Pray for our Police (ft. Sheriff Mark Lamb)

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When the federal government is leaving the southern border hanging wide open, who will bear the burden of keeping the people safe?

That job falls on the broad shoulders of local police and sheriffs. Mark Lamb is one of those brave men, working in Pinal County, AZ.

He sat down to share with us how we can help his officers most and what they’re doing every day to protect the Americans under their care.

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Elaine Beck 0:00
Elaine, Hi everyone. I’m Elaine Beck, and this is my show, It’s Not About Us, because we all know it’s not. We are here to serve God. That’s what he put us here for and to serve each other. And so it’s really my pleasure to be able to introduce to you my guest today on my show, and we’re going to do a little interview here and share with you about Arizona. So I have Sheriff Mark lamb, Sheriff say hello, hello.

Sheriff Mark Lamb 0:39
Thanks for having me on. Elaine. Appreciate it. This is great. I love the studio. I’m looking forward to this show.

Elaine Beck 0:45
Well, good, because I am too. I’ve been thinking about it a lot. You know, we all live within a state and a community and all that kind of stuff. It’s really hard, though, to get the hard fact truth about what’s happening in your life and around you. And so you know you can watch the news and get a lot of lies. I like to talk to the person who’s out there doing the work, and you are that man. And so thank you for joining me on my show. Please share with my audience a little bit about your job, how long you’ve been in it, and and that type of thing. Let’s start with that well,

Sheriff Mark Lamb 1:27
and I appreciate you having me for that reason, because my wife has says it all the time. The hardest thing to find in our society today is the truth, absolutely and so when you can get somebody in here that that speaks truth, and Jordan Peterson has a great quote. He says, You have to have faith in the redeeming power of truth, and that’s kind of how I try to live my life, and not only as a sheriff. Now I’m running for the US Senate, but I’m the sheriff of Pinal County. It’s the third largest county in the state of Arizona. For those who don’t know where it is, geographically, we’re basically between Phoenix and Tucson. So everything between Phoenix and Tucson. We have a population of about 500,000 people. Our our county is, geographically the size of the state of Connecticut, 5400 square miles. Okay, I’ve got about 600 employees, and we have a budget of over $60 million we are not on the border, but what’s important about our location is we’re part of the Tucson sector. So border patrol’s Tucson sector is going to be Cochise County, Santa Cruz County, Pima crown, parrot County and Pinal County, right? Well, we’re not on the border. I’m sure we’re going to talk about some of these issues. We become an important piece of the border.

Elaine Beck 2:36
Well, you know, I’ll give you an example of things that I hear and see. I travel back and forth to Phoenix once in a while, crossing your territory. And a friend of mine who works for me here at the studio, her and her fiance were driving back from Phoenix on Easter Sunday, and they got shot at three times. they actually saw the gunman take the gun out the window and shoot towards them. And I know, and have seen people being arrested by the side of the road when I’m traveling back and forth. And it’s very obvious that, you know, we’ve got a lot of getaways, or gotaways, or whatever you call them, that are going to try and infiltrate wherever they want. And they travel down those roads, and they think that once they’re out of Tucson, that it’s, you know, safe territory. And I’m sure you deal with a lot of things like that

Sheriff Mark Lamb 3:40
we do. And you know what’s actually? They actually know that their last gauntlet they have to get through is Pinal County, and we work it heavy. We’ve got our guys out there, our anti smuggling unit that works all along the I 10, in conjunction with DPS and some of the other local agencies, through a stone garden grant, we’re out there looking for people that are smuggling human beings, or trafficking human beings. It’s really this is human trafficking. Is what it is. And we’re also looking for the people that are smuggling drugs into the country, especially dangerous drugs like methamphetamine and fentanyl. And then we’re also on the way back, we’re actually looking for, so if you’re going eastbound on the 10 back towards Tucson, we’re looking for the money, and we’re looking for the guns. So those are what we do all along the I 10. The other piece is the desert. You know, we’re 52 miles off the border in the southern part where the where on the Indian Reservation, the Tahoe minion nation, right, right? And a lot of those got aways, you referred to the people that our government refers to as a God away, which, by the way, is about 200 people to 500 people a day right now in the Tucson sector, yes, and a lot of them come through the desert in camouflage clothes or carpet shoes. So whether it’s the interstate or whether it’s coming out of the desert, we are busy every day dealing with border issues

