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Praise God for men of action! Mike Lindell has faced brutal persecution over the last few years as enemies of the truth have used every method at their disposal to crush and deplatform his company, MyPillow.

But God is good and now Mike is back in the fight! His group is checking votes, pushing for paper ballots, and filing law suits all with the goal of securing our next election.

Hear more about his work and how you can help in this great episode!

Help Mike Win:



Elaine Beck 0:11
Hi everyone, Elaine Beck here with It’s Not About Us. And as we all know, it’s about God. It’s about Jesus. It’s about our Lord and Savior and our Creator. And we are here to answer him. And thank you God for bringing Mike Lindell who is a true believer to my show again this year and getting to share what’s new. Mike what’s happened this last year?

Mike Lindell 0:38
Well, the since August, my my company My Pillow has under been on the biggest attack it’s ever been under. We were debanked, we were we were American Express took away our line of credit, IRS attacked us. Merchant server laughed, all our vendors had to squish their credit. So we and that was the whole point of that was they were attacking because I have a plan to secure our elections that I announced in August, and they want my voice silenced. So what we’ve made, we’re getting through it that now we’ve just got we’re able to we’re by the by God’s grace, we were able to, you know, secure My Pillow. And we’re not going anywhere. And I’ve been but I’ve been kind of out of the out of the battle and for about three months with the election crime and the election platforms. But I’m back my voice is louder than ever, and I’m not going anywhere.

Elaine Beck 1:31
We you know, I see your ads all the time. I like your Christmas ad. Very nice. And so you’re back in business,

Mike Lindell 1:40
ya know, the business back I’m talking about I’m back into fight to secure our elections I just launched us we just got behind this movie is called Let My People Go. So important to say saving our country. This movie, if you go to, one of the most important movies I’ve ever seen in my life really ever. And it was done by David Clemens. And it is a it’s an awesome movie, by the way, too. But this movie is so important. It really shows up your 10 year old, you will understand why we need to go into paper ballots and counted in our election, just like Argentina did, you know, Argentina a judge ruled this summer paper to get rid of the machines and go to paper ballots. And they did it in four and a half months. And they set their people free there and and they proved it could be done in a short period of time. They joined the likes of Germany, France, the Netherlands, the UK that have outlawed these machines, and they got paper ballots and counted. So God bless Argentina. And another great news for me. Yeah, the judge in Georgia ruled in Obama appointed judge ruled that there are problems with the machines and and she said if you talk about them, and you question them, you’re not a conspiracy theorists anymore. So I got to take off my tinfoil hat on national TV.

Elaine Beck 3:08
I love it. Well, it’s totally right, Mike. And you know, I know. And you know, why all this is happening and turning around and becoming right, is because God really is in control.

Mike Lindell 3:20
Absolutely. we were would we be everybody if we didn’t have the 2020 election, if we didn’t have that it’s God’s revealing so much of the evil that’s out there. This is a spiritual battle of, of epic proportions of good and evil. And, and we’re winning and anyone that you know, people are out there looking for hope. And, you know, I tell them all the time, you know, you’ve got to, you’ve got to get away from these channels that are out there, these foxes of the world because they’re not going to talk about the hope that’s going on. You watch it And you get so depressed going, where’s our hope? Where can we go? Exactly, we have a plan that’s in place, you can check that out. This is the plan that secures our nation in our country. We have over 300,000 people in all 50 states. They’re working every tirelessly every day to get our elections secure. We have lawyers, cyber guys, we have lawsuits going on all over the country. And these are the things that are going to secure our elections. And we’ve already used the we’ve already used the paper ballot plan we did an Osage County, Missouri. Democrats, Republicans working together and they got done the same time as the machines and with 100% accuracy, and people trust us and so I’m really looking forward to the coming year here where this plan unfolds and the only thing we need is everybody’s help on it.

