Part IV – Live Not By Lies (ft. Ranko Ristić)

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In the concluding chapter of Ranko Ristić’s story, we hear about the collapse of his home country and how American media helped perpetuate it.

Lies are the devil’s tool, and he is happy to employ them in whatever way will cause the most pain. Sadly, the mainstream media also love lies, and Ranko has seen first-hand the consequences.

Hear his pain, his warnings, and his hope by watching this great episode of It’s Not About Us!



Elaine Beck 0:11
Hi, everyone, I’m Elaine Beck. And this is my show. It’s Not About Us because as you know, ultimately, it’s always about God. He’s the one that created us. He’s the one that gives us our freedoms, our joys, our love, love first. I know. And I love this scripture. We love him because he loved us first, what is simple thing to think, but what a meaningful statement, because he loved us first and gave his life so that we can have eternity. And I’m always excited about that. Ranko. As you know, I’ve got a special guest right now that’s been doing a segment with me. And there’s been some sad times in this many, some serious talk and that, but right now, let’s talk a few minutes, let’s get some power into this. And talk about that loving God that got you through all of it, and your family. And the things that have happened since then you’ve got a beautiful family of your own. Now you’ve got four children, and a wife that you obviously adore. And and that you said, you know, you don’t you couldn’t survive without her. You told me this last night at dinner. And I just think it’s exciting when we think about these things that, you know, sometimes the road is it says this in the Bible that it’s not going to be easy. Right. But then you get to a place. And you did you ended up in the United States. It was a long road in between a tough one. We’ve talked about your losses, and your realities, and how there was no going back. And eventually you ended up in the United States. And but before we go into that, all the positive and and and what the reality is today, let’s talk a little bit more about some of the things that you shared with me as well, about the media and what it was like, during the time, right before the war. And the things that you counted on like the United States, who the President that time I understand was Mr. Clinton

Ranko Ristić 2:29
I think from 92. Right. He was He came as a president United States. Right. So he was the president during the during the war in Bosnia.

Elaine Beck 2:40
Right, right. And so how did you? What was your perception of the US? And before the war and stuff? And you told us you felt safe? Because you, you know, you knew that we would be there? Or at least you thought we would? And so what, what realities, did you learn?

Ranko Ristić 3:01
Alright, first, we need to know in 95, or 93, there was no Internet, right? There was no cell phones, right? It’s not like, you can just Google things and take a photo and post it somewhere. Basically, mainstream media was covered by BBC and CNN. Okay, that was the source for information to the Western world,

Elaine Beck 3:25
CNN and BBC.

Ranko Ristić 3:26
Yes. Okay. And since I was in a war, now, I was a soldier fighting, protecting my family and myself. I did not have time to follow the media, we did not have access to CNN very often, when I’m in between the shifts when I’m in the city, then maybe I could see something. And it was very interesting that only Serbs were blamed for a war in Bosnia, which was people which was Civil War, right. Just for your viewers to understand Bosnia was a republic, in Yugoslavia, with Serbs who are Orthodox Christians, and then you had Bosnian Muslims. And then you had the creations were Catholic Christians. And all three sides were fighting each other. And in the media, only Serbs were guilty. And that was very, very strange to me. I didn’t understand at that time, I was maybe already 19 years old. I was just focused on how to survive. Right, right. And even at the end of the war, we got bombed by NATO. So I knew then something is is wrong because on the on the media, I could see only war crimes committed by Serbs and there were war crimes committed by Serbs. I’m not saying Serbs are saints. No, in a civil war, there are bad people on all sides. We need to understand that, yes. But Serbian mother cries for their sons, same way as a Christian and Muslim mother, right. And they were showing on CNN only Muslim mothers crying for their lost sons, which caused a lot of sympathy in, in United States. And later I realized that was with the aim to cover to justify the military intervention. Right? If you’re bombing someone, you have to have a excuse for that. And they presented the war as aggression of Serbs on Bosnia even though I was born in Bosnia. And as far as I can trace, my my relatives in the past for centuries, we were in Bosnia, Bosnia, was Serbian land land as much as Croatian as a Muslim. Right, right. In our own country, like you are in Arizona. Right. Right, somebody?

Elaine Beck 6:02
So we talk about fake news here. Yeah, we talking about the same thing that we’re seeing here in the United States. Now that, you know, I can say anything, I can say that, you know, this table is dark blue. Okay. And I can say that, you know, you’re clear, I can see through you. I can say anything, but there are realities. And so when someone wants to make somebody else looked bad, the best way to do it is say, Well, they did it, point a finger, make up a story about him. That’s not to be real. Can you say whether they did or not, if somebody said they saw him do it? This is what we deal with today. And that’s what you were dealing with, then. Tell us about it?