Elaine Beck 4:57
right, right? Well, you know, um. Um, I’m one of those people that I every time I hear that they want to do away with the police or any of the people that are the ones that protect us in any way, particularly the sheriff’s department and the police departments, It sickens me and and I it’s one of those times where I’m like, Am I really alive? Is this really the United States of America? And the same thing with all of the border invasion, it is an invasion. Is it not?

Sheriff Mark Lamb 5:31
100% the definition of an invasion per Webster’s Dictionary, is an incursion of a large group of people into a place or sphere of activity or an unwanted intrusion into somebody’s domain, right? Both of those qualify as an invasion, absolutely.

Elaine Beck 5:49
And so you know, you’ve got so much to deal with. You know, what can we as citizens do to help you? And what are some of the things that you know, we can do even just to encourage your your officers and and that type of thing. I a couple years ago, I took everybody from the office, and every Monday morning we go to a different police precinct in Tucson or a valley Marana, all over the whole entire area, and picked one, and we took him a new coffee pot, and we took him new cups, and we took him, you know, the coffee and Amy’s donuts. But that was fun. The fun part, the serious part, is we went and prayed with them,

Sheriff Mark Lamb 6:40
and that’s what I was going to say to you when you said, what can you do? Pray for us. That’s right. This is a battle of good and evil right now. And whether people want to face that or not, a lot of times you may not understand all the things that are going on in our government and in this world, and especially here in this country. And a lot of people get frustrated to think, Sheriff, why I said, Listen, this is a battle of good and evil, amen, and you need people now fighting against the evil. And if you look at evil, what would evil want? Evil would want to remove any of the rules or the responsibility that comes along with being a law abiding God fearing society, right? And evil wants to remove that and that. What happens is they start to undermine the rule of law, right? You know, we talk about their politicians saying they’re going to reinvent America, or they’re going to fundamentally transform America. Those should set off alarm bells in people’s heads, because that means you’re going to scrap everything. And when you talk about reinventing America, the rule of law has to go first, right? And so the founding fathers understood the importance of the rule of law when they wrote the Constitution. The very first charge of the Constitution is not in the preamble, excuse me, it’s not in the articles. It’s not in the Bill of Rights. It is actually in the very preamble of the Constitution. That’s right, when the founding father said, We the People of the United States in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice,

Elaine Beck 8:05
right, right.

Sheriff Mark Lamb 8:06
when you talk about reinvent America, then what do you do? You open the border, you undermine the rule of law. You flood our communities with unknown people, many of them coming from third world countries, third world in third world countries, right? Many of them with bad intentions. Terrorists, certainly bad intentions in the way of bringing dangerous drugs and like fentanyl, fentanyl poisoning into our communities. So these are all an effort. It’s all a battle of good and evil. And so it is pray for us. And the second thing you can do is vote the people out that are that have put these policies into place. Well, that’s that’s always true. Let’s get people that are gonna be cognizant of the American people and their rights and their constitutional, constitutionally protected, God given rights, right. And let’s get people in there that are actually going to represent the people on a national level

Elaine Beck 8:59
Very, very true, very true. So speaking of that, are you or your Sheriff’s Department? Do you play any role in watching how the polls are ran or anything like that?

