Is America A Christian Nation? (Part II)

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Christians could make a HUGE difference in America starting TODAY! All we have to do is stop being afraid.

Join us for Part II of our panel on the role of Christians in America, our votes, and the power of the Holy Spirit to work a nation-wide miracle.



Elaine Beck 0:11
And so, you know, one of our answers, of course, is we are in a national season of forgiveness, the W.A.N.E project, which stands for We Are Not Enemies, we need to pray for the people that have been brainwashed and manipulated to believe their vote doesn’t count. It doesn’t matter that, you know, if you’re a Christian, that that’s dirty stuff, you don’t want to mess with that. We really need to stand together. And I love you guys’s answers. This is just awesome.

Jeanette Sawyer 0:43
I always felt that. And this, I’ve shared this with you before, right? If all the Christians in this country would stand up and get together, we would have such a power-

Elaine Beck 0:57
Aman and aman.

Jeanette Sawyer 0:58
-to do so much. But we’re like secret agents. You know, and we’re hiding, you know,

Stephanie Lowe 1:06
In that regard, I’ve had, I’m sure we all have had friends that say I don’t want to push my opinion on someone else if I vote, you know, and and or they not even sure what Scripture says about certain matters, that they, you just all you hear is the culture and they’re not convicted or solid and what their foundation of faith really is.

Elaine Beck 1:34
Yeah. Because they’re not they’re not reading their bible. There’s religions in this country that say that they love God, the one and only God, they say that. Yeah. And they say they even believe in Jesus, okay. And then he died for their sins. And yet, they’re afraid of the government. And they’re afraid that if they say that they believe that people will look at them bad, or if they speak out and say something is good, even though it may be that they’ll get in trouble. I mean, because we’ve seen it, we seen, we know that there’s still people in prison from January 6, at that didn’t do anything wrong. There’s people that, you know, like you and I, here we sat, just having a good conversation trying to share the truth, the truth that’s in the Bible in the Word, and yet, you know, they could pick on any one of us, right, and everybody knows that. And so, thank you all for being bold. Thank you all for loving God and trusting Him. And that’s where we got to understand. There’s only one way to overcome this. Trust God, he’s going to take care of me and he’s going to make sure we’re okay. Did he say we’d never have trials? No, he said, There will always be trials, and he’ll be there. But he will be there. He will take you through the fire. What did he do with Meshach, Shadrach, and Abednego?

Stephanie Lowe 3:13
Went in the fire with them.

Elaine Beck 3:14
Right. Why was he done in your life and mine? I don’t know about you. But every time I fall, he’s the one that picks me up. He dust me off. He reminds me that I’m not alone. And then he puts something better in front of me. Every time.

Carleen Lundquist 3:34
He gives us do overs. We can fall and fail. But he is gracious and merciful. And gives us do overs all the time. And, you know, we need to be I think sensitive to those who may have trouble understanding what the Bible says about our responsibilities and the physical responsibility of getting to the pole or getting and be ready to be helpful, right? We need you know, Church has always been the biggest help to those that are less fortunate, much more so than the government. And so, you know, if we just knew the need, we could provide the transportation or whatever it is to give somebody to the polls, right? We need to we just need to communicate better, right. We’ve been afraid, like you said, but at some point we have to be Joshua. Just stand up. You just and and do it and you know what? There are people all over the world who are dying for their faith every day. We’re just afraid to speak up about something. We need to be ready to stand up no matter what and speak the truth in love. When some gentle so we brought draw the people to ourselves and share what God is doing what God is doing in the church, what he’s doing in our country. He is doing amazing things. And there’s people fighting for those freedoms every single day.

Elaine Beck 5:05
And that’s true. They’re losing their lives. I mean, it’s sad, it’s it’s horrible, it’s horrific. It’s things that, you know, it’s hard to really wrap your head around, even when you hear things like people having their being beheaded in other countries, because they believe we all hear. I know, Jeanette knows, Oconga Samson. And I don’t know if any of you do, but he’s a dear friend of mine. And, and his wife took care of my mother for seven years, when she was ill. And Oconga, came from Africa. And I believe it was 16 Different countries that he lived in, in Africa, and was put in prison and each of them for believing in Christ, he went through tortures that you and I can’t even think about without getting ill. That he went through in order to stand up and believe in what he believed in. He lives now in Tucson, Arizona, where we are, and he and his wife still go to Africa all the time, and share the Word of God and the gospel and with other leaders of those countries. Now, isn’t that amazing? So, you know, be bold people. If a man one man can to face that, then we can face our fears here. And we can know that God is here with me. He’s in me, he’s around me. He’s in everybody that I know.

He’s sovereign.

He is sovereign

Jeanette Sawyer 6:48
Sovereign. Yeah, what do we have to worry about?

Elaine Beck 6:51

Jeanette Sawyer 6:52
So why do we fear?