Ranko Ristić 6:50
Yes. What’s what’s really personal for me is that to Bosnia, came over 3000 Mujahideen, from Afghanistan, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, all these jihadist who were hardest or extreme to that point that even Bosnian Muslims were afraid of them. But they were leading them and teaching them how to become extremist. Right. And their camp training camp was on my grandfather’s land in my in that village where we exited first, right next to my grandfather’s house inside the grandfather’s house was prison. Later on, on on the YouTube were available videos of those jihadist beheading Serbian prisoners. Over 70 prisoners were beheaded on my grandfather’s land. And nobody went to court for that. Only Serbian officers later ended up in international court in Hague. And they were sentenced to hundreds years of prisons. Another attempt to cover only one side is guilty. I guess in America, you have to have good and bad guy in the movie. It’s a simple thing. Yeah, yeah. But reality is completely different. And that’s why I am. Really it’s helping me to tell the story because you won’t hear it on CNN. You won’t hear it on CNN, even 30 years after the war. Next week, actually, in the United Nations, there is a real solution that will label Serbs that committed genocide in Bosnia. So war genocide these days became really something that people use in political purposes. You can see genocide now in Israel, right. I mean, millions of Jews died in World War Two. That’s a genocide. Right? A war is, is something bad war crimes, but not every war crime is a genocide. What about my grandfather’s sister that was raped and killed over seventy years old? Is that a genocide? It looks like if she was different than Serb, she was a Muslim. Maybe it will be genocide.

Elaine Beck 9:20
We see this is this is exactly what they’re doing in Israel, too. Now, you know, when when they were first attack? I mean, they did every hideous, heinous kinds of cruelty to those over what almost 2000 people

Ranko Ristić 9:36
publicly like they were recording killings. Right.

Elaine Beck 9:40
And, you know, so and yet they’re saying that the Israel they want to say that some people, even on our country, are claiming that, you know, Israel is killing the Palestinians for no cause How can that be? No cause? How can that be? You know, I mean, there is the Jewish people are not hiding behind someone else in order to destroy a country. But the the people in Gaza are being killed because there’s evil people that are putting them in between them and the Jewish people. And this is why there is all the killings. But you know,

Ranko Ristić 10:39
I will be first I want to say something, as, as a former soldier, I want to point the time more sorry, and more embarrassed on a war crime the Serbian soldiers committed, then somebody that killed my own people, because soldier real soldier will never kill prisoner never will harm a civilian. And that’s why in order to move forward to have peace in Bosnia, now, everybody should condemn their own war crimes. But media always uses it for a different purpose, or something that doesn’t benefit people in that country.

Elaine Beck 11:26
Well, you know, it always ends up being political. Yes. I mean, that’s where the ugliness comes from, as far as I’m concerned, you know, politics can be good or evil, like anything. And it seems like there’s more evil to it than anything anymore. And people are in it for the wrong reasons. Thank goodness, we have people like President Trump that want to use it for good, and are determined to do that. And I just your story, just struck such a note with me. And if you would share what you shared with me last night about President Clinton, and the things that you found out about him after the fact. Yeah,

Ranko Ristić 12:12
later, when I saw when I had the access to CNN, and the media, I would see very often him talking about the war in Bosnia and and saying things that are simply incorrect and are proven today that are incorrect. I’ll give you one example. He was saying that justification for military action against Serbs in Bosnia and later in Serbia, was that Serbs killed 250,000 Muslims in Bosnia. So that’s a lie that can be proven by a first grader. Okay. Later today, Muslim Bosnian Muslim Research Center in Sarajevo, right? Because now we have names of people who died. It’s very easy now to prove. There were 100,000 people killed in Bosnia, but on all three sides, right. 30,000 Serbs died. So then, from 250,000, only Muslims, we now get back to a four times less, Why would you lie about the number of death? Why would you increase it by four isn’t 10,000 is a lot.

Elaine Beck 13:36
One is a lie, you know, so when when you start, you know, thinking that it’s okay to skew everything. I mean, it’s lies. I mean, you know, I love the way in the Bible that God talks about, you know, one of the things that he hates the most is lying, a lying tongue. That’s what he

Ranko Ristić 13:59
said, and also ignoring victims. So like, if you ignore one side, what about 30,000? serves a died? What about them? And they also dead on they’re supposed to be recognize, but now only one side because they want to push this narrative that it was aggression that somebody like Serbs came from outside and invaded Bosnia. So that’s what’s going on in every pretty much war. We get lies. Yeah. So how do you make people to question every war? I was against war in Iraq, I was against war in Libya. So if I hated Muslims, I would be all for it. Right. Those are all Muslim countries, right. I was against because I kind of suspected that we were lied to. And turns out it was correct. The Iraqi war was based on the false information.

Elaine Beck 14:52
Exactly. Exactly. And that’s usually the case. You know, Breaking that down. I heard something a while back. That really amazed me that the police said that it’s been proven that most people that are killed in the United States, one on one, a guy shoots a man or knife a man or a woman or whatever, or a family or whatever, that 99% of the time, or at least a huge, huge number. That’s all started over some little incident where they had a disagreement argument. Yeah, it could be an argument over something as simple as you know, does the fence lean more to your yard or my yard? You know, did your child hit my child first? Or second? I mean, when you look at that, in that small of it, when you bring it down to something like that, and then you look at a war. And you look at the evil and how, like, when you told the story of how these were your friends, you went to school with that held that gun and shot over the top of your head, and told you and your father that you had to turn around and kept you from leaving? And then to ever question, where did it start? Or what was it about? Most of the time, I believe, from the things that you see in life, that it could have been avoided by just people sitting down, and being respectful and, and living by the golden rule, or even agreeing to disagree on something and or meeting in the middle or compromising or something. But instead, there’s this desire to be number one. And that’s the devil. I

Ranko Ristić 17:14
heard I don’t know if it’s correct. I haven’t checked, but there was a proposition United States awhile back, that this politician votes for a war that they should enlist and go to war. I don’t know that I think that would be solution for a war. Yeah.

