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My friend Kari Lake has been in the news quite a bit lately because she showed the world that she cannot be bought. If you love God and love your neighbors, like Kari does, then you cannot even begin to consider selling them out for bribes.

Kari is sacrificing so much worldly gain to do the right thing. We need her.

Our conversation this episode inspired me and I hope it inspires you, too, to love your neighbor enough to take action.





Elaine Beck 0:11
Hi, everyone, Elaine Beck here. So excited today we are on our show. It’s Not About Us, which you know, you can see on CPAC now, and you can also go to and see all the shows. Today As always, I’m excited. My favorite word is excited. And I’m excited because my dear friend, Kari Lake is with me again. We’ve done quite a few interviews carry. They’re always beautiful, because you are Well,

Kari Lake 0:40
I I feel the same way about you.

Elaine Beck 0:42
Thank you, dear.

Kari Lake 0:43
We’re happy that we could run over this is such an exciting event. It is wonderful, Elaine, I mean, you’ve been around conservative politics for a while.

Elaine Beck 0:51

Kari Lake 0:52
To see all these new faces and young people who are getting excited about about getting politically involved. I’m encouraged. I come here and people go Thank you. You’re a fighter. You give me inspiration. I go, No, you give me inspiration. To see that we’re not alone in this. We’re not alone in this. We’re together.

Elaine Beck 1:12
We know, this time, I got blessed who was able to bring my 16 soon to be 17 year old grandson. And you know, he’s like the typical junior in high school. Yeah, you know, he’s trying to figure out what am I going to do in a year or so when I graduate? And what’s going to happen in life and what’s really happening? What’s important to them right now is passing those grades.

Kari Lake 1:35
Okay, good. I’m glad he’s worried about that.

Elaine Beck 1:37
Socializing with, you know, with the friends and, and getting, you know, he goes to a Christian Academy, and all this stuff. But he came here to help out grandma. And guess what? He is empowered now.

Kari Lake 1:54
Oh, that’s great.

Elaine Beck 1:55
So I mean, he just keeps telling me how great it’s been, and how he really loved this part. And he loved that, or they loved meeting this person, and how much that meant to him. I’m telling you, these young people more of a need to come. I know, we’ve already got 14,000 here this year. But more people need to reach out and become part of TPUSA, it is empowering, right? And what do we want more than anything else than for our young people that are going to come up behind us and run this country to be empowered to know to do the right thing for Christ and for God.

Kari Lake 2:31
Well, and you know that the reason you’re involved? The reason I’m involved in politics right now is is for our young people. Absolutely. I tell my kids every time when they say Mom, you know, what about the you know, you’re at home, or and I say I know what I’m doing, I really am doing this for you. And my kids get it, right. They’re old enough. They’re 19 and 20. They’re like, Thank you for writing for our future. But that’s the reason we’re in it. And to see that they’re coming along. I’m so glad your grandson was here. And you get a sense of belonging here. And it really is love. I always say this when I go to President Trump’s rallies, you know, the the media, the mainstream media, the corporate media, tries to attack it and say instead of the worst things, they lie, but when you get to a rally like that, or you get to a TPUSA event with all these people, or even the CPAC events, oh, yeah, realize it is love. It is a family. It is a sense of belonging and a sense of patriotism, to help bring our country back. And I can’t think of a more important mission, but to get together work together to bring our country back. And you know what it’s going to even the people who aren’t with us, it’s going to be good for them as well.

Elaine Beck 3:40
Well, you know what I always think of it as you know, if we all had our greatest answer to wish about our everyday life, we would want to live amongst people that were totally like minded, that they loved God first. They, they thought the family was everything to them and everyone around them, and that they were absolutely engrossed and having a wonderful country to work in. Well, that’s what you find at TPUSA. That’s what you find at CPAC. And that feeling of like mindedness, that love and that caring not never having to worry that somebody’s gonna look at you like you got two heads, because you said something good about God, or you gave him the credit or something. Somebody hears you say that you’re fighting for the children to make sure that they have safe schools and safe places. I mean, it’s so sad that when we walk outside these walls, that’s not what’s there, but you dear, are working to change that and I’m so proud of you. And always so grateful to know that people like you are not afraid to step out and be courageous.

