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Sometimes God call us to look wickedness in the face, call it out for what it is, and rebuke it. That’s part of being a follower of Jesus AND it is a responsibility that comes with being in political leadership.

My dear friend Kathleen Winn is running for Congress, and she sat down with me to make clear what our response as Christians AND as Americans needs to be in the aftermath of Hamas’ attack on Israel.

Ready to put your faith in action, too? Listen to what Kathleen has to share.

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Elaine Beck 0:12
Hi, everyone, Elaine Beck here and we are on our show. It’s Not About Us, and we are so happy that you’re here. And we’re excited today. We’re always excited, aren’t we? It’s my favorite word. Everybody knows it. And I’m excited today because I have Kathleen Wynne, my dear friend, my compatriot, my

Kathleen Winn 0:39
partner in crime partner?

Elaine Beck 0:41
yeah, definitely tha,t and she is running for a congressional seat in the great state of Arizona, where are we are from. So tell everybody a little bit about when you when you announced and and what your goals are?

Kathleen Winn 1:01
We are about three weeks into our campaign. And the day we announced the very next day I announced here locally on a radio station, Garrett Lewis, good friend of mine, and and he does a great job, and there was a lot of excitement. We had 129 People go online that day and sign my petition, which is fabulous. Those can’t be challenged. The next day, Kevin McCarthy was removed as speaker, right. The following day, I had some really big name endorsements, which I’m not ready to disclose yet. And then the Israel attack happened. And that was the first week of my campaign. And basically, it was a very big week. And what we’re hearing from people, and especially now with the new speaker, so exciting is so wonderful. Mike Johnson. Yeah, the best unknown representative until yesterday, right? Yes, absolutely. And I think he’s the right man at the right time. And he’s clearly God’s man. And it was a good sign yesterday when he won the speakership. So I was so proud of those. Matt Gaetz, Andy Biggs, Paul Gosar, Eli Crane that were part of that really challenged the current speaker. I know people didn’t like the chaos. But I love the outcome.

Elaine Beck 2:24
Right. You too. I, you know, that’s always what we’re all looking towards is a good outcome. That’s the main thing. And when we found out when I heard that every one, every Republican, voted for him. I mean, even Nancy Pelosi didn’t get a full count on hers. So you know, I think that I think God is speaking to us right now.

Kathleen Winn 2:54
I totally agree late. And I think that yesterday, what I heard Mike Johnson say was that they were going to do the work of the people that they, they were going to listen to the people, they were going to restore confidence in the Congress. For me, I took it as a sign that I’m right on the right path, being responsive to the people in this district. People in the state of Arizona are very upset right now with the with the border, with Israel, with everything – the spending. So he said that they were going to put the house back in order and he sung from my music sheet. He is exactly the right person at the right time in this Congress. So I’m very excited to be running with him as the example. I think he’s a great man.

Elaine Beck 3:39
I love that. And, and I think that, like I said, I really sense day after day- I hear the horror stories. I mean, we all heard about the young Jewish people being locked up in a library in a university in this country yesterday. And how ridiculous that was. We’ve seen the people out on the streets, you know, saying that, you know, we should be not helping Israel. You know, those are God’s chosen people. It says that, you know, we should pray for Jerusalem we should pray for Israel. You know, I’m gonna listen to God way sooner than I listen to anybody on this earth.

Kathleen Winn 4:28
And Israel is an ally and they have they have taken care of our needs and stood with us for as long as they’ve been as a Jewish state and the Jewish people. We have over 20,000 Jewish people just in Tucson. Right. And Hamas has made it very clear. Iran has made it very clear they want to wipe all Jewish people off the face of the earth. How you would ever condone the actions of Hamas without standing against them. And Iran today, you know, calling out in the UN for the end of us- you have to stand up. These are moments in time where you judge someone’s character. And the fact that there’s propaganda to kind of corrupt the next generation and people are out at, you know, pro Hamas rallies, they don’t know what they’re talking about. They don’t know what they’re standing, if they actually experienced the horror of what the Israeli people experienced on October 7, they would never say those things.

Elaine Beck 5:35
Absolutely. Well, you know, I, I sort of see it this way to the Bible speaks specifically to the fact that God is going to save His people in His land. And so you know, you can, you can push in any direction you want, you can try and do whatever you want. But you are not going to beat God, you’re not going to do what He says can’t be done. And so I have a lot of faith in the fact that, you know, we’re going to see a good outcome. And so, as upset and I mean, I came into work this morning, and I was just so distraught, because I had just watched on the news about the heinous crimes against the people in our country. And so let’s go here. I have a question for you. We’re close to the same age. And there’s a lot of people out there that are close to our age. And we all need to be speaking up and talking about when we were young there was consequences, serious consequence. If you put down one of God’s children, or one of God’s chosen we are, whether they want to admit it or not, we are a Judeo Christian country.

Kathleen Winn 7:17
Absolutely. We are.