Elaine Beck 17:33
Well, you know, that’s like these people that I say this all the time I see these people, you know, on the streets with their stuff, saying that I hate America, and that, will you if you hate them here, I’ll buy you the ticket to take you to whatever country you’d like to go to. If you think there’s a better country, just go to it, it’s fine. You know, nobody’s holding you here at gunpoint and saying you can’t go, you know, and, you know, if you think that you’re going to change, you know, the good people of this country, or you’re going to make them stand down, you better think again. On the other hand, we use the good people that are going to do the right thing and not stand down, better be prepared for the guy at the other end that has the rifle. Exactly. So that’s how I would say this sums up this series that we’ve done, that this was not to just share anybody’s story. It was not to say that your life or your situation was different than any veteran in this country that went and faced a war somewhere. It’s to point out that what happened to you in another country is something that is shaping up to look like there’s possibilities that we all should be prepared for what could happen. We brought millions and millions and millions of illegals from other countries that are mostly fighting age men into this country. And they’re living on our streets, in our homes, and in our every city. And they’re being sent strategically to different areas. I mean, we need to be aware of our realities.

Ranko Ristić 19:36
I want to share just one more fact. I mentioned those Mujahideen in Bosnia that were in central Bosnia on my grandfather’s land. heavies Mujahideen cry. So they were they were located in central Bosnia so they came with the help of, of Croatia. And NATO at the time, right to fight SERPs, right. And they were financed by Iran. Later, some document documents from CIA were released publicly. And even US intelligence in it five recognize that those Mujahideen pose a threat to United States interest? Yes, fast forward few years 2001. Two of those Mujahideen from Bosnia war in 1911. They hijacked the American Airlines 77 crash into pentagon. Yeah, two of them. So those individuals who are fighting us, wow. And somehow USA didn’t recognize or didn’t act properly on that threat, and allow those individuals to come here train as pilots. And result was mangalam. And so we have to be more careful with open borders. Oh, absolutely. And I want to make one more point where you ask any single person from Yugoslavia, if they are better off now or before the war? 99.9% Or better off before the war? So the war was for nothing. Right? Nobody was better off No, financially or any other way. And a lot of people got killed. So that’s a lesson maybe for United States, calm down. Question. The media media is a more powerful weapon than airplanes and tanks.

Elaine Beck 21:32
Oh, absolutely. The media is the one that stirring the pot. And we know the people behind them. We know where the money’s coming from. We know all that. Let’s just get the right people together and, and understand that there is a way to settle a war and settle what the possibilities of the evil is going to bring on this country. Because if it comes, it will devastate the way it does in any country. And you will lose it because you like you said there’s no winner. There’s no winner in a war. And it’s one of the things that I love the most about President Trump, through his whole four years, there was no war started. And he kept things at bay. And he used his strength of character, strength and character, instead of strength of this even is so much wiser. And it’s what God tells us. Use your strength of character, use the wisdom and knowledge that God gives you in His Word, to do the right thing. And to settle things between differences. Don’t use arms. Somebody will die. So God bless you for this thank you for flying out here and, and the time we’ve spent together. And there’s so much more we can share. And we might do that another time. But this has been amazing. We’re just so blessed to have options and opportunities to try and get our voice out to the the the average people of today that are watching YouTube, where we’re at, are looking at CPAC shows that are looking up, you know, my show, because they know that I’m here to serve God and serve God only. You know, God and country is what my work is about. Because in my life, you know, I was taught that God comes first, family second, and your country is third. And you do it for your family. You serve your God and your country. Isn’t that right? Yes.

Ranko Ristić 24:04
And that’s maybe a bigger problem that today’s families are falling apart because zactly

Elaine Beck 24:12
Exactly. And but that’s what they want. They want us to hate each other. That’s why they have those signs. We hate America. Or you know, that’s why the the Jewish people are being attacked, because they want to tear down their religious beliefs that we all know are true. They they want us to not believe in God. You know, God is their nemesis, because the devil is who’s running the world. So, we’re gonna go I love y’all. This has been an amazing thing. I hope that you enjoy it. I hope you share it. Tell your friends to go to Elaine Watch the whole series. To understand that there are things that you need to see and understand and take in and realize that this is real. This isn’t a movie that’s going on in this country. This isn’t going to go away without any attempt to stand up and do what’s right. as God’s children. We are the army that he’s calling right now to do what is right. Starts with prayer. And it ends with loving your neighbor as you love yourself and praying for your enemies. Go to we are not and sign up now. God bless you

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