Kari Lake 4:55
I thought it was great the way Charlie opened up this entire event he was talking about The importance of God, right? This is a battle of good versus evil, we hear that we see the evil when we see what they’re doing to our children. We see how they’re torturing our children’s minds with I believe it, I call it psychological abuse with what their putting the kids through where they’re trying to convince them that you know, the perfect boy, the perfect girl that God made that God had a hand in creating, right God helped create is a different gender. I mean, this is just confusing our children, the inappropriate things they’re talking about at school, the inappropriate things they’re pushing on our children is pure evil. And it’s not right. And it’s going to take the mums and dads of the worlds to step up and say, Okay, I’m busy packing lunches, I’m busy going through the bookbag. I’m busy raising my kids, tucking them in at night, working. And now I got to go out and help save the world. That means I got to become a PC. That means I have to go to meetings and make sure that I’m knocking on doors, take the kids out, you can knock on doors with the kids. We have to get involved politically, not just for the survival of our country, but for our children, for what they’re doing to our children. If we don’t step into the moms and dads and grandmas and grandpas attached to these little ones, no one else is going to do it. It’s going to be incumbent on us.

Elaine Beck 6:11
We’ll you know I just said a little while ago, I had Sam Sorbo Do you know who that is? She’s amazing. Oh, Sam is Kevin Sorbo. His wife, everybody’s heard of Kevin because of his movies. And then I also have been interviewing now for four years, their son, Brayden Sorbo, who is the biggest kick on earth. He is the most grounded young man, in Christ I’ve ever met.

Kari Lake 6:39
It’s amazing.

Elaine Beck 6:39
He’s starting his own show next month, he’s already written a book, 22 years old. And when I talked to Sam, she was sharing with me how she is going to teach and is teaching the parents of this nation that you don’t need the schools, and she’s got all these videos online, you can go to Sorbo And then look up under Sam, okay, not her husband, but Sam. And it gives you all these videos if they can reach out and learn how we’re all capable of teaching our children if we allow them to grow. Yep. And and not put them in schools where all they do is, you know,

Kari Lake 7:26

Elaine Beck 7:26
Indoctrinate them in the wrong way instead of indoctrinating and giving them the doctrine of how to live in the right way, starting with being biblically correct. And so I just I see this, you come to these, and you hear so much.

Kari Lake 7:48
Isn’t that amazing? You walk away from these, You’ve been to so many of these events, right? I mean, you probably can’t even count how many you’ve been to right, and that you’re still walking away from them. And you’re fired up and encouraged. Oh, and you learn something every time. Which is why we keep coming to them. But I agree. You know, the homeschooling I look at this movement, and this the fastest growing way of educating our children is homeschooling. And parents are realizing I’m perfectly capable, to educate my children. And there’s so much help out there to do it. Now. I mean, those those moms and dads who started 30 years ago and had to fight, can you imagine? They had to fight the government to be able to homeschool their children on the campaign trail and have been for, for what feels like forever? And I will tell you, the greatest kids who come up to me, I don’t ask him right away, we talk they come up, they introduce themselves. We have a wonderful conversation and I go where do you go to school? Almost all the time. They say I’m homeschool. I know, they’re, you know, this whole lie that you have to send your kids off to a government run school or off to school, to be socialized is not true. And especially now there’s just so much more help. If you think you want to homeschool your kids look into it. You just gave a great resource. PragerU has great resources. There’s a ton of great resources, it’s not as hard. It doesn’t take as much time as you would think. It’s one thing I wish I would have done. I was busy working. And frankly, we were able to find some good schools for our kids. But there’s things you wish when you look back at parenting, you’re like, Oh, no

Elaine Beck 9:18
Don’t have regrets people do it.