Elaine Beck 7:19
And you didn’t do that. Stop that. And now they have something called hate crimes. Why is it not a hate crime? To threaten children in a library and these college students? They’re still kids. And they need to be protected. And even at an all of the unprotected, older Jewish people in our country, they deserve to be protected.

Kathleen Winn 7:47
I’m so glad you brought this up. Because I’ll go to the kids in the library in just a second. But even here in Tucson, a week ago, our mayor was hosting someone who was pro Hamas. How insensitive, never stood up and said is that Israel needed our support, or she offered a prayer but but then invited the speaker who was against Israel, an anti Semite, and that was the person at this time to invite to Tucson, Arizona. And then we go to this college library, where Jewish kids were trapped inside the library. Meanwhile, the college president got ushered away, made sure he was away from any damage, right didn’t take care of his students, I hope they remove him as the president. We need people that will stand up and protect all those students, no matter what, what their beliefs.

Elaine Beck 8:42
No matter what campus they are on either there. We’re seeing this throughout the United States, there’s many campuses, where they are doing the same thing, maybe in a different way.

Kathleen Winn 8:53
But they’re still the Black Lives Matter people are the Hamas people, it is the same rhetoric, it is the same, a disruption, let’s cause chaos, right? That’s caused chaos, and we’re gonna cause enough chaos and cause it across this country to disrupt. Again, this is another disruption plan. And unfortunately, it’s at the cost of innocent lives. Elderly, babies, families, families that tried to protect their children. And if you see the atrocities that were they’re not letting us see the atrocities, atrocities are so bad. And then they flipped the narrative and said that the Jewish people were doing that against the Palestinians, which isn’t true. And then they lied about the hospital explosion. And those bombs were placed there by Hamas ahead of time, so that they could blame it on Israel.

Elaine Beck 9:42
And then we would have someone in Congress standing up and and spewing those lies over and over again, and making it sound like as if it was the Israel’s, you know, people in Israel that were causing problem when it wasn’t. And I mean, I, this was really hard for me yesterday morning, when they said that they put all of the media together, and they let them watch made them watch the scenes of people being dismembered, their eyes gouged out. I mean, I can barely think about it and say it, let alone watch it. But, you know, people, there’s times when we have to face the truth, and the horror of it in order to get in the right mindset to do something about it. If that’s what we’ve got to do, that’s what we’ve got to do.

Kathleen Winn 10:48
Well, I stand with Israel, and Israel needs to fight back and they get the to regain their land, and they need to eradicate Hamas, from Gaza and from anywhere that they are in their country. This slow walking by this President, by Joe Biden and and trying to say, Oh, we want to get aid in there. No, you know what you get Hamas out, if you have to starve them out, or whatever they have, they have hostages, if they want aid, they need to turn over those hostages immediately. Amen. And we cannot be mealy mouthed about this. We cannot be weak, we have to straw be strong and fight back with everything we have. You do not have a weak response to the horror that happened in Israel, starting October 7. That is not the response. And people that stand against Israel right now. They if they’re in our US Congress, they should probably be removed. What they’re standing for is terrorist acts against this country. The people that committed this crime have already come out and said, We’re not with the US. We’re against the US. China, China helped fund Iran who helped fund Hamas. And the Chinese nationals want to send their military over there. Why? Because they probably want to remove their footprint from having been there. We have to be smart about this.

Elaine Beck 12:09
We do. And you know, the main thing is, is, you know, my show, has to speak of these evil things that are happening in order for us to get back to the real reality, that we have prayer, we have God, we have Jesus, we have faith. And I have all the faith in the world that right now God is working, so many wonderful miracles, and so much good. And the truth is gonna come out about all this. Is it painful? Absolutely. My heart bleeds for these families in Israel that were innocently attacked, when they did not deserve it, that is their land, all of that is there a land including Gaza, there is no excuse for this to be happening. And you know, we cannot keep letting the lies become our truths. It is not the way that it is. So we’re going to speak this truth here on our show. And I’m so grateful that you are here today. And I think that we have to remember that there is it is so important to know that you know God is always going to be the one that’s in control. And I see his hand. I saw His hand yesterday, when Mike Johnson got sworn in. Okay. I see His hand every day when I talk to people from different organizations in this country that are standing for God. And I’m asking all of you today, to stand for God to pray to understand, do not believe the lies. There’s too many people in this country that are brainwashed, lied to, they’ve been manipulated, they don’t realize it. And that’s why on our next show, we’re gonna do two today. And on our next show, we’re going to talk about what we’re doing to help the cause, and so I’m so glad you’re I’m always happy when Kathleen’s here because like I said, we’re good friends, we go to the same church. Yes, we we pray for each other. We look out for each other. We try and get together when we can although we’re both very busy women, as you can imagine. And so I always say that it’s a blessed day when Kathleen is here to be on my show. So anyways, God bless you for being with us. You know that I always tell you to reach out to and see all my shows to watch us on CPAC now which we’re very very proud to be a part of and to know that we’re always praying for you, please pray for us. God bless.

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