squint, really. And if you tell them to open their eyes when they are smiling. They look more like they got shot by a deer in the headlights?

Kevin Crye 14:17
Yeah, like, that would be me.

Elaine Beck 14:21
But anyways, what a pleasure has been to meet you and to hear your story. And I am just to ask all of my audience right now. Please. Pray for Kevin. Yeah, pray for what’s happening in every area of this country of people trying to do good for God trying to do good for their country, being here for the right reasons and being persecuted. Because we can pray for them. And God will protect them. And so can I pray for you right now?

Kevin Crye 14:56
Absolutely. Yes.

Elaine Beck 14:58
Heavenly Father we can come before you in the name of Jesus, Lord, we know that your power is greater than all things that you are mightier than all. And God, we just ask that you would protect Kevin and all this, that you will encircle him, and put a hedge around him and keep him safe from all this evil that’s coming at him. God, let him smile in the face of these people. Evil cannot defeat you. It cannot defeat us as long as we know you. He knows you. He loves you and he lives for you. Please, Lord, protect him, protect his family, protect us all in all of this. Thank you, Jesus for being with us as we serve you, Lord. And we are so humbled before you in Jesus name, amen. And now you can answer your phone.

Kevin Crye 15:50
No, I wouldn’t open it. I mean, that that means so much to me that well, that was worth the whole trip to Phoenix and of itself. So thank you. Thank you for that so much. Yeah, yeah. And now, I mean, I think I think our country, we know how the book ends, right. So no matter what happens in March, I know how the book ends. Right? And amen. And if I could throw up my website, so if anybody wants to support me or email me and pray for me just support, please do Yeah, it’s And it’s C-R-Y-E.

Elaine Beck 15:50
Yeah, I liked that name. You’re not really crying now. Are you not crying? Because you’ve got

Kevin Crye 16:27
That’s right. Tears of joy.

Elaine Beck 16:29
I like that. You’ve got the power of the Lord with you. Absolutely. And so all of you remember, come back and see me on the next show. Remember that? I love you all. I pray for you all every day. Please pray for us. And pray for Kevin. Thank you and goodbye.

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