Kari Lake 9:20
Yeah, I wish I would have explored that more at least tried to.

Elaine Beck 9:24
Well, fortunately, we were blessed to still have decent schools. One thing though, that I really like to point out is the fact that, you know, it takes all of us. It takes a Kevin Sorbo and yeah, he’s a big name, that he encouraged his wife, his wife encouraged his children. And, and now they’re encouraging all the people around them, and you’re doing the same thing. You know, I just can’t get over. People have to stop and realize that first when you’re running for office You’re giving up all your freedoms and, and your normal normality of life, if there is such a thing, where you are home and you’re with your family and you sit down to dinner, and and you shop and you go with your friends for lunch, or you work an average job, and you stop at three o’clock every day or whatever, yeah, you give up all those freedoms. And praise the Lord, your husband travels with you most of the time, and, and he’s such a good support you I just think he’s amazing. Because you’re both sacrificing. And now to think that, you know, once you win that seat, you’re going to have to move your life, there’s more sacrifice after that. Yeah, even in a bigger way while standing against the evil. And that’s the last thing I’ll say about the kids to that these children. You said it right when you said that they don’t need to go to all these government run schools, because government run anything nowadays. Is government running your life period. It’s not just indoctrination. It is controlling everything from the youngest child to the adults. Yeah. And we have to stand against that right now. Am I right?

Kari Lake 11:22
Absolutely. I’ve never heard it put that way government run is government running your life. And that’s so true. It is. And we’ve seen our government become weaponized, especially against conservatives, which is been very eye opening. I mean, we know that our government is bloated and out of control. But now it’s become this beast. Literally, it is turning on us. And so we need to tamp that beast down, shrink that beast down. And I plan to do that. Yeah, it is a sacrifice being out campaigning. But you know what I think about our troops who sacrifice Oh, yeah, think about our firefighters. I think about our law enforcement who every day go out there and sacrifice. And there’s just a lot of sacrifice going on. Right now. Every American is struggling. We don’t get out of this without struggle. Nobody. God never said it was going to be easy, right? There’s gonna be struggle. And this is a season for sacrifice. In my opinion, this is not the season for getting rich for having a good time. I mean, I know people are still having a good time. And I encourage you find joy and have a good time. But right me, I am focused on helping to save my country, right? God gave me gifts, I’m using the gifts he gave me, I’m using the energy he’s giving me I don’t know where it comes from other than God. And we’re just going to fight, we got 11 months to save this. And that’s where I really worried about our country. I’m extremely worried about my children’s future. And I’m not just going to sit on the sidelines and worry about it. I’m going to do something about it. And I know that people who watch you are doers, we’re gonna do something. God is moving. God is on the move. God is so big. I always say this the same God who parted the Red Sea, is the God who’s with us right now.

Elaine Beck 12:58
That’s right, he can do anything. And he does.

Kari Lake 13:01
I think sometimes we we think that the God we have now is small, it is the same big God, I know you don’t think that. But sometimes we get up in our heads and we think, Oh, that’s impossible. Nothing’s impossible.

Elaine Beck 13:12
We know what I like to tell people. I’m not sure what your days like, and I’m not sure what your life’s like. But I know one thing that I am sure of, if you make sure that God is walking with you, and beside you, and that he’s up here, whether you’re doing the dishes, or you’re at the law office, or you’re at the grocery store, if he’s up here, and you will allow him to be entertaining, everything you do. It will all go better for you just remember this right is your power, your strength, he will go before you just like I prayed for you last night at dinner that was so beautiful. God did go before you and paved the way open minds and hearts to make it happen, Lord, because it is so imperative that we understand that it is only him that’s going to cause you to win and our country to win.

