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My esteemed friend Dr. Ben Carson has visited nearly every corner of this great country, and in speaking with the men and women who love this land so much, he has arrived at a simple prescription to cure what ails us: brothers and sisters, we need COURAGE.

God has not given us a spirit of fear, and who better to remind us of that than one of the most successful and productive Christians working today?

Please enjoy this whole conversation, recorded on-location at Mt. Vernon and hosted by Dr. Carson’s American Cornerstone Institute. I hope this blesses you as much as it did me.

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Elaine Beck 0:11
Hi, everyone, Elaine Beck here. And as always, I’m excited, especially tonight, I have one of my favorite people in the world, Dr. Ben Carson with us tonight. And we are at an event that is special to my heart. Because he and his wife, Candi are doing so many wonderful things in this country. And they have an organization called American Cornerstone Institute. And they are doing wonderful things with it. And tonight, we’re celebrating that, and we’re getting together to talk about the wonder of all the things God has us do. Is that right? Dr. Carson?

Ben Carson 0:53
Absolutely, we’re, this is our third annual Founders Dinner, and talking about some of the things that have been going on updating people, and recognizing that we’re in a interesting time in our countries. And it’s a time when we all need to get involved and be concerned about what’s going on and be courageous about what we believe in. Because you can see how quickly things can slip away. And not only in this country, but look around the world with all the turmoil that’s going on. And you know, I was in Europe a couple of weeks ago, and listening to several of the Europeans talking, and they’re very concerned because if we go down, they’ve got no one to protect them from the really bad people.

Elaine Beck 1:44
That’s right. That’s right.

Ben Carson 1:46
So it’s very important to them that we be successful.

Elaine Beck 1:50
And sadly, I think that as people realize that we are literally on the verge of a third world war, and with our brothers and sisters in Israel dealing with what they are, and that being God’s chosen people, and that place being the most sacred to Him, where He even says that, uh, you know, to pray for Jerusalem, and to pray for Israel, and to understand that, you know, that is His home. And that’s where His heart is. He says that.

Ben Carson 2:27
And all of this conflict started 1000s of years ago has just continued. And it’s, it’s sort of what happens when you allow evil.

Elaine Beck 2:39

Ben Carson 2:40
Evil says, I’m going to kill you. I’m gonna cut this little baby’s head off. I can destroy these people’s lives. And they’re just innocent bystanders. Only evil can do that. And we have to be courageous standing in front of evil. You know, most of the people in the United States I find out are logical thinkers. But what they lack is courage. Oh, so they would rather stand and look at their feet, and hope that nobody calls them a nasty name than to actually stand up for what they believe in and possibly get cancelled.

Elaine Beck 3:18
Right. Well, you know, before you even said, courage, the third time, I always going to come back to you with it’s so imperative right now that each and every one of us are courageous. And we’re not talking about, you know, getting out into a battle or guns or knives. That’s not courage. Courage is standing up for what you believe in becoming part of the solution, not the problem, being bold enough to go to the the the school board meeting, and at least finding out what the battle is so that you can know then what to do. Because that’s the only reason I think people aren’t as courageous as they should be. Because they’re, they’ve got blinders on. They’re not looking at the truth. They know it.

Ben Carson 4:10
They’re looking internally, they’re looking at themselves, and what is good for them, rather than looking at the overall good, when you can see the big picture. When you listen to those children in the background singing when you’re thinking about their future. That’s when you become a lot more courageous.

Elaine Beck 4:37
Well, you know, I think that was part of the reason that God has blessed me so much with not only grandchildren but great grandchildren. And and that feeling of you can never give up. You must continue to stand and be courageous because although our lives may not be that much longer in the scheme of things, their lives aren’t just beginning. They still need the freedoms and the love of God and the ability to worship the way that they want to, and to stand for what they believe in. But if we don’t stand, they’ll never stand.

Ben Carson 5:17
That’s why we put such emphasis on the little patriots program. Because we know that they’re being indoctrinated. And in the early stages of one’s life, that’s when you formulate those ideas that determine who you are. And if we don’t get in there on the ground floor, and begin to work, we’re going to lose that battle.

Elaine Beck 5:42
That’s right. And you know, what, you know, I think everybody needs to understand that there’s so many ways to do that. Don’t ever think people that you’re, you’re not, you know, able to participate, there’s always a way to participate, or that, that you don’t have a voice, your voice is bigger and louder than you imagined. Because if you think that you know, your voice is tiny, look at some of the people that I know that I have proven that they stood up one time, and it changed the world. There’s many times that’s happened. So please don’t think that you’re not deserving.