Elaine Beck 4:47
You know, that’s what everybody so you know, I have something to share with you. That’s happened within my organization the last year, God has asked us to do something based on the Scripture first I Corinthians 7:14. My people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray right turn from their wicked ways, and sin and seek my face, I will heal their land. Now, God gave me that five years ago and I put it up in my office. And so now he told me what he wants us to do. Yeah, remember to be praying right now for our enemies. I went to see Dr. Carson, right after that I was in his office, right? All of his staff is there. I’m sharing this with him what God told me. And he stood up and he said, Well, he said, We Are Not Enemies. That’s what you’re saying. I said, Yes. He said, WANE, to WANE is to go away from the let go of the evil and the hate and the divisiveness. So we now have something going on in this country and around the world that I want your organization to be part of. And that’s the WANE Project. And what you need to do is go to We’ And it’ll tell you about all the things that we can do together, Mike, to make this happen. And it’s a national season of forgiveness, where we must pray daily, all of us, we must pray to forgive our enemies. I don’t care who it is, I don’t care what evil they’re doing. We need to pray that they will the shield will come from their eyes, they will understand and turn to God. That’s the only way we will save our land. So I just love it that you you came over today, because your talk with me last year I think inspired me more than anybody else that I interviewed, because you and I are definitely on the same page when it comes to what will make the country make make it through all this. And with your work and everybody else’s work. But with these prayers, this national season, it started November 26. It’s gonna go through to November 26 of 24. Isn’t it amazing that God brought it out to the forefront to be done right now? During what’s happening in Israel, his chosen people, what’s happening in our country, and with our election and what you’re doing and all of us are doing this prayer is imperative. I can give you all this stuff. And you can go online and see it

Mike Lindell 7:38
right on well check it out. Everybody I know I’m gonna Yeah, yes,

Elaine Beck 7:42
yes, please check it out. And it when you when you see it, and I know you’re gonna love it. I really do. Because I know that’s your heart. When you do you know, you and I can cooperate, collaborate on that the way I am with Dr. Ben Carson. That’s

Mike Lindell 7:59
awesome. Yeah, yeah, he’s behind me. He’s a great friend of mine, and I’m behind him. Yeah,

Elaine Beck 8:05
he’s a good friend of mine, too. We have that in common and many other wonderful people. Because the main thing we have to remember is that second thing that God asked us first to put him first in our lives. He’s number one, to love Him with our heart or soul or mind. And then, for us to love our neighbors ourselves. And if we do that, and we get rid of this hate and divisiveness and pray for our enemies, we will we’re going to come out on top. We know it right. So and with Donald Trump, and all the wonderful people that in this country, we’re gonna come out on top

Mike Lindell 8:46
Oh absolutely everything that’s going on. We’re gonna we’re gonna actually look back and say even all these bad things that are going on God’s gonna use for good. We’re gunna get to a great place. Our great real president called me on Thanksgiving, wish me I wish me happy Thanksgiving. And he, he said, you know, Mike, the only way that they win is if they steal it again. And I said, I said, and then we talked about that. I said, Sir, we’re gonna have these elections secure enough and wait, and you are gonna get in and then he goes, but they’re doing so much damage. He goes, it just seems over, you know, like, pocket, you know, that might be too far gone. And I said, You know what? God’s picked him for such a time as this. I said, Sir, God’s gonna work through you and you’ll be able to get this back then. Even a better place than it ever was.

Elaine Beck 8:48
That’s right. And you know what? The thing that I want everybody to hear, including our Dear President Trump, is that there is nothing too big for our God. There’s nothing that can overcome him. He is in charge. He is the light. Let’s all run to the light and flee the devil. Well thank you for being on my show.

Mike Lindell 9:58
Thank you for having me on and Nah, keep up the fight. I’m telling you. We’re gonna win. We’re gonna win.

Elaine Beck 10:05
I’m so proud of knowing you Mike and knowing what you’re doing and being part of it and being your friend. Thank you for being on my show everyone. This is Mike Lindell. You know him, pray for him and what he’s doing because he is helping our country. He is a fighter. He is somebody that will never give up. He will stand strong for God. I asked you to do the same thing and I’m praying for you. You can catch me on the Or on CPAC now, God bless you all. Thank you.

Mike Lindell 10:38
Thank you

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