Kari Lake 14:08
We’re on we’re on God’s time on this time line. When I first got into this, if God would have shown me the whole path, I might have chickened out, I might have said I can’t handle that God. Can somebody else do it? That’s it only shows you what what you can handle it. And he didn’t show me the whole path. I didn’t know that by stepping into politics. I’d end up in the middle of the political world. We’d be in lawsuits trying to save our elections. We’d be you know, under attack, we’d meet amazing people, we’d have stress, we’d have growth we would have, you know all of the great experiences and the tough ones too. It helps create a strong person and God’s given me a lot of great experiences. But he showed me just what I could handle. I will say this when you turn your life over to God. Yes. And I’ve said this on your show before not 50% Not okay. Things are tough right now God take over. Okay, things are good. I got it. No, when you hand your life over to God 100%, whatever he has planned for you is so much more fantastical, so much bigger, so much more. Peace, joy is peaceful, and sometimes difficult, right? It’s always gonna be tough. But he has such great plans for you when you really turn your life over to Him. So I encourage you to do that. I really do. Yeah, it’s easier. It’s also easier. Yeah. Well, you

Elaine Beck 15:31
know, Kari, as always, you know, I love seeing my friend first, Kari. I love that. And, and I loved spending time with you. We got to go to dinner last night with some really great people. That was one time and it was just a joyful time. So we do get a little fun in there, here.

Kari Lake 15:48
And there sometimes revolves around politics too, though. Right?

Elaine Beck 15:51
Right. The whole thing was, it was wonderful. It was wonderful lifting, like we talked about in the beginning, when we started this talk. It’s about being around like minded people. And we and, and God lifting us through our friends, that’s why he said, Love your neighbor as yourself. So I want to close with this. I want you all to remember to go to Online, and sign up for that national season of forgiveness. Pray for your enemies. God is saying to us now, between November 26th of this year when it started, and November 26 of next year, if we would pray for our enemies, and tell God that we are with him on all people going to heaven. He can and take the veil down and unplug their ears and right will become right again and wrong will become wrong again. Thanks to God Almighty. So go and sign up and let us know. it costs you nothing. And it tells you just how much fun you can have with it pray every day for our enemies. Because guess what, it’s great. We are not enemies. So go to we are not and read this.

Kari Lake 17:12
That’s great. So you know, you know what the media wants us fighting. They do. The media is, you know, President from calling the enemy of the people. They want us divided. And My goal right now I’m working to bring Republicans together. But ultimately, I want to bring Americans together, we got a we got to clean up job, okay. It’s a big cleanup job. And we’re in a mess right now. And it’s going to be easier, and and more meaningful when we come together as Americans and say we love this country. And we’re going to do everything to build it back up, build our rights back up. And we can disagree. I you know, I don’t I don’t agree with my husband on 100%. He’s great. But I don’t agree with him all the time.

Elaine Beck 17:50
I agreed with somebody you said about three months ago. No.

Kari Lake 17:54
I’m telling me what happens. So no, I mean, we we probably as Americans agree on 80% of everything, even with our friends on the left. Some of them I know I disagree with some big things. We disagree. But eventually we got to start moving moving together. And that doesn’t mean we capitulate. And that doesn’t mean we give up on the important fights. It’s fighting for our kids we want. We want what’s right for our children. And we want what’s right for our country. We need to get back to our Constitution, but we don’t have to hate our fellow citizen

Elaine Beck 18:27
know, we’re supposed to love our enemies. And we’re supposed to understand that one sin is no bigger than the other. We’re not to compare ourselves and say, well, their sin is worse than mine. No, that’s not true. A sin as a sin. We are supposed to understand that when we pray for them, that God can open the doors and allow them to see him and that’s what we all should want. Because although we may disagree with him, we’re supposed to love that it says love one another. It doesn’t say only the people you like okay

Kari Lake 19:00
when you know you’re growing when you’re working to love your enemy and I am working on that. Thank you for having me on. Thank you for your friendship being here and thanks for your prayers. Yes, sir.

Elaine Beck 19:09
Powerful everybody. You know, we’re praying for you, you know that we want you to reach out anytime that you need to, to my studio. Please do that. If you have any questions, go to Elaine and we’re praying for you


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