Ben Carson 6:24
And the key thing to remember, you can’t be the land of the free if you’re not the home of the brave,

Elaine Beck 6:31
Amen. Amen.

Unknown Speaker 6:32
They go hand in hand together,

Elaine Beck 6:33
They certainly do. Well, you know, we’re so blessed. And that’s the other thing, as long with, you know, being courageous, and standing in there, we have to remember to look at how blessed we are, and count those blessings every day. Because that’s what gives you courage to know that what you have is more than anybody else around this world. To live in a country, that still even with all of the things they’re they’re cutting us off from an all the lies that we’re enduring, God is bigger and stronger. And he’s going to show us we can get back to that. I know he is, don’t you?

Ben Carson 7:16
There’s no question about it. Yes. If I didn’t believe he was in charge, I would be quite depressed.

Elaine Beck 7:23
Oh, so depressed, we wouldn’t have anything to smile about.

Ben Carson 7:26
But you know, I read the last chapter. I know how it all comes out. And in the meantime, we just keep doing our part.

Elaine Beck 7:33
That’s right. And, and, you know, there’s so many wonderful people out there that want to so we’re gonna give them a way to do that, aren’t we?. And we’re going to work with our new project that you and I have touched on. And that is W.A.N.E. And that was your words, I love that

Ben Carson 7:53
We Are Not Enemies, right? And, you know, it’s a shame that we’ve allowed ourselves to be manipulated into believing that we are enemies. That believing that person next to you is your enemy, because they have a different yard sign. You know, we don’t have to all agree in order to work together. That was the whole concept in this country early on, we had people from all these different countries, they spoke different languages, they formed these communities. And they understood the concept of the common good. The common good supersedes your own good all the time you work for the good of the community and it tends to minimize the strife that occur. It’s always all about me, me, me, and how I feel you kind of see on some of these college campuses where that leads. It’s not so good.

Elaine Beck 7:57
Right and on the streets of the big cities. And so, you know, to me, we have to understand that, you know, when we’re talking about WANE, we are not enemies, which by the way that we are not, for you to look into it more deeply than what we could share right here. But for you to understand that this is about praying for our enemies, and living by the Bible. And the Bible teaches us that if my people who are called by my name will turn from their wicked ways and sin and humble themselves and pray and seek my face, then will I heal their land, amen. And so isn’t that what we all want? Everybody out there wants to have our land healed and to get back to where we were. And that can only happen if we follow God’s word.

Ben Carson 9:46
Well there’s a thirst for it. I mean, you see what happened at Berea College less than a year ago, they had the revival and there were 10s of 1000s of people who flooded that campus which is designed for 2000 people for weeks at a time. That tells you that there is a thirst out there for the things that made us into a great nation in the first place. And as we reject those things, people see that we’re going in the wrong direction and I think we’re ready for a revival.

Elaine Beck 10:16
I do too. And I think that it just may be based on something that you and I have collaborated on. And that gives me more peace and more joy than I can even explain to people. And so that’s why tonight is so important that we are not only honoring the institution that you have built, and that you’re building even further, and that you’re helping the young people in this country and many other areas. That is so important. But what’s more important, is that we across the country collaborate and remember, who gave us this beautiful country, and who said that this is where our freedom should come from, from his work.

Ben Carson 11:06
I just want to thank you on behalf of so many people, that you’re such a warrior. And, you know, a stand up Christian, who’s not afraid. And you could be doing anything in the world you want it to be, you could be cruising around the world on a yacht, you know, you could do anything you want it, but instead you’re out here working on behalf of the people. And I just think it’s fantastic.

Elaine Beck 11:30
Thank you. You know, that’s funny, you said that, because when my husband and I went on a cruise many years ago, there was a ship that pulled up there, a big cruise ship called The World, look it up people, it’s a fun thing to look up. It’s literally homes on there where you can buy and live and cruise around the world get on and off where you want, stay on for months or a whole year or two years and never get off. It’s your choice because you own a home on it. And so that literally is feasible. And when my husband passed, I was so sad. I thought about doing that. But guess what? God knew me. So the year before Bob died, he gave me the vision to do what I’m doing today. And I praise him for it.

Ben Carson 12:19
That’s quite a story.

Elaine Beck 12:20
Yes, yes, it is. So we’re going to have to cut off here Dr. Carson on our conversation. But we will be going into your beautiful event shortly. And it’s such an honor always to be around you to talk to you and to share the world with you.

Ben Carson 12:38
Thank you as always good to be with you. May God continue to bless your ministry.

Elaine Beck 12:41
And you as well.

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