Sheriff Mark Lamb 9:17
No. What we’ve done as a sheriff’s office is our posse. So I have a volunteer posse, because I’m an elected official, so I’ve always tried to avoid the appearance of being anywhere near interfering with that our posse and sometimes our deputies, they they are contracted off duty, or our volunteers will make sure that the ballots go from the box to the back to the to the recorder’s office, right? That’s what they do. They don’t get involved with clearing out the boxes. They merely just make sure that nobody messes with the loads of ballots going from place to place. One area where we were able to really kind of do something was last election cycle I was really concerned about. Ballot boxes in the the vulnerability of ballot boxes, especially when you’re just sending early ballots out to everybody, right? You know there’s a vulnerability there. So we put cameras on all of our ballot boxes in Pinal County, and not only did we watch the camera feed and the feed for those ballot boxes, but I opened it up to the public, myself and the recorder, we opened up a

Elaine Beck 10:22
So, you did do something? We did a ton, yes. So that’s really important. And I was trying to point that out to the people, because we all have to play a part. That’s right. Okay, you being in law enforcement, you know, that’s particularly important. I I think the reason that it really bothers me so much about, you know, them talking about getting rid of police or anything like that, is because when I was a little girl, we were taught that the first person you go to, if your mom and dad isn’t there, is the police officer, the nearest police officer. Or if you’re at an event or a park or something, because we always had, you know, policemen that walked the beats. We had policemen near the schools. Or if we went to an amusement park, there was always police officers there to protect if you were in town, there was a police officer on the corner. We had one in alliance Ohio. I’m from Ohio and and he was an amazing man. People would come from all over the world to see him because he directed traffic at the biggest intersection in alliance Ohio, outside the courthouse and the busiest areas, and that man danced all day. I mean, he he didn’t just point, you know, you can go now. I mean, if you just seen him going, he was like a magician and and people would come just to watch him do that. So there was honor, and there should be still honor, you know, I thank you personally, and and all the men that you’ve got under you for all the hard work that you do. You risk your lives every day, every time somebody’s pulled over on I 10 in that corridor, you know you’re risking your life, and we all know it. Every time somebody has to be chased down, you’re risking your life if you’re part of it. And I think that we need to respect that and understand that. You know, if it wasn’t for people like yourself, where would our protections come from? We’re very fortunate here in Tucson, still to this day, there’s a lot of townships, even and smaller areas, they have no police protection anymore. And we really do, and I’m really proud of the way things have been handled. What I like to see people that are in the upper positions in in government in the state of Arizona change Absolutely. But you know, as far as our men that you know are out there protecting us, personally, I’m just grateful that you’re all doing it. I have a great nephew who is now working for the Sheriff’s Department. Awesome. So it’s really cool. It’s really amazing when you look at it. So yes, if there’s anything on earth that we should be doing is praying for you all every day and praying for your families.

Sheriff Mark Lamb 13:36
We need it there for the you know, those families send their loved ones off with no guarantee they’re back home, and sometimes they go out and they do this job, and they run towards danger. They run towards evil. This is what they dedicate. So we absolutely appreciate those prayers, because that means a ton to us, and it’s what they need. They need it because, if I’ve lived in other countries where you couldn’t rely on law enforcement, like you said, you can’t run up to them because they might be corrupted, or they might be working with the cartels, or they might be they’re good, they’re just gonna, you know, take a bribe, try to get a bribe from you or something, right? I’ve lived in those countries, right? And people those countries are not a great as great as America is because we have a strong rule of law, right? That’s what makes America great, but they’re trying to undermine that, right? And so we’ve gotta, we’ve gotta support the men and women that do this every day

Elaine Beck 14:28
Yes, well, thank you again for being on my show. And you know, I know that the time goes so quickly and and we can’t cover a lot, but it means a lot to the people out there, to hear from people like yourself that believe in the truth first and foremost, and in God, and that’s what we’re here to serve. And also that are, you know, they have families, they have communities. They want to feel safe and they want to feel protected, and it’s only because of people. Like yourself, that we can feel that way in the state of Arizona and in our areas. So God bless you, and thank you

Sheriff Mark Lamb 15:07
for God bless you, and God bless everybody listening to the show. And thanks for having me on. And you know what they say, you always got to leave them wanting more

Elaine Beck 15:13
well. Thank you all for joining us today. Thank you for being part of my show all the time. As you know, I’m always praying, praying for you, so pray for all of us. God. Bless you.

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