Elaine Beck 6:54
Because we’re human. So our human side, you know, it, you know, gets into us, and we start thinking things. But in reality, one of my favorite things, is it 365 times one for every day of the year in the Bible, it says, Do not fear. Why can’t we get it? You know, and, and, and also, as far as the voting goes, you know, if you think that you’re important enough, and your kids are important enough, and your parents and your friends and your family are important enough that you wanted them treated well? You need to care about who’s making the decisions, you need to care about who’s reading or not reading the word and then running your life. You need to realize that when God says he wants to be he’s over the nations, if he’s over the nations, how can we let evil people run the country, and think that we’re in control. We’re not anymore. But we can be in control. If we love him, and we go vote, and we encourage our neighbor to vote, and that person that maybe doesn’t have a way to get there anymore. Offer to take them that person that, you know, says to you, oh, I wouldn’t vote because, you know, it doesn’t matter anyway. They’re, they’re not going to count it. Say, Let’s test it. Let’s test it. Let’s go. And let’s all vote as Christians, and see if your theory to that works, that if we all went and voted Yep. Who would win? I know he would. And that’s all that matters if he wins,

Stephanie Lowe 8:48
Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.

Elaine Beck 8:50
Yes. Amen.

Stephanie Lowe 8:51
And I think about we could really learn from the early church, Peter, the apostles when they were under prisons, all the scrutiny, Religious leaders and stuff. What did they say? They say, I have to obey God rather than man. And we would never have heard the gospel if they would have just gotten old, timid and shut themselves away. We never would have had a godly America. We wouldn’t know a Christian faith. Yeah. But they chose to obey God rather than man and the threats and the intimidation and everything,

Elaine Beck 9:28
Absolutely. And who overcame it all for them God, and he will for us, and He will for you. He will for you and everybody else out there and your family. And you know, those children that you’re worried about. Just do what’s right, and you won’t have to worry about what’s happening in the school. You won’t have to worry about them walking outside the door. Let’s do what’s right people. We have a chance here to be Bold Christians. That sounds like it’s power. It is. God gives us every power. The Bible says that when Jesus left, he left the Holy Spirit so that we can have the same abilities he did. And he said even more so. Because I will be gone and in heaven. Think about that. Think about how strong you really are. And what’s really inside of you. It isn’t just a Holy Spirit that is laying there dormant. It is the power of God. Don’t be afraid, right, ladies, right? Oh, this has been wonderful.

Carleen Lundquist 10:43
Parents, you know, moms and dads need to stand up at school board meeting. Grandparents need to stand We need to stand up at the City Council. We need to, you know, stand up in the public square, and not be afraid if you go where God leads you. He’s going to give you the words, he’s going to give you the message, and he’s going to protect you. Yeah, and we’ve got men and women out there right now that are doing that ordinary men and women like you and me and you that saw an injustice saw something that wasn’t right. And they’ve taken a stand. And God’s going to do something extraordinary through them. And we’re seeing that in a lot of our Supreme Court cases right now, not the one the other day, but but the Texas border. But in many cases where the Supreme Court is fighting on behalf of the individual who stood up at the school board, or who stood up to say I will, I won’t do a cake for a homosexual wedding, I won’t do a web page for a homosexual wedding. Who is saying these are against my faith and values. There’s lots of ordinary people out there, right, we can do the same thing. If God calls us, we need to be ready.

Elaine Beck 12:05
And you know, just just as another reassurance to all of you. There are some wonderful legal organizations out there that are there to fight the battle with you if you need to fight the battles. And that’s why, you know, some of the cases that she pointed out, and many others have been fought and won. So don’t have the fear that you’re alone. Number one, you’ve got Jesus, you’ve got a God that is sovereign and can take care of anything. And he will let me tell you, he does not quit. He hasn’t quit on us. He’s never going to it says in His word, that we will go into eternity with Him, and that he will always be there. I don’t know about you ladies, but I’m really excited. I can’t wait to the day I’m sure. Okay. I’m looking forward to it. So so people remember, it’s worth the battle. If you go into the battle, put all the armor on, read your word, guys, that’ll help you right there. Learn more about it every day. You know, I I put my makeup on every morning in front of a TV. Now doesn’t that sound silly. But you know what’s on that TV, a bunch of different pastors that fill me up every morning, before I ever start my day before I even open my Bible, which I do. But that’s where I start my day. And you know, there’s all kinds of trash on TV. There’s all kinds of depressing things on TV. But there’s also if you look, you will find a bunch of wonderful Christian shows, people that love God like you do, and want to share His Word with you fill up every morning. It’s worth it. Well, listen, ladies, this has been a pleasure. And I was going to give you each a chance to tell a little bit about yourself. But I think we’ve covered the more important subjects. And I think that we have, you know, shared things that I hope will encourage all of our listeners out there that that they’ll realize that, you know, we all feel the same way. Let’s be honest. We don’t want to be pushed around. We don’t want to feel like as if our Constitution doesn’t matter anymore. It does. But moreover, our Bible does. it is the word and it is what we should follow. So thank you all for being here. Thank you ladies. Each of you, you really wonderful. You’ve done a great job. I’m sure everybody’s enjoyed it. And you know that I pray for you all the time we all do here at PMG studios. Thank you for being here and sharing in our talk. And we’re going to be back next week with another panel to continue this subject. So God bless you know that I’m praying for Are you every day and we will be back next week on It’s not about us. And you can follow me at Elaine and see all the shows and what we’re doing. Love you all

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